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Date Night - Page 3 - Maggie offers to unbirth all 3 of your children - By creamcredits - Overview
"How you feel about me taking care of the kids in my 'secret room'?" she asks
You blush immediately, thinking about your wife with a swollen pregnant belly.
"i-uhm, i would be open to tha idea." Maggie smirks, walks up the stairs, looks back at you, shakes her ass a little, then walks into the kids room. You hear a muffled cheering sound, and then hear the kids door creak open. Significantly heavier footsteps come down the stairs, and you see her beautiful pregnant glow descend down the stairs. "hello there" you say. She cracks a sly smile, grabs your tie, pulls you in for a kiss, then says "general kenobi". After a quick makeout session, she asks you, "We're already too late for our reservations, where can we go to now?"
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