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The Pokemon Story - Page 3429 - The more the merrier - By Drake_451 - Overview
You and the others are still struggling to get used to the cramped space. Somehow the girl is still moving even with all of you swelling her belly and adding more weight to carry. Eventually she stops and is doing something... then suddenly a purrloin arrives and further cramps the space you all share. "Ugh, how can she still be hungry?!" You ask, feeling the newcomer squirm until you're face to face with her. "We need... to get out of here." She says, the both of you finding it hard to move. And then another, and another. When finished, there were three Purrloin that joined you and your siblings. "It is going to feel amazing to digest all these Pokemon." You hear her say and walk away for a bit longer. Several minutes longer she lays down, and...
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