Idea: Audio/ASMR/Hypnosis/Human/dolcett/cooking

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Idea: Audio/ASMR/Hypnosis/Human/dolcett/cooking

Postby Alamar99 » Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:41 pm

Recently I got into audio erotica, especially hypnosis. I found it very enjoyable, and during one of listening sessions, I got a thought that hypnosis could work really well with my dolcett kink.

I looked a bit for any kind of dolcett or prey cooking files, but with no success.

So as I am incapable of recording anything like that, it's no harm to ask, if anyone knows if something like this exists or there is someone willing to record it.

I never tried writing scripts before so if I won't find any and decide to write one myself, I would not expect it to be good.

If you are still interested and reading this I might as well write a summary of what I imagine it would be like.
If you are not into it or dolcett/cooking is grossing you out, then I do not recommend reading any further.

At first, I would prefer if a narrator was a dominant female, but it's not a necessity. It would be much better if whoever is performing had some idea about audio hypnosis that would actually work.

The listener would be a submissive human that is either willing to be cooked or slightly reluctant and persuaded into the idea by hypnosis. In my mind, it could be done by hypnotizing the listener into thinking that the pleasure of your Dom/Domme will bring you pleasure, and the warmth of the oven/fire will also be a pleasurable experience.

When the listener is persuaded and hopefully in trance, there should be some focus on preparation. Basically massaging in some oil and/or marinate, then seasoning.

When we get to the cooking part I thought about two options, that mostly work when the listener is lying down.
So it's either getting cooked in a huge pan in the oven or roasted on the grill.

And so far I don't know what would work better.
On a grill, the Dom/Domme could easily talk to their prey, and there can be a soothing sound of fire in the background to make it feel more real, but the listener won't be able to feel like you lie on the grate, and there is no chance of feeling beeing turned over during cooking like meat should be.
Meanwhile, in the oven, the voice of the Dom/Domme would be muffled and there could be background humming while cooking. There can be a part of getting pulled out to basted and there is no reason to ever change position.

During cooking the Dom/Domme is hypnotizing their prey to feel like the heat surrounds them and how their fat is melting making it feel better and lighter, and that its muscles are cooking and how they lose control and feeling of limbs, and their body until the prey is just meat and can only observe what happens to it.

In my imagination the prey(listener) survives through being cooked and while not having any control is being carved and eaten for the pleasure of their Dom/Domme that in the end will give their prey a release, either in form of restoration or just waking them up and showing them that it was all their power of hypnosis.(there could be a version with Dom/Domme telling you that you are blacking out/dying and then waking you out of trance.)

During the entire session, there should be implemented some trigger words e.g. heat, warmth, meat, taste. At least if they are working as I think they are, also some sound effects would be nice. But I would have to look further into it to understand how it works and what makes sense.

I know that's just a brief summary, and nothing ever resembling script, but I hope to maybe inspire someone to write one, or get someone interested in recording it so I will have any motivation to write the script myself.

English is not my primary language so if this post was hard to get through becauseof my grammar, I apologize and thank you for spending your time reading it.
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Re: Idea: Audio/ASMR/Hypnosis/Human/dolcett/cooking

Postby DJ4K » Fri Sep 29, 2023 8:11 pm

I agree there should be more cooking audio. The only good cooking audio I know of is made by this guy

I also enjoy listening to general cooking sound effects while making up my own scenes.
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