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Vore Artist for Hire! Patreon, Photo Sets, Art and Writing

Postby sharktorok » Fri Sep 11, 2020 2:28 pm

I'm a vore writer and artist who began on DeviantArt and therefor have most of my gallery there: https://www.deviantart.com/sharktorok

My work involves human female prey, be they original characters or ones from other canons. If this sounds like your thing, I invite you to check it out!

My Patreon:
I recently re-launched my Patreon in which $1 patrons will be able to see my WIPs and sketches for various projects, so far consisting of vore-themed sketches and character designs. My first vore comic, "Launch is Lunch" is also available at the $1 tier for people to enjoy. It's a 14-page comic depicting Launch from Dragonball Z being devoured by Buyon. I planning on making more like this, but that tier is currently under construction, as it were. At this tier users will also be able to participate in polls that I will use to determine what I work on next, story wise and art wise. Currently I have my first poll up asking people what sort of vore story they will like me to write next, so if you like my writing I would be super grateful for the support!

Also open is a special $40 tier which will entitle Patrons to monthly vore art made by me, on top of the other perks below that tier. This tier is cheaper than commissioning art from me normally, so if you're interesting at seeing what I can do for your vore needs, this would be the place to give me a shake!

Here is my Patreon link: patreon.com/sharktorok

Vore Art and Story Comissions:
Outside of Patreon, I'm taking commissions for both vore or non-vore-related artwork. For Vore I would use female human prey (light furry, as in basically a human with a tail and animal ears is fine). I would also be up for depicting other kinks/perils depending on what they are, or even just depictions of characters people want to see. My art prices is listed in the attachment below.

Photo Sets

I produce 2D vore manipulations with models in the form of photosets. These are honestly a blast to work on, and I hope to be able to make more! I currently have one set available on my Gumroad, with two more in the works: gumroad.com/sharktorok
I have a variety of models I work with remotely, so I am also open to commissioned photo sets that can cater to specific vore kinks of your choice.

Thanks for giving this post the time of your day. I would be truly grateful if you all could check out these pages below and see if any of this would interest you! Cheers!

One bored Panicka.jpg
An example of $1 tier posts
An example of $40 monthly vore art
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Re: Vore Artist for Hire! Patreon, Photo Sets, Art and Writ

Postby sharktorok » Tue Sep 15, 2020 1:37 pm

This sequence covers Panicka's last week as a heroine before meeting her gruesome demise. Includes Tentacle, vore, internal and garment disposal. Tentacle shot has a more NSFW version! Might do the others if I get enough interest :)

You can find the full color sequence over on my Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/sharktorok

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