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Macro/Micro HV arts thread

PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 4:18 am
by NyaatoShiroi
Hello? I am NM. Sooo.. this is ''upload thread'' about macro/micro (giant/tiny) hard vore, unfortunably, its lacking really much, so i am will begin with my art, where Guildias chews tiny girl and my ex-OC chews and gulps elf girl.

Not matter which gender is pred/prey (GTS/M, GTS/F, GTS/?, GT/F, GT/M, GT/?) and species (however, its preferrably human/humanoid/demi of course, but okay with furries/anthros/ferals as long as its Macro/Micro HV) and size as well (extreme sized tinies are not welcome, sorry), its should be G/T hard vore.

Lets upload these!