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Commissions are Open: Comics, Icons, and More

PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 5:17 am
by fixated1
I've just finished a 14 page furry/human vore comic and I'm looking for something new to sink my teeth into. I do humans, furries, whatever. I'll link to my gallery, my commission info page, and put the last page of my comic in a spoiler as an example. Check out my stuff if you're just interested in looking too!


Comission info: ... d=fixated1

Example page (click on image to go to the image's page):
Spoiler: show

This example is a comic page, which would be $180. I charge comics per page, not panel, and go up to 9 panels (more than that becomes unwieldy). I have a lot of other things I can do besides comics. Just pm me here or on FA or on Discord if you're interested.