Female uvula/throat experiences

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Female uvula/throat experiences

Postby jackea » Wed Oct 09, 2019 3:23 pm

Hello guys,

I made this topic because I really enjoy when a girl shows her throat and uvula, I love when they don't now they are showing, also I like to share my experiences watching a female's uvula, since I have a lot of stories, and also I would like to read your experiences,

So, this is one of my experiences, The first time i saw a girls uvula,

I was five years old, and I was on summers vacation, my mom told me and my sisters to prepare our things, we were going to see our moms relatives at her town,

I was very exited, I really enjoyed visiting my moms town, and also to see my cousin Zuly, I remember how sweet she was to me, a very beautiful 16 years old girl, I always remember how her blonde smelled, like mint and srawberry, she was very thin, with a very big smile, I remember how she use to laugh, wide a very wide open mouth, and a white tongue, that always throbbed,

As soon as we got to my aunts house, I went to see Zuly, she was doing her homework, when she saw me, she ran to hugh me, and kissed me alot of times,

I spent the day with my cousin, I remember I was looking to her face while she was texting her boyfriend, when suddenly, she got a text of him invited her to his place, Zuly couldnt believe that, she started screaming, I remember I saw directly her mouth, it was so dark at the begining, but then she grabbed my face and started screaming louder, then, i saw it, i saw while she was screaming, The inside of her mouth, i saw her pink throat, small tonsils, her beautiful and thiny uvula, vibrating, I saw how white her tongue was, and I remember see her big tastebuds

I felt something and i told her, I told I saw something inside her mouth, she told me, if you are talking about my tongue, its always white, no matters how many times I brush it, and then she ask me if i wanted to see, I said yes, and she open her mouth wide and sticked out her tongue, I saw her beautiful white tongue, it was so white it was perfect, at The back I saw her tastebuds, very big and very red, finally, i saw her beautiful throat, wide open, with her beautiful and small tonsils, all her throat was red, but The tongue was white, i saw her uvula, it was longer than The first time i saw it, she started anda to laugh, so her uvula moved a bet, then she close her mouth and she told me she needed to do something

So thats all, I really loved that day, I discovered my fetish, and also it was a cool experience since at that time i had a crush on my cousin Zuly,

I hope you enjoyed, sorry for my english, not to good, and please, share your experiences
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Re: Female uvula/throat experiences

Postby AhO4464 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 11:04 am

It’s really sweet how loving and affectionate your older cousin was to you :) You must have been a cute little kid back then yourself ^^
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Re: Female uvula/throat experiences

Postby potatofish1111 » Sat Oct 12, 2019 6:08 am

What a lovely story and what a wonderful idea for a thread ❤
Ages ago there was a site dedicated to uvulas and throat encounters where people use to share their stories.
Got loads myself, lets see.

I was sitting in class years back with two of my BFFs Shelley and Lin.
Shelley was this cute cat eyed chipmunk faced brunette with the cutest slightly bucked front teeth.
She sort of resembled a young Amanda Bynes, but way more shy and mousy.
Lin was this darling little doll faced tiny Asian girl with long black hair and a warm smile.

Not sure how it all happened, God you know I may of just asked them to open wide and say ahhh, but sure enough Lin held her head back eyes opened wide looking up at the ceiling, "Ahhhhhhh" and there I was, looking deeply into her perfectly lit very wide and very open throat.

A white bright rosy pinkish hue. Smooth and wet with wide spacing arches on either side of her almost invisible tiny whitish pink tonsils and high hanging miniature pea sized porcelain uvula like a little glossy wet pink bump. Her throat and tongue were very clean and were perfectly proportionate to the rest of her, like I said she couldn't have been anything over 5ft.
Her throat was not particularly animated, her uvula resembled a little drop of creamy pink toothpaste and would vanish and shrink up if she were to laugh or cough as tiny uvulas are known to do when undulating and convulsing, but the whole thing was perfectly still and beautifully framed, everything was very visible opening right up with her little tongue kept inside and not even having to say ahhh (though she did initially with no change in appearance or visible movement) to see that adorably delicate throat.
With sparkling white immaculately straight teeth and light pink teeny tiny taste buds a very healthy mouth and throat to be sure.

Shelley was A bit more shy, but seeing her friend go for it and us all laughing together,
her eyes looked to the side, slightly embarrassed and facing straight ahead she opened up.


I had to put my hands to her face and positioned her head and mouth to meet my eye line, having to look slightly underneath those two adorable front teeth of hers while also trying to aim her maw so to catch the light of the room.

There it was, glimmering like a rare jewel, Shelley's mesmerizing throat, wine red and wonderfully agape like a well lit stage after the curtain goes up. Her long wet shining 22 long bullet like uvula hanging midway between two gorgeously slimy very large but well proportioned non intrusive round and bulbous perfectly formed healthy deep rose colored tonsils as red as the rest of this gorgeous mouth all inches from my face, sure to be growing redder itself :oops: . All of her mouth and throat were dripping and glistening with strands of saliva with tiny bubbles adorning the sides of her magnificently large tonsillar pillars. Her uvula was textbook beautiful, a slightly larger width than the cable off an Apple charger, it was shaped straight down symmetrically from either side of the pallet rounding off perfectly and dangling just above her small dark cherry tongue that was cradled between the shining pearly whites of her lower jaw.

Like Lin making noise wasn't necessary for her Class 1 throat to open up wide, but I certainly didn't object to her continually saying "ahhhhhhhhhhhh" as it made the translucent saliva that coated and hung to her tonsils and slightly enlarged soft palate glisten and shimmer as her exhaling warm breath and the sound (passing through what I can only imagined to be equally Scarlet larynx tucked behind a shy little dark pink epiglottis) caused the moist soft tissue to almost imperceptibly vibrate, catch the light and sparkle, move, twinkle and shine.
Would love to hear her snore, just imagine how her uvula and throat would dance about.

Healthy incredibly wet throat with beautiful teeth and dark red taste buds when I viewed them, but you just know come winter she would be the kind of girl who would get sick often and those already plump tonsils would become inflamed, expand and glow an angry fiery red. Magnet for throat infections.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahah" The uvula bounced and squelched against her glistening tongue as she laughed and closed her ruby mouth.

Amazing to think that something so "XD random" and even gross to someone is so intensely provocative and beautiful to someone else. Also that something I find so truly beautiful and unique as Shelley's magical throat will most likely never be seen outside the occasional visit to her GP, that rare split second of tonsil when laughing or a glimpse of her long candy colored crimson uvula retracting and expanding during a big yawn, and you just know she would be the type to cover her mouth.
She may have never even thought about her uvula or even know what its called, and maybe she never will.
Kinda sad :(

Guess thats what makes uvulas so very special.

Anyway got plenty stories if you all want to hear them. Just ask ^^;
Everybody on this site should share their experiences both recent and not so recent. :gulp:
Also if you can try to attach pictures of similar throat shapes to those in your stories that would be super awesome :silly:

M ❤
Similar shape to Lin
PF.jpg (31.66 KiB) Viewed 619 times
Similar shape to Lin
PF292 .jpg
Similar shape to Shelley
P209 (4).jpg
Similar shape to Shelley
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Re: Female uvula/throat experiences

Postby algieii » Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:02 am

Cool stories!
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