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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 28 - Mercedes! - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
“One moment please!”

The lilting voice that calls out to you is instantly recognizable. Of all the heroes you have met during your time in Askr, few have had even close to a voice as soft and pleasant as the kindhearted healer Mercedes, making her voice easily discernible.

The door opens with a soft creeeak, revealing the infirmary within. Holding the door open is, as you inferred, Mercedes. Her face noticeably brightens as her eyes fall upon you.

“Ah, hello summoner!” She motions, inviting you to follow her into the room. Mercedes gently shuts the door behind you as you enter.

“Is there something I can help you with?” she asks, turning to face you.

You tell her about your headache.

“A headache?” Mercedes stifles a giggle. “Is that all?” You raise an eyebrow at the emphasized end of her question. Well, getting your headache cured does not necessarily need to be the only reason you are here, but it definitely needs to be taken care of before anything else.

She instructs you to sit on a nearby bed. You do as you are told, then watch as Mercedes picks up a generic healing staff that was resting on a couple of hooks in the wall. She whirls, turning to point the end of her staff directly at you. With a wink, she forms a green light at the tip of her staff, sending a ball of energy floating over to you. The misty green energy envelops your head, a warm feeling washing over you. You close your eyes, fully allowing the magic to seep into you.

After a minute or so, you open your eyes. Mercedes, having set the staff back onto its resting place, stands in front of you, wearing an affectionate smile.

“How do you feel?”
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