hey friendly people looking to be eaten or for food...

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hey friendly people looking to be eaten or for food...

Postby someguy94 » Thu Dec 01, 2022 5:12 pm


I'm a 28 year old British guy looking to roleplay and make friends with others on here. I have a few years' experience RPing and typically enjoy playing a bitesized human, but I can pred ya too! If you or your character is feeling particularly hungry or would consider switching then send me a PM (even if just for a chat!). I also have Discord :) (N.B. I'm only interested in chatting to people 18+). Also, I have listed some of my preferences below from a prey perspective or a detailed list can be found here (https://www.f-list.net/c/KaySnack)!

Thanks for reading,



- Oral vore
- Being prey to a dominant predator
- Female predators (f/m vore)
- Wolves, dragons, other furry but not cartoony characters e.g. from tv shows
- More than just 1 sentence replies
- Soft vore
- Gentle / intimacy / caring
- Size difference i.e. my character is shrunk or eaten by a large predator - ideally as a mouthful sized treat
- Pred/prey relationship
- Foodplay

- Clean anal vore
- Full tour
- Willing/unwilling vore
- Humiliation or extensive roleplay after digestion
- Unbirthing/sex stuff - less of a priority than classic voreing
- Male preds - not my preference but still enjoyed!
- Same-size vore - I just don't know much about it

- Lots of pre-vore backstory
- Underage characters
- Hard vore / explicit blood or gore / violent digestion
- Cock vore
- Excessive scat
- Cooking
- Watersports
- Soul vore


An example of my writing: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7470856/

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