Homestead Chicken short story

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Homestead Chicken short story

Postby DeliciousFood » Mon Sep 28, 2020 2:16 pm


Please tell me your thoughts.

The image attached is of a man named Alex who is 27, and lives in the countryside. Living in a very rural area, he is very much interested in homesteading but does not yet have much experience with animal care. One day, he wishes to own enough animals to provide all the meat for his diet but, before then, he will need to learn how to slaughter and butcher them. The thought of killing and butchering a pig was quite daunting to him so he thought he should start small by caring for a single chicken.
Therefor, to start his homesteading journey he went and bought a 2-week-old chick and kept it in a pen in his backyard. This was a very small job but the rewards were great as soon Alex could regularly eat the eggs the chicken laid. He always thought they were better than shop-bought and was grateful to the chicken even though it had no choice in the matter. This continued for a couple of years as Alex lovingly cared for the chicken and he ate all the eggs it laid for him.
During this time, Alex had grown his homestead and owned 2 sheep and several other chickens. He had already slaughtered countless birds and a few larger animals for their meat by the time his first chicken turned two years old. This was bad news for this chicken however as her egg production was falling and Alex now had the knowledge and confidence needed to slaughter any of his animals that would be more useful to him as meat. He therefor decided that he would eat her all himself in one large meal to celebrate his first animal completing its entire purpose in serving him.
One mourning, he awoke early to prepare his meal. He got his knife, went to his chicken coop, and slaughtered the chicken that had dutifully given him eggs for her entire life. After this, he gutted and de-feathered the bird before taking it to his kitchen to prepare for the oven. He had decided to have this chicken roasted whole, and in one big meal with a few vegetables.
That day his house was filled with the aroma of roasting chicken which smelled delicious to Alex. By the time it came for Alex to eat, he was ravenous so he quickly put his chicken onto his plate, added vegetables, and covered the whole thing in gravy before sitting down to enjoy his meal.
He began eating quickly, stuffing the meat down his throat, due to his hunger but soon slowed down to savour the flavour of this chicken he had cared for for so long. After about an hour, he had finished. All the meat was digesting in his stomach, and the bones were left bare on his plate. Alex looked at the bones and was satisfied with his meal but still gave a thought to his chicken. He thought about how almost every egg it ever laid ended up in his belly before its life was cut short to have the same destiny.
By the next morning however, Alex had thrown away the bones, and the meat had completed its journey through his digestive tract. When he got out of bed, he could feel its pressure against his anus and he knew he was going to let out a huge shit that had once been his loyal chicken.
The image attacked shows what happened. By this time, Alex had forgotten about his chicken as now it was reduced to his shit. That chicken served him for its entire life before he decided to kill it and use it for its final purpose. Now however, it was just another of Alex’s turds that needed to be shat out and flushed away.
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