~Hell's Angel~ [Vore story series. Part 3 live)

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~Hell's Angel~ [Vore story series. Part 3 live)

Postby Sylphira » Fri Jun 17, 2022 3:40 pm

Introducing Sylphi's origin series, that will span all forms of soft vore!... plus steamy sex scenes as well that will cover different kinks.
The highlight scenes of this one includes: Facesitting, Anal and oral vore.

Featuring from Furaffinity

Ruby - animeking503
Skye - colorcode
Vel'Gahrus - parapanora

And the pantheon of goddesses mentioned including Ovami her own fine self: Ovamiat


Part 1: The Succubat of Rymoa

With the gentle clinking of the articulated plates of his greeves and the mail-and-plates of
the kote sleeves strapped on his arms- a draconic war-priest landed in a forest clearing. He
lifted a hand, channeling energy as he looked around and began investigating an abandoned
camp as he reported his findings to his home monastery, his voice thickly Celtic, "This is
Tsunzale. I think I found more evidence of this 'Man-eating Succubat of Rymoa'. This one
wasn't the usual one off, but an entire group.", having been receiving reports of missing
persons with few traces of them.

Perplexed, the copper scaled dragon lifted bowler hat to scratch his head as he
looked around at signs of a fairly large group, with scuffs all about, but no signs of fight such
as blood or lost limbs. There were many claw marks, as if things were being pulled into
something. He reported this, "Signs of struggle, but those of combat are marginal. Likely a
vore predator. There are central draw points as the victims were pulled into something- or
someone.", he then saw cages.

The doors were open. And those wouldn't be the only thing
as he examined them. He also noticed trees nearly bare and many leaves scattered across the ground.

As he channeled enough mana to do so, his eyes began to glow as he activated his
Second Sight. All life forms of his world had mana to at least some degree, each their own
signature that the most gifted could sift through. He felt many different signatures being
pulled to one dark one as he scanned the residual traces of mana that they left, "Yeesh. Wow,
yeah, this one is an abyss!"

Tsunzale noticed some signatures go passed the predator, as if fleeing and let go,
"Interesting, I feel some residual footprints of this predator as if the prisoners were let out-
Looks like we have a 'voregilante' as it were, for this is one pred that is not entirely cold as
stone, it appears."

Then felt trace mana of what felt like a powerful gale storm, "Likely gifted in wind
magic. Probably used some kind of 'Stun Wind' spell to neutralize their prey. Hmm, I wonder
about that given a legend I've heard of..."

He would return to his monastery to rest up and meditate.


The demoness flew in the night, and approached a cabin set in the outskirts of a town, "Such
a succulent mass of Libido energy!", she thought as she landed. Shining in the moonlight was
her curled and frazzled mane of silver hair, as did her maroon, red tinted dark skin shine on
her supple and curvy pear shape form. She folded the large bat wings that were on her back,
which were covered in fuzzy slate grey and silver fur.

When she opened the door, her ruby red eyes shined exuberantly as her pink lips
grinned wickedly at the scene unfolding, she didn't need to even tell them to stop, "That's it,
keep going lovelies. As I'd like to get on it!"

A steamy three-way was occurring on a bed. So deeply in a trance, hot and bothered,
that between the two taking their place at either side of a male, that they defied
conventional logic. It was a female and another male that was raping a rather lithe pink-
lavender colored wingless drake.

The female was a light skinned demi-human wolf with wine red hair, ears, and tail
who had her cooter full of drake snout as she rode his face. The other male skunk was full
anthro with grey fur, cobalt blue stripes, and black accents. And like his demi-canine
companion, he didn't mount the drakes pink tipped white package stood free- for the skunk
thrusted his fat pink member into his tailhole to the hilt with his fluffy blue sack mushing
against the base of the drake's tail.

The drake was at risk of being smothered, most of his head was in the vaginal tract of
the female, Ruby, literally suffocating in the sensual pressure and steamy fem-heat wafting
down his nostrils as she mashed his head in with a rhythmic bounce just as the skunk, Skye
continued to pound his tailhole.

Despite this and other than some base and instinctual tightening and squirming of his
legs, and holding onto Ruby's knees and thighs in protest- this was about as hard as he
fought. For though his life was on the line, he was also deep down in the same ecstasy as his
rapists were as they held each other, lips suckling and trading tongues their emerald eyes
glazed over as they massaged their victim.

The succubat was almost entranced herself as she watched the two went at it like
poetry in motion on top of Vel'Gahrus the drake, bouncing and rocking on top of them, with
their gorgeous forms. The demoness licked her lips as she slipped off her sandals, ribbon bra,
and thong and made my approach, "My what a feast you two are having- and are yourselves.
The Libido is quite the treat, I must say, but that is but an appetizer.", the succubus said as
she began to soak up the radiant sexual energy as she made her approach with a strut- her
engorged badonkadonk bouncing and jiggling with every seductive step.

Skye found it himself to finally speak with a quiver as he looked at the demoness and
her lucious ass, "H-h-holy!..." "-Crap!", Ruby finished as the two stopped to a crawl, slack
jawed frozen by the unholy beauty before them with reverence.

The demoness felt her third plaything underneath the demi-wolf was having an
internal struggle, hands quivering as he kept himself from clawing at the beauty's thighs for
survival as his eyes teared up with pressure as his breaths became more labored. How ironic
that such soft, cushy, and juicy walls of flesh appeared to also be his doom.

"Well now, aren't we having ourselves some fun?", the demoness said as she
approached the trio, curtaining the two rapists with the leather membranous wings as she
placed a hand on the chest of their victim as she transmuted energy into oxygen into his
lungs. Like the mature features of her form with as well as subtle wrinkling of her eyes and
face, and her silver hair, her voice was seductive and mature, smooth and soft yet confident,
boasting a lady-like 'touch-of-grey' allure. As she gave Vel oxygen, she also soaked some
more energy from the rapists through her wings, soaking up up just enough to keep them
well conscious and coherent, but with none enough to fight back for what she had in mind.

With a smile, the demoness heard the drake gasp and breath within Ruby's fleshy
feminine deaths, she playfully ran a finger down up the length of his exposed shaft's 'belly' "I
can't have such a cutey passing out on me now.", while the other two were confused as they
asked "Hey...speaking of which-" "-Whats going on?", Ruby started while Skye asked.

Now it was their turns to be breathless as the demoness lifted a foot up with one of
her meaty legs, her thunder thighs and freckled DDD cup breasts were between them both.
Her breasts bounced and jiggled as she heaved heaved herself up, her ass was more firm
however. She gracefully maneuvered her wings as she turned about.

Skye quivered in bliss as that massive ass turned to swing his way and didn't hesitate
to get his hands on them to caress, he trembled at the large and lucious ass, not just
massaging them to worship it physically and tend to it- but to watch the cushy ripples while
he also spread them apart to catch a glimpse at, "Good mother of...you have one of the
sexiest asses I've ever- mmm!", just as he began to regain coherence his mind began to snap
again as he took in all the glory before him and that oh so plump and pink asterisked
doughnut pucker found in the divine crevice! This made him ejaculate within the drake's ass
that his member was already within!

And while he was in heaven taking up the succubat's rear, Ruby got the full frontal
treatment with those bountiful silky orbs that was the demons rack, "That's right, stay just
where you are."

The two were quivered as she rolled and pressed her ass up against the skunk's chest
as she spoke, "Don't you worry down there, suger-drake."while she coaxed the demi-wolf's
head down her neck and chest, then her her cleavage, "I'll give that delectable rod the
attention it deserves in just a minute..."

She felt each of the two rapists, with her right arm she glided her hand all about the
demi-wolf lady, feeling her supple flesh all about just as her left felt the fuzzy form of the
skunk behind her before placing a hand of either of her own breasts to press against Ruby's

The succubat then growled with lusting hunger, "Alright now lovelies. What is it you
mortals like to say? Ah yes- let's get the party started!", she roared as she now shoved Skye's
face betwixt her cheeks and waddled it around at first, and it met no resistance as he let the
beauty begin to twerk against his head, meaty waves of flesh rolling around and clapping
against it! And at the very same time, the demoness coaxed the demi-wolf's head back up to
her face and two ladies locked lips. Ruby was bashful, her heart in her throat, but then
pressed passionately suckling. All the while the drake could feel and hear everything that
was going on, almost feeling left out until a mature lady's hand stroked his chest and belly.

Just as the two ladies entwined tongues moaning with delight as they feasted on
each other's mouths and saliva- a tongue pierced the succubat's pucker as the ass-worshiping
skunk began to tongue-kiss her anus, "This is crazy you must... really absorb your food!", he
muffled against her ass as to his surprise the oily musk within her anus contained no
recognizable fecal matter, only nutty tasting oil that was reminiscent of old peanut butter.
Deep down, he dreamed of meeting his fate by being pulled into a luscious ass, and prayed
that this demonic goddess would deliver.

His wish would be granted!

The predatory demon sprung after they each got their goodbye kisses to the world and
unhinged her jaw as she took the demi-wolf's head completely inside her mouth and gullet,
suckling and relishing her taste as she basted her head in saliva! Like the drake below, she
just couldn't find it in herself to fight that much, other than some instinctual clasping- but
was drained of energy, and just plain loved it deep down as she was being taken in like a
serpent Just as well, Skye couldn't help but burst outright, booming in her depths, "Yesss!
Fuck yes, I'm yours! Take me!!!"

Now was the time to get the drake underneath in on the action as she pulled the
skunk up to his shoulders for a better grip and swung is hanging form back, his member being
freed from his own victim's tailhole to fold against the bed! She then crouched down, her
fluffy glistening silver and slate grey hair pie covered pink vaginal lips aimed what was also
rightfully hers- that light grey rod that was Vel's and lowered herself down with both prey
still being slurped up like a pair of noodles as she sat upon their victim's crotch as if it were
her throne and took his mast to the hilt!

Once in position she made quicker work of the prey- as she shoveled in Ruby, her
form expanding to accommodate suckling every square inch and licking everything in reach
along the way- especially her cleavage and then her clit and vagina! Meanwhile Skye felt a
strange warmth as his flesh began to stick to that of the demoness'es rectal tract, and felt a
strange feeling throughout his form.

Then it hit him- he was about to be gifted by becoming one with her ass! Aside from
numb tingling, he couldn't feel any pain! Not only was his dream of being sacrificed alive to
an ass being made real- he felt well aware, wear as others might have blacked out at this
point. Gradually the conscious flesh-puddy sunk and distributed into her ass! He felt himself
gain control of himself again, as if he was invited to 'struggle' and squirm- and that he did as
her ass rolled and impressions of him could be seen as if a specter of flesh haunted her

Meanwhile all this was going on, in went Ruby's fine legs, and finally feeling and
kneaded her feet before they slipped in too and Sylphira lapped and suckled her humanoid
feet as she reached for one of her own breasts that was rolled to the side from her stretched
form. The other hand was feeling the impression that the demi-wolf formed. At last with a
few final gulps, Ruby slipped fully down her esophagus and into her stomach.

Ruby weakly squirmed about in her stomach, feeling around and stretching. She had
mixed feelings, as though instinctively she struggled, deep down- she loved it. And the drake
below Sylphi could feel all of it against his lithe form! But he was almost surprised that he
could breath with all the would-be pressure that was on him! But he felt the demoness'
energy still and wondered how much of demon she really was.

The Succubat saw this in his eyes and offered a wicked grin as she looked down upon
him while beginning to buck on his pole, "Don't get too comfortable and think too much of
this, plaything. How can I play with you if you're broke, ermm?"

"F-fair point.", Vel let out, as he also had to control himself with the heavenly sinful
bliss he was experiencing.

Meanwhile both of her prey enjoyed their final ride, jostling about in her stomach
and ass as she started at a pace, then began to buck hard up and down his shaft as Vel shook
as he held her meaty thunder thighs. With as much the bed was being punished, he began to
wonder again how he wasn't pulverized into mush. The others within her were beginning to
lull into passing out out of the mere joy and feeling of being rocked about her supple inner
flesh. Otherwise the whole time they didn't notice much hard time breathing with her
healing energy providing with them with oxygen, and said energy kept Skye clinging on to
the world of the living.

It wasn't long before the drake pre-cumed within her, the former's skunk's grasp at
life waned and faded, the succubat slapped one of her ass cheeks as he passed on to become
lifeless ass fat. Meanwhile Ruby wasn't far from it as her consciousness faded, and her flesh
began to soften from the succubus' digestive energy. With a few more humps, Vel blew his
load, releasing a meager stream of seed within her depths, "Wish I could offer more.", he
weakly lamented. It was fortunate he had that load as he has already ejaculated twice earlier.

"Tch. A pity.", the demoness scoffed, "You're lucky you're cute, and that I feel
satisfied with just those two sluts.", she said as her stomach began to shrink and return to
shape. In Ruby's wake, she felt herself be energized as the beauty joined the skunk into
adding to her form.

However there was something to the demi-wolf's addition that she couldn't quite
put a finger on. She slipped herself off of the drake's member and sat on the edge of the bed
as she collected herself. Something else also came to mind to the stoic demoness, something
that confused her, "Name?"

"M-m-my name?", the drake shuddered as he felt marked but complied. This could
mean another night with her could be bought even if it would be his last? "V-Vel'Gahrus.",
the demoness grunted in acknowledgment as she slipped her sandals back on, then went for
her undergarments, "And theirs?"

"The lady was Ruby, I believe. And your new layer of ass fat was Skye. May I ask your
name?", he answered, which receive a smirk in return, "I like the cut of your jib.", she
remarked as she thought on that. Vaguely, the image of fey she flew along side came to mind
and some people they were aiding.

The succubat remembered being thanked by them, "Sylphi...ra!", Sylphi exlaimed
with surprise mid sentance!

Vel leaned back defensively as this Sylphira seemed agitated all the sudden. She
gritted her teeth, "I feel it! An arch-diviner is searching.", she coldly informed as she
disappeared, leaving the drake confused. She could feel the strong sensory probing of an
abnormally powerful angelic being. She fled, and did her best to mask her energy signature
as she disappeared into the night.

"Sylphira.", the drake acknowledged to himself before thinking, "Diviner? Was she
talking about a priest?", he remembered an especially generous sect of monks called the
Scarlet Pearls. He would rest, exhausted and having had the night of his life- it wouldn't take
him long to drift to sleep.


The next day Vel'Gahrus traveled to the abbey a couple miles away and would step in to the
cathedral seeking their wisdom. He smiled at the wholesome atmosphere of kind and gentle
clergy and nuns. It felt as though all were truly welcome in these hallowed halls and
marveled at the stained glass around the cathedral's walls, as well as the tapestry and
paintings. While in the alter area of primary worship was a statue of an angelic dragoness, the
patron goddess of the cathedral, Kesothomiat and a grand painting of her- the surrounding
walls contained many of her primary draconic sisters:

Princess Skylamiat: crimson scaled goddess of war, passion and beauty
Ovamiat: Slate grey goddess of Sex, Strength, and Intelligence
Shiamiat: black demon goddess of shadows
Vyrriamiat: green Goddess of nature
Ciamiat teal goddess of the seas
Valvamiat- sky blue avian dragon goddess of wind
Riamiat- Yellow goddess of domination and energy
Shivamiat- silver blue goddess of ice
Terriamiat- brown goddess of earth
Viperamiat- burnt orange goddess of fire

A rather powerfully built old 'battle tank' of a dragoness palanun crossed her arms
with pride, "Visit, take a load off, and meditate here often and you might meet them
sometime. They walk among us mortals and like to visit here. They are each more kind and
sensual as the next for the most part. Fitting that they are goddesses, for they are uplifting
for the soul. Now, have you come for guidance? Reverand Tsunzale is currently at the Stall of
Enlightenment if you wish.", she said as she waved presentably towards what appeared to be
a confession stall.

"Good to know, and thank you, sister."
"Anytime, sweet thing."

Vel blushed as he wondered into the stall, "Heavens, I love this world! Things just
keep better and better!", he thought especially as he heard a rather charming Celtic voice. He
could see through the screen a rather dashing and knightly looking copper scaled dragon,
"Ah, the outworlder who has settled not to far from here, I presume?"

"Yes, Father."
"Bah, please don't call me that. We don't know what the future might hold."
"I'm going to say it outright, first off. I love this place already to no end."
"Glad to hear it. Now what brings you here?"
"Well, I had a run in with a demoness, and the thing is... call it crazy, but I don't know if she's all that entirely bad..."
"Interesting. You did right coming here. Please tell me everything."

Vel told him in detail about how Skye and Ruby invaded his home with an
otherworldly lust, then was rescued by Sylphira. Despite everything that has happened so
far, he was still caught off guard by Tsunzale's reaction, "Wow, you about suffocating to death
aside- I'm surprised I didn't get a raging boner from that story. At any rate, thank you. Step
out if you would?"

"Uh, sure and no problem?", the drake responded as he stepped out and was met
with an embrace by the priest who wrapped both his arms and cocooned him with his wings,
"That was very valuable information. I have been on the hunt for the elusive Succubat of
Rymoa. I'll see if I can rehabilitate her. There is a legend behind her, that she is a fallen forest
guardian, queen of the Sylphi fey. They say her heart was as expansive as her form that she
would hold travelers in like a living sleeping bag."

"I believe it...", the drake responded, "Please protect her. I believe you, in that she can be salvaged."
"You have my word, my good Vel'Gahrus."
The two coiled tails around one another as they embraced, Vel'Gahrus swooned as he
listened to the reverend and was utter mush against the chivalric priest. Tsunzale looked
towards the dragoness nun from before and gave her an asking eye-point gesture as he non-
verbally asked her to join the embrace. Jinthara came behind the drake and rested her
breasts on his shoulders as she wedged his neck in her breasts as part of her embrace.

Later that day, Tsunzale would make his leave with utmost determination.

Stepping into a tavern the knightly draconic monk earned a few raised eyebrows both
in how he dressed and damn good he looked in it. It was an attire that mixed several cultures:

Knightly greaves and gorget. Armored sleeves, hakama trousers, and wakizashi of a
samurai. A kilt and arming sword with an angular hilt. And lastly, his bowler hat.

Due to his wings, his waist up to his collar was exposed, revealing his heavily chiseled
thin muscular form. His scales were bronze with pale mint belly plating.

The bartender, a boar smiled as he recognized the Knight of Kesotho, "Ah Reverend
Tsunzale! Feel free to have a seat, padre!"

In which Tzunzale tipped his hat, his celtic accent was like honey to many a ear, "Aye,
thank ye kindly, Walt. But I won't be too long, just a drink to wet the whistle."

A bar maiden approached just as the draconic knight sat down, a rather charming
opossum lady approached with a half-courtesy who's beady eyes glistened beneath her
bonnet, "Always good to have ye around, padre. Your order also knows how to craft a drink.
Speakin' o' which, what might I get cha' darlin'?

Tzunzale's ear fins were almost always up, given his upbeat nature, but were now
especially in her presence, "Myunitzi, it's always a treat enough to see that sweet fluffy face
of yours. Could you stir me up a Tohla Brose?"

With a smile and nod she responded, a eye cocked as a very powerful looking titan of
a grey scaled dragoness with a red mane came in.

"Bless your heart. Got it.", then went back to the bar.

The dragoness approached and took a seat Tzunzale's table, "Ah, there's my nephew-
in-law. So, stirred- not shaken?", referring to his Bond-like charm.", she was Ovamiat, the
Draconissian goddess of Sex, Strength, and Intellegence.

"Always a pleasure, Aunt Ovami. Oddly enough, I get the joke. I've always have been
somewhat in tune with the Akashic Records, but there seems to be an influx of alternate
planes lately, also a heat-wave. And I don't mean the climate. I met an out-worlder the other

The barmaid came back and sat down a glass in front of him with Tzunzale's scotch
with honey, listening quizzically, but not interrupting. The draconic knight immediately went
for the glass and lifted it to her with a smile and thankful nod before taking a sip.

Ovami's curiosity was piqued as she could feel some intriguing vibes and has heard
that he was on the hunt for a creature, "Do go on."

"Someone came into the Stall of Enlightenment, seeking comfort and wishing me to
protect the Succubat of Rymoa. Said they were being raped almost to death by a crazed
couple, and was nearly suffocated while being taken from the other side. That was until she
appeared, swallowing each of them at either end before mounting the victim herself. They
said that though her crimson red eyes were cold, there was also a warmth behind them, like
there was an angel trying to escape beneath."

Ovami was quiet as she scanned the area as she listened, the goddess of sex grinned
as she recognized this 'Succubat of Rymoa' more by the second, "Sylphira. From what I'm
sensing, Kesotho is right- you must find her. She's no ordinary succubus- but a breed of her

However, Ovami was at a loss when someone in a thicker Scottish accent than
Tzunzale's yelled, "Aye look at this big muscular lass, lookin' all fine in her dooker!"

Tzunzale hung his head and covered his eyes as he explained dryly, his own r's rolling
into l's and vowels exaggerated, "Your athletic wear. 'Dooker', somehow means 'swimsuit'
around here."

The goddess rolled her eyes with amusement at them before returning to the issue at
hand, "So, do you want any help in this? I could help you draw her out at least.", she already
knew his response a goddess of Intelligence, she anticipated his genius, "Hmm, interesting.
But no thank you, Ovami. You being a goddess of sex, she'd see through the ruse. If you like-"
he gulped, "I will... place a rein check on having a session with you."

He stood up, ready to part, "However, although she may be a succubus and would see
through your Libido energy. I don't know if she remembers her past as a wood-sprite."

Ovami grinned, "A clever one, aren't you? Okay, though usually I work for the sheer
pleasure, but what the hell, I'll hold you to it. I pull some strings on the condition that you
push my buttons in the near future.", she winked and made nearly every nose in the bar
bleed as she showed surprising flexibility for her size as she tipped back and placed one of
her own feet on her crotch.

~To be continued!~
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Re: ~Hell's Angel: Part 2~ (Breast and oral vore)

Postby Sylphira » Wed Jun 22, 2022 12:21 am

Part 2: Light in the Dark

(Highlights include Breast vore, vine-tentacle sex, and oral vore. Implied absorption/merging as well.)

"Sorry you two. I know you priests are just trying to do the right thing and all, but you had to try to cross me in more ways than one.", Sylphira hissed seductively as her nipples closed behind a pair of figures filling her engorged breasts. The two each tried fruitlessly to feel around for an opening somewhere, to try to stretch and thin her skin. They even tried to claw, but her inner flesh was like a super slick gelatinous membrane that was too durable and slick to do anything to.

"Ooo, thanks for the scratching and massages. You aren't trying to be mouthy like others, trying to save air or not- so I'll tell you what. Keep that up, massage me, and I'll make your passing as pleasurable as possible. Be good enough, and I might find do some kind of good with your milk instead of just feeding future prey.", the seductive demoness moaned with delight and explained as she eased herself down to fondle her engorged breasts and the contents within. The clergy felt their doom, having heard of accounts of other predators- their escape and survival were slim to none. So they listened to her bargain and felt about sensually as they went with the flow.

Sylphi began to slosh them about and massaged them into mush, that in turn broke down into milk, her breasts deflating down to almost their natural size- large but manageable D cups.

An immensely powerful spiritualist, Tsunzale felt the fading lights of the clergy in the distance.
However, try as he might, the source's energy was hidden, "A powerful spiritualist herself? I felt her presence the other night. And the witness that was spared said that she was even spooked, having felt someone probing. Interesting. These are marks of someone who specializes in white mana arts, to my understanding.", he thought as he left the tavern and took flight to put his plan into action.

Phase one- he found a gang in the area, both as lure and annoyance of the influx of them. In the name of 'protecting the forest' to attract the peaceful goddess of plants, he defeated the brigands with his blades coated in stunning energy- acting as less-than-lethal energy blades. With a signal flare spell, a group of Kesotholic knights came and arrested the group to bring them back for rehabilitation.

"My my. Protecting the forest are we.", spoke a tranquil female voice as plant pod sprouted from the ground, from which emerged Vyrriamiat, draconic goddess of nature, a well muscle toned plant dragoness, "Kesotho isn't the only one impressed with you. We have all been yearning for you, but I more so.", she cooed him into a lull as she kissed him while her claws went about his slender but rock hard muscular form, undressing and extending her fingers into vines that wound about and worked buckles and toggles of his gear.
"It only makes sense that you are a goddess, Vyrriami. Such a divine specimen you are, as gifted as you are beautiful.", he said as he held and felt her up.

"Ooo, you are surely the son of Saint Valte. Skyla and Ovami must be showing extreme patience, they aren't one for raping but I'm surprised they haven't made an exception of you.", she continued to coo lustfully as Tsunzale's draconic member began sprouted.

"Why thank you. I'm curious, do you intend to use those tentacles? I've always been curious about experiencing it..."

The nature goddess smiled sweetly, "I was going to leave that to you, but am pleased you asked. I'll treat you with care.", Vyrria cooed as she coiled him with tentacles and lowered to the ground with him on top, suction cupping his snout with a flower tipped tentacle as he found that he could still move very well as the vines moved with him as he began to rock his hips and massage her uterus with his member, starting at an easy pace as his oriented himself. Suckling the flower's pollen tube, it secreted nectar as the petals still encased his snout as it lovingly nurtured him.

Another vine that was tipped with a conical slithered to his ass crack, almost as though it was both caressing as it was hotdogged while asking him for permission, "It is a blessing to make love with you. Who am I to say no? Plus I'm quite curious anyways."
"Lovely.", Vyrria swooned in response as she had the bulbous tip find his pucker, and slipped in to worm up and grow to 'knot' within. True to her word, he felt but pleasurable pressure within. Tsunzale was in absolute bliss, securely coiled by the vines pleasuring him, peering at the draconic beauty with deep affection as her verdant form slipped into her 'Jungle' form, as she turned a darker green with more defined muscles. Almost sad that he was reaching his climax, Tsunzale pre-cummed before blasting his seed within.

The two cuddled for a short while in this position even after he was finished and his member flaccid. Vyrriami kept the vines where they were as they crossed necks as they quietly murred sweet nothings. Or as is merely pillow talk? For muffled moans of pleasure could be heard within the flower upon his snout continued to feed him to the point that he began to bloat with nectar while the bulb within his rectum began to siphon his energy, "Interesting idea. Very kinky if nothing else.", Vyrria softly whispered as she held him close and protectively.

Once she has drained him of all of his stored energy, and filled him to the brim with nectar, she relieved him of her vines as she extracted them and passionately gave him a kiss on the lips as if to dearly wish him luck. She eased him on the ground as she did so, before leaving the exhausted and bloated priest to himself.

It was but minutes after she disappeared that a Sylphi swooped down in broad daylight. Tsunzale was enamored by the voluptuous, mature, demonic beauty as her red tinted dark skin, silver bedraggled hair, and dark silver wing fur shined in the sun. The feeling was mutual, as she licked her pink lips, ruby red eyes glazed as she slipped her sandals off. The succubus was as awestruck by his slender muscular frame, his copper scales, and handsome face as she was by the large aura of Libido energy he emitted, "My-my! Someone left me a stuffed treat?", she said as she sat her large ass down on his bloated belly and sandwiched his face with her beautiful, meaty feet. Surprisingly, they didn't smell of sweat and dirt, but carried a botanical fragrance like Vyrriami's form instead. He was reminded of her ancient history as a wood sprite.

Ruby, woke unable to see and speak. Her body was no more. But if she didn't know any better, she could feel Sylphi's form, and mostly her belly.

Entranced, almost like those who raped Vel'Gahrus, she wanted to take the stuffed draconian in. She planted her feet back down on the ground at either side of Tsunzale and leaned forward with her belly over his head and pressed it down against the ground, rolling and bouncing it against his face- her thighs sandwiching him and ass rubbing his bloated belly.
Ruby -now a living part of Sylph's belly especially, could feel the face against her and wanted to cradle him.

Not wanting to wait any longer to have her live stuffed meal, Sylphi gracefully heaved up, turned about faced to crouch back down to kiss his on the lips, "I hope you got well acquainted from the outside.", Sylphi seductively taunted before shoveling his head in and then made quick work of him, heaving him up to let gravity aid her as she almost instantly shoved him down into her stomach, slurping his feet and tail in.

Tsunzale's stomach began to deflate within as he began to absorb the nectar, his mana beginning to return to him, "You know, usually it is others who come to me for confessions, now it is my turn. I don't like to deceive even a so called demoness, but I acknowledge your power. I had to take precautions even if it means my life.", he said as he began not surging himself with energy as her as the stomach acid began to collect, but into her.

"What is this?!", she sneered, "and 'so called demoness'?"
"Yes Sylphira,", he said as he collected himself as the acid began to wash over him as he continued to concentrate all of his would-be healing energy into her, washing her in a state of bliss, "I am Tzunzale, and I've been investigating you. Former queen of the guardian sylphs! You may devour many, just as you did your kind as your first victims. But I've seen a pattern worthy of redemption!"

This got her, she sat down in confusion as her prey's scales and membranes of his wings began to melt away. Other priests have tried exorcising her with healing energy, but none were this powerful- nor were their gestures.
He plead as the acid began to reach his skin, "Please! You may have taken many lives, but you have a chance to help many more. There is no better feeling, and I'm sure you'd be able to feed off of a wealth of energy along the way. Don't let me die!"

Ruby: 'Please. What happened to the lady who eased me into oblivion? It was bliss while it lasted. But this is torture for us both. I want to hold him- but not like this...', her words didn't quite reach, but the vibes behind them did.

This monk, this stupid and reckless monk was willing to throw his life away to try to reach her. Tears began to well up in Sylphi's eyes, she closed them as she used her powers to stop the acid and return healing energy to him, and provided oxygen as well as temperature control as she turned onto her side as she sobbed, "I usually at least try to painlessly absorb my prey if they behave well enough. And here I was going to hard digest you. I believe you, that you wish to help me, Tsunzale.

When she opened her eyes, they began to make a transition from red to aqua blue as the protector was shocked out of her at long last. Ruby's spirit cried with her, the stomach walls only molding over Tzunzale to hug him and not compact. He returned the gesture and began to feel around and pat as he squirmed about in comfort. Sylphira hugged him within.

Tzunzale patted, "There-there. I'm here for you- not that I have much of a choice."
Sylphira giggled weakly, "Thank you. Say from what I've felt, you've got strong sensing, can you... feel it too?"
"Yes, it appears you've already partially salvaged another. Your body is now theirs. They feel at peace as though they like it."

"I believe it was the one called Ruby."
The connection began to strengthen: ~"Yes, I am Ruby, and though it may take some getting used to, I doubt that will take long. Being attached to you?! Umm, Hells yeah!"~

~To be continued.
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Re: ~Hell's Angel~ [Vore story series. Part 3 live)

Postby Sylphira » Thu Jun 30, 2022 7:37 pm

Part 3: Blessing of the Pearly Gates- Birth of the Symcubus
(Contains soul unbirth, as well post absorption and breast vore)

The hooves of a horse team clopped as Sylphira and Tsunzale cuddled as they were transported back to Sanct de Kesotho Abbey. Sylphi having previously made an opening in her navel to cleanly let the reverend out to dress, but was no less having him feel like the most fortunate being in the cosmos as she held him wrapped in her wings upon her as she also cuddled him with all fours. The driver was a green and mint green crocodilian male-nun with black hair in a black robe, veil, and shoes, with light yellow stockings and accents.

Sylphi blushed having a liking for femboys, glancing over at him from time to time, Tsunzale pointed out how tolerant and accepting his order was, "We are very lax as long as our clergy are of good intent and pull their weight. I have no doubt a legendary symcubus would strive."

"Symcubus?", both Sylphi and Dixi, the driver asked.

The well learned reverend answered, "Don't you strive to give back to your prey somehow? Most demons don't usually care about only taking."

Sylphi smiled at the notion, "Symbiotic, as in to live in harmony with other life forms each giving and taking equally.", then suckled a kiss to Tsunzale's cheek."
Dixi gave a snort of approval, "Sounds good to me. You know, my cousins have come back and settled into their estate to retire for good. I'm sure they'd like Sylphi, and they sure as hell love you, Reverend.", he glanced back at his passengers as he places his own fingers to his crimson lipsticked lips and flicked them outward into a three three-finger 'love' hand sign as if to say 'As do I.'

Tsunzale returned the gesture, "Thanks. Well then, then it sounds like we have our first mission on rein-check, Sylphi", as if he wasn't blushing enough as the symcubus pet and cuddled with him, he revered the gator's cousins as a trio of sacred wise-women.
The demoness made his skin go redder than the copper scales covering it as she twisted herself over to pin him under her meaty bottom-heavy frame, then lifted up to plop her large breasts over his neck, engulfing it between their supple flesh. Blushing as he glanced back at all this, Dixi felt a strange sense of deja'vu and envy- not just for Tsunzale, but over him. Part of him wanted to pull him out from between Sylphi's bouncing breasts to have a turn at cuddling him. But alas he would wait.

The two soon fell a sleep and rested up the rest of the way.

"Alright-alright,", Dixi chipperly announced, "We're 'a gettin' close, you two. By the way, we have a couple of new arrivals."
After the two woke and got their bearings again and propped themselves upright, it was just in time as they pulled into the abbey's outer fortress walls. Tzunzale's eyes glazed over in shock as he heard the tapping of stork beaks on top of the main cathedral, "I'm... I'm not sure what to make of this.", he gasped as he looked in both horror and awe as he and Sylphira dismounting the wagon.

Sylphira looked at him with dear concern, "What is it?", the same question was on Dixi's face as he looked back at him.

Tsunzale had troubles putting his thoughts to words at first, "It's a legendary symbol of rebirth and vigilance- especially after the appearance of one connected to my father, Saint Valte. He... storks started nesting at this estate days before he set out on a quest along with my mother. When he came back cataclysm broke loose, and the residents- his father and dogs, were all dead, the estate half destroyed. It changed him forever. When he came back months later, it seemed as though even the storks did."

He turned his gaze to Sylphi, "A few steps after dismounting, one swooped by and snatched up a venomous snake that was nearby on its way back up to its nest. It was worse for wear, but still remaining guard, keeping serpents at bay.", then looked proudly up at the storks as one of it flapped its wings in the sun.

Then the tearful moment took a turn for the amusing as the storks started circling each other in a mating dance, clicking the beaks and folding their damn heads completely backwards to their backs to chatter. Sylphira giggled and pondered , "Okay, what is that saying you mortals like to use?..." then she bounced a finger at them matter-of-factually "Oh yeah- That is definitely my spirit animal!"

Seeing as there were still those who were reserved as some gazed sourly on the pair as Tsunzale was still nearly bare of scales, and the membranes of his wings and ear fins were still gaped with holes burned through- and to bear witness on this sacred day of Sylphi's conversion- a pearl white dragoness with quad angel's wings descended to whom all bowed their heads in reverence, "And I would like you to be mine and vice-versa. I am Kesothomiat -Kesotho for short- and am very proud of the both of you."

Kesotho stepped up between them and curtained each with a bottom wing, while her top pair were raised regally to ease tensions as she evoked her stature while she ceremoniously escorted the two into the cathedral with angelic radiance.

Sylphira felt guilty stepping within such a sacred place, especially given that all that remained of two of their own were barely gently rippling within her breasts, "Thank you, but I took two of your own the other night."
Kesotho smiled and replied softly, "You mean the two who are in the infirmary almost recovered? The ones who blush as they think about the demoness that tenderly lulled them into what would have been one of what they think would be an ideal way to pass on?", she added with a chuckle, "You had a moment of weakness during that 'voregilante' crusade of yours. With your history, I'll give you the benefit of a mulligan."

The demoness took it as Kesotho guided the two towards Tsunzale's private chamber, offering greeting nods of respect to the various clergy along the way, but was then confused, "Thank you. Wait... 'mulligan'?"
Tsunzale explained, "A sports term- it is a 'free pass' in a game called 'golf', where you try to hit a small ball into a small hole often a great distance away. You have a set amount of swings, your score decreasing with each taken."

Sylphira smiled, "I have a funny feeling I'll be caught up with this world in no time."

Her senses were assaulted as she could hear the faint clacking of training weapons and smell baked goods, and the heavenly clergy who put out nothing but positive vibes. With what memories she could scrape of them when she was entranced, this order was decent folk, striving to help others however they could. And the nuns- how she couldn't help but look down at there stockings whenever she caught a glimpse. While some of the clergy seemed to wear uniform black and white, there were others who wore personalized colors.

Kesotho smiled, "Taking a liking to your potential family already? I would like to ask you to join, you do still have a great debt to pay and this is the place to do it."
The symcubus' eyes brightened, "It almost feels like its too good for me. Are you sure?"

The three were soon in Tsunzale's quarters which was adorned with chivalrous trappings of armor and weaponry displays, on the walls were a few paintings of dragon and gator folk- likely ancestry from the looks of their facial features and overall vibe. The divine dragoness chuckled and materialized a pair of sheers and comb, "Of course. Sylphira, may I cut your hair?"
Seeing as this was tradition, the symcubus agreed, "Yes, divine Kesotho. May I ask why though."

With a smile, the sacred dragoness started clipping off locks of Sylphira's silver hair, "Why of course. It's for this right here, really, as an act of bending one's knee for a lack of another way of putting it. To other religious sects it would be as a show of humility and casting aside vanity. Do well by us, however, and you earn the right to customize your habits."

Tsunzale nodded as he watched the scraggly mane be quickly transformed into nun's bob cut, "It's mostly for something in the way of some kind of uniformity, tradition and conditioning."

When finished the goddess made the barber tools disappear as she threw her arms up some victoriously, "Voila!", then clapped them together, "Now it wouldn't make much sense to dress you, with what I have in mind. But I have been seeing and feeling your liking for stockings.", the goddess then materialized a pair of white thigh high socks.

Sylphira looked down as she enjoyed the feeling of the soft fabric gently hugging her legs and feet, "Wow, these are cozy. I can get really used to these!"
Tzunzale informed with a smile, "Ours are also specially designed to regulate your temperature- keeping you both warm and cool to avoid uncomfortable heat and humidity."

Kesotho then literally de-robed her herself, her well muscle toned form fully exposed, "You certainly look good in them. Now, let us join in unity and cleanse you, dear Sylphira.", of whom slipped off all but her new stockings and stepped up to her and docked breasts with her as she felt the goddess's hips and kissed her neck while Kesotho put a hand on her head and ass tenderly. Both moaned with delight as Tsunzale undressed.

When he was ready he approached and both tilted with an arm open, then pulled him into for a group hug and make out session, all three meeting lips as well as taking turns kissing directly while the other kissed a neck or face.
After warming up and Tsunzale having erected.

Kesotho gently broke from the embraces to lead the two to Tsunzale's large bed. Holding up a finger to him for him to wait, the goddess crawled onto the bed first and spread her legs some while propped up, and held a hand out towards Sylphira while patting her crotch, eyeing hers, "Care to join me? I offer safe passage for the souls you have stored in you, as well as a soul bind for your new 'bodily bestie' in there. Ruby will return to her own world but my 'Pearly Gates' won't be the only heavenly passage for her."

The demi-bat nun novitiate followed suit and made herself comfortable propped up on her back, and entwined her meaty legs with Kesotho as she did the same as the two pulled each other together with their legs and pressed their vaginal lips together.
Tsunzale proved himself quite the strong and gifted athlete as he stepped up over the two and Kestho leaned up while Sylphi laid flat on the bed as he fed his member into her cock-hungry maw and lowered down, lifting his legs up in scissor lock of his own around the dragoness's waist while he buried his head in the demi-bat's large silky breasts.

Kesotho flexed her own strength as a goddess as she acted as a pillar of support while her hands were down on the mattress to support herself, meanwhile deepthroating and coiling his shaft with her tongue, all the while beginning to extracted the souls of the fairies that their queen devoured and imprisoned so long ago by the demoness.
Gradually over the course of a few minutes, the red tint in her dark skin gradually flushed into more of a chocolate-purple, her aqua blue eyes beginning to shine with more soulful radiance.

As Sylphi held the dragon priest's head dearly in her cleavage and pecked a kiss, she said farewell to Ruby the demi-wolf, who enjoyed every second of the whole sensual thrill ride while it lasted, "It has been nice having you aboard, dear Ruby, but perhaps this is for the best."
Tsunzale hugged her the best he could, feeling the fast bond between the two, he could see how it would be heaven for this Ruby, to feel and be part of not just a sexy demon- but one that cared dearly for her tribute- and Sylphi to have a bodily companion, a cherished passenger to share her experiences with.

Kesotho spiritually hugged Ruby as she began to pull her soul out now, taking care to create a bond between the two. The goddess' voice rang within their minds, {"This is a truly lovely bond that I shall honor. For now on, you are partially soul bound. Ruby, should you fall prey again, your soul will return back to Sylphi's form as a bodily jail before being reformed to suffer recovering from Reformation Sickness for at least a week, maybe more depending on how reckless you were."
It was also about this time that she tasted pre-cum from Tsunzale.
The dragoness let her tail take up the slack of one of her hands as she started caressing her breasts and cleavage in bliss.

{"Understood"}, Ruby responded with a smile in her tone, Sylphira spiritually hugged her essence with her energy before the demi-wolf's soul too slipped into Kesotho's depths. Her womb a loving carrier for the lost- but destroyer of the damned. None would be absorbed by the goddess of Light this day.

Just as she slipped her hand down to feel her groin area, Tsunzale blew his bountiful load. And my, for as non-predatory he was did he carry the load of a cock vore pred as she was quickly bloated from his copious seed! With this both of the females too squirted femcum that mixed together as their vaginal lips continued their intimate kiss. Syphi's greedy pussy slurped up Kesotho's especially to absorb as the angelic dragoness' well toned belly quickly shrank as she too absorbed her haul from Tsunzale

Kesotho sighed with bliss as she cooed sweet nothings with the two as they soon reposition to lay with and slightly on top of Kesotho in a group cuddle session before gently relieving herself, "You two are so cozy, I can cuddle with you for the longest time. But I should be taking my leave to release these souls. Fare the well.", and dissipated to another realm after the other two bade her the same.

Sylphi asked after a couple of minutes, "I keep hearing 'Akashic Record', what is that?"
Tsunzale explained, "The universal library. It is believed that the universe stores a vast wealth of knowledge spanning not only its entirety, but those of other universes too. There are those who are capable of tapping into it, receiving precious glimpses into it- often without even knowing it."

The angelic demoness then looked to the portraits, "And them? They look like you and that they split from your portrait in the center... Ancestry?"

"The dragons are my father's side. My parents are different sides of the same coin in that they weren't born in the forms they ended up with.", indeed when it came to his parents they actually had two portraits a piece, one facing towards the viewer and placed closer to Tsunzale's, while the other had their backs turned looking over their shoulder.

As Tsunzale mentioned, his father appeared to begin as a humanoid- a bearded half elf and became an anthro crocodilian dragon. His mother appeared to be a full quadraped dragon with a hint of croc, as was her mother before her- but was almost as gator-like as her grandson. And before her further was a full dragon and a rather primal-yet-majestic looking gator the size of one!

Sylphira was enamored by the genealogy as she studied Tsunzale's colorful family tree, "Wow, all the dragon you are is undeniable, but I'm kinda surprised you don't have more gator showing."

Tsunzale nodded, "You're telling me! Now if I may ask, shall we finish our nap? I have a lot to unpack.", subtly avoiding looking at the painting of his colorful looking blue cyan skinned elven mother.

Sylphira pecked him on the cheek, "Understandable. Sleep well. I know I will.", she cooed dreamily as she cuddle up with him. When he eventually turned away to have his back to her, any woes were melted away as the two butt-snuggled, her large badonka up against his ass. Then he was met with her lavender scented feet again as she took her pillow to reposition herself with her head by his feet in a familiar position as she sandwiched him with her meaty legs, and cradled his head with her plush humanoid feet, "What can I say? I love scissoring, no matter the gender or use."

"No complaints. I can't get over how cozy you are.", the dragon said blushingly as his package was mashed against her tender pink vaginal lips. If she was this caring, and gifted with her stomach, as he saw in the 180 flip of about being melted to healed as she too turned- what nirvana might be found within? For now he enjoyed cuddling from the outside as they cooed sweet nothings with each other and drifted off to sleep.

When they awoke donned her Novitiate's black ribbed sweater, black flats, and closed her eyes as she slipped on her black and white veil. She opened opened her eyes with a deep breath, ready to begin her training.

"Looking good! Now one thing that just hit me, is that you don't have a maiden name, do you? It could be useful, and help acclimate you better.", Tsunzale informed then added seeing as she was currently at a loss, "Just consider it. For now speaking of acclimating- today is the first day of the rest of our lives! Lets get you set up shall we?"

Tsunzale and the rest couldn't be more accommodating, and the monastic schedule and ways couldn't be easier to grasp. She was introduced to the library where she would be given free reign to look through the different texts, be it religious or academic. The religious texts being as numerous as the other subjects, as Kesotho herself embodied faith itself, patron of all known belief systems despite how blasphemous it would be for the majority of them- she championed open-mindedness and equality.
There she would meet scholars that she would speak with about different workings and their theories as well. Sylphi would also be introduced to the kitchen and food processing areas, where she would occasionally work, as well as other duties around the abbey that the clergy rotated in to upkeep the place and keep themselves sharp in many regards.

At other points of the day was physical training. Mostly peaceful or not, the Order of Kesotho also embodied the spirit of her crimson scaled twin, Skylamiat- who was a war goddess. To be able to defend others and themselves and in most cases as well as to just plain be healthy of body, they exercised and trained in the arts of combat.
Although Sylphi wasn't interested and was mediocre when it came to fighting- unlike Tsunzale who was an avid martial artist with a gift for it!- she did enjoy the physical aspects.

Then there was of course times for meditation and prayer. Be it stationary kneeling and sitting in worship, or in motion with Tai-chi.

The holy trinity: Mind, Body, and Soul. A system that Ovami respected, being a goddess of sex, strength and intellect.

Sylphi enjoyed her new life and smiled as she thought fondly of Vel'Gahrus, She blushed as she thought of the sexy, lithe and femmy drake, who she credited in part for all this, "I hope to see you again, my sweet pink prince. I'm glad I saved you, as you have me in turn. If only I did more than I did with you back then.", she thought.

Meanwhile, at a nearby village- said pink dragon grunted with disdain between heavy breaths as his one of his ear-vents itched with no way to scratch it- for he was bound in a specially designed onahole stockade. He was in prime position for mounting the way he was shackled, open crotch for those who wanted to have fun with his exposed genitals, as was his belly that was currently swollen with cum, and a blindfold so that all he could go on is hearing for anticipation.
He was set up as a public fuck dummy for anyone or anything to step up and have their way.

And although there were those awkward times of lonesome peace as he was left to himself with his ass and junk in the open elements, he attracted plenty of attention of especially from single men looking for a peace of ass and drunkards of both main genders, with vulgar women even clapping their asses up on under him at his junk, or clinging to ride upside down.
He gulped as he heard some heavy steps coming his way, he had a feeling his innards were in for a round of being pulverized as his ass was pounded by a log of male meat.

Later that night, the drake heard a lady approach. Hopefully, one of the sweeter ones, like the maidens that took care of him by washing and providing food and water. Then she heard a voice he'll never forget, "Awww, someone get themselves in yet another kinky bind?", Sylphi said lifting up her sweater-dress as she approached, up to over her breasts some and pressed his head in between them before lowering the sweater down to curtain him as she sandwiched his head between the same large and silky breasts that were more red in tint and bouncing against her engorged belly as she rode him more than a week before.

His face blushed within the heavenly chamber of flesh and soft fabric, "S-Sylphi??", Vel'Gahrus finally asked in shock. There was a sweeter tone about the playful demoness that used him as a bench a couple weeks ago, before devouring his rapists at each end, then fucked him them in her belly and ass.
"I can't see, but you sound a bit different... And this, I think I've seen garments like these at...No... You're kidding me!"

Sylphi giggled as she continued to hug his head between her breasts and jiggled him, rolling their silky flesh against his face, "I am now happily a Sister-Novitiate of the Kesotholic Church. And I have you to thank for it."

Within her breasts sloshed the thick and rich milk of the clergy that she previously melted down a week ago. The very same that now slept at the monastery after having been reformed. A spiritual link was left within, for as they dreamed, they could feel a fleshy chamber as they rolled formlessly about. They could vaguely feel the impression of of a drake's head.

"You're welcome? I'm the one who should thank you too. Although that would be a nice way to go out, I'm liking this world and would be a shame not to experience it more.", then was hesitant as Sylphi positioned his head over a nipple.
"Oh don't worry, if I'm reading you right, then you are. But the victims have been restored, as has Ruby at least. It looks like you're being well taken care of, but please, this will help as well."

How could the drake really say no? The priest connected could feel his lips and the entirety of his maw and tongue as he guzzled the rich and thick milk down his gullet. As he emptied the breast, it was as though the priest was vored all over again- this time orally. Once he was finished, an couldn't help but feel amazing as the fortified milk washed down into his stomach, "So this must be like...", he could almost feel the presence within just by knowing that the milk now within in his belly, was once a living person that was within and melted down into milk by the very breast he suckled.

Sylphi nodded, "And now I look to get the same feeling- only with them whole and safe. Now...", the demoness nun started as she gently broke away and slipped around to his ass, "Let's even me out while taking it somewhere else in more ways than one.", then poked his pucker with her nipple.
Vel was already curious and confused as to what she was doing, "W-what are you doing back there??", then his eyes widened as the nipple slipped in and then her tit as she fed it in.
"Alright now clench and do your thing at this end?"

The drake did so, clutching the breast with his pucker and began to contract to work his anus like a farm hand milking a cow's teat within his ass, "My god this is bizarre.", he blushed as he felt the milk squirting in with each clench, "But there is something to this, I admit."
Sylphi couldn't agree more as felt his balls and package to attempt a reach around and milk him in turn- to which he shook his head, "Sorry, I'm tapped out. You'll just risk chaffing me."
"No worries.", the demi-bat replied, "You have enough luscious ass to fondle."

Once she herself was tapped out, Sylphi slipped her breast back out to lean against him- her large badonkadonk against his intimate region, using his lifted tail as a backrest, "So, what can you tell me about this interesting contraption. I'm a little jealous actually. How did you wind up in it?"

"They call it a Conduit Phantom Mare. With this Sex Craze going on that made Ruby hellbent on riding my face- leaving my dingus be, while I was raped by another male that could have had the female- they've decided to build outlets like this thing."

Sylphira nodded as she pet his thighs, "Ah, I see. Hmm, I've recently heard something when I learned about farming called 'crop rotation'. Do they do the same? I can't imagine them having you strapped in for too long."

As she hiked a leg up while he responded and slipped shoe off to place a stockinged foot against his ass, "From what I've heard, yes. This is only for a week. So you might have your own chance before long. They manage me very well. Though I get some very mouthy ones from time to time- the rules are they can do what they want with me as long as they are adults and keep those who aren't away, aren't too physically abusive as to injure me, or use me as a restroom."

Vel'Gahrus blushed at the thought of finding the demi-bat strapped in, of returning the favor and sexing her tender.

Sylphi nodded and lifted herself back on her feet and slipped the shoe back on, "Good to know. Anyways...", she slipped back around to kiss his head, "I should be returning to the abbey. Reverend Tsunzale is a total suger-muffin, but I don't want to disrespect him and the church."

"God... er I mean Kesotho? Was that her name? Kesothomiat bless you."

And with that, opened her wings and disappeared into the night to return to her chamber to rest.

~To be continued
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