Female Switch (Prey Leaning) LF Decent RP

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Female Switch (Prey Leaning) LF Decent RP

Postby Evuhlynnn » Tue Nov 29, 2022 6:29 am

Hello Ekas!

Thought it was about time I updated this after many years of the same sorta stuff on here. New kinks etc have been added. As always if you think we'd be a good match then please feel free to add me! I'm available on Skype (Evuhlynnn) and on Discord (Evuhlynnn#0117). Thanking you kindly!

My likes and dislikes!

Female preds
Oral vore
Throat bulges of course
Digestion (as graphic as possible)
Fatal This is a necessity.
Entrapment Almost a certain must for me.
Unaware Also a huge favourite of mine.
Micro/macro Zero exceptions with this. I absolutely HATE same size and won't negotiate on the matter.
Incest (Well, family situations without sex work well too!)
Scat (Not needed. I just throw it in there for people who enjoy pre/post vore scat.)
Gender transformation A pretty rare kink but I enjoy it all the same. Male to female only though.
Sex (It's a maybe depending on the situation. Better plots mean I will open the possibility of sex etc)
Impregnation (Again same with the sex really and can only really be used in sexual situations as I'm not into that tentacle sorta life :c)
Relationships (Yeah why the heck not? Open to F/M and F/F in this situation)
Loli preds It's an option if you enjoy that kind of stuff I guess?
Multiple prey
Gentle preds becoming evil or pretending to be kind before eventually showing their true colours.
Body exploration. New one to me but I adore it all the same.
Substantial size difference. I enjoy it most when there's a massive size difference between pred and prey.
Humans Definitely a preferred species for roleplay. If you like anthros or ferals I do enjoy horses or cows as predators. Can be intelligent/sentient or just your average run of the mill farmyard animal.
Easily swallowable prey
Personal favs are marked in bold and italic!

On the fence with:
Dragon preds

Anal vore
Same size (Simple refusal if offered)
Hard vore
Dickheads who dictate my character's actions for me. Seriously just don't? If you wanna throw something in please message me beforehand rather than thinking you have full right to decide what my character thinks or does.
Changing or altering a plot to suit your needs/kinks. No. If there's something you want to throw in, as mentioned above kindly message me during the roleplay and I'll see what I can do to accommodate you. Growing after being swallowed or developing God-like powers to spare you the pain of digestion don't fly with me. You do shit that pisses me off and I'll end the roleplay swiftly and both delete and block you.
Asking for pictures. Do one. I'm not here for your sexual gratification. My profile picture on Skype displays what I look like and that's all you're getting. I'll update my picture regularly but it certainly won't be in a capacity that'll show flesh or 'please' you.

If something you like/require is NOT mentioned just contact me anyway? I'm sure we can sort something out. Naturally all things listed don't have to be in any given roleplay we may partake in so don't let my list of kinks put you off messaging me.

Look forward to hearing from you all c:

Eve xx

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