Midwest Furfest 2015!!

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Midwest Furfest 2015!!

Postby Meowmix6 » Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:51 pm

Woo! We're getting closer and closer to that time of year again! A furry convention where like-minded people can meet up, have fun, and maybe have a vore-party <w< >w>

I'm definitely planning on going and I was wondering if there was anyone else here who had similar plans! Aaaaaaand there's only a SLIGHT ulterior motive for my curiosity: hotel rooms in Chicago be expensive o..o;; So, I was also wondering if there was anyone who was a) planning to go to MFF; b) needs a hotel room; and c) is trustworthy enough to split costs with ^w^;;

Ps: No guarantees on surviving the weekend uneaten
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