New Writer Looking For Work

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New Writer Looking For Work

Postby ÖtzilShadow » Tue Aug 16, 2022 1:52 am

What the title says, new writer on the block (with experience) looking for suggestions to make a series of short stories to then see if anyone would be interested in long (possible commissions) in my style.

Give me characters or even your OC's and I'll make something short.

Pretty much I'll choose the ones I like most and go from there.

My No's:

I don't really care for writing sex. It's just not interesting for me.
Water sports
Underage characters in scenarios which could be seen as 'sexual'. Vore and eating is fine, but things that go beyond that is a no.

Other than that, I'm open for a lot.

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Re: New Writer Looking For Work

Postby Thornfist » Tue Aug 16, 2022 12:30 pm

What are your dos and don'ts for commissions? I'm heavy into graphic digestion and disposal, are you comfortable with those?
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Re: New Writer Looking For Work

Postby killbot7780 » Tue Aug 16, 2022 5:03 pm

So like Thornfist I do would like to know about your dos and don'ts. Pretty women, witches, and vore isn't a lot for info, and it would be tiring to make up something for you to write that you would reject.
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Re: New Writer Looking For Work

Postby unicorn » Tue Aug 16, 2022 8:51 pm

Unicorn is on the menu if you'd like ->
Character personality is pretty malleable, made to fit into most situations. Prey only, fatal vore only. will probably be willing :)
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