Looking for female preds to dominate and digest me

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Looking for female preds to dominate and digest me

Postby WritingZeal » Mon Nov 28, 2022 7:38 pm

I'll get right to the point-I just really like the predators who are in this because they like the feeling of having someone squirming in their belly, struggling as they're churned down into nutrients and fat and waste. I get excited when I can tell my partner is excited about being a predator. I've realized that some of my favorite conversations and RPs have been with the people who actually consider themselves predators, and I've been craving that a lot lately. I'd love to find some more ^^

Small, big, skinny, chubby, fat, human, anthro, animal, monster- doesn't matter. I like so many things, as long as it's looking to turn someone into mush.
I'm looking for female predators who are fans of oral or anal vore, digestion, and some combination of weight gain, gas, or disposal (at least one of those 3). Unbirth with cum digestion is also wonderful. I'm into most things, so if you are interested then send me a message and I'd love to talk. Preferences are fairly broad, from body type to personality.

My likes mostly revolve around teasing buildup and detailed, intimate trips through the predator's insides. The biggest thing for me is the prey being overpowered and digested like the food/toy/pet etc. they are. Other than that, I like more things than not and am happy to talk about kinks and preferences to figure out what we'll both enjoy.
Things I like the most include:
Slow, big licks, mouthplay, oral teasing
feeding, either for fun or hopes of sating hunger
Slimy, wet, noisy bellies
Gas, especially for squeezing out the prey's air once they're inside and a sign of digestion
Using the prey as a toy, like AV or unbirthing for the sake of pleasure
Anal digestion, where anal vore prey are held in the colon/large intestine while they're churned
Smothering, squishing, facesitting
Bondage sometimes

I do NOT like:
Multi/mass prey. Maybe 3 at most, but I really prefer only one at a time. Quality over quantity
Male preds

Currently craving:
1st person vorish chatting
Spy scenes- catching an intruder and feeding them to your "pet", body guard, or the big bad herself. Also works with "witnesses"/unfortunate passer-byes
Girls into disposal, or otherwise turning people into poop
Shy and bashful girls with that possessive hungry urge to turn someone into their food.
Feral or Pokemon preds- horses, hippos, elephants especially
Really in the mood for Anthro/furry preds- pretty much any, but especially bears, pig, bunny, gator, horse, cow, dragon, frog, hippo, fox, squirrel ...
Intentional vore with accidental digestion.
Centauress anal vore. I have a particular idea I'd love to try, with an irate and determined taur and an uncooperative prey.
Naga/Lamia pred
Amazons, orcs, etc.
Bottom heavy lizard/dragon demi, or imps
Demoness who thinks its cute that the prey doesn't want to be eaten, but insists.
Drunk or high pred with an appetite and low inhibition

Partner Expectations-
Able to write at least 2 or 3 sentences per post, detailed and legible please. The details are what I love.
Won't tell me *how* my characters feel or what they do. Feel free to say that the walls are slimy or the belly is loud, but don't say "it terrifies you" or "it makes you scream".
Willing to chat about preferences beforehand, so I get a feel of what we're getting into. Plus it's just fun.

Story or scene ideas:
Spoiler: show

-A bored lady working a service counter lures a prey to have some fun behind the counter with her, and she shoves them up between her legs. She has to spend the rest of her shift hiding the squirming belly and blush on her face.

-A quiet girl is very nervous and shy about certain thoughts about her crush. She's embarrassed, bashful about her desire to have them fully inside her, squirming away, but she can't help her craving and won't pass up the opportunity when it presents itself.

-Naga slips into an open bedroom window, helps herself to the occupant, and slithers back away with her meal

-A group of girls take someone hostage to use as a vore toy. Maybe they get a little enthusiastic and accidentally lose the prey in someone, or they coerce the prey upon/into a hesitant member of the group who doesn't *really* want to have them melt inside her (or, at least that's what she says...)

-Fairies capture and shrink a wayward human that they accuse of trespassing or some other shaky accusation, so that they can acquire a living toy for themselves.

-A stuck-up, entitled centauress at a stable is very demanding towards her attendant, demands service and worship before deciding the human deserves to go in her guts.

-Elemental creatures are magical girls that can manifest out of their elements. They are animalistic about their hunger and urges, and can't leave the physical plane until their bellies are finished with their human food.

-While other predators are fighting over what to do with their captured prey, another one discreetly wanders over to have a seat directly on top of the captive, quietly slurping them up all for herself.

-A fan meets their favorite vore cam girl for a guest appearance, but only finds out too late that she doesn't do acting or special effects- everything happens live.

-a larger student keeps mocking her classmate, calling them "lunch" and other teasing nicknames. Eventually she escalates her bullying to make it literal.

-The town inn has a quiet, bashful maid with a bad habit of helping herself to some of the travelers staying with her.

-A sleepover for 3 friends that's either crashed by a predator, or they had invited an unassuming girl over who gives into her suppressed hungry instincts. Would go well with a chubby bunny for the latter idea.

-Prey gets sent to some weird gym, and find that it's only them and a big squirrel personal trainer. It's obvious she does a lot of squats, and s/he's likely to end up a post workout snack by the time she's done with her routine.

-Prey is supposed to spend the day working on an uncle's farm for being a brat, but discovers that he's missing and the only one around is his prize animal- either a hungry horse, a bottom-heavy pig, or cow.

-Hippo girl sets her eye on someone at the public pool, and either corners them in the deep end or the locker room to turn them into a snack

Princess, deity, or other royalty has to marry but doesn't want to. She declares that anyone who would wed her must be able to survive a trip inside of her to get around it.

Serial killer/kidnapper who grabs people from off the street or uses dating apps to lure prey in, then leaves (almost) no trace of them behind.

Predator who just really wants to fill out her frame, either for narcissism or maybe to impress someone Maybe she gets addicted to the way vore feels or how her prey makes her hips jiggle.

Predators who convince their prey to be hesitantly willing or allow themselves to be eaten. Maybe sexually charged, or the prey is too curious for their own good

A magician on-stage, doing tricks and demonstrations involving vore and either assistants or volunteers from the audience. The vore and techniques would look more or less like magic to the viewers; Things like swallowing someone whole and passing them through the ass, managing to swallow/insert a full person without showing a bulge- or alternatively digesting/absorbing them so fast that it looks like a disappearing act. You could also do fun size manipulation tricks, then have the magician cheekily eat them or drop them down her dress/pants, lots of possibilities (came to me in a dream)

A predator that doesn't quite grasp the consequences of eating someone. She may get that the prey doesn't like it, and might even enjoy their struggles and feeling full, but doesn't understand things like digestion, or intimate/socially taboo ramifications.

Jealously or revenge vore. Predator eats another as the ultimate insult- indignantly shoving them in one of her holes and/or digesting them, and/or crapping them back out, and/or putting that rival onto her own curves.

Something where the prey is a little too energetic and rambunctious, fighting back. Pred would drop them down her panties or inserting them (front or back) and keep them in there for a while to humiliate and tire them out. Could go through a few cycles of checking and putting them back down/in there. Once they can't fight back enough to be a problem, :gulp:

Catching a small human through some means and keeps them as a pet/toy/treat

A princess rescue goes wrong when the princess wants her savior for specific things

Roleplaying a scene where two people are roleplaying, themselves (RP within an RP 8O )

Movie theater accidental anal vore. Trying to find an unoccupied seat in the dark can be challenging...

A girl and boy playing around with some way to change size end up taking things a little too far

Cavity search goes wrong

Someone is sacrificed to a giant goddess of some divine idea

Vore as a means of protection- maybe for hiding, protection from elements, etc. but the predator either forgets to let the prey back out, or she decides she'd rather keep them.

An angel captures a warrior or rogue and either keeps him in her own hideout or brings him back to her society

A society where anthros/furries are dominant, and humans are treated like second-class, edible citizens

There is a park/amusement center/ zoo habitat (what have you) where people go with the purpose to face off against or run and hide from predatory creatures off any and all types. Can resemble an arena or an artificial habitat and have just one or many preys in the rink at a time. Can have digestion and death, or just be harmless fun.

A mermaid (and maybe a few of her friends) come across a human, maybe bringing him back to their city
Or, maybe a mermaid and a human meet in the water, with the mermaid trying to hide what she is

A lusty teenage naga finds a human and desires to have his child, then eats him to nuture it

A younger, smaller naga tries to catch and eat someone to show off to her friends

Harpies harassing, dive-bombing campers or hikers in the woods or mountains

An encounter in the woods between a playful but naive wolf neko and a passerby or adventurer

The princess is guarded by a dragon, but the dragon might get hungry... (Either the princess or maybe the rescuer as prey :D )

Trainer and/or Pokemon getting overwhelmed by what they thought was just a normal wild Pokemon

Gladiator-style Pokemon battle with Arcanine, Seviper, Ekans, Charizard, etc. (Big or powerful ones)


A horse gets tired of her regular diet and wants a bit more meat, and perhaps some enjoyment as well.
Possibly not your average horse, maybe one with the ability to communicate, shrink and grow people, or maybe even grab things with her tail, such as to move things behind her.

Using farmyard or zoo animals as a way to punish/degrade/get rid of a rival, bully, jerk...

Hippos or panthers catching up to safari-goers

A dragon captures a wayward soul, either for slavery, pleasure, food, or all of the above

T-Rex or other large dinosaurs in the zoo either get out or are lucky enough to have someone fall in

If there just isn't enough detail here, I am more than happy to talk about things in depth.
I'm fine with PMs and discord (writingzeal#0495)

Fun thing I came across for scale: http://www.mrinitialman.com/OddsEnds/Sizes/sizes.html

Last bumped by WritingZeal on Mon Nov 28, 2022 7:38 pm.
I'm almost always open for a new RP :D
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