Story -The Thanksgiving Lesson

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Story -The Thanksgiving Lesson

Postby Turyun » Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:00 am

Before reading:
• This story is a work of fiction, contains cannibalism , if you don't like this kind of thing, stop immediately;
• All the events portrayed are mere fiction with no connection to reality;
• This is the first time that I write something like the story has gotten longer than expected;
• English is not my native language, so I had help from the google translator, so forgive me for any, please don't hate me .

The Thanksgiving Lesson

It was November 1, 4 , Tuesday, the morning was very pleasant, there were no clouds in the sky and the sun shone happily on the Stonne estate. Helen was enjoying that morning to relax reading a good book in the gardens of their property, despite having their 43 years s old she still had a beautiful, youthful appearance, great bust, breasts generous and firm as well as its rear envied, s selves blond hair and long were tied on a horse back tail, she always kept his proud posture and steady, as expected from all memberStonne the family, after all they were an important and powerful family in the area they lived in , their business always the guaranteed status and power, they made a point of demonstrating r .
T: Excuse me, lady.
His concentration on the book was broken by Tiffany, one of the servants of the Stonne family. Helen turned her book to look at her maid, Tiffany was a young brown - haired, and always wore the typical servant clothes home , the s which Helen always ach ava beautiful in Tiffany, from the black shoes and black dress decorated with white ruffles until the collar is also black on his neck making contrasts with his pale skin . See well in this world there are not only free people, there are also those that are the property of other people, that is, they have no rights, they are like pets or even simple objects, anyone can lose their freedom, either by his own will selling yourself, or are sold by their parents in case of minors, or even to break the laws can lose their status of free . Tiffany in the case had been sold by her parents when she was 6 years old, since then she works for the Stonne.
H: Yes? What was Tiffany? Helen asked calmly, as she closed her book after using the bookmark so as not to lose her page .
T: Sorry for the inconvenience, my lady , but preparations for the year-end holidays are coming out as planned, just missing you choose the meat of the next festival - said, delivering a catalog of carnage to Helen.
But this was not a catalog of a simple meat butcher bo v inas or pork, this was a butcher specializing in meatgirl and meatboy, so even when a person is sold it can be sold as a servant, pet's or even meat, the big difference in them is the information contained in the code of their cholera, in all of them we have the information about their name, education, physical type , age, status and possession, but in codes like that of Tiffany's cholera, for example, we also find her specialty as a servant and her role as a servant, while that of a meatgirl we would find information such as her degree of quality, sizes of each body part and the brand of the butcher shop in which it was sold. Of course, nothing would stop Helen from turning Tiffany into a meatgirl either, all she would need to do is change her status from handmaid to meat .
H: Oh yes, I'll check it out later, thank you very much, is that all? Said Helen as she took the catalog and put it between the pages of her book to see it later.
T: Unfortunately not, the school principal called ...
H: Oh no, you're not going to tell me that Mary has done it again ... Did the director say what she did this time?
T: No, she just said that she needed to speak to you in person and asked you to go to school as soon as possible.
Helen took a deep breath , it was not the first time that they called from school to complain about her from her oldest daughter Mary , 16 years old, this had already become a habit this last year, the calls became more recurrent, if Mary did not If she were her daughter, she would certainly have been expelled from school, just like Eva, Mary's best friend, who had been expelled at the end of last year, because of an incident that her daughter was certainly part of, but to be a Stonne it only took a suspension, d i ferente girlfriend.
H: Okay, call the school and say I'm going there right away.
T: Yes, ma'am.
Helen entered the house, and quickly went to her room to change clothes, she wanted to be presentable, even if it was just to scold Mary.
She left the book with the catalog on the bedside table beside her bed , took off her robe to exchange it for a white shirt that nicely skirted her envied bust and beautiful black pants accompanied by high heels. After getting dressed she went down to the front of the house where the driver was already waiting for her.
Mary estudav n the Acadamy Linford where in high school, which was an hour away from your home, there students spent the whole week at school, only holidays and vacations that they were dismissed to go to their homes.
On the way Helen was furious just to imagine what her eldest daughter would have done, especially at the end of the semester, Thanksgiving Day would be in two weeks, Mary couldn't hold on for just two more weeks? !!! Helen thought to herself. She started thinking about her youngest daughter Leryssa, 13 years old, different from her sister, she is an exemplary student always getting great grades and never getting into trouble, she was the pride of her parents, since Mary never studied and always got into problems, but what irritated Helen the most was that she knew that Mary was not stupid, she had no difficulties with any subject, she just didn’t care about her studies, her future or even her family, how can she bring such shame and humiliation to herself and even more to her own family !! Helen was already thinking of a punishment for her on the way.
Mary was very similar physically to her mother, the same strong blue eyes and blond hair , which she tried to paint but her hand had not left , she just didn’t have her bust as developed as her mother’s, which made her die envy, but even so he was wanted by almost all the boys in high school and some of the girls too. Unlike her mother, she did n’t care about the family name, let alone get a good job in the future, she knew she didn’t need it , her family had a lot of money, she just wanted to know how to enjoy it, she was always getting something fun for her to do, even if it was against the rules of the school, mainly sex, she loved meeting the boys in the locker room of the soccer court for another one of her “ parties ” , she did that a lot and she had never been caught, at least until now , one of those cows cleaning the locker room took her turn and caught her in the act. Now here she was on the outside of the principal 's office waiting to get his mother , as she wanted to buy that servant now .. . She was more angry than scared, I was already used to take scolding, but the fact that they have finished with their fun last night that annoyed her, and also because it would tidying r a new place to these their "parties ”.
Mary was so focused on her anguish that she hardly noticed when her mother arrived with a school servant.
H: Then talk to you later, Maryanne - Helen said in a tone series; the , taking the daughter of his reverie , as he walked into the principal's office.
The director was already waiting for her.
A: Good morning Mrs. Stonne, thank you for coming quickly, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but the situation is serious , please sit down - she said, pointing to the chair in front of her desk.
H: I should apologize to you for the behavior of my daughter, director Ruth , what did she do this time?
Ruth is a 60-year-old lady, a bit full, with red hair with gray streaks due to age, wore large and even ridiculous glasses, but despite her appearance she was known for running the school with an iron fist, which was very evident in the organization of the place, as well as in her posture and clothes, she was always well dressed and with the school shield embroidered on her clothes, she really dedicated herself to work.
The old woman took a deep breath, took off her glasses, squinted tired eyes from an entire morning reading school reports, and adjusted her posture to speak to Helen.
A: Understand, I have been in this position for over 20 years, and I can say that I am very experienced in dealing with problematic students, but your daughter is embarrassing the name of this school, last morning your daughter was caught practicing indecency with 2 classmates from room in the gym locker room, I know what teenagers are like, but that kind of behavior is unacceptable within the walls of this temple of wisdom.
H: What did she do? ...- she couldn't even finish the sentence, the director continued.
A: I talked with Miss Stonne, as well as the two young men who were caught with her, her daughter did not say much, but the students said that this was not even remotely , the first time it happens, apparently this event has already become something recurring, and this morning I received more reports about the same event involving other students, this type is the type of depraved behavior that this institution will no longer be able to accept - she took a deep breath - with all due respect to you and your family , but your daughter is behaving like a real BITCH !!
Helen was in shock, she couldn't believe what she was hearing, how could her daughter be acting like that ?? What is her problem?
Ruth noticed the shock on Helen's face , and continued:
A: The two young men admitted what they did, and I signed their expulsion papers this morning, their daughter on the other hand did not admit it, but neither did she deny the event. We are doing our best to cover up the case, but something like that must have already spread, the school cannot admit this type of event, even though her daughter being who she is cannot go unpunished, I am suspending her for the rest of the semester , but she already has a long history, we will not be able to continue helping her, do you understand where I want to go?
H: I see ... - she says recovering from the shock - really, I don't have anything else to do with this girl, she doesn't seem to care about anything, she just wants to know about going to parties and getting into trouble, she doesn't listen to me.
A: I can tell you that I already have a lot of experience in dealing with spoiled young people, you have to fix it, she has to understand that her actions have consequences, you must punish her in some way, because next time she will be expelled .
H: Yes, I'll do it, find a way to punish her, one way to do that head hard to learn to be responsible for his actions, I guarantee direct you Ruth , this will be the last did we talk about Ma r y thereby - she said getting up and t erminada to put her daughter on the line.
R: Very well, then are we understood?
H: Yes we are , have a good day, director Ruth - Helen said goodbye and left the room.
Mary saw her mother leave the principal's office, already preparing to hear her mother's scolding, but to her surprise Helen didn't say anything, just told her to go to the car.
The two were already in the car, Mary still surprised by her mother's silence. After having passed three blocks of the city in silence, Helen starts talking to her daughter.
H: What is your problem Mary? Don't you get tired of it? It seems that you like to go through all this shame, it seems that you like to MAKE ME BE SHAME! I'm tired of it Mary, you never listen to me, you don't try hard at school and you don't care about all the sacrifice we make for you, you are already 16 years old, 16 YEARS MARY ! It's time for you to choose a path in life, see your sister, even though she is younger than you she is much more responsible than you ...
M: Sacrifices ? What sacrifices ? We are rich, you never had to sacrifice yourself for anything, NOTHING! You just want me to behave, do well at school and get a good job just to brag to your friends about being a good mother. And I didn't do anything wrong they are the ones who always tease me because they are jealous, they and that servant's whore if I ... - Hel E n was furious with her daughter's comment
H: them? It's always them, isn't it? You never do anything wrong, do you? Stop blaming others for YOUR PROBLEMS, and you are not rich, ME and your FATHER are rich, and we work to conquer and keep everything we have, right now your father is on the other side of the continent breaking his head with family business, I manage all the financial part of the company, so start giving more value, everything you and your magnet have, everything you are is for OUR CAUSE !! - she was already screaming by now.
M: So it must be YOUR fault that I am like this, you are very stressed you have to learn to relax - Mary replied while taking out her cell phone to answer a message from a friend.
It was then that Helen exploded, she couldn't believe what she had heard from her own daughter, she took her cell phone from her son and threw it out the window.
H: Yes, it must be my fault , but this is enough !! Has passed d the time you learned your place in the world, I will not tolerate this your way, things will change now, to get enough mobile phone, internet or over any other means of entertainment ! I will think of a great punishment for what you did , until then you better behave or you will spend Thanksgiving locked in your room - Helen knew how much Mary loved the festivities of that holiday, since she was little, her daughter loved to help the cook preparing the roast, she just doesn't take it from her daughter, even now, because this holiday is very important for the family, it is time for them to spend together and appreciate this union, Helen still feared that her husband would not be able to return in time of the holiday , which already made her very sad, that’s why she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to at least spend that time with her daughters.
After that Mary said nothing more and watched the city landscape through the window, she didn't want to be grounded on Thanksgiving Day, she loved this festivity especially the delicious roast they ate, but her favorite part was being able to play with the meat while the cook prepares it, she loves it.
Suddenly, the car stopped in front of a luxury apartment building and Helen started to get out of the car.
M: Are n't we going home mom?
H: Yes, we will, but first I decided to visit my old friend Jordana - Jordava was a longtime friend of Helen, and her mother's best friend Mary - And you treat to behave saw there, will not leave my side.
Mary just nodded and followed her mother into the main hall to take the elevators - at least she could see her best friend - at least that's what she thought.
When they arrived at the apartment they were welcomed by Jordana, she was a tall woman, even though she was two years younger than Helen, she still seemed to be much older than she really was - even after countless plastic surgeries and implants - director of Helen who even with her age is 100% natural, except for the cab and of course , she paints to hide her white hair. Jordana embraced the two and invited them in.
J: How long to see you personally Helen, feel, let's have some tea - he returned to the maid who was beside him - wanted to serve another that tea Wonderful them that you me served yesterday, you have to prove the tea that this servant knows how to prepare, I bought it the day before yesterday, and it is wonderful.
The three sit to m on the table of the room-to-be, while the maid would go to the kitchen to prepare tea. The two mothers started chatting, while Mary looked around the over-decorated apartment, obviously Jordana has a lot of money, but of course not as much as Helen, but she liked to exaggerate many in the details, her apartment inside barely appreciates as one, it seemed more those great European palaces all over - decorated, like the Versa Palace i l l s. But that was not why Mary was looking for the apartment - she was not even paying attention to what the two of them were talking about - in fact she was waiting for Eva, but since they entered she saw no sign of her.
M: Isn't Eva here? - Mary interrupted the conversation of the two mothers.
Journey gave a big smile of satisfaction.
J: In fact she is not, at the moment she is traveling ... - she stopped to think for a moment, still keeping her smile - in fact, I think it's even better to show you.
J: Servant! Take the photo album that is on my desk and bring it here now !! - screamed
Soon the maid arrived delivering the album to Jordana. Jordana opened it and began to leaf without showing s photo, but it was clear on his face the happiness and satisfaction that the photos brought to him. She paused for a moment, enjoying a specific page .
J: Helen, my dear, how do you know my daughter walked very naughty in recent years , and in the last year when she was expelled from high school was my , do not know what to do with her, so was I had an idea brilliant , if she wanted to act like a bitch , then she would be treated like a bitch. I signed her up as a pet and became her owner, here is the photo of the day that she officially became my pet .
It was then that Mary and her mother saw it , it was Eva, four on the floor with the elbows and knees bent, bound and protected by elbow and knee are in a classic dog position, plus she was also wearing a black latex clothing covering her from the tips of her toes to her neck , the fear and shame in her eyes were easily noticeable , and obviously she was also wearing a collar and a gag now that she had lost her status as a person and to further complete her hair. k she was an anal plug of dog sauce.
"So that was why I had not been able to talk to her in recent months" - Mary thought to herself as she sees v aa photo in her hands, she could not believe what had happened to Eve, but nevertheless she had to admit that Eva is very sexy like that. Mary never really felt attracted to other women, it is clar the she and Eve have played together when they were roommates in college, but she never felt attracted to truth, but this time had to admit, she was really excited with that, she couldn't look away from her best friend.
J: She stayed here for a few days, but she was still very stubborn and disobedient.
H: So you sold it ?? - Helena asked amazed, she never imagined that Jordana would do something like this with her daughter.
J: No, no, and u sent her a program of training to see if she learns to behave, and I will tell you , is making a big difference Last week I went to visit her and she was completely different, was very calm and obedient, I even took her gag off for a while to talk, apparently she is already accepting her life as a mascot. If she continues like this when the training program ends she will have become the perfect daughter, and if she goes back to acting like a bitch I seriously think about leaving her as my mascot permanently. Honestly I think all the s parents with ill children created mesm should do it.
H: Really? But is it too complicated to do that? - Helen was really interested in that .
J: Not really, it's just up her daughter on the government website, fill in all the information and put her status as a pet and become the owner of it, then it's just you take it in this training agency - Jordana delivers a agency card for her.
H: Very interesting , I'm seriously thinking about doing it ... - Helen replied, looking at Mary to see her reaction, she just wanted to scare her daughter, she was n't considering subjecting her daughter to such treatment.
The comment of your mother did with Mary came out of his reverie erotic she was having with Eva, she turned to face her mother, a shiver ran down her spine, she could not believe what she had just heard, first your best friend is strength to become a pet, and now her mother herself was considering doing the same to her? It was awful, she knew it, but a part of it found the idea very tempting and exciting , but the image of it in place of Eve did not sa was going to her head as she stared at her mother.
Helen spent the next 20 minutes talking to her friend, telling about this latest incident with Mary and hinting at really doing with Mary what Jordana had done with Eva, during that time she paid attention to her daughter, how restless she was seeing the others Eva photos during the training program, it was glazed in the pictures, all this time she did not say any word , Helen interpreted this behavior as fear, maybe she had gotten too heavy , thought it .
Wanting to put an end to her daughter's torment, she said goodbye to her friend and took Mary to the car to leave. For a good part of the journey, her daughter remained quiet and stuck in her thoughts.
H: The tea was really good, wasn't it? - she tried to break the ice with Mary to make her forget the event.
M: Tea? - Mary could not even remember how was wounded there, much less tea taste, those images had not yet gone out of her head, she was still very excited .
Helen thought he had injured his Daughter to , and started trying to cheer her up .
H: So ... Thanksgiving is two weeks from now, you know? And I'm seriously thinking about asking the cook to make his favorite recipe for roasted turkey.
M: Really, mom, that would be amazing !! - Helen had managed to change that sullen face of her daughter.
H: Sure, but only if you behave until you see it? Don't go thinking that I forgot your punishment, you see ... - she had to stand firm, she couldn't lose her authority as a mother.
This warning made the young woman tremble, but even so the two continued to talk about the parties until they got home.
The next few days were quiet at the Stonne family home, to Helen's delight, her daughter was in a good mood, they had a great time together, laughing and having fun, they hadn't had these moments of mother and daughter in a long time, she even let Mary get her cel u home borrowed time and m when.
But when 9 days left for Thanksgiving, Helen gets a call, it 's her husband, unfortunately he wouldn't be able to get back in time for Thanksgiving dinner ...
H: No, okay, I understand, but the girls will be arra sa of ... ok, love you dear, be well - Helen hung up the phone, it was bad for her husband can not spend the Thanksgiving with they, especially because of the girls, she would have to tell Mary.
Helen went to the kitchen where Mary was having a glass of smoothie.
H: Honey, it was your dad on the phone, I have some bad news .
M: What do you hear mom, is dad okay ??
H: Yes, he is, but he won't be able to spend this Thanksgiving with us.
M: What ?? But why ? - Mary pouted, she liked to spend time with his father, but the last time s he had distanced himself more and more of them.
Helen noticed the discontent in the face Daughter to , she did not want to see his daughter that way, especially with the situation just as good as it was between them, so she had an idea to cheer her up .
H: Calm down love, he is just too overwhelmed at work, I think this time it will only be us and his sister, but is there any reason why we shouldn't have fun? How about this year you choose the meat?
Mary's eyes lit up
M: Really, mom? Will I be able to choose? Can I help prepare the meat too? Let me, please?
H: But of course you can choose the meat this year, you surely must have pulled the culinary gifts of me since about aju d air to prepare will depend of you promise to continue behaving until it saw?
M: I swear mom, I will be the most behaved person in this house you will see !!
H: Well anyway, so I'll take the catalog of carnage in my room for you.
She loved to see this animation of her daughter, and ran to the bedroom to get the catalog she had left with her book on the nightstand beside the bed, when she was going down the stairs to deliver the catalog to her daughter , her cell phone rings , he leaves the catalog with Mary and will answer the call.
Mary took the catalog in her hands, she couldn't believe it, one of the things she loved most about Thanksgiving was the roast, every year her family bought a whole girl to serve at dinner, obviously it wasn't cheap, usually only the wealthiest they manage to buy an entire girl and even then only the richest could buy the best quality girls . She started to leaf through the catalog, she skipped the meat equipment part and the separate parts part , going straight to the best part, whole girls, this catalog was from the Jolley butcher , one of the biggest and best in the business, and as such their catalogs were updated every month, they had a political hard on whole girls, the best fresh, ie the longer the butcher more forgiveness were the quality, so after two months s girls that were not sold were separated and sold by Fr. Dacos . She was mesmerized by that part of the catalog , the grade A and A + girls all looked wonderful, she didn't even know where to start.
For each girl in the catalog there was a set of photos followed by some information such as the girl's name, age, meat quality, measurements and the collar code to access the girl's biography and other information. As the girls evaluated something within her and started to wake up, she felt a warmth inside her, a part of her was jealous of these girls, and the more she looked the more that part increased, and the more excited she became. Soon she started to feel her panties get wet, her heart was pounding, she couldn't take her eyes away for even a minute.
T: Excuse me, Miss - Tiffany entered the kitchen, breaking Mary's concentration.
T: Do you want me to prepare something to eat?
Mary was very frustrated with the interruption of the idiot Tiffany, but she was still excited and decided to discount this frustration mixed with excitement in that servant. She left the book on the central island of the kitchen where he was reading and gave a sharp look and malicious in desavi sa maid 's home .
M: You know what, Tiffany, Thanksgiving is coming and this year my mother left me responsible for choosing the meat for the roast - Mary said as she walked towards her keeping her gaze firmly on the prey.
T: Good, I'm sure you will make a good choice.
M: Yes, I will . Now that you arrived, rocking this beautiful ass from side to side I realized something - she says, getting closer and closer to Tiffany, so close that I was almost kissing her.
T: Sorry, miss, I don't understand - she was scared of Mary's sudden approach.
Mary began to run her hand over Tiffany's shoulders, massaging them , while running her finger over the servant's collar .
M: I just realized that you look like you have a beautiful body, you know? - she begins to whisper in the girl's ear - and as the person in charge of this year's dinner, it is my duty to ensure that we have quality meat for dinner ... and look at you here , what treasures do you hide ?
Mary took the uniform collar of domestic and pulled with all his strength down to her bra and everything, ripping the s and revealing the breast of the young man who insti nti tively tried to cover their "treasures", but Mary took her hands and got out of the way, giving her free access. Tiffany was left without a reaction, something like that had never happened to her since it became the possession of the Stonne family , all she managed to do was watch in silence while Mary watched her.
Mary looked carefully for domestic breasts were not as large as those of his mother, but it was definitely m larger than the self that still were sprouting, it irritated her. She started to massage them while tightening the nipple of Tiffany's breasts, hurting her .
M: Look what you were hiding under that frilly dress, you have good meat here, and from what I can see the rest of your body is also not to be thrown away, I would say that your rating is B +, or even A, but everything will depend on ... - She fell silent while staring between Tiffany's legs.
Helen was in the living room when she ended the call, it was from work, they wanted her approval to release funds to invest in a new rising company , she said she would do more research before making the decision and later return . So she decided to take advantage of her cell phone to take a quick probe at this target company , but to her surprise when she entered the browser she came across a set of tabs already open, all with content about pet girls, from curiosities, clothes, accoutrements and even videos on training - apparently her daughter took to research - but what caught her attention were the tabs with pornographic content involving pet girls and a flap in was searched the required age of consent to enroll as a girl pet. Mary may not be interested in that, this dev would be only curiosity or fear about it - she thought - so thought it best to ask directly to daughter.
He quickly went to the kitchen to be surprised by the scene he was witnessing
M: Did you know that I could just ask my mom and then you would be n the m enu of Thanksgiving dinner Thanksgiving right? But before making any decision we have to check the main course - said Mary as she took the edge of Tiffany's skirt and panties, prepared to tear them off , but before she could Helen enters the kitchen screaming ...
H: BUT WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE !! - Mary and Tiffany jumped.
Tiffany panicked and tried to cover her parts visibly .
M: Our mother, who scared what happened ?? - recovering the air lost in the jump.
T: I'm sorry, ma'am, I'm sorry ... - she was desperate and could only keep repeating it.
H: What happened ?? I wonder, look what you did to the poor thing !!
M: What's the matter? She's just a servant mother, ”he replied as if it were the most sensible thing in the world.
H: Servant or not, is in this way that you can treat it , it is part of the family.
Mary snorted, annoyed that she had been interrupted a second time by her amusement.
M: She is just a little bitch, that's right - she took the catalog without her mother noticing it and ran to her room and slammed the door, which seemed to close.
Mary sat on the bed taking a deep breath, she didn't know why Helen is so mad she just told the truth. It was then that she realizes u moisture in her legs, her excitement had drained through her panties and shorts . She looked at the catalog in her hand and her excitement increased even more, so she decided to enjoy the time alone in her room and took off all those uncomfortable clothes, especially those panties wet with their own fluids. She started to play if fantasizing with the pictures of the catalog , imagine n of these girls is in place.
Helen still did not believe what had just seen, so she turned to the maid freezes the shame and de es perry in your kitchen.
H: Calm down Tiffany, it's okay, it wasn't your fault, I don't know what happened to my daughter. Now go to your rooms and take a nice shower and relax, you are excused the rest of the day to rest.
Tiffany just nodded and ran to her rooms. Helen was dying of pity for the poor thing, although it is true that she could have Tiffany as a roast if she wished, she would never do that, she was too attached to the young woman to do this.
She went upstairs to go to her room to cool off, but as she walked down the hall, past her daughters' rooms, she started to hear strange moans and noises coming from Mary's room. Then she silently approached the door of her daughter's room, paying attention to the sounds, then she realized that the door was only on the slope and that there was a crack through which she could spy, that's when she saw it, her was masturbating while watching the catalog !! She quickly went to her room and closed the door and turned on the TV, trying to relieve her head of everything she had seen in the past few minutes.
But she was amazed at what she had just seen, her own daughter was touching herself and fantasizing about meatgirl !! That image does not sa í the head, she was long minutes thinking about what he had witnessed, it was then that something in the program that was going through your TV and managed to get his attention.
It was some kind of story about meatgirl, there was a famous psychoanalyst - one Jonas - who was being questioned about the fact that some people considered meatgirl something cruel, but what really caught his attention was what he said next:
“Jon a s: Understand, there are women who want to become meatgirls in the depths of their being, it is something that goes far beyond carnal desire, it is something like an instinct, even if your conscience hides, your subconscious knows it knows a lot well your desires, even if you try to hide or even ignore it, the subconscious finds a way to demonstrate those desires . There is a set of signs that unconsciously demonstrate this desire: revolt without reason, dissatisfaction, intense lustful desires, as well as the search for something that fills the void of that desire using fetishes such as forniphilia, BDSM, and I have even seen cases of people who enlisted as a pet girl . These signs usually begin to appear during adolescence and only v will worsen with time due to the ignorance or even the fear that many desire not enlist as meatgirl, but you must know that nothing nunc to will meet this desire !! the frustration is increasing every day, so much so that many get to distance themselves from their families and start to become dependent on drugs , but nothing is able to supply this desire besides becoming what they know they are destined to be: meatgirl. "
Helen knew he must have some connection with the butchers, yet what he said made sense. Now all Mary's behavior was starting to fit, she didn't want to believe it, but her own daughter wanted to be meat !! She took a long time to sleep that night because she was concerned about these daughter's wishes , so she came to the conclusion that she would need more evidence before accepting this.
The next morning Tiffany was preparing breakfast for her ladies, Mary was having a cup of coffee in the kitchen while pretending that the servant did not exist, and Tiffany was doing her best to avoid it and not upset her.
Helen had just woken up and went down to the kitchen.
T: Good morning, madam, did you sleep well? - Mary rolled her eyes at each word of Tiffany.
H: Until yes, there is only one work issue that is bothering me - she says looking at Mary and remembering what happened the day before.
H: Mary you shouldn't be drinking coffee, you'll be sick.
M: Damn mom! You can only be kidding me right? How old do you think I am? - Mary was very angry , even though she herself did not understand the reason.
Helen ignored her daughter's lack of education and remained calm, she needed to confirm her suspicions
H: So honey, have you already chosen the meat for the roast?
M: So ... I ... I haven't been able to choose yet, they all look great ... I need to think more about it ... - Mary was embarrassed and tried to disguise it , but her mother realized it very well, actually Mary's hands were " too busy" to choose ...
H: Well, don't be too long, Thanksgiving is a little over a week away, if the best girls will be chosen soon, ”commented Helen, paying close attention to her daughter's behavior.
M: Ah yes ... Speaking of which mom ... you could lend me the cell phone I need ... I need to research some things before making a decision, you know ... to be sure to choose the best girl ...
That was perfect! Helen had synchronized her cell phone with the notebook in her room, she could see what her daughter was accessing without attracting attention.
H: Of course Sweetheart d a - she hands the phone to her daughter - make sure to choose the best
M: Leave it ... - She turned the cup of coffee and went up to her room.
H: And are you okay Tiffany? She asks as the maid puts a plate of w aff le s at her.
Tiffany only accessed the head
H: I apologize for my daughter's behavior, if that happens again don't be afraid to tell me ok?
T: Ok, thank you very much, Mrs. Helen - she replied and went back to her duties .
Helen waited a while while eating before going up to her own room so as not to arouse suspicion and give her daughter time to start researching. When he got to his room he went straight to the desk to turn on his notebook and as soon as he started it he started to see what his daughter was accessing.
Mary had had one of the best moments of her life last night while playing, she had never felt that way and she wanted more. She started researching more about the girls in the catalog, entering the butcher's website and searching for their code, started to see more information about them, their biography and more photos . It wasn't long before she was feeling hot down there, she was loving the new set of photos, so she started reading the girls' biography and had lots of interesting stories, there was a young redhead for example who was sold by her stepfather who had managed to convince her mother, there was another one that the parents needed the money so they sold it, and you see one that most caught your attention was a brunette a few years older than Mary, she had enlisted on her own, in her biography she said it was the thing that she wanted most in her life, she would love to be roasted on a spit, but she wouldn't mind ending up in an oven. The more Mary read the more excited she became, without her realizing it, she began to touch herself.
Helen watched her daughter's research, so far no big deal, Mary was wanting to know more about the meat. Her daughter was spending a lot of time analyzing the meat - weighed Helen - but then she saw that her daughter was now watching several videos of preparing roasts, she calmed down, she must have been going crazy with what she had thought yesterday, her daughter is only interested to help prepare r barbecue. Then she closed the notebook felt a little guilty for having spied the daughter, and decided to give back the garden , but when I was going through the hall she heard again, muffled moan - can not be, I is air hearing things - but she knew it was true, her daughter was masturbating while watching videos of meatgirl preparation - it means nothing ... it cannot mean anything ... - she said to herself, but already starting to accept the truth, her daughter wants to be one meatgirl.
The next few days were strangers to Helen, she spent most of their time trying to get it out of the head, while Mary was irritated by her mother not borrow the phone more, and then that content to the catalog that she manti nh to under the pillow, she masturbated every night using that catalog and imagination.
It was Sunday evening, November 6 , Helen and Mary were in the dining room waiting for Tiffany to finish serving the food. In the past few days Mary had been very involved with Tiffany , passing her foot to fall, slapping her ass and offending her whenever her mother was not around to listen, discharging her frustration on the poor domestic. But Helen was already aware of all this and was seen watching the s of Mary while domestic served the food, she was already tired of his daughter's behavior.
H: Mary, I think it's about time that you apologized to Tiffany for her recent behavior.
M: What? I will not apologize to this worthless bitch
H: Marya n ne !!
M: Mom doesn't fuck! Why don't you stop acting like a boring bitch? You are unbearable .
H: Enough !! I'm not going to put up with this anymore, to your room NOW !! I don't want to see you today
M: I hate you !! - Mary screams and breaks her plate on the floor before going to the bedroom.
H: Damn ... - Helen says taking her own plate - Tiffany clean up this mess, I will eat in my room I need to calm down and think.
Mary was very angry, but she couldn't explain why, and it had been getting worse in the past few days. She started to feel bad about what she had said to her mother, she didn't hate her, in fact she loved her and wanted to be able to be like her, so she thought it best to apologize, but then she saw her mother isolate herself in the bedroom, she should I am very angry with, decided to wait until the next day after everyone has calmed down, after all she did not want to spend the Thanksgiving brigade with his mother.
Helen finished dinner in her room , she was tired of her daughter's behavior, finally Mary managed to exceed her limit, she had to do something to punish her ...
His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his door.
T: Excuse me, ma'am, can I come in?
H: Tiffany? Of course, you can enter.
T: Are you okay? Do you want me to make tea?
H: There is no need, in fact I need to apologize for the way Mary has been treating you, I already got tired of her behavior, I have to fix it - she vented while still thinking of a way to punish her daughter.
T: No problem, but changing the subject, the Thanksgiving will be in two days and we still have the meat for barbecue that way the best already have been chosen in the butcher shop, and also remains to choose the recipe.
H: We don't have the meat, do we? - suddenly a wonderful idea arose in his mind - I already know what to do, I will make a shopping list and I want you to go shopping downtown for me tomorrow, and tell the cook that he is excused, this time I will take care of the roast personally.
T: As you wish, my lady.
Helen started leafing through her old cookbook so she could make the list for Tiffany, while planning her big, delicious plan ...
The next day Mary was in the kitchen , sitting on the central island, waiting for her mother to wake up, she wanted to make things right between the two, after all she loved her mother.
H: Good morning dear - Helen appeared in the kitchen, she was different - Mary thought
Helen had just woken up, but today she woke up much more excited than usual, at least that's what Mary thought, her mother was still in her bathrobe, which easily left her red lace bra sample , her daughter did her best to not to face, Helen realized this and didn't care, she just didn't know if her daughter was doing it out of shame or out of envy ...
M: Mom ... - Mary said quietly - about yesterday, I didn't mean to say those things , I've just been a little irritated lately ... I love you mom - she expected to hear some kind of speech from her mom, but she was very surprised by what came next.
Before Mary knew it, Helen was already giving him a ABRAC the tight and warm, the young no reaction, I was not expecting this reaction from her mother. Truth be told, she hasn't received a hug like that since she was 14.
H: I know, honey , it's okay, I love you too - She says, giving her daughter a kiss on the forehead and going to have a cup of coffee while humming.
Mary couldn't believe it, she couldn't remember when her mother was so happy. And as soon as the day went on, Mary gaping at her mother's excitement, and Helen very happy as she prepared to put her plan into practice.
Later that day, Mary smelled a delicious smell from the kitchen and went down there waiting to see what Tiffany was preparing, but to her surprise when she came down she found her mother checking something that smelled wonderful in the oven.
M: Mom? What are you doing?
H: I'm just baking a sweet cherry pie , it was your favorite when you were a kid, right?
M: Yes ... but where is Tiffany to do that? I mean I never saw you cooking ?? - Mary could not believe it, she had never seen her mother cook anything, normally she was always a servant who cooks, that when she was not the private cook .
H: Cooking was my hobby when I was more young, silly, and Tiffany went downtown to buy me some things, why do n't you sit down? The pie is already ready just needs to cool a little. - Helen takes the pie out of the oven with kitchen gloves and puts it on the counter to cool.
H: You know, dear, I love this oven, it only took a few minutes to bake the pie, it used to take almost an hour, it was a really good purchase.
M: Ah yes ...- Mary didn't care much for the oven, since the pie on the other hand, she was getting water in her mouth. - My mother god, that smell is very good.
H: I hope it is as good as it smells, taste a piece - Helen cuts a piece of the pie and puts it on a plate for her daughter and hands her a fork - watch it dear, I just took it out of the oven.
Mary does not waste time, she takes to piece the ass the to not to chee ma r and brings to mouth , she could not believe it, that was for sure the best pie she'd ever eaten.
M: Mom! It’s delicious, I didn’t know you cooked so well !
H: Thank you Sweetheart d a, I did for yourself appro ve ite - Mar y had barely finished his piece and Helen was already putting another on his plate - when young , cooking was the second thing he liked to do.
M: Monday? What was the first - she said as she devoured the pie.
H: Eating the food , of course, I always tried to improve my talents so that the food would get better and better.
M: And it was really worth it - she says while swallowing another piece.
They spent a good deal of time in the kitchen, Helen telling some stories from when she was younger, while Mary ended up with all the pie. Then Tiffany enters the kitchen , with several bags packed in her hands .
H: Hi Tiffany, did you manage to buy everything I asked for?
T: Yes, ma'am, and I still managed to find that filling mark that you said you loved. - She replied as she started to store her purchases in their proper places.
M: This is all to prepare the roast tomorrow, isn't it?
H: That's right, and since I want Thanksgiving to be special this year, I'll prepare the roast myself .
M: Cool ... but I thought I was going to choose the girl.
H: Yes, you were, but it ended up taking too long, so Mom had to choose.
M: Okay, but where's the meat? I'm not seeing...
H: Do not worry, in time to prepare I can assure you will have me delicious atgirl waiting here in the kitchen - Helen says, all excited, co r ing speech daughter - and more I decided that bou prepare it with your recipe favorite.
M: Wow, amazing mom !! Will you let me help prepare? Please!!
H: So dear, you will play a key role in the preparation - she laughed at her own internal joke.
M: Our mother, very much thank you, I promise you that I will do everything to term s a delicious roast for dinner tomorrow. - Helen was loving this animation of her daughter, even if it was naive.
H: Of that I'm sure love - she looks at her watch - look at the time, dear, how about we take a bath together in the bathtub, we haven't done that since you were little, what do you think?
M: What, mother ... - she was all embarrassed by the mother's proposal.
H: What is the problem? We are women after all, saying that it has no part d the body that I had already seen before right?
M: Yes ... so it's okay ...- Mary was all embarrassed.
H: Splendid !! Tiffany prepare the bath for us.
T: Immediately, madam. - Tiffany went up to prepare the bathtub as Helen had told her earlier.
A short time later Mary was already in front of the bath , with only a towel hiding her body, she was still very embarrassed by the situation.
H: Come on dear, you have nothing to be ashamed of .
Mary turns around and soon finds her mother, naked, right in front of her, she couldn't believe what she was seeing, Helen had the body of her daughter's dreams, there was no age mark on her, her big , beautiful breasts now they were free and bigger than Mary imagined, and there they were, defying gravity, all of which made Mary bite with envy.
M: Okay ... - she takes off the towel and hangs next to the bathtub, her hands were shaking so nervous that she was, her mother realizing this took her by the hands and guided her to the bathtub.
H: Calm down, nothing like a good bath to relax in, you'll see - and so they both get in the bath.
Mary can not say anything while the mother begins lava va her hair.
H: What good I could not convince you to dye your hair, you have notion of how beautiful you are? - she started to talk to her daughter to calm her down .
M: Yes, I think you were right in the end ... - she started to loosen up a little, it was then that she noticed something strange in the water , it had a strange smell and the cessation in the skin was different - mom, there is something wrong with the water ?
H: There is no love, I just asked for Tiffany put the bath salts that I use, it s are wonderful s and is in wonders with your skin, leaving it soft and prevents aging.
This made sense to Mary, after all she could not understand how her mother had arrived at that age with almost no wrinkles.
H: I use for years, not only is good for the skin, but also has relaxing properties, perfect to get rid of stress, f Alando it, how about a massage?
Before the daughter could answer Helen already started to massage her back.
M: Wow ... mom that's good ... - she had never done anything so relaxing in her life.
H: Glad you liked it so just relax and let Mom take care of you - she said while intensifying the massage.
Mary was delighted with the massage, her mother was very good at it. Her mother continued to say relaxing things in her ear, but soon she started to feel sleepy and stopped paying attention.
Before Helen could realize, Mary had fallen asleep in his arms. Realizing this, she threw a little water on her daughter's head, seeing that she was sleeping soundly, leaned her daughter's head against the edge of the bathtub, leaving her whole body submerged except her head so she would n't drown.
Knowing that the drug she had put in the pie would Mary asleep for a b om time, Helen came out of the bath and went to take a bath while her daughter marinava in spices. In fact, the bath salts that Helen had said were in the water were a mixture of coarse salt, orange juice and lemon made to marinate Mary's meat, as described in Helen's cookbooks .
After showering and taking all the marinade out of her body, she spent the next 2 hours reviewing the recipe and checking if Tiffany had bought everything she needed, in fact the maid had a great job, she even managed to find the filling of her favorite brand. Helen. When she realized that the marinade had already taken effect, she went to see how her daughter was doing.
And there was Mary, the way her mother had left her. Helen loved to see her daughter's calm and relaxed expression while sleeping soundly, after all as a good cook she knew that the more relaxed the meatgirl is, the better her meat will be. Mary was so drugged that she didn't even notice when her mother helped her out of the bath and took her into the bedroom.
Helen did not even bother dressing her daughter before leaving her in bed, she just left the room and went to his own text the to prepare for the big day . Before going to sleep she used her notebook to fill out Mary's application form, changing her daughter's status to meat, then printed out the paperwork, she hesitated for a moment, but then signed. Now it was done, Mary was legally meat and owned by Helen, she never thought she would be so excited about it , so she went to sleep looking forward to the next day.
November 28, the long-awaited day has finally arrived. Helen woke up at 7 am to start preparations and was looking forward to it, she went downstairs in her bathrobe and went to the kitchen to organize everything she would need to prepare the roast.
The noise of the cook woke her up Mary, who stretched lazily in her bed, she was still very sleepy - most likely because of the drug she had taken without knowing last night - she had slept very well, in fact she couldn't remember the last he'd had u ma night's sleep so good , that's when reminded that he had promised his mother to help her prepare the turkey. She got up from bed to go to the kitchen when she realized that she had slept naked, she didn't remember much about the night before and even less how she got to her room, and she didn't care about that, she was very happy to be able to help her mother .
Mary went down to the kitchen wearing only a long shirt, she was too tired to put on anything, including underwear. Helen was surprised by the way her daughter had arrived in the kitchen, dressed only in a loose shirt that barely managed to hide her body from the eyes of others - which was quite convenient for what she had planned - the mother thought.
H: Good morning, did you sleep well?
M: Good morning, ours hasn't been sleeping so well for years ... - she replies while yawning and stretching.
H: Good to know, I made you coffee, take it so we can start - obviously Helen had drugged her daughter's coffee.
Mary sits down and picks up the cup of coffee her mother had left on the central island. She takes a sip of coffee and starts looking around the kitchen, and sees everything that her mother was organizing, for preparation, she saw several pots, the baking dish, kitchen ropes, bowls, spoons, spices and much more scattered around the kitchen , but she realized that something is missing ...
M: Where's the mother turkey? I don't see the girl ... - she says while taking another sip of coffee.
M: You need not worry that pretty little head about anything Sweetheart d a, assure you that we have a delicious meatgirl to prepare - Helen answers as regards the daughter with a smirk.
M: But Mom, I don't see ... - before she could finish the sentence she started to feel dizzy and passed out on the chair, dropping the cup of coffee on the floor.
With the help of Tiffany, Helen manages to place the passed out teenager on top of the central island.
H: Well now I can start preparing the turkey - she said while taking his robe, all pa ra show that wore nothing underneath it, then lap cou an apron that barely hide their large breasts, and still made its grand back exposed to the world.
Tiffany was see red with the appearance of his mistress, naked n ca had seen her mistress in such a way, but soon returned to focus on their work. Helen noticed the maid's reaction and found it cute, and then turned to her sleeping daughter on her back on the counter.
The first thing Helen did was to remove the only piece of clothing her daughter was wearing, after that she took the kitchen thread she had separated for this occasion and started to tie her daughter. She started by bending her elbows and tied her forearm, leaving her arms at her sides, then she bent her knees and tied them , when she finished Mary was in a classic turkey position.
After that finished tying his daughter, Helen began preparing the filling. First she took the box of ready-made filling that Tiffany had bought and deposited the contents in a bowl, that filling by itself was already good, but Helen knew how to improve it. Then he started cutting onions, garlic and olives and deposited it in the bowl, poured 1 liter of milk and a bottle of white wine into the bowl and mixed everything and took it to the oven so that it was hot for when he started stuffing the turkey.
It didn't take Mary long to start waking up. The first thing he felt was that he was naked in a very uncomfortable position followed by an intense cold and he started to shiver, when he tried to move his arms he realized that he couldn't, ditto with his legs, when he opened his eyes face to the kitchen ceiling and then tried to look at herself, that's when she found herself tied to the kitchen counter, naked and exposed to everyone, she panicked.
M: What's going on ?? - Mary asked desperately looking around for an answer, was there she saw her mother, so she saw how she was dressed was redder than a tomato.
H: Glad you woke up dear, now we can start - Helen said to her daughter with a motherly smile.
M: Start what ?? - Mary did not understand what was hap you cendo, the why of it being in that position and why her mother is wearing only apron that barely hide the body.
Helen didn't answer, just took her hands in oil and began to spread Mary's skin. She started and s f r egando his chest Mary and I take to feel his flesh, Mary breasts erem the small, nothing more than a-cups, but there was good meat in them .
She noticed her daughter's expression of shame, she knew Mary was ashamed of her small breasts, but Helen started to remember when she was her daughter's age, her breasts were also the same size , but over time they grew , she knew that happen the same cm daughter, but now no longer are needed and care about it right? Mary was more sensitive than usual, with each touch of her mother made her burn with pleasure, and soon she was already moaning involuntarily, and could not understand why .
After rubbing the oil all over Mary's top, she moved on to her legs, leaving the groin area last , and there was certainly one of Mary's best parts, her thighs were big and juicy as well as her magnificent backside. , would look great after roasting. So Helen went to parties close daughter, taking a good look in her daughter's lips, and they were beautiful, really Mary had a great steak, she assured that do not missed one single corner without oil, so much that used the fingers to rub in from her daughter's vagina, soon Mary's little moans increased, while her mother masturbated by stimulating her daughter's clitoris .
It did n't take long for Mary to squirm and tremble, having an intense orgasm , flooding her lips with her fluids. Helen took her fingers wet with her daughter's juices and brought them to her mouth, tasting them, she then gave a moan of pleasure when she felt how good her daughter tasted . She was a skilled cook, she knew that the more relaxed the meat was, the better it would taste, which is why she had put an aphrodisiac in the coffee her daughter had taken, which would make Mary much more sensitive for hours, which would be essential for your mother to tenderize and ensure that the meat melts in your mouth after roasting.
H: There is A +, but its quality is assured with A, but will still be one delight when and u end with vo ce - she says while going to the oven make the oven filling.
M: But what ...- she was still very breathless after this intense orgasm - what are you talking about?
H: Of their flesh , it is clear ! - she says in a cheerful tone - I'm preparing you for dinner tonight dear, isn't it amazing?
Mary was shocked by what she had just heard, her mother must have been lying ... it could only be a joke ... right? - her mind wandered looking for proof that this was a lie, but everything said otherwise, she was tied up like a turkey and her mother was treating her like a meatgirl.
M: You can't do this to me !! - her heart was filled with fear and revolt - I am your daughter you can't do that! I am not one of those meatgirls sluts !!
H: Come on wanted, you know this is the best for you - Helen spoke in a motherly tone - this is for your good ...
Mary started to scream and try to fight for her life, but Helen got tired of the noise and took a beautiful red apple and brought Mary's mouth , but the daughter closed her mouth and turned her face away, she was not going to surrender so easily.
Helen smiled at her daughter's challenge, and began to massage one of Mary's breasts , which she knew was very sensitive and she can see with pleasure the expression of her daughter holding on to not open her mouth, but as soon as she squeezed the nipple , Mary could not u more to hold dropping a heavy groan and opened his mouth, his mother did not waste any time and shoved the apple as hard in the mouth of the daughter, so he could lock her in her jaw , making it impossible to be expelled.
H: Meat doesn't speak - she says mocking her daughter - So where was I again? Ah yes the filling ...
Mary could n't believe what was going on, the feeling of betrayal began to fill her. How can the mother herself do this to her, and the worst how can she feel pleasure from it ?? - she wondered .
Helen brought the stuffing bowl to the counter, leaving it beside her prey, Mary could see the steam coming out of the bowl, and the delicious smell that isolated it from its contents , she couldn't believe it was going to be inside her.
H: Now we go to one of my favorite parts - she says as she picked up a little filling in his hands, and looked at her daughter trembling beside - Sweetheart calm d to , it helps you will with the cold, and soon you'll be esquen tan do soon ...
Helen parted her daughter's lower lips and passed her mother over them, depositing a handful of stuffing as deep into Mary as she could, then took another handful and repeated the process until it picked up the pace. Soon Mary already looked like a 9 month pregnant with so much stuff that was inside her, she looked like she was going to explode. Helen had deposited four fifth 's of the filling, and did not think the daughter's womb bear more, so she began using cu daughter, depositing the rest of the filling.
The experience, although frightening, had also been very pleasurable, she couldn't understand why her body was cheating on her that way, how could something that would kill her make her feel so good? She was already panting, her interior was crowded and hot due to the filling, there was no way to fit anything in her, at least that's what she thought, until her mother showed her a red pepper ... she already imagined what her mother planned ...
Helen loved to see the reaction when the daughter showed her the piment will , she thought el and give a decorative touch as well as also prevent the filling to leave the daughter lips. She took the chili to the vagi the daughter, m the instead of just shoves him with everything, she began to rub it at the entrance, stimulating her clitoris, she remained so until her daughter almost reach the orga smo , and when Mary was almost there, Helen just stopped and pushed the pepper aside .
When her mother left her so close to orgasm and then stopped, she became angry and frustrated for her. His mother loved that expression on his face.
After a while Helen returned to masturbate her daughter, while also sports va with small breasts of the girl taking her madness, but whenever she was almost there, Helen stopped and then started again. Mary was filled more and more pleasure and desire, every time her mother scrub the vegetable on his part input is broke , and every time his mother to va she begged for more, every time your sense is fading , giving way just to her primitive desire , each time she wanted her mother to let her come, more and more she wanted that pepper inside her, she begged for it.
This session lasted quite a while, and Helen was delighted to see her daughter squirming with pleasure and then being furious at the frustration. But it was time for the "grand finale", she stopped stimulating her daughter again and looked her in the eyes showing her pepper soaked with its fluids.
H: So this is what my delicious turkey wants? Do you want your pepper to be baked in the oven right away? - She speaks with a malicious smile waiting for an answer from her ex-daughter.
Mary knew that if she nodded it would be the same as admitting to being flesh and her life would end , but she didn't care, she was crazy about pleasure, she knew what it was, she had already accepted her destiny as a meatgirl, she wants it all your being.
Mary started to nod in desperation to be able to come. The expression on the daughter's face made him happier than any other things , the daughter had finally accepted her destiny.
H: As you wish , dear ...
Helen back to encourage her daughter, but Mary was already very sensitive, so that the mother was leaning against the peppers in Bottom lips re s it had the biggest orgasm of her entire life , it was so great that she lost all the air and was in a trance so much pleasure. Her mother took the opportunity to stick the pepper very deep in the young woman's vagina, leaving only her head with the green cable coming out of her lips.
After checking that the pepper was properly seated and that the filling n will managed to leave, Helen took a baking sheet and smeared with a mixture of white wine and olive oil, now just needed to put the meat of place.
Mary was so lost in her trance that she didn't even notice when her mother had placed her on the baking sheet. Helen spent oil layer with another seasoning s to make sure that the meat does not dry out and then opened oven that was already preheated at 180 ° and with little effort put the child in the oven door.
H: Well dear you really had me di t which would give their all to have a wonderful roast is not it? - she says smiling with irony - the journey here was fun, but now it's time for my fat and juicy turkey to spend time in the oven, goodbye - so without hesitation she pushes Mary into the oven.
Mary realized what had happened when she was pushed into the oven, the words her mother had used to refer to her hovered in her mind, "my fat and juicy turkey", so that was it, she was no longer a girl, she was not she was more of Helen's daughter , now she was just a meatgirl, a turkey prepared and ready to be roasted. It didn't take long for her to start to warm up, contrary to what she imagined she did not feel pain, in fact the heat was making her body more and more excited - probably because of the aphrodisiac effect - she spent some time staring at the oven wall in front of her, fantasizing about what had just happened, her mother, her own mother had prepared her like a turkey and now she was baking deliciously, it was true, Mary was a real bitch, she was loving every minute.
While the turkey was roasting, Helen told Tiffany to clean up the kitchen mess while she went to take a shower and put on clothes. After taking a shower she went down to the kitchen to check the roast, opened the oven to see Mary, she was already turning pink and had started to sweat, which was mixed in the bottom of the pot, so she watered her daughter with the juices at the bottom of the pan so that Mary wouldn't burn and then stirred a little pepper in her daughter's vagina, making her come and salting the stuffing inside her, she knew that this process should be repeated hourly to ensure Once the meat was perfect , she then raised the temperature to 270 ° and returned it to its place .
In the next hour when the oven was opened, Mary was faced with Tiffany with a sadistic and vindictive expression, she repeated the process that Helen had taught her , but not before squeezing one of Mary's breasts very tightly, her body was groaning. so sensitive and excited that it had been enough to make her come.
T: You really have good meat here - she laughed - and the rest of you are also mouth watering, this really has always been the place it belongs - she was taking advantage of the turnaround of the situation, it would be even better if she could have a piece of that spoiled rich girl ...
"Fuck you bitch !!" - Mary thought to herself, she just wanted to go back to the pleasant heat of the oven.
Tiffany smiled and put it back in the oven after raising the temperature to 500 ° as ordered .
It was 2 pm when Leryssa came home.
L: Hi family I arrived !! She shouted as she walked through the door with a suitcase in hand as well as the backpack on her back.
Leryssa had pulled over his father, his brown hair as well as her eyes, she was a little higher for age and just as her mother and sister she was also beautiful, but in a cuter way, she was still wearing her impeccable unif the r me .
T: Good afternoon, Miss, let me take your things to the room and welcome home - said Tiffany while picking up her bag and backpack.
L: Thank you so much Tiffany how are you? - she asked truly
T: I'm fine, and how did you go from school to here?
L: It was quiet, school is nice, but it is always good to come home, later if you have time you want to play a game of chess with me?
T: I ador air was good, let me go back to work again is welcome - so she was taking the bags to the room.
Leryssa was suddenly caught in her mother's tight hug
H: Welcome, I wanted - she said as she hugged her daughter.
L: Thank you so much Mommy, it's great to see you. I missed you.
H: Me too dear - she kissed her daughter's cheek .
Leryssa started to smell delicious in the air.
L: Mom, has the turkey been put in the oven?
H: Yes, my sweetie, and this year I decided to prepare the turkey myself, and your sister played a key role.
L: Wait what ?? Mary helped ?? - she asked incredulously
H: Of course, this year we made her favorite recipe, there was no way she could lose it - she laughs at her own joke - for sure this year dinner will be special.
Leryssa ran to the kitchen to see their work , when she entered the kitchen the smell was even more wonderful, and when she approached the oven window to see her roast, her jaw dropped.
L: Wow - she could not believe her eyes, was his sister, Mary, all seasoned and beginning to brown in the oven and was giving water in good !!
L: I can't believe it , you baked Mary! - she was still totally amazed
H: Yes dear, I finally decided to help your sister choose a future, and we managed to find a delicious future, right? - she said as she watched her daughter drooling by peru - and that this be a warning, if your s grades fall or you start acting like a bitch think I'll have another special roast ... - she took the opportunity to use this as a warning to daughter younger.
Leryssa just agreed and cleaned the drool from her chin, Helen's last statement scared her, she would endeavor not to stop at her sister's place.
H: Well up there, pack your things and change your beloved clothes , today we will have a special Thanksgiving - and then she saw her daughter running to her room.
Mary's routine was repeated during the day, but with each hour she lost a little more consciousness , until finally she closed her eyes for the last time, it was 20 hours when she had finally been roasted to perfection.
At dinner she was the centerpiece of the whole table decorated with the seats arranged for the third, Helen had invited Tiffany to dinner with them - to the delight of the home - the three were impressed with roast and were dens for attack, but before Helen thanked her for the wonderful family she had and Mary's fantastic job , Leryssa thanked the love she had for her parents, for the school and for the wonderful roast they were about to enjoy, Tiffany thanked for being able to serve the Stonne and for being so kind to her, and because Helen invited her to enjoy this wonderful dinner.
After that the three of them enjoyed the dinner, Mary's meat was delicious, they had a great Thanksgiving with a full belly, while Mary had finally reached her potential, like a delicious Turkey ...
"We learned that you can not run away from your most hidden desires, and that you are behaving like a real bitch and not listen to your mother, we can end up in an oven ...: 3
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