Giant/Giantess Vore: What are your favorite parts?

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Giant/Giantess Vore: What are your favorite parts?

Postby creamedbytherabbit » Sun Jan 10, 2021 9:52 pm

My favorite parts are these two:

[ The Growth ] I like when the soon-to-be giantess begins at her normal height. If her huge form is just handed to me at the very beginning, it isn’t as satisfying - but it can certainly still work. When there’s a process of growth, more types of prey are acknowledged, which leads to more variety and more enjoyment.

[ The Buildings ] The buildings. Are. Great. They're nice and big and really cement (haha) the fact that this giantess is really, REALLY big since we see buildings all the time in real life, humongous size and all. That’s when the imagination says: Yeah, and she’s even BIGGER. There are a lot of fun things that have been done with them in the works I’ve enjoyed, like tilting the building and letting the people slide into the mouth before crunching on the building itself.

I’m mostly a same-size kinda guy myself today, but giantess vore was what I enjoyed the most when I was just getting into it. For me, it’s in 3rd place: Right behind the kind of vore where the predator is really small and digests prey that’s far bigger than them (not sure what that’s called; please tell) with same-size being at the very top.

Anyway, do you guys have any favorite parts?
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Re: Giant/Giantess Vore: What are your favorite parts?

Postby MementoMori » Sun Jan 10, 2021 10:32 pm

My favorite parts for macro vore is how much power they would have over the prey, who would be so much smaller and usually helpless compared to them. They'd usually seem like a tiny little play thing or treat in comparison to their predator. I especially like when there's a lot of pre-vore that plays on that dynamic, the pred really teasing and playing with their food, accentuating how much the prey is at their mercy.

Another thing I really enjoy, which is one of my favorite aspects of macro vore is how spacious their insides are. The mouth would be like a huge squishy cavern, the teeth could threaten to crush the prey and would naturally strike fear in their heart, and the uvula would be so big that the prey could hang onto it. The stomach would be very big and spacious as well, once they were swallowed down.

That also highlights another of my favorite aspects, which is the fact that the prey would be such a tiny snack, not much sustenance for the pred, giving a sadistic and ravenous tone to most macro scenes. Either they are purposefully toying with the prey and really wanted to eat them as an individual, or they would need to fill up on a whole bunch of preys to be satisfied, and both an intimate relationship with the pred and prey, and mass vore, are other kinks of mine, so that's fun too.
Otherwise, it's accidental vore - they are tiny enough compared to the huge pred that they could accidentally get swallowed down. I can enjoy that too.

Basically, when I like same-size vore, I like it for the tightness and the contrast that the prey might feel comfortable thinking they wouldn't be in danger of being eaten by someone their own size, so it seems hot in an unexpected way. In that regard, I more or less enjoy macro vore for the opposite reasons. I like how spacious and open the insides are, how tiny the prey seems, how formidable the pred seems, and has pre-vore tension when the pred comes out to play at all. The prey seems so tiny and vulnerable, that you expect the pred may try to eat them - it's not unexpected. I really like that predatory tension though for macro scenes.
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Re: Giant/Giantess Vore: What are your favorite parts?

Postby M4st3r0fb41t » Mon Jan 11, 2021 7:13 am

I'm a fan of Macro/Micro in general, not just for it's vorish applications, but I have to admit that to me, the two really compliment each other well. Something about building sized predators and bite sized prey just amps it all up for me. But as for specifics...

Well, I guess that one of the things I enjoy about RPing as a giant is just how much you can do with a tiny, both prevore and during the process. Any single muscle is strong enough to overpower your prey, and there's so many places you can slip them in, not just through your mouth. Hope it's not too unwelcome of a topic but CV really doesn't feel right without some major difference in size between predator and prey.

Another part is of course the fact that you can have so many Micros as prey, like really stuff yourself with them one after another, possibly into several orifices at once at that. Add to that the fact that depending on their size, tiny prey really aren't that visible after being eaten and you can have a whole lot of fun with secret vore in public, or just revel in the fact that no one knows where that tiny had gone except you.

Finally, there's the fact that tiny prey can get served pretty well alongside a dish of mundane food, as an appetizer, a mid-meal side dish or as dessert... I love filthy Endo and there's an a lot bigger chyme to prey ratio with Micro prey... or preys.

Some thoughts from a giant predator on the topic for you snacks and fellow Macros to enjoy.
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