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Date Night - Page 13 - you follow and the feast begins - By creamcredits - Overview
You walk up the stairs, mesmerized by your wife's voluptuous figure. As you both lie on the bed, the family comes in. "Oh, the main courses have arrived!" your Wife says in an excited whisper. She crawls to the end of the bed, and opens wide, awaiting her meals. One by one, the family dives down the gullet of your voracious spouse. One y one, until all are inside her mountainous belly, except her mother. The matriarch of your wife's family, soon to be swallowed by her heiress, caresses the belly she so yearns to be inside of. Maggie opens wide, and lowers her mother down into her gullet, licking up her body, her modest breasts, her plump ass, and her flabby belly. Up until the only thing not consumed yet by your wife is her head, until the moment she disappears down this sexy glutton you call your wife.

Maggie blushes furiously at the sight of your pants, which seem to be standing at attention. "So now that my old family is soon to be gone," she massages her belly and breasts," Do you want to help me make ours bigger?"
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