WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

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WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

Postby Greg4life » Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:25 pm

This story is about two Lesbian women who brutally rape and murder virgins by any means imaginable. It is meant to explore a world that is the inverse of our own, where Evil is considered good and Vs Versa. In normal literature they would be seen as antagonists, not even antiheroes, but this is meant to explore the deepest depths of humanity and literature breaking any and all known conventions. With that in mind, Love your fellow man and remember that we are all human, male and female, and all deserve respect and dignity. Yes I expect my readers to be aroused by this work and etc, but I also expect my readers to never in their lives ever try to do anything within this work, remember we were all less jaded once, innocent and free, lets keep fantasy and reality seperate and make a better real world. Also religion isn't as bad as Sarah and Liz make it out to be, while Me and my wife are ardently pro science, its important to remember that sometimes there are things in the universe that we can't yet explain lets study the universe and give our religious friends the benefit of the doubt for now.

Now with that out of the way, Enjoy!


But you can’t do this to me! The Latina screamed.

Liz giggled at her lover as Sarah gave the delicious round olive-skinned bubble booty infront of them a hard smack.

Bon Appitit my love. Liz said seductively with a wicked grin.

Sarah smiled and opened her mouth wide. She then slowly lowered her head towards their meal and with a satisfying squishing sound sank her teeth into the supple ass flesh.
Aaagghghh stop please STOP! Screamed their meal as Sarah savored the morsel as the quaking ass flesh jostled around her jaws.

The coppery taste of blood and sweet taste of raw flesh filled sarah’s mouth as she forced her jaws deeper into her food, before ripping out a nice sized mouthful of ass.

Liz’s pussy wept as she found herself more turned on than she had ever been before in her life. The sight of the morsel inside of Sarahs gaping maw combined with their foods delicious screams nearly sent her over the edge right then and there. Sarah leaned in close and Liz locked her lips to Sarahs. Together the lovers passed the flesh between their mouths with their tongues, coating it in their saliva. By all rights under the sun the thing screaming below them had ceased mattering to the universe, and now only mattered to their rumbling stomachs, weeping pussys and soon to be filled colons.

As the two passionately kissed and took turns chewing on the same chunk of ass Sarah’s mind raced through how beautiful this moment was. She imagined the food soon to be snaking its way through her and her lovers bodies, turned into the shit that it deserved to be.

Then, liz broke off her kiss from her lover and swallowed the ass chunk.
Sarah grinned as she saw Liz’s throat bob and gave her lover a quick follow up kiss in response.

Liz then took her own bite, this time out of the foods right cheek, and Sarah did the same again to the left.
Sarah would one day recall this as being the most romantic moment that they two of them ever had, and Liz would agree.

The preys screams alternated between crescendos of high pitched begging for its life and plain almost animalistic howling.

The food tried to dislodge the humans from eating it alive but only succeeded in shaking its ass in an incredibly erotic way, fueling the womens appetite and lust. About five mouthfuls in Sarah noticed that the preys screams wernt as loud as before, and refused to let the food ruin their romantic mood, she needed music dammit, she needed it to scream!

Sarah then dug her nail into the foods clit, turning its screams into pure animal howls that shook the very room.

The beautiful music of screaming, chewing, smacking, the rending of ass flesh and the bouncing buttocks as they were devoured by them filled the room.

Liz then sank her teeth into its anus and tore it out, causing the foods eyes to go wide. She swished It around in her mouth and then pushed it to the front of her lips, to show Sarah. Sarah nearly doubled over laughing as the sight of the severed asshole between her lovers lips, but she was incredibly turned on by the sight.

To think that all of the foods track exercises and home cooked meals were just to satisfy the hunger of Sarah and Liz cannot be understated.
After liz had swallowed the anus, she let out a loud belch which caused Sarah to have a micro orgasm. Not to be outdone, Sarah tore out the biggest chunk of ass flesh yet and swallowed it whole, then followed it up with an ear piercing but cute as all hell burp. Their food started to show signs of weakening, so Liz nodded at her lover and got up from her feast and then positioned her ass directly infront of the foods face. The foods screams turned into wailing tears as it read what Sarah had tattooed to Liz’s ass, “Gateway to Heaven.” With an arrow from the tattoo to Liz’s anus.

“That is where you are going Natalie, not to heaven or hell, just oblivion and my anus. Your going to be nothing but shit. Food for people who actually deserve to live because they use their own bodies instea of living a lie.” Sarah couldn’t help herself and had a massive orgasm. The look on the foods face as it realized that its life was a lie and where it was headed broke it, and Sarah yelled out as she furiously rubbed her own pussy, “That’s right bitch, your going to be our shit, my shit, nothing but SHIT!”

Sarah had another orgasm that shot through her body.

Liz laughed at the preys furiously shaking its head no and added while slapping her own ass, “ Your also going to be extra fat and muscle. Food for women. It’s a shame that you abstained from sex, you will never how how good this feels.”

Liz then rubbed her ass in the foods face while furiously fingering herself.

The food realized, it had wasted its life, and was now about to go to waste itself. That final realization was what welcomed it into oblivion as it died from blood loss.

After it died, the lovers cut out the top of its skull and threw the brain into the toilet, before Sarah shit on it, liz pissed on it and they flushed it down the commode.
As her final act of revenge, Liz then shit the foods digested ass into it’s’ skull before replacing the cut off part. They would leave the rest for their Doberman, they wanted to feast on another ass tomorrow, this time they hoped it would be a catholic virgins.

Sarah shut off the camera recording the meal and added a really classical piece of music to it, another similar version was made this time with hard metal. She wanted to watch this with Liz when they both wanted to make love or furiously fuck. Either way, she was happy that they got the food to shake its ass as much as it did during the feast, it would drive them to orgasm for many years to come.

5 months later….

Just 30 minutes later, the limp body had been placed in the middle of the grassy field. Twilight was almost gonecas the cold pangs of the chilly rocky mountain nighttime air curculated through the mountainside. All around Sarah and Liz, were the scattered skeletal remains of dozens of women. Most of the bones had been chewed on, though there were a few carcasses where maggots were still picking at some of the remaining flesh.

In a nearby pen, three Rottweilers were fighting over a severed tit, each one ended up tearing off a piece, and taking it back to it's little corner.

Liz took a large syringe out of her pocket, then said, "Now, let me inject her with the stimulant, and haul ass before she wakes up." Liz held her breath as she carefully injected the stimulant into the teens thigh. Once she was finished, Sarah and her ran out of the enclosure, locked the gate, and stood up on a rampart overlooking the mini "arena'

"You definantly keep good care of your dogs, just look at those kennels!" Sarah exclaimed in awe.

Liz nodded and replied, "Yep, I believe in giving all animals a fair chance at life, I can't bear the thought of an animal dying or being hurt, I provide them the best dog food that I can." Liz said

"Same here, In thinking of starting an animal rescue mission." Sarah responded.

While the two were conversing, the all-you-can-eat human buffet in the middle of the field's eyes fluttered open, and it's first instinct was to run it's hands over it's naked body. Once it realized it wasn't clothed,and was sitting in the middle of a massive bone yard, it stood up and panicked.

Liz noticed how much its very nice ass swayed every time the teen moved, she hoped that would be devoured while the teen was still alive.

Sarah was busy eying the teens tits, when it noticed both her and Liz.

"Let me out of here!" It pleaded.

"Sorry, food doesn’t get to choose!" Liz shouted back, as she pulled a lever to her right, which unlocked all the dog-cages.

Immediatly, the dogs stopped what they were doing, and made a mad dash
for their supper.

Sarah noticed a cute brown palmeranian outrace all the others, she hoped it would get the first bite. Sure enough, it was the first to nip at the prey's legs, unfortunantly for the poor animals, the bitch didn't want to
be supper.

The teen ran with all of the energy in it's body towards the outer gate. The anxiety caused sweat to pour off of it's body, little beads of sweat dripped off of it's nipples, and streamed down it's lucious ass.

Much to the utter amazement of both Sarah and Liz, the prey made a nearly impossible leap up into the air, and caught ahold of the gate rail bars some twelve feet above the ground.

"What the fuck!?" Liz exclaimed. Soon, the teen used it's agile body to climb over the gate, and fall out the other side into Liz's main backyard.

"Motherfucking bitch!" Liz cursed as she pulled lever two, which released another set of hounds on both sides of the teenager.

Forced with no other alternative, the teen ran toward the backdoor of Liz's house. Finding out to her horror that it was locked, she got on all fours and tried to squeeze through the doggy-door, but got stuck when her round heart shaped ass lodged in the door.

It was beautiful destiny that genetics had been just right to give her ass the perfect size to be feasted upon by the dogs. She had worried about her ass size for years, tried to hide it at church and never exposed it to anyone before in her life, but now it was finally serving its one purpose in all its glory.

It desperatly tried to claw it's way through, but couldn't grab onto anything to pull itself further in. Its D cup tits bounced in a very enticing manner as it struggled to try to fit itself inside. Its ass bobbled each time it tried to push itself in further

By now, Sarah’s doberman Max, raced forward and sunk it's teeth into the teen's delicious thigh, tearing off a chunk of delicious red meat.

Am orgasm inducing ear-piercing shreik echoed through the woods as the other dogs pounced on the teens lower half and began to feast. Liz nearly doubled over as her pussy constantly spasmed at the sound. Sarah bit her lower lip as her eyes focused on the sexy bouncing brown ass, with each bite from the ravenous dogs causing it to bounce more and more.

Liz then ran over to a nearby backpack and took her iphone out of it, after selecting the bluetooth network for her outdoor speakers, she settled on the perfect tune to blast into the backyard as they watched, "I like big butts and I cannot lie" and set it to repeat.

Sarah shouted out at the top of her lungs, using her left hand to cup her mouth to shout and her right to masturbate, “GO Max! EAT HER! EAT HER! EATTT HEERRR!” Liz blushed at how erotic Sarahs command was, and joined her lover in the chant. “EAT HER EAT HER EAT HER!” Their voices filled the night sky and terrified the food.

Finally, the brown Pomeranian ran up to the teen, then tore off a rather large chunk of the prey's ass, causing blood to squirt all over it's coat.

Sarah and Liz watched with joyful tears in their eyes, as it dragged the ass-flesh over Liz’s limping dalmation Fred which had long struggled with arthritis and thus has been relegated to the back of the pack. The little dog sat the meat down on the ground, and the two shared what Sarah could only discribe as a heart-warming romantic dinner.

Back at the doggy door, Sarah’s Doberman sunk it's teeth into the teen's pussy, and tore off a rather nice-sized chunk. It thoroughly enjoyed the taste of human flesh, and enjoyed this treat alot more than
what it had previously had. This vicious assault on the foods genitals caused it to piss itself violently.

HELP ME SOMEBODY! PLLLEAASSSE! The food sobbed and screamed as it felt itself being dragged outside of the doggy door. No PAWEEWSSE! It begged as it struggled to maintain its hold on the inside of the door.

Sarah would later recount hearing its begging as her favorite moment from the night. Liz had set up cameras with monitors in every corner of her house. Its beautiful cascading black locks of hair were coated in sweat from its terrifying ordeal, giving the food a very sexy look, that combined with the music as its ass was devoured, made for an incredibly erotic night.

And then, after two Dobermans latched onto its legs, the wide eyed selfish food was thankfully ripped from the door and into the waiting maws of the very hungry pack. "JESUS HELLLLLLP MEEEEEEEE!"

BINGO! Liz laughed and clapped joyously. Sarah grinned at her lovers goofiness and cupped Liz’s soft but firm ass with her right hand as they continued to watch the feast, snaking her middle finger into Liz's butthole.

A German Shepard set its sights on the preys right tit and tore into the brown half inch wide nipple, causing the flesh to bounce and stretch, finally after a loud ripping sound it freed the morsel from the prey and scarfed it down its majestic maw before burping loudly.

Liz then took Sarah by the hand and they casually walked over to the gory scene.

The preys screams filled the night air and grew in intensity as the two approached.

"Hows your night going?" Liz said casually to the food while cocking her head to the side.

The prey only screamed animalistic howls in responce as one of the dobermans began to tear off its right arm.

Sarah grinned and then positioned her pussy about 4 feet over the preys face and relaxed her body. Within seconds her pussy let out a golden stream that coated the preys entire face, entered its nostrils and filled its screaming maw. As it choked and sputtered, Sarah moved off to the side as Liz squatted over the prey and spread her ass cheeks, carefully sealing her ass over its maw which the prey forced closed. Liz sighed then whistled to Max and pointed at the foods left tit. Max happily barked an affirmative and sank its teeth into it, shredding the flesh.

The trick worked and the preys mouth flew open with a delicious scream that vibrated up through Liz's colon and sent shivers down her spine. Liz quickly took the oppretunity and began to shit. The preys throat bobbed violently as a torrent of shit filled its stomach and lungs. Liz stroked her dogs beautiful coat and whispered encouragement to it as it feasted. Liz's bowels took a full three minutes to finish emptying their contents, and then the food started to violently convulse. Liz stepped off to the side and grabbed Sarahs face, and passionatly kissed her. "I love you baby" Sarah whispered in response as they then turned away to go inside of Liz's house.

The foods beautiful latin face, which had never kissed anyone before in its life, was summarily ripped apart as two Dobermans started gnawing on its cheeks, one managed to rip off its nose and another tore out one of its brown eyes.

Immediately afterward, Max sank its jaws around the skull and with a very appetizing crunch ripped a hole in it, allowing the Pomeranian, which had returned, to access the delicious grey matter inside.

Unfortunately for the two lovers, the dog food died and didn’t scream anymore. The show was almost over and the most fun part for them had passed. As the two walked back toward the house, Sarah saw the Pomeranian and Dalmatian each drag away a half-eaten brain towards it's kennel.

Make me a pair of panties from the bitches hair. Liz pleaded to Sarah with doe shaped eyes.

Sarah smiled and replied, “I promise."


The grilling Platform was something that didn’t cost either of them as much as they thought. It was essentially two wooden tables placed on either side of a charcoal grill, with room for the ladies to stand in the center with their legs slightly parted, while their food roasted on the grill in the center.

Right now it held a brunette Australian woman who was suspended above the grill by only half of an inch, just enough for the womens thrusts to cause it to cook upon contact with the hot grill below.

Their supper was nicely shaped and toned, suntanned, with a soft but firm yet rounded set of ass cheeks, a very beautiful face, round lips, two nice d sized tits, auburn hair, green eyes, and genetically determined via sex appeal due to its ass size and lack of any sexual history in its 24 years of existence to be their lunch for today.

Liz had found her walking the Australian outback looking for kangaroos to photograph. Liz had almost immediately stopped their Jeep when she saw the wonderful creature walking alone in the desert from what looked like a church, and pointed at its ass to sarah. “What we got ‘ere, is a prime cut of ass in its native habitat.” Liz joked as Sarah took in the view of the prey.

Sarahs hand instinctively went to the band around her shorts and plunged beneath, she casually stroked the outer edges of her labia as she whispered to Liz. Find out everything you can, If she checks out, I want her grilled. Shame about how much her shorts block the outline of her meat though.

“I thought you preferred your food raw and alive?” Liz replied. Sarah nodded then said, “Yes but its Australia, I should have a proper Australian Barbecue, but we can still eat it while its kickin.”

Liz smiled and said, “Ive got the perfect idea, if she checks out let’s bring her to my uncles house, hes gone for the summer and Ive got the keys, but first, we need to pick out a proper grill…..”

Five hours later….

Ugghh, Ugggh Ughhhhhh” Liz moaned in unison with each pelvic thrust, as she rode the food. Sarah quietly masturbated off to the side as she watched Liz erotically arch her back and breasts in turn with each thrust. Nothing better in life than fucking, and today, Liz fucked, she fucked HARD. Ohh, Ohh Yes, Oh Yes Grill for me bitch, Oh fuck, Oh fuck, grill you cunt, you virgin piece of shit, Ohhhhh Fuck. Oh God, Fuck. Fuck FUCK FUCK! Liz increased her tempo, each time sending the food smack into the grill below. With each moan Liz made, the food screamed out in agony as its flesh cooked with each impact onto the grill. The orchestra grew and grew.

With each orgasmic primal moan, came a corresponding horrified agonizing complaint from her fuck toy. “Ohh God Yes.” “AAGGGGHHH” Oh Jesus fucking God YES!” “HEEELLLLP MEEE PLEEEEASSEE” “SCREAM, SCREAM FOR ME YOU CUNT! OH GOD YES!” “HEEELP OH GOD STOOOOP” “THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS FUCK, THANK YOU FOR THIS FUCKING MEAT OH YESSS!” “GOD SAVE ME HELEEEP” “OH FUCK FUCK FUCK, SCREAM! SCREAM!, PRAY, BEG, JUST FUCKING SCREEEEAAAAM!” Lizs thrusts were so rapid now that the flesh on the food below only had a second between each thrust that would cause it to sear.

Sarah increased her masturbation technique, she had been using two fingers on the side of her pussy as she watched, now she took her right hand and thrust two fingers in and out of herself while rubbing her pussy lips with her left hand. Occasionally she would reach behind with her left hand and cup her own ass before returning to rubbing her pussy.

“Your my LUNCH YOU FUCKING BITCH OH GOD YES FUCK YES IM SO FUCKING HUNGRY” “AGGGHH. SAAAAVEEE MEEEEEE!” the lunch looked over at Sarah with tears in its eyes but that was the wrong thing to do, her pleas and sexy horrified face turned sarah on so much that Sarah joined in on Liz’sexual frienzied cries.

Sarah’s eyes fixiated on the bbqs bouncing ass, her lovers bouncing tits, and back onto her foods ass. “Oh Baby, Make her your Lunch, RIDE THAT ASS, WHOOOOT! FUCK IT! FUCK THE Barbecue! FUCK THE MEAT! FUCK MY LUNCH!FUCK IT FUCK IT!” Sarah then began to cheer her lover on with a frenzied chant, “FUCK, ROAST FUCK ROAST FUCK ROAST FUCK ROAST, I CAN”T WAIT TO EAT THAT ASS, MAKE IT BOUNCE! BABY PLEASE MAKE HER ASS BOUNCE! Sarahs body started to convulse as she began to orgasm, but by god she made sure to never let her eyes off of her foods bouncing ass.

Liz was in an orgasmic frenzy of her own but she complied with her lovers request, after all, she was only interested in the foods ass as well, and today they would be entertained to their hearts delight .She tried to alternate each thrust to make it bounce in a slightly different way, sometimes going towards the left cheek, other times the right, other times rapid back and fourth tempos, some times giving it a hard smack, as hard as she could physically hit it.

The aussie bitch wasn’t human anymore. It only existed for their pleasure, and for fucks sake, they got it. Every bit of it belonged to them by natural right, and they fucked to their fill with their property.

Liz’s vision started to blur and the ass infront of her began to fade from her view as her brain exploded in bliss. Liz then gave one more extremely hard thrust, then collapsed off to the side of the grill platform.

“Oh Jesus thank you for that ASS!” Liz moaned. “Jesus help me.” The food cried. Liz’s response was to reach over and smack the foods ass hard then say breathlessly, “fairytales ain’t coming for you sister, only my stomach. I’m so glad you have this ass. I’m lucky your parents had good geans.” She sat and gathered her breath together as she kneaded the ass flesh next to her with her left hand and lazily masturbated with her right. The food shook its head in denial about the truth of the universe, causing its nice crispy toasted tits to sway from side to side and kept on sobbing.

Sarah got off of the ground and walked over to the front of the grilling platform, licked the foods face before giving it an impish smile. “Mmm, your tears taste so fucking good, better get used to this tongue, because it will taste every bit of you.” Sarah said huskily before slowly lowering the womans face towards the grill. The woman struggled manically as its beautiful features first hit the hot metal, sending it shrieking into a new crescendo.

Sarah and Liz both laughed as Liz got back behind her toy and slid back onto the double dido, before giving their food another mighty thrust, causing the rest of its body to bounce off of the grill, the food let out a howl that caused both of their pussys to weep. Sarah allowed the face flesh around twenty seconds to cook, then released the pressure on the back of the bbq’s neck, causing it to immediately pop its head back up off of the grill. Sarah licked her lips and gave the now whitish stained features another round of licking, all the while stroking its luscious auburn hair.

In response to the twinge in her own pussy, Liz resumed the strap ons pounding into her foods ass as she massaged the ass flesh and said to Sarah, “Let’s roast it babe.”

Sarah nodded as she once again lowered the womans face to the grill,”WHHHYYYY STOOOOPPP PLEEEEASSSEE” It begged as Sarah held its features down for about two minutes before once again raising the face.

By now the flesh had begun to crack and burn in places in response to the flames, the woman would never win any beauty contests anymore, not that it mattered at all at this point. As it begged for its life, Sarah licked the face again, this time tasting the hint of jucy roasted flesh and savored the taste. Liz pounded the foods ass as rapidly as she could, causing her own tits to wildly bounce back and fourth and the bbq’s ass flesh to ripple erotically in sync with each thrust.

By now their meals tits had started to firm up and brown in response to the grills heat, but it was nothing compared to what was about to be next.

Sarah looked at the thrusting Liz and Liz gave a silent nod, Sarah then went over to the nearby table and grabbed the lighter fluid, before dousing their meals entire luscious hair in the fluid. “Be careful with the flaes baby.” Sarah cautioned Liz. “Good Idea Sarah.” Liz replied as she backed partly off of the dildo, enough to keep the tip connected to her cunt and her foods ass but far enough away so she could enjoy the show without being singed.

Sarah then untied the preys ponytail and lowered the tip into the flames below. A sudden burst of Flame nearly sent Sarah flying backwards and almost caught her hand as the hair went up into a huge roaring fireball. WHAAAAAAAAGHGGGGHGHGHGH The food shrieked gutturally like the animal it was as its entire head was engulfed in flames. Liz had a tremendous immediate orgasm as the food thurst manically backwards and forwards as it tried to put out its own head, but to no avail. Liz’s moans turned into a satisfied deeply sensual yell as she nearly blacked out in orgasmic bliss.

Sarah picked herself off of the ground and waited about twenty seconds for the flames to die down enough for her to climb on the platform over the prey. I’m going to put it out, don’t worry. She said giggling to the charred form below. Sarah then knelt down and began to piss onto the head, dousing the flames and sending the food into a fresh bout of painful hell.

Liz was incredibly turned on by the erotic sight but then said, “Baby clean off the head before we eat it, you know how I don’t like tasting piss.”

“Aww Don’t be such a buzzkill babe.” Sarah said jokingly but in a loving tone. I’ll get some water.

Sarah then washed off the now black and red face, before basting it in a different brand of bbq sauce than they had put on the rest of the body. Sarah then sniffed the food, and hunger winning over patience, decided to go ahead and tear off a piece of meat from the screaming right face cheek with her teeth.

“So much for waiting to eat” Liz sighed as Sarah scarfed down the mouthwatering morsel.

Its already got a smokey salty taste. Sarah commented as she finished. “Wonder where the SALTY flavor came from?” Liz replied in a mock-annoyed tone as Sarah giggled
Liz’s stomach began to rumble as well, as she motioned for sarah to give her a nearby steak knife and fork, she briefly paused thrusting as she grabbed the silverware and then thrust herself further back onto the dildo. Taking in one more lustful gaze of the ass while kneading the flesh, Liz then started to carve into the still raw living backside from the top corner of the left cheek, about three inches down towards the dildo. Careful to not let the knife slip and cut into her. After getting a nice sized chunk out, Liz separated the meat from the rest of the ass and raised it to her mouth.

“Shouldn’t you say something first, she is catholic after all?” Sarah said wickedly. “Hmm, your right, though that didn’t stop you.” Liz pouted before holding up the forked meat and said, “Mary bless this food which we are about to receive, and… fuck it, I’m famished.” With that, Liz tossed the chunk into her mouth and began chewing, purposefully smacking loudly while doing so. (It’s a turn on of Sarah’s to hear Liz smack).

Ahmen.” Sarah replied as she lowered the head back down onto the grill. Every two minutes or so she would rise it back up and bite off another chunk. After about ten minutes Sarah stated into the terrified green eyes of her prey, who at this point was still shrieking, but had long ago stopped vocalizing anything.

“Aww, we browke it.” Sarah said in a childish sorrowful accented way before she snaked her tongue into the right eye socket and wrapped it around. Using her left thumb she managed to pop out the eye and into her waiting maw. The orb rolled around a couple of times before Sarah swallowed it hole, savoring the feeling of it sliding down her own throat and into her waiting stomach acid. Sarah then took out the other eye and tossed it to Liz. Liz caught it like a pro and lifting her head as if to ponder something, got off of her ride and took the dildo out of the ass.

What are you going to—-Ohhhhhhh! Sarah trailed off as Liz took the eyeball and inserted it into the gaping asshole, positioning it to where the eye looked outwards from the anus. Grabbing the camera Sarah quickly made her way behind Liz and snapped a photo. Guess she can’t see shit. Liz joked, sending them both into bouts of laughter.

Sarah then stretched out and took a moment to relax and ponder. “Today is fucking awesome!” She thought, as she glanced at her naked lover, their supper and felt a deep sense of inner peace as her endorphens held her in a natural high. Nothing could top moments like this with the woman of her life.

Liz glanced over at her silent lover and smiled, She knew whenever Sarah was happy she would silently reminisce, and Liz always loved how Sarah’s face looked while doing it. Feeling happier than she had in months, The twos silent moment of shared intimate bliss was interrupted by a loud farting sound. Turning back to their food, they noticed in the nick of time to see the eyeball
shoot out of the asshole onto the grill below followed by about four logs of shit. Realizing that they hadn’t heard a peep out of their food all this time, they shrugged as they realized it had expired before they wanted it too.

“Aw Fuck it girl, I wanted to feed it my shit before it died.” Sarah said disappointingly. Liz then grabbed Sarah’s face and gave her a passionate kiss, before removing her lips and saying, “Baby I got you, nothing will ruin today for us.” That’s why I bagged us some Soul Food earlier today.

Huh? Sarah asked quizzedly. “Look over by the pool” Liz pointed towards a large brown sack that was starting to move on its own slowly back and forth on the ground.

Sounding like a kid in a candy shop, Sarah clapped her hands together and said, “Oh my God, please tell me you got one with a bubble ass, I LOVE IT on black chicks!”

“The bubbiliest baby” Liz smiled.

“Can we PLEASE tie her up, I REALLY have to take a shit, like right now, I think the bbq isn’t agreeing with me.!” Sarah said in an urgent tone. Liz nodded and said, “Of course, help me set her up.”

Leaving the food behind on the grill, Liz quickly helped Sarah tie the struggling bag onto supports that they had drilled into the concrete, and opened the bag revealing a tied up ebony teen with luscious lips, curvy breasts and a very enticing backside that’s cheeks curved beautifully, already naked and ready to play with, even better, Liz had already fastened a ring gag in its mouth, she quickly held the head in place as Sarah rushed over and spread her cheeks, making a seal with the toilets mouth and almost immediately filling it with a torrent of solid shit.

Liz held the head (its eyes wide open in disgust and horror) firmly in place as Sarah’s shit forced its way down the toilets throat, out its nostrils and into its stomach. Liz marveled at how big the toilets throat got as Sarah kept on rapidly shitting into its stomach.

“Great job baby.” Liz congratulated Sarah as Sarah sent two final farts into the toilets maw.

“Thanks, That makes five months to the day of using nothing but virgins as toilets.” “You did make sure she was a virgin right?” Sarah said in a playful accusatory tone. “Yes hun, Virgin and religious like you like. You know I don’t believe in eating anyone either who deserves to live and has actually used their body the way it was meant to be used.” “I know, they aren’t human at that point, but I just had to ask.”

Are you finished yet? Liz asked. “Yes baby.” “Good, then its my turn, I think we’ll have to feed the aussie to jack again, I hate feeding him “Dogfood” when he has perfectly good virgin meat.

As the two girls discussed the preparing of their food below, the food looked into the empty sky above in horror as it listened to every intimate detail, the smell of cooking flesh only a few yards away making her want to vomit. The portable toilet almost gagged right before Sarah grabbed its head and Liz’s soft firm backside filled her view and the domed cheeks wrapped around her face….
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Re: WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

Postby Greg4life » Sat Jun 22, 2019 10:45 am

Part 1 of 2 of the Indian Scene, written according to a viewer request over on dolcettgirls forum, I incorporate and welcome ideas as long as they fit the characters. PM me or post them here (I’m starting to incorporate tunes that I think will help set the mood for certain scenes as well, have them playing in the background as you masturbate if you wish)

Muffled terrified screams (for what is more erotic? :wink: ) filled the kitchen as Liz stood over her latest catch. After 4 months, she had finally bagged some Indian food. Infront of her in the chair sat a nude, voluptuous, 5 foot 8, wide assed, dark olive skinned Indian chick with long curly black hair, strikingly beautiful eyes, a gorgeous face and round kissable lips that just screamed fuck me. Her entire body was covered in Tandoori Seasoning, an Indian spice that would enhance her flavor, but not enough to hide her drop dead gorgeous features.

Liz had an Indian soundtrack on the background, currently playing Indian Tantra Music, Sensual Sitar to be exact. The music, combined with the humid atmosphere, lit red candles and darkend room, set the tone rather well.

No! Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare you FUCKING BITCH! The food loudly whined as Liz turned on the saw and the air filled with the sound of the rotating blade. Liz smirked and said teasingly, “Don’t worry, you don’t be capable of worrying about anything for a good long time, now let’s see about getting rid of that PHD shall we?” The experiment began to wail loudly as Liz’s blade made contact with the left side of its skull. Lizs pussy trembled at its screams as she meticulously sawed into the area near its earlobe and made a clockwise cutting motion.

“FUCK NO! STOP YOU CUNT! STTOOOOOOOOP!” It continued to bitch about its predicament but Liz wasn’t moved in the slightest. As a matter of a fact she began to tease the cunt. “Aw Stop Please Stop Wahhhh Wahh Wahh…” Liz said mocking its screams in a child-like voice. Liz then completed her cut and grabbed the bitches gorgrous black hair, lifting up the skull cap from the rest of the skull and setting it off to the side.

Now the delicious looking brains were exposed, and Liz’s pussy began to dictate her actions. Liz fought tooth and nail to keep from immediately scooping out the brain and ramming it into her weeping pussy, and instead looked at a diagram on her phone. “Lets see here, mathematics center of the brain is located here… but oooh, this side controls sexual urges… Seeing as you’ve never used it once…. Liz gave the experiment a shit eating grin before she cut into the part of the brain that controlled sexual desire and sawed off a good chunk of it.

The experaments mind was still coherent but it felt very odd, she knew a piece of her was gone and it was more difficult to concentrate, but primal fear overrode most of her higher thoughts, and she started to simply scream in terror.

Liz held the chunk of brain up to a nearby lamp and studied it for a few seconds, “Looks under developed. Hmm.” Liz then licked it “Tastes like rubber almost” She told the experiment, before turning around and lewdly spreading her legs for her captive to see, Liz then lowered the brain chunk to her pussy and held it against her labial lips, before closing her eyes, tossing her head back and inserting it into her pussy.

UGGGHHH, ohhhhhhh gooooodddd. Liz moaned appreciatively as she flexed her vaginal muscles to close on the brain. Lizs own brain registered each bit of tactile pleasure and sent her sexual libido into overdrive. Liz cupped her own right tit as she used her other to play with her clit.

Thinking quickly, Liz then grabbed a nearby dildo off of the kitchen counter and inserted it into her own pussy, quickly driving the brain chunk back to her cervix, Liz began to moan once again, louder and louder as she thrust the dildo faster and faster into herself.

“Oh Yes, Oh Fuck Yes, ohhhhhh, Ohhhh OHHHH FUCKING HELL YES!” Lizs cheeks were red with desire and her nipples grew rock hard in response to the pleasure, all things that her captive would never get to experience in her life, nor had ever experienced to this time. Liz then began to put on a show for her captive, purposefully teasing it knowing full well that it could never respond sexually to her actions. Liz cupped her breasts, pinched her nipples, and then pushed the dildo as far into herself as she could before she turned around and splayed her ass wide with both hands.

The experiment whined as it saw the Gateway to Heaven tatoo, but Liz had added a line on her luscious right cheek that said, Reincarnation begins and ends here.”

The experiment had recovered a bit from its terror and instead rage filled its remaining mind, it shouted so loud that Liz felt it in her own diaphragm, “Your INSANE,YOU SICK FUCK!” “LET ME GO! I WONT DIE LIKE THIS! I FUCKING WONT!”

Liz normally never let an insult bother her, but Liz knew that what she was doing wasn’t wrong, and hated to her core anyone stupid enough to say otherwise. Liz then casually spread her cheeks further and with narrowed eyes slowly moved her ass back until her anus was only an inch away from the preys eyes.

In a cold, determined and rage filled voice, Liz then said, “ Listen to me, and Listen well. This is your future, this is your end, and this is all that you are good for. You, your PHD and your high and mighty attitude will end of sliding out of my and my girlfriends anuses, into our toilet, within the next two days. You are a worthless piece of shit, who will become shit, and your entire reason for living is to feed us and become our shit, you serve no other purpose, and society is better off without your kind. Reincarnation is a lie, you are just a delicious ass attached to a worthless body and mind that was fed and taken care of all these years just to feed better women than you ever could be. You are an insult to womenkind. You have a great ass and never once put it or your pussy to use, it by all rights belongs to me now. Anyone who refuses to fuck is a detriment to society and others. Fucking is the single greatest thing in life, and you squandered it. You even hid your only worthwhile body part under thick ugly dresses. Well its’ time that I put it towards its intended use. Now think about that as I remove your PHD.”

The woman began to sob loudly midway though the speech and by now had begin a full on choked wail as Liz moved towards it with the saw. The Experiment said through choked cries, “My Parents didn’t let me, I was told that if I failed that I had a chance in the next life.” Tears fell down its face as it looked at Liz with both horror and grief, Liz simply replied, “You were stupid enough to listen, and that is your fault. You had every chance in the world, fuck even masturbation would have made you redeemable, now shut up and fill my ASS you damn buffet!”

Liz’s own hips and butt swayed erotically in tune with the music as she began to saw into the part of the brain containing all of its mathematical know how and ability. They prey screamed for mercy as it tried to do calculations in its head, somehow preserve its knowledge, but midway though long division it simply forgot what it was thinking about, and let out a low pained moan. Liz smiled and held the piece infront of its face and said, “Got ya PHD right here.” “GIVE IT BACK YOU FUCKING HEARTLESS CUNT!” The stupid prey screamed, completely unaware of how right Liz’s outlook on life was.

“You want it?” Liz replied “YES! GIVE IT BACK!” “Then Come and Get it!” Liz smiled as she popped the brain in her mouth, and loudly chewed, she then got on her knees, and kneeling with her mouth in full view of the buffet, stuck out her tongue and showed it the chewed brain, as the buffet cried while it noted chunks of it were also on Liz’s teeth and trapped between her gums.

Liz then rolled her tongue back and loudly swallowed. “Looks like your just going to have to go in after it!” The prey wailed like a soul condemned to hell as Liz then grabbed the preys brain with both hands and, leaving it inside of the skull, began to eat it raw.

“AAUUUGGHH, STOP OH SHIVA STOP!, WHY ARE YOU, I FUCK ELEVATOR DIRT SEE WIND MIND ORANGE MOMMA RANCH.” Its words grew more incomprehensible as Liz feasted on the brain, Liz then straddled the Indian foods arm between her legs and began to grind her pussy against it as she fed. “This is so fucking delicious” Liz said in a cute voice in between mouthfuls.

Liz’s tits softly swayed from side to side, lightly getting splattered with pink matter as she turned her smacking mouth towards different areas of the brain and ate from her buffet. Her own ass reddened in response to her sexual desire, and anyone viewing it from the right angle would have been extremely aroused to how it softly bounced as Liz loudly fed and frigged herself on the foods right arm. “WATER MILK HYPURBOLIC WALL” The Prey had completely lost its mind. “BUGGGHHHHHH” Liz let out a deep guttural burp as she forced more and more of the brain down her throat and into her waiting stomach below.

Now the majority of the brain had been eaten,, leaving only part of the stem. Liz realized that it was time to get to satisfying her pussys urges, and used the saw to untie her now helpless and limp prey. Liz tossed the body against the wall until it sat upright, and then pushed her soft ass back against its still living but blankly staring face, and proceeded to grind her ass up and down it, pushing back as hard as she could, while with both hands she played with her own pussy.


“Having fun without me?”: Sarah’s unexpected voice was almost completely drowned out by Liz’s primal sexual cries, but Liz only responded breathlessly, “Baby I’m so sorry but I needed to Eat SO DAMN BAD” “Sarah just smiled and replied sensually, “Babe I’m hungry too, let me get out of these damn tight shorts.

Sarah quickly tossed her shorts to the side and ripped off her tank top, letting her tanned breasts fall free and bounce. (She never wore bras or panties, unlike Liz)

Liz smiled, farted once more into the crushed face behind her and then moved away, the head moving about a foot forward before separating from between her ass cheeks due to the pure force applied to it earlier. Sarah licked her lips as she noted the outline of Liz’s ass that had been made on the face from Liz’s grinding. “How did you find assface over there?”

“Found it near an indian temple, got a tip from Gina that one of her co-workers had confided in her that she had never dated or even had sex, or even MASURBATED” “What what, really?” Sarah said blushing, “How in the fuck are you so damn lucky to find us meals like that, especially ones with such great asse…wait… wont GINA KNOW that we were involved if her coworker went missing?” Sarah said worriedly.

Liz laughed and replied, “No babe, Gina hated the bitch, said she was tired of everyone talking about how hot the woman was but the woman never fucked a single person, Gina offered herself several times and none of the people who showed an interest in Mya ever showed an interest in her.”

“Well Gina isn’t exactly a looker babe.” Sarah pointed out matter of factly. Liz then blew away her own sweat soaked golden locks from infront of her face and nodded before replying, “Ginas the one who has been supplying us with the info on some of the sexier catches that we’ve been eating recently, shes a very jealous woman. All I ask of her is for the groceries to have some kind of nice ass and be virgins, as you know in her hometown of Anderson she got quite large number of religious cunts that we can pick from, most of them make fun of her for her weight or try to preach to her saying chasity this or that.”

Sarah crossed her arms as she pondered something then said, "So the Jehovas Witnesses that we ate last week? Those blondes with the fucking jucy asses that were fucking heavenly to consume?, did you get Gina to send them to our front door?”

“Yeah, turns out they did this on their own accord, no friends to speak of and Gina made sure that they came here before they could contact anyone, she managed to get them to confide that they couldn’t call anyone due to having no cell phones.”

“Think we could invite Gina over sometime, maybe she’d like to join?” Sarah asked Liz. Liz shook her head in disgust and replied, “That fat ass? No thank you, you know how much of a turn off that is for both of us, could you honestly say that we’d still feel like fucking after seeing that chick?” “Maybe not but I do respect her even if I don’t find her attractive, she atleast tries to get laid and actually lands a few.” Sarah replied.

“Unlike Mya over there.” Liz said as mya slumped forward and began to convulse on the floor. “Her ass looks so fucking fine.” Sarah commented as she stated at the ass as the seizures caused it to rapidly bounce back and fourth infront of her horny eyes.

“Want to try my latest party trick?” Liz asked quizzedly. “What do you mean?” Sarah replied. “Help me drag her to the bathroom.”
After dragging the convulsing food about eighty feet to the bathroom, Liz flipped on the lightswitch and held its head over the toilet, at an angle so that its mouth dropped open. “Get the camcorder, your going to like this” Liz instructed Sarah.

Once Sarah had returned, Liz was cutting a hole from the exposed skull into the cavity that led to its mouth and nose. Sarah felt a huge shiver rise from her pussy to her tits as her pussy began to weep rivers of fluid. Liz then positioned her urethra about a foot above the exposed skull and soon enough the hissing of piss filled the room.

Sarah began to giggle ;ole a young girl as piss traveled through the half-living head and exited through its mouth and nose into the toilet water below. The sound of it hitting the skull and then the toilet water was something Sarah would never forget. Her right hand holding the camcorder began to tremble as her left pumped three fingers in and out of her own pussy. Occasionally shed point the camera to the twitching ass, before raising it up, giving liz’s ass a good zoom in as well, then towards the pissing face.

Liz’s stomach rumbled audibly, and then Liz cut off her piss stream and turned around, winking at Sarah. “Oh baby I love you so fucking much.” Sarah moaned as Liz smiled warmly at Sarah and she spread her own ass cheeks before forcing out a huge log of shit from her ass, and dropping it into the skull below. Sarah nearly fell to her knees as an orgasm racked her body, what set her off was what came as a result.

The now wildly shaking camcorder filmed the turd snaking its way out of the heads mouth, past its quivering lips and into the toilet below. Liz winked at Sarah once more, forced her ass into the skull, using it as a toilet bowl, and then with a loud PHHFFFFT, Liz’s shit turned into Dihareea, Soon rivers of digested Asian ass from the other day shot out of the living toilets mouth and into the toilet below…..

Five minutes later and they dragged the now headless slab of meat back into the kitchen before slamming it on the counter. Lets get crackin.” Sarah clapped her hands together before grabbing the indian’s d-cupped tits and using a butcher knife to separate them from the body. “Look at me Sarah, I’m the woman from Total Recall!” Liz joked as she held the tit in between her two and smiled seductively at her lover. “Skin color more closely matches mine, but it looks damn good on you babe!” Sarah replied, giving Liz’s ass a playful audible smack as she said so.

Indeed, if it wasn’t for the nipple being a bit bigger than Liz’s, the tit was almost the exact same size. In a nearly begging tone, Liz remarked, “Next time we go grocery shopping, I want to wear a set from the next one like a bra, then us fuck with them infront of the cunt.” “Oh God Yes Baby! Seeing four tits on you might just make me cream right then and there.” “Ill let you eat her alive while we fuck, just let me be on top this time.”

Sarah leaned in and snaked her tongue aross Liz’s lips. Liz then opened her mouth and sucked Sarah’s tongue in, before they both furiously frenched. Liz took Myas tit with her right hand and rubbed it nipple first up and down Sarah’s ass crack as they kissed, Sarah moaned into Liz’s mouth and then cupped Liz’s ass in response and kneaded Liz’s ass flesh. Liz’s breath quickened in response, and she shoved the tit forward towards Sarah’s anus, letting the nipple tip penetrate Sarah’s ass, which greedily sucked it in.

In perfect timing to their moon, the soundtrack coming from the household speakers changed to “belly dancing lounge music: for seductive dance (Go to 8:16 for the full effect) ”. The glow from the candles highlighted the curves of Sarah’s ass and cast shadows upon Liz’s alabaster chest.

Liz fingered sarah with her left hand while shoving the tit in with her right, Sarah ran the tips of her fingers up and down Liz’s ass crack before snaking her middle finger deep into Liz’s ass and pumping it in and out. Liz moaned back through their kiss and ran her tongue along the sides of Sarah’s mouth, forcing Sarah’s cheeks to expand to the left or the right, whichever side Liz’s tongue was on. Sarah did the same back before running her tongue across Liz’s teeth, tasting the bits of Brain still lining Liz’s mouth, and becoming far more turned on as a result.

Liz then threw the tit across the room to Rex, the only dog of hers she allowed inside, and the dalmatian grabbed it out of the air with a loud squish as the canines teeth sank into it, and it proceeded to feast on its unexpected but welcome snack. The hound ripped off the nipple with its teeth and scarfed it down, before ripping off another chunk of the tit meat.

Sarah smacked Liz’s ass before she broke off the kiss with Liz and then walked back to the bathroom. “What are you doing baby?” You'll see honey. Sarah replied. She quickly bounded back with a pristine, completely cleaned off tongue from the head that they had left in the bathroom.

What? OhhhhGGOOHHH FUCK Yes… BABY YES!:” Liz yelled aloud as Sarah forced the tongue rear end first into Liz’s pussy, deep enough so only the tip of it showed from the outside. Sarah then pushed Liz onto the warm carpet in the nearby dining room and moved into a 69 position with her.

Liz readily grabbed both of Sarah’s ass cheeks and ran her tongue up and down the crack, glad that Sarah had kept her backside clean (Both She and Sarah hated the taste of shit) Sarah ran her tongue along the sides of Liz’s pussy, gently nibbiling and sucking on the labia, before she plunged her own tongue into Liz and sucked Myas tongue partly out of Liz, before wrapping her own tongue around both it and an inch into Liz’s pussy, causing Liz extreme pleasure.

Sarah pushed the tongue with her own round and round the walls of Liz’s cunt, occasionally pushing it in deeper or sucking it out with loud pop and smacking sounds. Liz then turned her tongue from Sarah’s ass to Sarahs own pussy, causing Sarah to increase her own licking tempo in response. Sarah then drew about two inches of Myas tongue out from Liz’s pussy and baring her perfect white teeth, bit into the tongue with her molars and began to feast. She didn’t leave Liz unattended though, as Sarah used her right hand to stimulate Liz’s clit and pussy wall as she ate the tongue from inside of Liz, all the while using her left hand to cup Liz’s ass and lift it off of the carpet below, all the while the sounds of love, chewing and swallowing filled the room.

Ohhh God Baby, Fucking Make Love to me, Oh Fuck Baby! Liz moaned as she laid her head back and feasted her eyes upon Sarah’s ass, using the view and Sarah’s administrations to send her into nirvana. Liz’s pink pirky nipples were rock hard and scraped back and fourth aross Sarah’s lower Chest as Sarah continued to feast. Once Sarah had only about three inches of the tongue left in Liz’s pussy, she sucked it out and turned around to face Liz.

Looking down at the beautiful blissful face of the love of her life, Sarah slid the remnants of the tongue slowly out of her own mouth. Liz opened her mouth in response, and Sarah locked lips with her and dropped the leftover tongue into Liz’s mouth. Liz stroked Sarah’s back as she and Sarah passed the tongue in between them multiple times, each chewing on it a bit before passing it to their lover. Finally, Liz looked deeply into Sarah’s beautiful brown eyes and swallowed the delicious remnants of the tongue.

Sarah held Liz’s gaze for almost two minutes, not a word was spoken between them, but none needed to be spoken, for they loved each other more than life itself.
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Re: WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

Postby Greg4life » Sun Sep 01, 2019 1:08 pm

In the deep backwoods of the Australian Outback, Sarah was walking down a fall-leaf cluttered path with a scowl on her face.

"Two fucking days, how hard would it have been for her to wait two fucking days!" Sarah thought.

Ever since Liz had called her at work to come over to her house for some unexplained urgent matter, Sarah had been lamenting how she would miss the planned threesome at her house later this evening.

As she walked the path to Liz's house, she regretted loosing her liscense last month due to "indecent exposure" while driving. Sarah had thought the idea of driving stark naked around the city would be a good way to teach the overly-christian teenage population of Starbuck the right way to enjoy life.

With every step Sarah took, her bra-less top barely kept her D-size tits from bouncing up and down. She enjoyed the feeling of freedom that it gave her.

A nice cool breeze went up her short-shorts and into the crack of her ass, sending a pleasent chill up her spine.

Oblivious to all that was around her, Sarah happened to approach St. Cora's Catholic Church on her right. The church goers were just leaving servies. Some of the people there knew Sarah, others had only heard of her reputaion.

As she passed the grounds, mulling what she would do with the rest of the day once she left Liz's, one little boy named Timmy pointed at Sarah's low cut top and said, "Mommy, what are those?

Shocked by what she saw, his mother responded, "O my god" and covered Timmy's eyes, rushing him into the church. Some of the boys and younger men in the group, secretly eyed Sarah from a distance and wished they could spend one night with her.

Sarah had almost left the grounds, when 24 year old, virgin, snob, Helena Mills waltzed up to Sarah and said, "Excuse me ma'am, but I must ask you to leave the premises.

Bewildered by the audacity of Helena's unnecessary comment, Sarah spat back, "Fuck you bitch, I walk wherever the hell I want." "You don't have the right to flaunt yourself infront of people like that, have you no honor?" Replied Helena

"At least I know what getting eaten out feels like." Sarah replied smugly.

"What?" Asked the confused Helena. "Listen, I save myself for my future man, I can't understand why someone would go with a man before marriage."

Sarah smirked then replied, "Really? Then you should try women instead, I think you are the perfect type."

Deeply insulted by Sarah's comment, Helena replied, "Get away from here you whore!"

Sarah flipped Helena off, and infront of everyone in the Church grounds, took off her top and threw it to the side of the road. She laughed out loud as men, women, and children covered their eyes and ran back inside.

After jiggiling her tits infront of the few remaining onlookers. (and timmy, who had forced his mothers hands away from his eyes), Sarah left the grounds and continued towards Lizs.

After she had walked a few hundred feet, Sarah muttered, "I'll pay all of you back".

Feeling a familiar twitch in her pussy, Sarah mentally violated Helena by picturing herself, and two other guys, raping Helena and using her as a human toilet. "Take that bitch!" Sarah commented in her vision as she dumped a load of shit into Helena's mouth.

Sometime later, Sarah approached the doors of Liz's house, and noticed a large van pull away from the driveway. Etched on the sides of the van were the words, "Ecto's Furniture Shrinkers. We can carry as much of your junk in our trunk as you need!"

Puzzled, Sarah walked up the wooden steps to Liz's house, and heard loud moaning inside.

Right as she walked into the door, she shrieked at what she saw. Bodies, twenty bodies all running around the livingroom floor in terror. What was the most puzzling was, that they were all the size of barbie dolls, some the size of little lego figurines. (One inch tall).

Liz was sitting in the middle of the room, chewing on something red in her mouth, and pumping a dildo into her pussy.

When Sarah walked closer, she saw what looked like long blonde curly hair being sucked into Liz's mouth and swallowed. The sex toy wasrevealed to be a little woman, completely nude, and screaming in terror.

Liz turned when she saw Sarah walk into the room, and picked up a nearby red-headed woman off of the ground. "You wanna try her?" Liz replied as she picked up a black woman off of the floor and bit off it's tiny shrieking head.

Sarah felt excited, enthralled, and… suprisingly light headed. In a matter of seconds, she swooned and fell face forward. fainteing from sheer joy. In the process of doing so, she fell on top of two of the little women, and crushed them to death beneath her tits.

Liz chuckled and said to three of the shrunken women who were hiding behind the atomic dispenser, "I didn't just shrink you all for myself." Burrrrrp!

She then gathered the remaining little toys from around the house, and placed them all into a little box. Walking into the kitchen, she smelled that dinner was almost done. Licking her lips, she opened the 6-foot by 6-foot oven door and basted the female virgin asian with barbecue sauce. When it hit the skin, it simmered nicely.

Liz thought it almost hard to believe that the full-size woman roasting inside was once someone who had made fun of her and Sarah in school for being bisexual. She relished the idea of shitting out the jelly that once used to be the bitches brains, and in turn, essence.

The golden cross that hung around its neck she had decided to keep on the roast, and it had made a nice imprint on the skin that it had melted onto. After rubbing extra sauce over the tits and ass of the roast, Liz closed the oven door and went back into the living room where Sarah was slumped on the ground.

Liz considered various ways to wake her back up, but took the most obvious. She pulled off Sarah's shorts, revealing that she had no panties (as usual) on underneath. After sniffing Sarah's still-wet pussy, Liz thrust her tongue deep into Sarah's hole.

Thoroughly enjoying pleasing her lover, Liz sucked hard on Sarah's clit, and placed two fingers up Sarah's ass. That was enough to get Sarah to wake up.

"Uggh, what in the hell….?" Sarah mumbled as she opened her eyelids and saw Liz lapping at her pussy. Confused for a moment, Sarah briefly wondered how she got here, then she noticed the blood stains on the carpet not far from where she lay.

"Now I remember." She mumbled. "Remember what?" Liz asked, removing her tongue from Sarah's pussy.

"I…, you know what, fuck it, I don't know how you got your hands on that device, but frankly I don't care, suck my pussy now!" Sarah ordered. Liz was happy to oblige. In about two minutes, Sarah wrapped her legs around Liz's head and squeezed her head into her pussy as she had a very good orgasm.

Liz drank the squirt of juice that entered her mouth, then got back onto her feet and offered Sarah a hand. Sarah gratefully took Liz's hand and slapped Liz's naked tight white ass.

"Was everything I thought I saw when I came in here a dream?" Sarah asked as she walked towards the heavenly smelling kitchen.

"Damn right, wait till you see what is in the oven." Liz replied by opening up the oven and showing Sarah the cooking body of Roberta Yates, who had exposed Sarah's sexual habits to the entire college class by photo-copying Sarah's entire Diary last semester.

Sarah had been kicked out of College two weeks ago, and lost her scholarship. No college in the small city would have her, and Sarah would be damned if she
went to a college that took her away from her friends in her home town.

Sarah literally drooled at the sight of baking flesh. The usual pale-white Roberta was now a nice tan-brown with crispy skin. The eyes which had so often looked down on Sarah for not believing in the same things that Roberta did were now globs of jelly.

"May I Baby, you outdid yourself on this one?" Sarah asked, picking up a nearby steak knife and a fork. "Sure, though leave what you dont eat in the oven to finish cooking." Liz replied.

Sarah took the knife and fork, and cut off Roberta's right tit, sliding it onto a glass plate. Before she dug in, Sarah said to Liz, "Listen, how in the fuck did you arrange this?" Liz laughed heartily and replied, "There actually is a secret, see, the economy has caused too many mouths to feed and not enough food to distrubute. With the current redistribution of wealth, some people who don't want to see others with food on their tables have pissed the government off."

'Wait, the government?" Sarah asked shocked. Since when did you get involved with them?"

"Since forever girl!" Liz replied. My father helped create the Atomizer, and both of us were given the under-the-table legal authority to experament with it on whomever we wished just last week."

Sarah's eyes bulged, but a very happy smile formed on her lips.

"Anyway, Liz resumed, Sheriff Peters is in on it as well. The entire town and it's residents are legally my property, even though none of them know it. I can murder, rape, consume and piss on as many of them as I want, without being charged with murder. If there are any witnesses, the Sheriff takes care of them."

"Was that what happened to old Miss Abagail?" Sarah asked. "Yep, she grew too curious, and reported her granddaughter missing. Though I would have liked to tell her how good the six year old tasted, I had her eliminated."

Sarah's stomach growled, and she winced. After giving the tit-roast one last look over, Sarah cut off the nipple and put it into her mouth.

"Omigod!" Sarah mumbled in estacy as she chewed the succulent morsel. "I knew that you'd like it." Liz giggled.

Sarah then tossed the fork and knife aside, (despite the roast still being quite hot) and sank her teeth into the juicy meat. At the same time, she felt her pussy becoming very wet.

Liz noticed Sarah's labia were puffing up, so she smiled and stuck two of her fingers into Sarah's pussy, and pumped them in and out as Sarah ate her meal. "What did she say before she died?" Sarah moaned through a mouth full of food. "Oh gods, save me! gods NOOOOOO!" Liz said, emulating Roberta's last words.

Sarah became very aroused by the picture of the terror on Roberta's face, and orgasmed right there, spraying the startled Liz with her juices again.

"My my, I love my little sadist." Liz laughed as Sarah finished the last bite of her tit-roast. Sarah replied by breaking the kiss, and sucking on Liz's right nipple.

"Floor or Bed?" Liz asked. "On the counter, I want to see the bitch roast as we go down on each other." Sarah replied before leaping up onto the counter, her ass contouring to the cold surface, and prepared to get into a 69 position with Liz.

"Wait a second" Liz replied, before running to another room. When she returned, Liz had a little blond woman, who screamed, "Please, I'll pay anything, just let me go!"

Sarah felt like cheering, as Liz tried to keep the struggling thing in her hands. "This should make her scream!" Liz exclaimed as she shoved the woman head-first into Sarahs pussy, then carefully lowered her own pussy onto the toys lower half. mounted Sarah on the counter.

"Scream and cream!" Sarah laughed as Liz bucked back and fouth on the other half of the living sex toy. Their moaning filled the entire house, all the way down to the bowl where the other shrunken women were cowering in terror.

As she rode her lover, Sarah fixated her eyes on the roast, and imagined it's dying throes as it was put into the oven alive. All the while, Liz fixiated her eyes on Sarah's bouncing olive tits, and massaged them with her hands.

Occasionally, the smaller screams of the victim echoed out of Sarah's pussy, causing them both to get hornier and pick up the pace. About half-way though, there was a snapping sound, and the toy between them became a bloody mess. Still, that didn't stop the two from riding it till they both orgasmed simultaneously.

Sarah then licked the blood and juices from Liz's pussy, then drug out the limp lower half with her teeth and ran her tongue over it's ass. After toying with each cheek with her tongue, She then began to chew the morsel.

Liz did the same, only she played with it's tits for a couple of seconds, before tossing it into the air and swallowing it's upper half whole.

"What do you want to do now sweetie?" Liz asked. "First, show me how to use the atomizer, second, I want to go to church." Sarah said with an evil grin on her face.

"What do you have planned?" Liz replied. "Let's just say someone I know needs to die shoved up my ass." Sarah said, recollecting Helena from the episode earlier in the day. "That is fine by me, but wait until the roast finishes cooking, we'll eat some more of that, then do the rest."

"I love you" Sarah said while rubbing her crotch. "I love you too Sarah" Liz replied. "Not just you, it!" Sarah said, pointing to her clit. The two then laughed in unison, then prepared to enjoy their tasty supper.


After their succulent meal, Liz and Sarah piled into Liz's toyota truck and left around 18:45. As the truck was pulling out of the driveway, Sarah heard Liz's dogs barking in her back yard.

"Do you ever feed those things since the other night?" Sarah asked.

"Of course, as a matter of a fact, some of tonight's catch will be fed to them, whole and normal size tonight." Liz replied.

"Do they ever fuck 'em before the eat 'em?, they didn't with Roberta. " Sarah asked as she listened to the sounds of her churning stomach as the truck sped down the dark road.

"Actually, Rex and Sampson will rape them while they eat them, it can be rather hilarious sometimes." Liz replied.

BELCH, BUUURRRP , Sarah burped while patting her stomach. "I have a feeling that once we get back from the church I will have to take a massive shit once
I get back to your place. Sarah commented on the uneasiness of her stomach.

"Just wait till we get back, I have an Idea." Liz said. "What Idea is that?" Sarah replied. Liz clicked her tongue and said, "Just wait." We'll be at the church within two minutes, so grab the atomizer out of the backseat."

Sarah took out the three by three ft atomizer out of the back, and sat it in her lap. "Be careful you don't press any of those buttons Sarah, or else both of us will be in deep shit if another car comes down this road before I turn us back. "No problemo baby!" Sarah said uneasily as she sat it down in the floorboard infront of her seat.

As the truck pulled up into the catholic parking lot, Sarah saw that it's members were leaving the evening service, and piling into their automobiles.

'Where is she?" Liz asked. "Hold on a sec, I see her exiting the building" Sarah replied as she was about to open the truck door and shrink Helena right then and there.

"Wait Sarah, wait until she is with a smaller group, even the Sheriff can't contain that big of an exposure." Liz cautioned.

Sarah sighed and watched Helena's every movement, within three minutes, Helena had left the main crowd with a group of three other late-teens, early twenties adult women. "Now". Liz replied, as she pulled the truck closer to the group, which was heading into the dimly lit wooded area behind the church building.

Sarah grabbed the Atomizer and left the truck, her heart racing, Hearing noise behind them, the group turned around and gasped at Sarah
and Liz. Helena was the first one to open her mouth.

"Well, if it isn't the two whores of Babylon, what do you two want. I thought I told you to stay away from here with your filth.""Yeah, you need to change your ways!" remarked a 17 year old brunette with a thick juicy ass.

Liz clenched her fists and said, "I don't like people who mess with myself or my friends, especially those who are dumb enough to still be virgins by the time they are 17, much less you Helena, you're twenty one, you should have been laid long ago. What's the matter, you got leprosy or something?"

"Shut your evil mouth!" remarked a 19 year old geeky blond. "It's time to say your prayers bitches!" Sarah said furiously while waving her hand in a goodbye motion. She then depressed a small blue button on the Atomizer, which sent out an electric shockwave that enveloped the four virgins.

After the blinding flash, Helena shrieked, the 17 year old fainted, the geek shouted out, "what's going on!?", and the twenty year old black-haired Spanish immigrant, who had been silent this entire time, yelled, "no toca jo!" Liz briefly looked around to see if anyone from the church had noticed, thankfully, no one had as of yet.

In a matter of ten seconds, four doll-sized women scattered from where they had been standing and back towards the church.

Sarah wasted no time in gathering them all up and placing them into a small wooden box that she had tied to her waist. After sealing up the opening, both she and Liz ran back to the truck, hoping that no one else saw them.

Thankfully, they made it back to the truck unmolested, and Liz drove off back towards her home. It wasn't until they were over half way there that she began to breath normally, and gave Sarah a shit-eating grin.

"You ready for this?" Liz asked. "What exactly are we going to do with them?" Sarah replied. "I'll show you when we get there." Liz responded quizzidly.

Back at the house, Liz opened the box and it's four occupants fell into a deep mixing bowl, from which there was no viable means of escape.

Helena pissed herself when she saw the huge hand of Liz lift her out of the bowl, then begin to non chilantly strip her of her clothing. "Don't do this to me!" Helena begged. "You should have thought of that before you harassed other people."Liz replied."Fuck you shit-eater!" Helena cursed loudly.

Helena's curse actually shocked Liz, she didn't know that Helena was capable of such normal language. Nevertheless, she decided to seal Helena's fate by stealing Helenas idea.

"Sarah, Helena called me a shit-eater, don't you think it is only fair that we punish her for it?" Liz asked with a very blushed face. "Damn right, but first, I need to go shit…" Sarah said, running towards Liz's bathroom. "Wait!" Come here!" Liltih replied. Sarah reluctantly returned and asked, "What, please hurry baby!"

"Hold Helena, let me get my camera, and then I want you to…" Liz leaned close to Sarah and whispered so that Helena couldn't hear, "Shove Helena up your ass, it is time we gave her a little lession in evolution called survival of the fittest."

Sarah's eyes lit up, and she readily nodded. Liz ran into the other room, grabbed her camera, turned it on, removed the cap, then motioned for
Sarah to start. Sarah then casually removed her shorts and tossed them aside. Helena began to freak out. "Wait, what are you doing!?" Helena asked, her voice trembling. Sarah ignored her question.

Sensing something bad was about to happen, Helena began to pray, "Our holy father, which art in heaven, ha–" Sarah then interrupted her by saying, "How about you be the shit eater Helena?" Sarah's pussy was nearly flooding with her juices as the thought about what she was about to do. Helenas eyes went wide as her mind raced with terror as to what her eventual fate might be. Luckily she didn’t have to wait long.

"Welcome to your new home!" Sarah exclaimed as she used her free hand to part her ass-cheeks, exposing her little brown anus.

Helena began to hilariously protest like a soul condemned to hell, "Noooo, in the name of Mary, you can't do this to me!" STOOOOP Sarah slowly moved Helena's head closer and closer to it's target, enjoying the screaming/frantic praying that Helena was blurting out. "Mary, why aren't you here for me, why won't you save me?" the sex toy questioned with all its heart, but nothing responded. Sarah then closed her eyes, savoing the inner peace and calm that she felt, listening only to the pounding of her heart in her ears, and then, suddenly shoved Helena deep into her ass, face first. Her anus stretched and bulged in as the screaming toy was inserted rapidly into the anal cavity.

Liz started snapping pictures as Helena was pushed further and further in, Sarah paused to flip off the camera, then to stick her tongue out.

Inside Sarah's ass, Helena's entire body was covered in shit, from her formerly blond hair, to her perky milky-white tits.

I wonder if god will save her now? Sarah laughed as she slapped her ass for the camera.

Approximatly ten minutes later, Sarah was furiously pumping her fingers in and out of herself, at that moment, Helena, utterly terrified, died trying to scream through a shit-filled mouth, instead of going to some sort of heaven, her consciousness faided into nothingness. Sarah immediately had a sudden, life-changing orgasm once she felt the struggling cease.

The orgasm literally caused her to fall to her knees, and swim in a world of pure pleasure. "Evolution one, god zero." Liz remarked. Sarah laughed and replied, "Can I go shit now? I have a dead shit-eating virgin in my ass that needs to be flushed down into the sewage."

Sarah couldn't imagine a better time to be alive….
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Night Before Christmas

Postby Greg4life » Sun Sep 01, 2019 1:11 pm

((Hey guys and gals, been busy and wanted to post the full chapter today, but got sidetracked and realized that I wanted to rewrite parts of it, not wanting to leave yall hanging, i am posting my older draft from earlier this week as I revise it for posting sometime soon-Greg)))

“Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the night, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, except for inside of a mansion deep in the mountains, there stirred a creature filled with cheer, for tis the season my dear…”

Humming merrily to the tunes that she had put on the speakers, Sarah’s nude body swayed in unison with the music, she had multiple reasons to celebrate, not the least of which was that Liz had left her with three toys to play with, all virgins and even better, all sisters.

How Liz had come by the catch Sarah didn’t need to ask, for Liz had promised her an early gift, one that she claimed was an easy pick. On the other side of the room, watching Sarah make her rounds around the house, sat three tied up toys forced onto their knees by chains protruding from the rooms concrete walls. They were the Illushyn sisters, poor Russian immigrants who had up until earlier that night, been shopping excitedly for Christmas gifts after leaving the Greek orthodox church where they had been attending. It wasn’t until they had passed by a new shop that they had found anything interesting however.

Liz had opened up a charity business, aimed at the religious, and had filled the window with various religious items, from crosses to prayer beads. One of the crosses was overlaid with bronze and caught the eye of Olga Illushyn, whos 18 year old blonde petite frame jumped up and down in glee. “I want it Natasha, please let me buy it!” She locked eyed with her older sister Natasha, who of the three had the only decent ass in the bunch, yet was the most conservative of them all.

Natasha frowned as she pondered the exorbant price of the cross and said to her youngest sister, “We don’t need to spend THAT much on a cross…”

“Oh let her have it!” Halia Illushyn insisted to her eldest sibling. “You know she got nothing last year, if she wants to buy it let her buy it!.” Halia added.

“If you say so, but that will mean that we will have to figure out something else when it comes to our food budge—” Natasha was cut off by the sound of her younger sister forcing her way past her and into the shops door. Natasha sighed as Olga immediately started pointing at the cross while rapidly barking question after question to the young woman inside.

Once all three of the sisters had made their way inside, Liz had discreetly pressed a button that locked the outside door, and at the same time released a toxic gas that only Liz and Sarah were immune too. It didn’t take long for the three women to complain about migraines before quickly slumping into unconsciousness and for Liz to drag them to the back room before slamming them into her truck. Liz almost left immediately, but then had run back inside and flipped the door sign to “closed” before jumping back into her truck and driving off with her prizes.

After finding her latex gloves after almost ten minutes of searching, Sarah made her way back to the trip with a pair of gloves that she had coated in itching powder, before examining each of their hymens.

"Virgin…. Virgin….. Vi…Uh oh…." Sarahs eyes were downcast as she realized that Liz had made a mistake, one of the Illushyns wasn’t a virgin, in particular, Olga Illushyn. Apparently the petite wildchild had a lot more fun in her life than her sisters ever thought possible.

Sarah held in her breath as she pondered what to do. “She’s seen too much, but I can’t just murder an innocent person.” Sarahs long held philosophy that only virgins deserved to die was put to the test, but it was a test that Sarah eventually made up her mind on.

“Can’t torture you, but can’t let you live, I’m so sorry….” Sarahs eyes welled up with tears as she leveled a 12 gauge shotgun right at Olga Illushyns head.

Olgas eyes went wide in terror and her sisters began to violently struggle against their bonds as they could only watch horrified at what was about to happen to their sister. Sarahs hand began to shake as she second guessed her decision, “only virgins deserve to die.” but when she saw the pleading looks in their eyes, it began to make her pussy water, and their horror turned her on in a heartbeat. The virgins own terror had sealed their sisters fate.

A loud bang vibrated through the house as Olgas cute head was vaporized into a red mush that coated the back wall and the sides of her sisters faces in a red and pink layer of goo.

Despite the sexual thrill at seeing the two naked virgins coated in their own sisters insides, Sarahs stomach twanged with deep regret. Sarah had just committed her first murder, and from that day on Sarah swore it would be her last.

“Only virgins from here on, out.” Sarah said aloud to the two horrified and confused sex toys. The two shaken sisters glanced at each other out of the corner of their eyes after Sarah’s statement, wondering what in the hell they had gotten themselves into.

Sarah then dragged the body of their sister outside into the bitter cold and blowing snow, before giving it a quick but respectful burial, the dogs whined with hunger as she drug the meat across the snow covered field, but Sarah shooed them away, only virgins were meat afterall, and olgas sisters selfish refusal to fuck anyone had sealed her fate, olga deserved a proper burial where the dogs wouldn’t eat her .

Three hours later….

Suspended by chains from the air overhead, Halia Illushyn’s nude volumptous body was coated in sweat, the toy was still unconscious from the punch to the head it had received an hour ago, but a sudden crash from the sound of a barrel that had been dropped onto the ground on the other side of the room awoke Sarah’s prey. In the background, merry Christmas tunes filled the air, with jingle bells currently playing.

The only article of clothing that Halia wore was a santa hat that had been sewn onto her head, a string of lit multicolored lights that had been tightly wrapped around its torso, though not obscuring her swaying tits, and two Christmas tree balls, one red one green, each hanging from a hook on each ear. To top it off two petite bells had been tied to a string that had been threaded through Halia’s nipples, sending Halia into a bout of agony that she never thought possible. The smell of spiced cinnamon and nutmeg filled the air and added to the pleasant scene, to top it off, the same cross that Olga had been wanting inside of Liz’s shop was currently thrust deep into Halia’s pussy, adding to the décor.

The preys flesh had started to blister where the lights were held against its skin, and a faint mouth watering aroma began to rise from the wounds.

From the shadows cast on the wall, the toy figured out that it was still late Christmas eve or very early Christmas morning, but realized to its rising horror that it couldn’t move any of its limbs in the slightest. For in fact, while it was suspended up in the air, each of the joints had its movement tendons severed, so while it still got to feel the pain from its suspension, it couldn’t move its limbs in self defense if it tried.

Out of the corner of its eye it saw Sarah take what appeared to be leather out of a machine that had been drying it, before quickly sewing it into something familiar…

About thirty minutes had passed before she saw Sarah put what were now obviously some kind of panties, though she would find out what they were made out of soon enough….

After making her way across the room to admire her handiwork in the mirror, Sarah laughed as she walked over towards Halia then shook her ass erotically in front of the sextoy. Halia cried out in horror as it saw its sisters face, turned into fine leather, staring back at her. The red-dyed face-panties tightly hugged the sexy curvaceous cheeks, with Natashas mouth being where Sarah’s anus was. Around the edges of the panties were white fluffy tufts of fur, befitting the Christmas spirit.

Bet your wondering what else we did with her huh? Sarah giggled as she reveled in the toys horrified gaze. “well…” Sarah’s voice trailed off as she grabbed something from off of the counter. Sarah’s face shone as she showed off what appeared to be a set of tits, not just any tits, the toy knew those tits almost as well as her own. The tits were Natashas. They had been held together by a string and each had straps made from flesh from Natashas’ back. With a silver clip in the back.

Sarah was quite proud of her handiwork, with the right substances and know-how, she had managed to preserve the flesh’s wobbiliness. The bra’s straps were unusually long however, and the sextoy soon found out why. Sarah reached behind the sobbing fucktoy and strapped the bra on, looping the bra through the toys arms. Soon enough, the sextoy had two pairs of tits, one right below the other.

PHWEEMHMMPPPH. The toy attempted to beg for its life, but the gag prevented any such protest. Her muffled horror turned on Sarah even more.

“Not done yet.” Sarah said winking at her toy, as she brought out something else from behind her. The toy shrieked in terror as it saw the disembodied head of Natasha, wearing a different girl’s face, with an expression frozen on its face of pure agony.

In the rear of the head though, several hooks had been drilled into the skull, along with an anus sized hole. With extreme horror, the toy watched Sarah move from out of its vision. Sarah carefully lowered the head to the hooks she had drilled into Halia’s ass, and tightly secured it to each hook using a screwdriver and bolt, sitting Natashas anus directly against the drilled hole.

Sarah finished her handiwork and grabbed an abnormally long double-sided dildo off of a nearby counter, then rubbed ky jelly on one side. On the other, she coated it in a mixture of bleach and hydrochloric acid. Sarah inserted the proper tip into her own pussy, and carefully guided the other acid filled tip through the heads mouth, through the skull, and felt resistance as it pushed against the tightly clinched anus of her toy. The toy shook its ass back in forth to the painful stimulus that the bleach and acid was having on its anus.

Sarah bit her lower lip, grabbed the toys ass cheeks and then pushed as hard as she could forward, causing her toys eyes to pop open wide in response to the pain of its anal cherry being broken and yelled out in agony through the gag as the acid tipped dildo began to eat away at her insides as Sarah began to fuck her property.

To say that Sarah’s own pussy wept at the beautiful sight was an understatement, literal rivers of pussy juice coated Sarah’s side of the dildo and began to puddle on the ground below her as she thrust back and fourth through the head into her toys dissolving ass. The acid made each thrust easier than the last as it ate through the toys colon wall and into the surrounding flesh.

The rolled back eyes of the head stared lifelessly up at the violently thrusting Sarah as Sarah’s pussy slammed repeatedly against its face. Sarah moaned as the heads nose rubbed against her clit with each thrust. It was the best Christmas morning that Sarah ever had.

Sarah then started moaning in pleasured relief as she satisfied her primal urge. “Uhhh… Uhhh Uhhhhh, Oh fuck, Ugghhh.. Oh fuck yeah… Sarah was so turned on that while rubbing the left ass cheek of her toy with her left hand, she massaged her own ass cheek with her right, leaning forward onto the head as she bucked her smooth hips back and fourth. Loud slapping sounds and agonized muffeled shrieks filled the room in a beautiful symphony of music, adding to the now playing Nutcracker tune.

Natashas head was coated in Sarah’s juices and made the perfect addition to her fucktoy. Sarah alternated her tempo to where when she thrust forward her own ass would clench as she would hold the nose against her clit before gyrating in a clockwise motion then repeating the motion, “Ohhh that hit the spot, OHHHHHH Oh YEAH FUCK YES, FUCK YESS!!!”

“GOOOOMMMMMPPPPPPPHH HEELLLLMMMPH MEEEEPPPHH” came the toys muffled response. Sarah laughed merrily in response and thanked the universe for the perfect day that she was having. With each thrust the toys set of four tits would wobble back and fouth, with the upper set loudly slapping sexily against the lower set.

It was time to kick things up a notch however. Sarah carefully slid off of the dildo, leaving the end flopping outside of the mouth and made her way over towards two barrels of acid that she had set up nearby. After uncorking both barrels, Sarah stepped back and carefully slid each of them towards her toy. One of them she placed near the toys head, the other was in the center near its stomach.

Sarah whistled to the merry tune of silent night as she grabbed the restraints holding the toys right arm and disconnected it, causing the toys arm to swing dangerously close to the acid below.

((This section of the story is under construction, needs to be more violent to fit the theme, but running into writers block/rewriting it right now, next segment skips ahead a bit.))

Next morning….

An exhausted but happy Liz handed the present to Sarah, excited at how much she knew Sarah would like her gift. Sarah carefully held the silver and gold foil wrapped gift for a few moments before commenting, “Baby its beautiful!, thank you so much!” Liz responded by hugging Sarah and stating, “I spent most of last night after I got home preparing it for you, I hope that you like it babe!.”

Sarah then carefully unwrapped the package, gingerly setting aside a beautiful red ribbon that adorned the package, then promptly removed the wrapping, setting it to the side. After using a box cutter to open the sides of the package, Sarah gasped in excitement as she saw what laid inside .

Staring at Sarah was the perfectly preserved ass of Natasha, each cheek squeaky clean and just as pliable and appealing as if it were still attached to its previous owner, where the legs would join to it were silver disks attached to golden dildos. Where the waist would have joined the pelvis was instead another silver plate attached to mounting hooks.

“I LOVE YOU BABY!” Sarah exclaimed with glee as she took the ass out of the package and turned it over in her hands, squeezing the cheeks hard, Sarah gazed right at where the pussy would have been, and instead saw another dildo sticking out of the vagina.
Liz blushed and replied, “It was a lot harder than you think to keep it all from rotting away but if I’m right it should stay in mint condition even with regular use for atleast a thousand years.”.

“I’m going to play with it tonight once your gone, can I hang it over the fireplace until then?” Sarah asked. “Of course!” Liz replied as she pointed to an empty spot over the mantelpiece. Sarah gingerly hooked the ass onto the mantelpiece and stepped back. “I’ve got the best girlfriend in the entire world.” Sarah thought.
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Re: WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

Postby Greg4life » Thu Sep 05, 2019 7:19 pm

Rewritten and updated after a ran request.

After nine straight hours of driving, Liz's tight ass was beginning to get sore. Both of the women had stopped at rest areas three times already, and Sarah had driven for three hours. The woman underneath Liz's ass had
been eaten and digested some time ago by Sarah at the last rest area.

It wasn't too long until the a sign advertising West Virginia appeared to the right of the road, signaling that the women had reached their goal for the day.

"Find a good place to stop Liz, my stomach hurts." Sarah said wincing as her stomach rumbled uncomfortably. Despite her best efforts as keeping her ass cheeks clenched together, Sarah rolled down the window and farted

"Eww Sarah, did you just shit yourself?" Liz asked as she noticed a signfor a rest area with a Ramada Inn.

"Didn't feel like it, though I think I may have had food poisoning." Sarah half giggled as she remembered that one of the snacks she had eaten had a violent cough before she had dismembered it alive and eaten it.

"Eh, that happens occasionally. The only time i ever consumed a non-virgin I ended up getting a meth addiction." Liz admitted.

"Why in the hell did you eat someone who didn't deserve to die?" Sarah asked horrified.

"Why did you use the twelve gauge on the non virgins little sister of the two Russian chicks?" Liz countered.
Sarah's face went white as she replied," you know? How did you find out??"

"I have cameras in every room remember, plus I'm ok with it, the blame falls on me for picking out a non virgin, the fault isn't yours, it's mine babe".

Sarah felt a little less guilty but Liz noticed her lovers hesitation and added, "When I ate the non virgin I swore she was a virgin before I ate her, she even went to some ultra religious congregation." I felt horrible once I learned the woman was innocent, She didn't waste her life." Liz said with her words laced with

"Don't worry Liz, everyone makes mistakes, that is what separates us from those no-good scripture-thumping virgins." Sarah said while trying to comfort her lovers, forgetting her own guilt in the process.

Liz simply nodded then asked, "what time is it Sarah?" As her eyes gazed along
the side of the road.

"About ten o'clock, I think most of these hotels will still be open for another hour.

"That isn't what I meant, since today is a sunday, I think we can catch our supper for tomorrow from one of the local churches.

"I don't even see any around here." Sarah said as her eyes darted back and fourth across the exit as the vehicle left the exit ramp and entered the Ramadan Inn parking lot.

"I'll go get the keys to our room, you stay out in the truck." Liz ordered as she exited the vehicle.

"Yeah, leave me in the truck after I've been sitting in it for hours... Sarah griped as she turned on the raido to find a good local rap station.

Inside the hotel lobby, Liz went up to the receptionist desk and approached an Inidian-woman in her mid-thirties.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The woman said in a thick Indian accent.

"I'd like a room for two please, smoking."

"That will be eighty-dollars and fifty cents." replied the woman.

"Eighty dollars, for two people?" Liz exclaimed.

"Cheapest price in town." the woman replied.

Liz was about to walk away when she threw her hands up in the air and thought to herself, "I can't drive a single mile more, and Sarah is too tired to drive properly."

Upon walking back to the receptionist desk, Liz asked the lady a question burning in the back of her mind.

"Prdon my odd question but are their any local churches or temples here, I'm interested in studying world religion." Liz lied.

"Certinantly, a bhuddist monistary is three miles down Rockvis road, and a B'hai center is two miles down Gree rd."

"They don't push anything on you, do they?" Liz asked.

"Just that you dress modistly, come in with a smile, and keep all sexual contact for marriage." Said the woman, seemingly wanting Liz to attend the monistary while at the same time chiding Liz for her low cut top.

"Thanks, I'm sorry that It is soo late though, do they have services later in the week?" Liz asked.

"Why there is a service going on now at the Ba'hai place, you can't miss

"Thanks." Liz asked as she recieved the keys to the room and went back out to the truck.

As Liz approached the truck, she noticed that Sarah was panting heavily, and the part of her arms that were visible seemed to be moving rapidly.

After Liz climbed back in, she saw Sarah thrusting a hapless 19 year old sex toy in and out of her pussy, while rubbing her clit simultaniously.

"You just couldn't wait, could you?" Liz asked as she dipped her middle fingerr into Sarah's pussy, rubbed it around inside, before taking it out and licking it.

"Sorry, I just didn't know if I'd feel like it once my ass hit the sack tonight." Sarah apologised through rapid breathing.

The sucking noise that the toy made as it was thrust in and out of sarah filled the vehicles interor, making Liz extreamly horny.l, nevertheless, she was determined to do one more thing tonight.

"After I check out the room, I'm taking you to a congregation."

Sarah stopped thrusting the violently-objecting toy for a moment and asked Liz, "Will our dinner be easy to catch?"

"Oh yes, trust me on that." Liz affirmed as she drove towards their room.

Inside the hotel office, Mya Dessa, the woman who had helped Liz earlier, closed her office door and locked it. Once she sat down in a posh leather chair at a desk overlooking ten seperate security monitors, she activated the spycam from outside the Hotel and the feed in Liz and Sarah's room.

Perfectly hidden inside the rooms' fire alarms (which she made sure to remove every month before inspection), Mya was able to spy on all of the guests who stayed at her hotel. Even her husband Aji wasn't aware of what
his wife did, or of the cameras.

Mya parted the thick robes that covered the entrance to her womanhood and played with her clit in anticipation.

In the top right, a married man was shown fucking his wife doggy-style on their bed, completly unaware of Mya's spying.

Soon, Liz and Sarah would be spyed by Mya, and give her a show unlike anything the voyeur had seen before, nor would soon forget.

After checking out their room and finding it satisfactory, the two women left the Hotel and arrived outside the Ba'Hai center.

Sarah was the first to spot a Ba'Hai female of 25 years walking into the buidling, dressed in her ordinate and bukly clothing, the woman moved with the grace of one untouched by man or sorrow. Something Liz immediatly decided to take from her.

Though, the two hoped to catch atleast one more before they went back to the hotel.

Without a seconds delay, Liz jumped out of the truck and fired the atomizer at the woman, shrinking her to one inch tall. Taking the woma completly off guard, Liz placed the toy into her pocket, and then entered the buidling, hiding the bulky atomizer inside Liz's virgin skin leather jacket.

Inside, the warm and exotic smells of incense filled the women's nostrils, and nearly caused Sarah to forget why she was there at the center.

All around the two, were dozens of Ba'Hai, young and old, men and women.Liz saw a nearby women's bathroom, and motioned for Sarah to descreetlyy keep watch outside of the bathroom door.

As Liz entered, she saw two women enter the restroom stalls, only one of them was good enough for Liz to count as prey.

An Indian woman, barely 18 years of age, with a nice round ass, jet black hair and who had a volumptous figure hidden underneath her garments, entered the stall to use the restroom.

Liz's heart skipped a beat when the first ba'hai women left the stall, causing Liz to turn her head away for a moment. Once the woman had left. Liz sneaked into the adjacent stall, and fired the atomizer at the legs next to the toilet beside her.

Instantly the prey screamed, but thankfully the scream became less noisier the more the prey shrunk. Soon enough, Liz kicked open the stall door, and saw the prey clinging for dear life on a floating piece of it's own shit inside the toilet.

Reaching in, Liz threw it into the same place the other prey had been laid, before leaving the stall and stopping to wash her own hands.

As soon as Liz had left the stall, Sarah approached her and said, "Did you do it?"

"Caught her with her pants down." Liz giggled as the two left for the vehicle.

Once inside, they returned to the hotel, and Mya's gazing eye.

Sarah was the first to re-enter the room, and threw herself upon the bed that she claimed as her own, which was naturally the one closest to the ac.

"You know, for a hispanic, you like the cold alot." Liz remarked as she removed her rather smelly shoes.

"Shove that sterieotypical bullshit up your ass." Sarah said half-jokingly as she removed her shirt. revealing her stiff nipples, and sat upright in bed.

Overhead, Mya's spycam recorded everything that was going on. Already, Mya was using her vibrator, which she had hidden underneath the carpet so that her usband wouldn't find out, to stimulate herself.

A secret lesbian, Mya's eyes were fixiated on Sarah's olive tits.

Mya nearly dropped the dildo to the floor when she saw what Liz removed from her pockets. Thinking she was seeing things, Mya leaned closer to the monitor, and wished that she could hear what they were saying to each other.

In the palm of Liz's hand, Mya swore she saw what appeared to be two little humans, at this range Liz couldn't tell if they were male or female, but she soon found out.

Liz injected both prey with a needle that temporarily numbed their entire bodies, and then used the atomizer to restore both women to full size Mya put her hand over her mouth when she saw that the 18 year old was none other than her own daughter.

Strangely enough however, Mya's other hand subconciously drifted back to her pussy, and rubbed her clit.

Liz and Sarah tied up both of the women and stripped the two completely bare, revealing skin underneath that hadn't seen the sun since the day the women were born.

Mya tried to advert her gaze, and leave to assist her daughter, but instead found herself inexplicably mentally glued to the chair. Secretly, Mya hated her daughter, she had converted from Bhuddism to Ba'Hai some years ago, and the two hadn't spoken since.In addition, her daughter and best friend had refused sexual relations with anyone, citing sex as being a useless use of her own time, and had spurned any potential suitors as well.

Mya's finger darted into her own pussy as she watched Liz completly strip and begin to rape the 25 year old by ramming her pussy onto the pretty terrified face.

Mya then noticed Sarah put a pair of panties into her daughters mouth then use the atomizer to re-shrink her daughter to the size of a barbie doll.What happened next caused Mya to thrust her entire hand into herself. Sarah thrust her daughter into her pussy and used her as a fuck toy. By now, it was obvious the prey's feeling had returned to it's body, and it was horrified at its new usage as a sex toy.

"Fuck her, rape the bitch, scream you little fuck!" Mya moaned as she encouraged the two of them to torture her own daughter, not that any of them could hear her.

Soon it became apparent that the women wern't just interested in sexual pleasure. By stuffing the preys mouth, they had effectivly muffled he prey's sexy hysterical screams and pleas for its life, and taken what looked like a car battery charger and clipped one end to one of the fully-grown prey's tits, while covering the said tit in diesel petrol at the other end, Liz attached to a wire she had exposed by removing the electrical sockets casing.

Mya laughed as the prey's entire body shook as the painful electricity courses through it's body, the electrical arcs that shot out from it's nipples ignited the diesel, causing the prey's tit to catch fire. Thankfully Liz had the forsight to drag her prey to the tiled bathroom in order to avoid setting the hotel on fire.

Liz then took a nearby skewer and a bag of marshmellows. After flipping the prey off, Liz roasted marshmellows over the flaming tit until the treats were golden brown.

As the fire began to spread, Mya saw Sarah remove the one end of the charger from the wall, then squat over the prey's torso and piss on the flames, causing it to die out. The piss seeped into the now burnt raw flesh, causing the prey even more pain.

As Mya's eyes observed what Liz did after Sarah moved away from the pissy meat, she said, "Oh my gods..."

Liz used a rather rusted looking knife and cut off the charred tit, then took a bite out of the meat, chewed it for a few seconds, then swallowed it until she had eaten the entire piece of meat. Mya licked her lips as she imagined the sweet, if salty, taste of human meat.

Back in the main bedroom, Sarah was shoving Mya's daughter in and out of her ass, to which Mya nearly doubled over laughing.

Spitting out the panties from it's mouth, the prey screamed in terror as if it werere a child again, "Mommy, HELLLP ME Oh god NOOOOOO!" As Sarah bit off its legs While Mya couldn't hear anything, she was imagining those same words in her mind, and it was making her horny enough to fall out of her chair, and simply sit on the floor in a daze of estacy, while not letting her gaze leave the monitor.

Sarah then consumed the rest of what used to be Mya's daughter piece by piece, the breasts, the ass meat, then the torso, and head. Once she had finished, Sarah grabbed a nearby powersaw that Liz had in a wooden box,
then walked towards the bathroom.

Inside, Sarah used the powersaw to cut off the very top of the skull, revealing it's brain underneath. As soon as this was done, their prey began to babble incoherantly through it's gag, which Liz promptly emoved.

You really had to go didn't you?" Liz asked as Sarah leaned her ass over the exposed brain.

"Just watch." Sarah replied as she began to shit onto the prey's brain. A sickening pop was heard as the first piece of shit landed on the brain, sinking in just a little bit.

Once Sarah was finished, she wiped off her ass on the prey's hair, then replaced the top portion of the skull and glued it back on."Take that shithead!" Sarah laughed.

"Haha,haha,haha!" Liz gasped for air as she laughed hard.

The two lovers then started dismembering the body, which soon caused the death of the prey in question. They sawed the prey into various little pices, which they then began to eat piece by piece. Sarah ate the heart,
while Liz ate the tongue and right ass cheek.

The rest the two put into bags to freeze out in the freezer in Liz's Jeep.

Once they had cleaned up the mess, the two women put their beds together and slept nude thoughout the night, their stomachs, overly full from the sheer amount of food that they ate, were grotesquely large.

"Remind me to go on an indian diet for the next couple of weeks." Sarah said as she wiggled a finger up Lilth's ass.

"Not tonight babe." Liz said as she removed the finger. I want to get some sleep, tomorrow, I promice." Liz then dozed off.

Sarah stayed awake for a few more minuites, then turned on th air conditioner to where it cooled the room as much as possible, then fell asleep due to the large meal that she was digesting.

Back in the hotel office, Mya had her ass up in the air as she furiousky finger fucked herself facing down on the floor. After reaching an earth shattering orgasm, Mya's body fell limp onto the floor. Almost an hour later, Mya cleaned herself up, turned off the monitors, then returned to her husbands bedroom.

"What took you so long Mya?" Aji asked.

"Nothing, just let me sleep." Mya protested.

"We havent' made love in a long time." he objected.

"Tomorrow, tomorrow." Mya said as her eye-lids began to droop.

"That is what you always say." Aji sighed. "We still havent' talked about what to do with your daughter."

"She's been taken care of, we don't have to worry about her anymore." Mya said in a blissfully tone.

"What do you mean?" Aji asked.

"Let's just say she won't be reborn into a very pretty state, or smell that good for that matter." Mya chuckled as she finally fell asleep.

Puzzled, but resigning himself to having to listen to his wife's cryptic responces for the rest of his life, Aji fell asleep, without having made love, as he had for the past five years that the two had been married.
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Re: WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

Postby Greg4life » Sun Sep 08, 2019 10:31 pm

Written in responce to poll results.

Hannah o'daughertys' face was beaming, her new best friend Sarah had invited her to join her on a road trip across Ireland, she had been promised both the time of her life and girl time. Hannah’s overly opressive parents had forbade her from so much as leaving their little village, but on her 18th birthday she planned to sneak out of her house, run down the road until she reached the little Creek nearby, and hop in Sarahs RV.

At 5ft 1,The petit virgin redhead was used to being bullied growing up due to her small size and stature, while she was cute as hell, her height, high voice, and demeanor made many think that she was alot younger than she was. Quite frequently older guys that she had wanted to date had turned her away thinking she was 14.

Hannah wasn’t that bad looking though, while she had no breasts to speak of and her ass was only two very tight and small muscles that she’s regularly got made fun of for having, Hannah was happy in that regard, she had no interest in sex at all outside of marriage, for her, Hannah never understood the appeal.

Hannahs eyes gazed at the clock on her wall anxiously, as soon as the clock was an hour away from midnight, she would leave her abusive home. She didn’t care about finding a job or where she would sleep, Sarah had promised to help her. “You’ll never have to worry about hunger ever again.” Sarah had promised her last time the two went out for a walk.

Hannah quickly packed her belongings, every dress she wore was big and stuffy, but it was all that her modest needs required. Long flowery dresses and traditional Irish attire fit neatly into her little suitcase.

About an hour after she last heard her mother’s footsteps retreat down the hall outside of her bedroom and the closing of her parents bedroom door, Hannah carefully opened her door to see if anyone was still awake. Sure enough, the loud sound of her parents snoring echoed down the hall, and Hannah's heart lept for joy as she made her way down the hall and towards the front door with her suitcase.

Her heart raced as she opened the front door and carefully closed it behind her. Once Hannah was outside, she locked the door and then tossed her key into the nearby bushes, she would never need it again. Quickly jogging down the rural overgrown path that led from her house towards the Danaher river, Hannahs long red locks billowed in the cool nighttime breeze as she ran towards the only future she believed in, the only future that mattered, someone who cared about her!

Soon enough, her doubts were washed away as she saw the idilng Winnebago sitting alongside the creek, with the sweet sight of Sarah humming merrily as she fished from the river.

“Your early!” came Sarah's surprised comment as she turned towards the loud running footsteps headed her way. “I’m so sorry, but I couldn't stand another minute in that house!” Hannah replied matter of factly as she set her luggage against the side of the RV and went to hug her “best friend”.

Sarah casually put her arms around Hannah in a hug, then kissed Hannah on the head. “No worries poppet, come inside with me and I'll get you something to eat.”

Hannah excitedly nodded and made her way indoors, as she entered the RV, she noticed an odd sweet smell masked underneath the perfume that Sarah wore, but decided to not say anything. Hannahs eyes went wide as she gazed at the luxurious interior of the Winnie, before noticing two steaming hot bowls of food on a nearby counter.

“Thank you so much Sarah!”Hannah exclaimed as she grabbed a bowl along with a nearby spoon without asking and sat down at an adjacent table to start eating the first real food that she had eaten in days, but just as she was about to put the spoon in her mouth, Sarah looked her in the eye and said, “That’s not for you.”

Hannah began to apologize but right before she could finish her first word, she felt a very sharp pain in her neck before feeling a moment of nausea followed by her collapsing unconscious onto the table, just missing the bowl.

A shadow then loomed over her unconscious form as Liz walked from the side closet where she had been hiding and smiled knowingly at Sarah. “You win, she came early, but I still call dibs.”

“Nuh uh.” Sarah replied, “She isn't officially an adult for another eighteen minutes, you gotta wait.”

Liz clicked her tongue in reply and said, “Oh fine, but let’s get moving before someone notices that she’s missing.”
Sarah nodded then made her way back up to the cab. Within minutes the RV was long gone, the only evidence that it had ever been parked at the river was the lone suitcase, covered in dust from the RVs spinning tires….

About twenty miles down the road, Liz glanced at the clock and motioned to a nearby trail to Sarah. Sarah nodded then pulled the RV off into a secluded trail, about two miles off of the main roadway.

Liz grabbed a bottle of champagne from an overhead cabinet and poured a full glass for each of them. Sarah blushed at her lovers Romanticism and tapped her class against Liz's in unison once the digital clock read midnight before unceremoniously chugging the entire glass. Liz followed suit and the two of them turned their attention onto their unconscious Irish sextoy.

Liz tossed her golden curls as she turned towards her nearby iphone then cleared her voice and said, “Siri, play Baby got Back in Instrumental” as the familiar tune filled the RV, Liz wrapped her arms around Sarah, cupping Sarah's ass through her jeans, she planted a quick kiss on her lovers lips before tracing her finger over Sarah's lips then saying huskily, “ Shall we begin?”
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Re: WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

Postby Greg4life » Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:25 am

It didn’t take long for the two women to secure their prize, a quick addition of duck tape over the girls mouth, and quick precision cuts to the girls nerve endings that controlled movement to it’s arms and legs, and their work was complete. Sarahs pussy was absolutely running with juice already, and after jabbing a second needle in the girls neck, this one with a powerful stimulant, the toy awoke dazed and confused.

Sarah and Liz each grabbed a leg and dragged their toy down the hall towards the RV’s bedroom, before tossing the light piece of meat onto their bed. Liz propped up its head using a pillow and had the toy lying stomach down but facing towards the edge of the bed.

“Hi there poppet!” Sarah said grinning as she approached. The betrayed toys eyes were a mixture of rage and fear, but it was nothing compared to the primal fear it felt as Sarah swayed her hips at it’s eye level and started to pull her own pants down. The sound of Sarah's zipper followed by the sticky sound of her panties peeling away from her drenched pussy was accompanied by the sweet aroma that the toy had smelled earlier which grew in intensity as Sarah’s bare sopping wet pussy was revealed in all its Glory.

Liz watched from the corner of the room as Sarah grabbed the back of the toys head and started to grind her pussy against its tear streaked face. “HELLMMPMEE”It whined to Liz through its gag as Sarah rutted against her property.

Sarah's mind was filled with extacy as she whimpered at how electrifying the feel of the cute face was against her sex deprived clit. “I waited too long for this bitch” Sarah moaned both to her prey and Liz as she increased her pelvic thrusts against the soft face flesh.

“I didn't think you could wait sweetie, I'm glad to see that she was worth the wait for you.” Liz remarked as she plunged her hand down the waistband of her short-shorts and started toying with her own clit.

Sarah then used both hands to force the head as tight against her pussy as she could, and rubbed her pussy against it in a clockwise motion. “Fucking cunt fell for it book line and sinker, thought I was the friend she could never have.” Sarah said, grunting between each word as she breathed heavily.

Liz's pussy sent shivers up her body as Liz watched the terrified girls eyes stream tears almost as fast as Sarah’s pussy was leaking juice. “Oh yeah baby, I’m so fucking proud of you.” Liz moaned as she unbuttoned her own pants and kicked them off to the other side of the room.

The room filled with the scent of sex and fear.

Liz then reached behind Sarah and removed her lovers shirt, before gently kissing down from Sarah’s hairline to Sarah's bra strap. Liz used her teeth to toy with the human-based leather bra's strap, expertly freeing Sarah’s tits to sway free from their constraints.

As Sarah continued to ride the Irish toys face, Liz resumed kissing down Sarah's spine until she reached the top of Sarah's twitching ass. Liz then blew cold air down Sarah's crack until her lips touched Sarah's pussy. “Oh yes, Liz fucking yessss.” Sarah moaned as Liz grabbed Sarah's legs and dove her mouth into the dripping cunt, eating Sarah out while Sarah bucked her hips back and fourth, grinding her clit against her preys shut mouth and chin while Liz rapidly ate her out, darting her soft tongue back and fourth and deep inside her lover.

Liz's own shirt was soaked in Sarah’s juices, so much so that it stuck tightly to her skin, the thin fabric outlined her erect nipples perfectly while the singing springs of the mattress groaned responsively to Sarah’s thrusts.

After a few minutes of bliss, Sarah patted Liz on the head, causing Liz to cease pleasuring her lover and get back into her feet. As Liz rose her stomach rumbled loudly. “Sorry baby I'm just so hungry.” Liz giggled.

“This little snack will change that” Sarah laughed as she separated her pussy from the toys head, trails of pussy juice stringed between the face and Sarah’s pussy.

“Help me prepare supper baby.” Sarah said as she moved to remove the dress from the meat. Liz happily skipped along to the other side of the meat as both of them pulled on each side of the dress until it slid over the immobile arms and onto the floor.

Sarah frowned as she observed that her snack wore unnecessarily large panties for its size, it even wore a bra despite having no tits! “Ugh.” Sarah muttered aloud about her distaste for virgin apparel as she bit her lip and removed the useless bra, violently ripping it off of it’s owner and tossing it into a nearby trash bin.

Liz backed off once more to masturbate leaving Sarah to her fun. Sarahs heart skipped a few beats as she ran her hand along the band of her dinners panties. Luckily for the lovers pussys, The dinner began to sob and cried aloud in terror as Sarah ran her hand underneath the band and over the soft ass flesh. “Oh yes, cry for me cunt.” Sarah said as her breath deepened and she massaged both tight cheeks with her hands.

Liz's fingers were working overtime as she had plunged two fingers from each of her own hands into her own pussy as she watched Sarah enjoy herself, seeing the sexy horror she whispered breathlessly, “Baby remove its gag please.”

Sarah complied and ripped the tape from over the meats face. “LETMEGO! LETMEGO!” it screamed repeatedly, alternating between English and Gaeilge, Sarah ignored it's please though did enjoy them and resumed toying with her dinner soon she removed the toys panties entirely, before balling them up and tossing them into the trash alongside its bra.

Sarah then moved around the prey and straddled it between her legs, so that its ass was infront of Sarahs cunt. Sarah then resumed playing with the cheeks, giving them a smack and slowly grinding her pussy against the small of its back.

“I want my momma!” It cried, Sarah intensified her grinds in response, then started to tightly squeeze both of its little ass cheeks as tightly as she could. Her own tits swaying back in fourth with each movement.

“I WANTMYMOMMMA!” the snack begged, sending both lovers into a sexual frenzy. Liz was so turned on by the begging that she couldn't take it anymore and forced the hysterical teens mouth wide open.

In response, the teen started to hyperventilate and just repeatedly yelled, “Momma!MOMMAMOMM---” It’s screams were cut short as Liz relaxed her bladder and took a nice relaxing piss right down into it’s screaming throat, MMMMPPHHHH it choked and sputtered as it’s mouth was put to it’s proper use. Once Liz finished pissing, she began to grind her own pussy against the face, using the preys screams up her pussy as a stimulant to help her get off faster.

Liz grabbed Sarahs left hand and held it tightly as both of them rode their toy. Liz used her other hand to grab Sarah’s right ass cheek and used it to balance her thrusts. The headboard of the bed violently impacted the wall repeatedly as they fucked. That along with liz's pussy slapping against the face, the slick rubbing noise of Sarah’s pussy riding the toys back, and the painting of both women as they worked off the calories from their last meal was accompanied by the still repeating tune coming from the radio and the erotic screaming from their dinner.

Both women had reached orgasm at least once before Sarah turned around and began to grind her pussy against her dinners left ass cheek, before grabbing both of Liz's hands and leaning in for a deep passionate kiss. Both lovers exchanged saliva and deeply explored each other’s mouths as they rode, Liz then released Sarahs hands before grabbing Sarah's right tit and leaning forward. Sarah jutted out her chest in response and Liz wrapped her mouth around Sarah's nipple, loudly kissing it and flicking her tongue over the nipple. Despite the nipple being sore from being erect for so long, Sarah deeply enjoyed the attention that her nipple was getting.

In the midst of lovemaking, Sarah's stomach rumbled loudly, causing Sarah to blush in embarrassment and Liz to laugh, though her laughter was muffled by Sarah's nipple.

Liz released Sarahs set nipple with a pop, and said, “Time for supper baby.”

Sarah sighed and nodded, she was very close to achieving another orgasm, but slid her legs off of her dinner and shakily began to walk towards the kitchen, almost falling over in the process. “WOAH” Sarah said as she leaned against the nearby dresser.

“Fucked until you cant walk huh?” Liz joked as she grabbed Sarah's arm and helped her to stand.

“The alcohol didn't help, plus I've got nothing on my stomach." Sarah admitted, “Forgot that you were such a lightweight.” Liz muttered as she led her lover to the kitchen. Once they arrived their Liz turned to Sarah and said, “Ok, so what do we fix?”

Sarah paused for a moment then thought, “I knew of a great soup that mi madre used to make back in the day, but Im not through with it yet.”

“Help me get it into the kitchen then we'll decide.” Liz requested.

After the two of them had dragged the traumatized meat into the kitchen, Liz propped it up onto their glass countertop stove chest down, so that its ass stuck off the side.

Sarahs eyes lit up and she ran towards the back of the camper, before returning with a can of diesel whose contents had been replaced with an oil and mexican spice blend.

“what are you going to do with that?” Liz pondered aloud. “Just watch and see Liz.” Sarah replied as she held the tip of the fuel nozzle against their dinners tight anus. The dinner screamed at the top of its lungs as its anal cherry was violated. Soon half a gallon of seasoning had been pumped into its colon. Sarah repeated the process with its pussy, ripping the sides of its vaginal wall as she thrust the nozzle into the pussy as hard as she could.

On the counter behind Sarah was a large bag of Irish potatoes, which Sarah also coated in the oil before stuffing them inside the meats vagina and colon.

“Grab the D9” Sarah requested to Liz. Liz smiled and soon returned with a needle containing a bubbling green fluid, before she injected it into the base of their dinners skull.

D9, was an experimental drug that prevented whatever it was injected into from becoming dulled to pain, in fact, it increased pain by a magnitude of 10, but simultaneously prevented its user from blacking out. It was developed as a means of torture in some middle eastern country, but it somehow made its way through the black market and into Sarah's hands.

The meats yells grew louder and louder as the spices burned its privates, but that was nothing compated to what happened next. Liz grabbed the fire extinguisher as Sarah slowly brought a lit grill lighter over to the food and then lit the oil in both holes…

“WHAAAAAAAHHHH” The toy thrashed about violently as flames tore through its pussy and ass, Sarah struggled to breathe as she laughed hard. The meats ass cheeks almost seemed to boil as the flesh around the anus quickly seared and blackened, the air was filled with the heavenly aroma of roasting virgin.

Liz tried to contain her own laughter as she grabbed some chili powder, lime juice and cumin, then quickly ran her hands over the front of the meats torso before laying it back down on the stove and doing the same to its back.
“Dinners up!” Liz remarked as she turned on all of the stoves burners.

Within thirty seconds the sweet sounds of roasting and sizzling screaming meat filled the air. They didn't want their dinner cooked all the way, instead, while it was still very much alive, Liz grabbed a nearby electric carving knife and started to cleanly carve off both semi-rare ass cheeks, sending blood spraying all over her nude body as she carved. Liz licked her lips and then grabbed two nearby tortillas.

Liz then wrapped each cheek into one wrap, added in some siracha dressing, lettuce and jalapenos, then brought over one to Share with Sarah. Sarahs arousal went through the roof as she turned her head from the grilling Irish and towards her blood soaked lover. Liz's formerly white body was nearly coated in the stuff. Liz's swaying tits dripped blood onto the stone floor of the RVs kitchen with each step she took, and it was hot as hell.

Liz held up the wrap towards Sarah, and Sarah made a kissy face at Liz as she leaned in and took a bite. The flesh squelched as Sarah ripped off a good chunk. The lettuce and vegetables added a nice crunch but the ass was cooked just barely enough to give it a juicy consistency. Sarah’s throat soon bobbed and the chewed ass made its way down her throat, soon satisfying her waiting stomach.

Sarah and Liz quickly finished off their tortillas before they removed the partially cooked snack from the counter and laid it on the kitchen floor chestup. Sarah noticed that the crispy anus had kept the prey from shitting itself and got an idea. Using a nearby steak knife she began to insert the knife right above the pubic bone but was stopped by Liz. “She stopped screaming, we have to fix that.” Liz replied.

Sure enough the snack had gone into full shock from it’s experience and no longer registered the waking world. Sarah used a nearby butane torch to cauterize it’s open wounds before it got dragged it to the shower to wash it off. Sarah had planned this meal for weeks, and they still had things that she wanted to try on it.
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Re: WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

Postby Greg4life » Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:49 pm

After rinsing off the meat and laying it back into the kitchen counter, Liz came up with a wicked idea. "It's fmily is going to be looking for it right?" Liz mused to Sarah.

Sarah tilted her head and nodded.

Liz grinned then said, "then why don't we give it back to them?"

Sarah's mouth dropped open at the suggestion, then after regaining her composure she replied, "Baby I love you but are you batshit insane? We can't just return her...it... once..."Liz giggled and her face filled with a familiar sinister grin, "No no my dear, listen, we FEED it to them, that way it'll be a part of them forever....,"

Sarah's mood changed in an instant when Liz's idea went off like a lightbulb in her own head. "Why stop there Liz, why don't we dismember the meat for parts that we sell and feed to the entire church? "

"I love it babe, let's get crackin'" Liz replied as she grabbed a nearby knife and another vial of stimulant. Gotta prick it in the neck right about here.. Liz hummed to herself as she injected the meat with another dose of stimulant. In an instant the meats green eyes popped open wide and it began to moan in pain.

Before full consciousness was regained by their prey, Liz grabbed a pair of pliers off of the counter and said to Sarah, "these chompers will make for fine ass jewelry once sanded down don't ya think?"

Sarah smiled at Liz and grabbed a nearby Razer to shave the Irish meats head.

As the two return Ed to the meats side, it gazed on them as its drugged haze turned into fully awoken terror
"Wait, what... Oh my God, it's you two ... HELLLLP ME SOMEBODY HELLP MEEE" the assless meat shrieked loudly. Liz laughed and forced the meats jaws wide open, before spitting into the mouth and lowering the pliers towards the meats molars..

wH?AAAAAWGGGGHhH" the meat howled as Liz viciously removed the teeth two at a time using the pliers, Sarah used this opportunity to shave off its red hair, before tossing it into a bin to make into clothing or a similar item.

Once Liz had the teeth pulled, she then used a pair of tin snips to curlt off its fingers and toes, causing the meat to shriek at such a high pitch that Liz's ears began to ring. Those were tossed aside to Debone and dry into tenders.

Sarah used a nearby fillet knife to start seperating the somewhat cooked frontal skin from the underlying muscle, exposing the soft raw flesh underneath, in about five minutes she had cleanly seperated the entire skin from the shrieking meat below. Sarah whistled triumphantly as she held the skin aloft, causing the meat to loudly ask, WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOu DONE TO ME?" Sarah ignored the meat and tossed the skin into a car of the meats own urine to cure into leather.

Liz then began to carve deep into the flesh, from the pelvic bone to right below it's throat. She then made a snip cutting into the preys colon and held it aloft,pinching the end closed to keep it's contents inside. judging by how thick the walls were it was still full of shit. Liz smirked at Sarah who nodded. Liz then fed the colon end of the intestine directly down into the preys mouth, but leaving the opening on its tongue before releasing it.NOOOMmzmMNPHHffffft" the preys protests were cut off as the prey was forced to eat shit from it's own colon. It's throat began to violently Bob as it recycled it's last dinner.

Sarah leaned over at the prey and remarked, "waste not want not" before removing it's ovaries and setting them aside.

Liz removed both of it's kidneys before inserting the drainage end into the preys mouth as well. Sarah leaned over to give her a helping hand then they both squeezed the kidneys tightly, draining the fluid into the mouth as well, followed by doing the same with what little understandably remained in the preys bladder.

As a final insult to the prey, Liz lifted it's heart out from it's chest while it was still attached. She held it between herself and Sarah, licking the beating heart clean before handing it to Sarah, who was touched by the gesture. "I have the best girlfriend ever" Sarah said through joyful tears before lightly kissing Liz on the lips.

Liz hugged her lover tightly before setting her sights on the rapidly beating heart. "To Us! "They said in unison before sinking their teeth into the organ. The preys eyes bulged wide before rolling back into its head.

The processing of the meat had only just begun, it would be a long night indeed

Next Afternoon:

The dull and hazy afternoon was filled with the somber sounds of the church's organ. Around a hundred congregants gathered around the casket as it was slowly lowered into the ground below. Standing next to it, was Sarah and Liz, with Liz holding Rebecca O'Daughertys' shoulder as Sarah tossed the first pile of earth onto the coffin.

Liz whispered comfort into Rebecca's ear and said, "don't worry, shes in a much better place now." As Liz finished speaking her stomach rumbled audibly, causing her to almost break the chirade and burst out laughing.

After they had finished stripping the meat from the bones, Liz and Sarah had fed the bones to Liz's dogs, but grabbed a few afer they had been chewed on a bit for the church to find.

The backwards town didn't have an investigator and everyone assumed she had been eaten by a wild pack of wolves. Sarah had knocked on the girls door with a very convincing tear streamed face and had told the girls mom in person.

Now only a day later, the crowd dispersed from beside the burialsite and gathered around the large feast that the two women had prepared.

There were unusually large sausages, delectible deboned rib meat, meat stews, bite sized steaks served with salad, chopped liver, the two women had outdone themselves. It wasn't too much work to make enough vegitable and meat dishes to spread out a small Irish woman to feed her entire congregation.

Overlooking the buffet tables was an enlarged photo of Hannah, smiling as she was photographed by Sarah at a local waterfall only two weeks prior.

The first one up to the buffet table was Sam, Hannah's four year old brother. The boy saw candied little balls on a serving platter and started to pile them onto his plate.

"He went right for the ovaries" Sarah giggled as she whispered into Liz's ear. Liz grinned from ear to ear as the boy forwent using a fork and insead decided to shove the entire mess into his mouth, the boy absolutly gushed at how delicious the candied meat was, it tasted of cinnamon and something else sweet. His father ran over to him and stopped him from eating the entire selection, "Thomas, Save some for everyone else ok?" The boy whined in protest as he was shoved aside by Rachel, Hannah's pretty twelve year old sister.

Rachel went for the flank steak marinated in gravy and put it on her plate next to some mashed potatoes, she made her way over to a nearby table and stuck her fork into the meat, it was so tender that it literally fell apart as she stuck her fork in. Rachel raise the morsel to her mouth and moaned, the meat was very juicy and had been marinated in the somewhat salty but delectible gravy for two hours as it was slow cooked. The flavor was different from anything else she had eaten previously, but it was damn delicious!

Rachels throat bobbed as Rachel forwent any since of decency and started shoving mouthfulls of her food one after the other. After Rachel had finished she burped so loudly that every head nearby turned in her direction with a dissaproving glare. Rachel apologized as she went for a second helping. Sarah was at the buffet table now and saw her run up for seconds. "Here ya go sweetie!" Sarah smiled as she grabbed the largest cut of flank steak and gave it to Rachel.

"Thank ya kindly" The girl said meekly as Sarah piled on her plate. "Your quite welcome, a strong growing girl needs plenty of protien! Show me those muscles of yours!" The girl smiled at the beautiful lady and flexed her right arm. "This meat will pack on those and you'll be lifting cars before you know it!" Sarah said proudly.

The girl happily saundered off as the church priest made his way towards Sarah." "Thank you for everything you did for Hannah, she was blessed to have you as a friend." Sarah blushed and replied, "your welcome sir!". The priest looked around at the buffet tables and said, "you girls outdid yourselves, is that barbecue I smell?"

Sarah waved the priest towards a nearby pile of pulled rib meat simmering in Liz's homemade burbon barbecue sauce. "Grab yourself a sandwich and dig in!" The priest shook Sarah's hand and piled some of the meat onto a bun before sitting next to Sam. Sarah was about to serve the next guest in line when she saw the priests hands begin to discreetlystroke the boys thigh. Sarahs hands balled up in fists as she turned her face away in disgust. "Typical" she muttered under her breath and walked away from the tables and into the nearby woods.

Sarahs brooding was interrupted by Rebecca O'Daugherty, who hugged her without any warning. "Thank you so much for being there for my Hannah, she needed a friend like you." Sarah forced a smile and said, "Anytime Sinora, I miss her deeply." Sarahs heart skipped a beat as Rebeccas right hand went down her back and rested right above her ass. From the smell of Alchohol Sarah knew Rebecca was drunk, "Who can blame her, her daughter went missing." Sarah thought. Sarah felt no pithy remorse, instead she started feeling somewhat sexually excited as the woman continued, " Remind me why a beautiful woman like you doesn't have a man?" Sarah smiled and decided to push her luck when she responded. "Because, well ma'am please don't judge, but I prefer women."

Instead of the woman turning away in disgust, Rebecca moved her hand further down until her hand was cupping Sarahs ass and whispered, "I figured as much, but so do I, my husband hasn't spoken to me all day and I need to get this off of my mind. Sarah moved her hands down Rebeccas back and grabbed both of Rebeccas ass cheeks throgh Rebeccas soft black dress, "I have to let you know, I share my fun with Liz" she said before leaning in to kiss Rebecca. Rebecca responded by Passionatly kissing Sarah, plunging her tongue deeply into Sarah's mouth. "How long has this poor women been sex deprived?" Sarah mused as her tongue responded in kind.

Rebecca then broke off the kiss and said, "I'm... I'm so sorry I don't know what came over me." The woman began to pull away when Sarah kept her pulled close and said, "Ma'am, its ok, I understand, meet me and Liz tonight after the Par--- Funeral and we wil make you forget all about your loss for an evening. The woma was clearly torn emotionally, but her long supressed sex drive won out and she said, "I'll be there a 21:00".

Sarah reluctantly released her hold on the woman's ass and thought, "Wish my dinner the other day had gotten it's ass from you instead of its' father." She then escorted Rebecca back to the buffet, where the woman saw a platter of dirty rice and grabbed some to put on a plate.

Sarahs eyes then made their way up to the picture of Hannah, which was overlooking the place sitting where Rebecca was unknowingly shoving her face full of her own daughters ground up leg meat. Sarah's pussy began to ache as she kept glancing from the photo to the hudreds of hungry smacking mouths as what remained of Hannah was tasted by hundreds of tongues, made its way through hundreds of throats, into hundeds of stomachs, hundreds of colons, then was shit out of hundreds of assholes.

"Meat for the masses, thats all you were good for bitch" Sarah had to conciously keep herself from publically masturbating as she thought, "I'm going to ride your mommas ass tonight as all three of us turn you into the Shit you virgins are." Sarahs pussy liteally wept rivers of fluid, but Sarah refused is siren call. She then pondered, "Where in the fuck is Liz?"

Rushing towards the church's ladies room, Liz slammed the door shut as she ripped her skirt down and sat on the toilet, her ass barley touching the seat as her ass immediately spewed shit into the bowl. Liz moved her right hand to her pussy and masturbated as what remined of hannahs right ass cheek and the tortilla wrap that hadn't been turne into nutriants for her own body left her anus went into the bowl.

"Ohh God fucking yessssss" Liz sighed as she remembered the torture of Hannah as she felt the shit slide out of her. Liz then cupped her left tit and pinched her nipple as she let a loud fart echo into the bowl. Liz then threw her head back and sighed again as she let loose a dark stream of piss into the bowl. Simply knowing that some of the juice that had been in the wrap was making its way out of her uretha and also turning into the beads of sweat on her own ass sent Liz over the edge and she orgasmed loudly on the spot.

A sudden knock startled Liz who quickly wiped her ass and finished her piss. "Just a second." Liz unceremoniousy flushed the toilet and opened the door, barely remembering to pull up her own skirt in the process.

Liz opened the door to see Rachel, alittle wide eyed. Liz knew that the girl had heared her moaning and felt embarrassed. "Sorry mum, but I really need to use the potty." Liz just smiled and let the girl pass. As the door closed, Liz heard the sounds of pissing, followed soon by vomiting. "Shes purging so she can eat more..." Liz smirked as she made her way back towards the buffet line, and sure enough, saw Rachel make her way back towards the line and pick up another plate.

It was then that Liz felt a tap on her shoulder and saw Sarah grinning wickedly. "What are you up to baby?"Liz asked. "Wait until you hear what hot piece of ass Ive got for us tonight, you'll literally explode!" Sarah said excitedly, though low enough to not be overheard. Liz immediatly high fived Sarah and then replied, "I'm not sure I can eat anything after tonights feast." "This one isn't for eating, just good old lesbian sex." "Who?" Liz replied.

Sarah tossed her head over towards Rebecca and Liz congradulated her lover. "Tonight will be something special!"[I/] Liz thought.
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Sarah and Liz meet (prologue)

Postby Greg4life » Mon Oct 28, 2019 2:17 am

Sarahs eyes drifted skyward as she wondered where her life was going to take her now, because in the back of her mind, she knew the truth, that he wasn’t coming back, yet the thought terrified her. She knew that there was nothing that awaited her after death, yet what kind of life had she led so far?

Sarah had just turned 18 and was now legally responcible for every action that she took, and with the passing of her father, her one remaining friend on this earth had left her.

Curling and uncurling her toes, Sarah’s mind shifted from grief to slow simmering rage as she recalled how Amanda had laughed loudly as Sarah had related her loss. Now Sarah didn’t give a fuck about anyone outside of her family, in her mind, just about everyone that she had met at her christian highschool was a jerk, none of them even came to her defense after she was spat on by a classmate after her former best friend, Jessica had outed her as a lesbian to the entire class.

There had been a few sympathetic glances from people in the rear of the class but no one told Jessica off. Sarah held her breath and sighed slowly… today wasn’t going to be the day that she figured out how to get her revenge, instead, she woud watch a Horror movie to get her mind off of the Horrors happening in her own life.

Sarah pulled out an old favorite, Crocodile, and put it in the TV. The VHS player whined as its aging gears accepted the old VHS and pulled it in to playback its contents.

After pressing play, Sarah went to the Kitchen and popped herself a bag of popcorn before bringing it back into the den and sitting down for the film.

About midway through, one of the women, Annabelle (whom Sarah thought was hot as fuck) got her leg caught on a log while running from the croc and screamed. Sarah shifted slightly on the sofa as an odd tingiling sensation filled her nether regions. As the croc advanced on its prey, the woman started begging her friend to rescue her. For a brief moment, Sarah’s mind replaced Annabelle with Jessica and at the same time, Sarah realized that the entire front end of her panties were beginning to get soaked.

Sarah paused the movie and anyone looking would have seen a very odd puzzled expression on her face, as Sarah nearly subconciously, pulled down her panties and laid back on the couch, spreading her legs rather provocativly. Sarah realized that her heart was beating rapidly and how turned on she was getting. After unpausing the film, Sarah resumed watching the scene.

As the woman pleaded with her friend, the croc appeared on camera and began its rapid run towards its prey. Sarahs breath quickened as her left hand made its way to her labial lips and began to toy with them. As the womans terror grew her begging turned into frantic screaming, and soon… Wham!* the croc wrapped its jaws around the woman and the woman was shrieking in agony and horror.

Sarah felt something big enter her pussy and looked down, it was her own hand! Sarah couldn’t believe how turned on she was by the scene, but decided to run with it.

As the woman was summarilly killed, Sarah grunted aloud as the crocodile burped and swallowed its prey. Not wasting a minute, Sarah rewound the scene and pressed play again, her eyes becoming affixed to the screen. Sarah started moaning aloud as her mind once again replaced the actress with Jessica, and instead of being clothed, Sarah imagined Jessica nude. The look of terror on the womans face turned Sarah on even more, and Sarah began to rapidly pump her entire fist in and out of her pussy.

Once the scene was complete, she ran it again, this time closing her eyes and imagining Jessica, and her hot round juicy ass, wiggiling in terror as she ran from the croc, Sarah imagined Jessica’s tits flopping from side to side as Sarah took the place of the womans “friend” and instead of standing aside in terror, she began to verbally shout her desires. “Oh yes, Eat the BITCH! Eat the bitches ass!” “SOMEBODY HELPMEPLLLLLEEEASSE”The woman on screen shouted. Sarah then laughed loudly and replied, “HAHA fuck you Jessica!” EATHER EAT HER EAT HER!” As the woman on screen once again shrieked as she was eaten, Sarah’s mind imagined Jessicas sexy ass being torn into by the croc teeth, and she cummed loudly as her mind pictured Jessica sliding down the crocs gullet in terror.

But Sarah’s mind didn’t end there, Sarah also imagined thar Jessica was still alive, her shrieking intensifying as the crocs stomach acid began to digest her alive. Her pretty face becoming orgasmically horrified as the woman was turned from human female into croc shit. Her big tits dissolving as stomach acid ate into them, her ass becoming part of the food chain.

Sarah hit replay again and let her mind run amok, she began to imagine how Jessica might taste, how her ass would feel going into… her stomach? How shed like to turn Jessica into her shit and slide Jess-Shit out of her own asshole… The thought sent Sarah into orgasm four more times.

Finally, Sarah grabbed her nearby popcorn and began to throw the kernals into her mouth, imagine that each one represented a classmate (always female in her mind) shrieking its way down her gullet, until it was digested into the worhtless shit that they were.

Sarah did this again and again until the bag was gone and she realized that she was dehydrated. Sarah’s own bouncing buttocks were beginning to get chafed on the couchs rough material. “Holy shit… that was amazing!” Sarah said to the empty room. Sarah then turned her head and her eyes widened as she realized what time it was, almost an hour had passed and the movie had long since stopped.

Feeling the leftover endorphin rush, Sarah jumped up, only to steady herself as she realized just how dehydrated she was. The combonation of overly salty popcorn followed by orgasm after orgasm had left her weak and barely able to move. Sarahs endorphin high though still gave her enough strength to shakiy walk into the kitchen and pour herself a glass of water.

As Sarah make her way back into the Den, she briefly paused and wondered what had come over her, but then realized that she had found the perfecrt new fetish, and it didn’t matter what anyone else thought. Everyone else was an ass to her, her throughts were her own, and if she thought about eating their assess… roasted over a grill….
Sarah felt like a new woman, she hadn’t orgasmed more than twice in a row before, and that was only three times in her life. Sarah couldn’t keep track of how many times she had orgasmed in the past hour, but she didn’t care. Unlike a man who would get tired after one or two, Sarah was a full fledged healthy adult woman, and her body was ready for sex for hours.

Sarah pressed play on the movie and replaid the scene again twice, brining herself to another orgasm, before she grabbed final destination 3 off of the shelf and went to her favorite scene. After grabbing her nearby electrical dildo, Sarah thanked the non-existant god of sex that this film was a dvd and skipped to the scene where the two women are roasted alive in the tanning salon.

Since this was the unrated version, they were both nude. Sarah replayed that scene five times, their screams were music to her ears, and she licked her lips as their bodies were roasted by the heat. Yet felt remorse that the scene ended without a shot of their nicely bbqed bodies as the flames engulfed the meat. “MMM, Jessicas ass BBQed…. I’d love to see it bounce as it cooked.” Thought as she once again swapped the actresses with Jessica.

Then Hostel 2, where the woman was gagged and blood drained, her terrified screams and nice ass sent Sarah into cloud nine.

Sarahs stomach loudly rumbled, and Sarah ran her hands over her belly, while imagining Jessica digesting inside of her, her right hand reached behind her body and cupped her own ass, Sarah gave her own ass a hard smack as she imagined what remained of Jessica adding to her asses already sexy shape.

This was a sexual awakening that Sarah never thought possible, but would never turn from again.

Later that same evening, Sarah went online and searched for women eating, after being graced with video and site after site of weight watching and other annoying videos, Sarah realized that she forgot to turn off the website filter, and then presto! After adding terms such as Ass/Tits and women eating, she began to find gynophagia sites and forums. In particular Aryion and Dolcett Girls.

After about five hours of reading story after story and watching video clip after video clip. Sarah saw an author online that she liked and messaged her saying, “Thank you so much for the story where the Black Chick was eaten by the two lesbians, I really liked her screams, they made my pussy so wet!”

Sarah sent the message before being filled with a twinge of guilt, after all, if that was a man instead of a woman as the author cllaimed to be, itd be both a turn off and an embarassment. However not too long later, she got a response. “Heya, no problem babe! It made mine wet too while writing it!”

A picture of a very wet pussy belonging to a young white female flashed on the screen. Sarah knew in her heart that it was likely a photo ripped from the web, but she let her imagination slide and in the off chance that it was a real female, sent a pic of her own pussy, and one of her ass, after writing on the her own ass cheeks, “Sarah Wallace says thank you to L-Dragon”

Sarah then went back to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of milk, before turning off the lights and going back to bed.

It was almost 10AM the following morning when Sarah awoke, and after a shower folllowed up by a brunch of chicken fried steak and eggs, Sarah returned to her computer and logged back into the dolcett forum.

Sarah saw four missed messages and clicked on the tab. Followed by her hand quickly going up to her mouth and her face going white. The first message read, “You are sexy as fuck, thank you!” Followed by another photo of the womans own ass, with a red marker saying, “Lets do this again, Liz.” Sarah’s pussy immediately began to weep again as Sarah opened the second message “Hey, just in case you thought that was fake…” Followed up by a clip of Liz showing her beautiful face beset by blonde curls and who looked directly into the camera. “Hit me up in an hour for more if your up for it?”

The next message read, “Didn’t see a reply but guessing your asleep, here for ya babe XOXO”

The fourth message was just some random welcome to the site message, which Sarah quickly deleted. Sarahs hand was visably shaking as she ran as fast as she could to her bedroom to get her smartphone and record a response video on it. “Heya Liz, its Sarah again, sorry I missed your message but your hot as all hell and I was asleep and oh my god im rambiling but your sooo pretty, your story is amazing and I cant wait to hear more.”

Sarah ran over in a flash to her computer and upoaded the clip (as she had to pay for data on her smartphone) and awaited a reply with bated breath. Sarah then spent the next two hours still in her nightclothes and reading other stories online, befre getting a reply. “Hey Sarah your so beautiful, love your robe! Can you talk now , in RP channel? Or Discord?”

Sarah smiled and gave liz her Discord, and before long she heard the teltake sound of discord requesting a connection, Sarah immediately hit answer and up came the smiling face of iz, who was wearing an oriental style robe. Hey Liz, im sorry I don’t have a webcam, and my phone is too slow to use discord, but ill buy a webcam today if you like?” Sarah said before Liz even spoke. Liz laughed and replied, “Your such an adorable fan!” I don’t mind talking to you like this, so, what about my story did you like the most again?”

Sarah gulped and then blushed, she was grateful that Liz couldn’t see her at the moment, with her pussy soaking the front end of her robe and her face flushed as red as it could be for a hispanic woman with her complexion. Sarahs stomach was filled with butterflies as she replied, “ umm, the way that they… Sarah almost felt a twinge of guilt, or was it nervious anticipation?when she managed to blurt out, “The way they screamed, and how you paid attention to their asses and how they were nothing but meat. “

Liz blushed visibly in the video stream and Sarahs heart lept as she saw the beautifull face give a wicked smile, “ I orgasmed twice while writing that segment, when I wrote that , I imagined some.. .well frankly some complete bitches at my old church who used to tease me, one of them used to be a crush before she hurt me by lying about me until everyone hated me. “

Sarah nodded, not that Liz could see her, and replied, “I completely understand. Trust me Ive had my fair share of cunts who I’d like to see roasted. “ “So you see yourself as a predator, not prey?” “Liz said her smile growing. “Yeah.. I can’t ever see myself as prey, I’m too dominant, besides in my fantasies…. The other women aren’t willing…” Liz began to clap happily on the webcam and raised her arms up into the air before shouting, “FUCK YES!” “high five from one predator to the other!” Sarah was so happy that she caught herself beginning to cry.

“Whats wrong, you sound kinda sad?” Liz asked “no no no, I’m not sad at all!” Sarah replied, I just thought that no one else on earth, no other woman anyway, would understand the fetish, its an odd one ill admit.” Liz giggled before replying, “Babe babe babe, that fetish makes me gush, it’s the only one that does! Ok well not the only one, but still, tis the main one!.”

“What’s your other fetish if I might ask?”Sarah asked.

Liz seemed to hesitate before replying, “Well youllk think this is totally gross, but I like to imagine…. To imagine other women, especialy virgins, as being unwilling toilets for me.”

Sarah let out an audible groan as she orgasmed on the spot, she never imagined that such a fetish existed, then again she hadn’t heard of gynophagia either until now. “I can hear that you like it. Haha” Liz laughed. “I never even considered it before, but thinking about making that bitch Jessica feast from my shit… oh god!”

“Who is Jessica?” Liz asked, “It’s a long story, just some bitch who treats me like shit in highschool.” “I’ve got time, I cancelled all of todays plans when I reaized that you and I might have a lot in common.” Liz replied. Sarahs face shone and she rapidly barked out every intimate detail of the animosity that she had against Jessica to Liz, from her initial crush on Jessica to Jessicas treatment of her, to finding out that, “Jessica acts like shes a slut but instead shes a whiny virgin bitch! I can see why you hate virgins, I’m starting to think they are entitled little shits. “They are!”Liz replied, Especially Christian Virgins, all holier than thou blah blah blah!”

“Exacly!” Sarah replied, I just want to take Jessicas Cross and shove it up her ass!” “It’d make her ass bounce wouldn’t it?” Liz replied while running her tongue over the top of her lips. Sarahfelt a shudder as her body reacted sexually to the image of Jessicas cross going up her own hot unwilling ass… “Mmmhmm” Sarah moaned in response. Liz then lowered her voice huskily and said in a very erotic tone, “Wonder if she’d taste better roasted or raw”

Sarahs fingers reached under her own robe and began to massage her vaginal lips and clit, “Hmm, Raw, I’d love to bite a chunk out of that chubby ass of hers.” “Let its flavor melt in your mouth if you do, nothing tastes better.” Liz then stopped taling and her face went white. It took Sarah a couple of seconds to register Liz’s blunder, but when she did she held her hand up to her own mouth.

“Wait, you’ve eaten someone before?” Liz went to move her hand to close the webcam connection and block Sarah from her discord, feeing horrified about letting out her secret, but right before she did Sarah blurted out, “Don’t close it, I’d fucking marry you if youd help me eat Jessica!”

Lizs own mind began to spin as she felt an emotion she hadnt in a long time, pure sheer acceptance. “You… you’d marry me, you wouldn’t think I’m some sick bitch and call the cops?” Sarah cleared her throat as the shock of the words that came out of her own mouth began to subside and she made herself determined to make this new connection work, “I… realize what I’m saying makes me sound crazy myself, but If you help me…eat her, eat her alive and raw, ill marry you as soon as I see you. You’re the most perfect woman that ive ever met.” Liz felt a twinge of disbelief as she replied, “You’ve only spoken to me for two days.”

“Ill prove it to you, look I wont judge your secret, I think its hot as fuck, how did they taste, was it juicy, was it gristley, how did it feel as their shitted remains slid out of your ass, did you feel powerful, did you feel vndicated, I’d masturbate as they left my ass, remembering how they tasted..” Sarah knew that she sounded batshit right now but she didn’t care, society could go fuck itself, she had gotten the shit end of the stick from stuck up prisses who never once considered her own feelings, now it was time to get payback, there was something natural about getting off to the justified suffering of stuck up virgins, and Liz agreed.

It took about three weeks for them to meet, and many mutual masturbatory sessions later , but Sarah and Liz ended up meeting one night at an airport in Australia…

Oh my God Sarah!” Liz shouted, not caring about the assembled mass of humanity around her busily making their way towards the tarmac. She ran full speed at the now very familiar raven-haired beauty, who greeted her with open arms. “Oh fuck baby its so good to see you!”Sarah said as she wrapped her arms around Liz before giving her booty a very loud smack through Liz’s sweatpants. “Hehe, love seeing you to babe” Liz replied as she locked lips with Sarah and began to make out with her publically. The twos tongues met and began to dance for the first time , exchanging saliva and mutual passion.

Soo.. Liz, what do you want to do first? Sarah said after breaking off the kiss. “First, let’s get some chinese, because after we eat lunch, I’m going to prepare you a very special dinner… tonight!”

”Oh really?”sarah replied, Liz then whispered into her ear, “I’m not wearing any panties right now, once we get into your car, I hope you can drive us somewhere private. “I got you hun.” Sarah replied before asking quizzidly, “now about dinner?” “You still know where Jessica lives right?” Liz replied while still whispering into Sarahs ear, making it tickle a bit. “Yeah?” Sarah replied, her voice belying how turned on she was getting. “Then that’s where we are having dinner, hope you like rump roast.”
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Re: WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

Postby Greg4life » Wed Jan 01, 2020 4:24 pm

Sorry for my absence, been busy, but here is an excerpt from a new chapter that I'm writing. Rough draft as it's typed on a phone due to having a dead computer. If anyone wants to be an editor or contribute ideas by all means.

Also new poll!

Ferl free to reupload this to any site thats not dolcettgirls or gurochan as ive already got it posted there, im looking for other sites to expand the story too and am running out of places that i know of to publish. Though do know that it is being constantly edited and expanded

(Also if anyone has a working asstr.com account feel free to upload there.)

Christina Burett's slim yet rounded ass dissapeared completly underneath her white skirt as she prepared for the evening reception at the church.

"I don’t want to be late for paster Gregorys sermon!" She reminded herself in a panic. Quickly scanning the room for her bra, she found it buried underneath the neatly laid out pile of clothes that her mom had lain upon her matress.
Christina's D sized cups swayed as she grabbed the bra and hurriedly covered her chest.

After tossing on a modest looking shirt, christina apprised herself in the mirror and quickly made her way out the door. Her long brown curly hair accented her beautiful frekled face which held a set of strikingly green eyes.

It didn't take long for her to arrive at the church, where she ran into her two best friends, Julia and Tessa. The day was hot and muggy, sith the cicadas chirping noisily.

"Hey girl, what's up?? Tessa greeted her warmly.

Not much." Christina admitted. I've got the jitters about possibly running into Steven though. He never leaves me alone!!

"Just ignore him, if he harasses you, tell me, and I'll deal with it. " Julia added.

Julia was a tall but slim brunette, with a heavy Irish complexion. Her ass was about the same shape as Scarlett Johansson's, if a bit bigger. She was the most conservative if the group, frequently leading her friends in prayer groups and protesting outside of abortion clinics. She had a very sweet and joyful voice, rarely did Christina ever see her depressed or upset. She had somewhat crooked teeth that gave her a bit of home country girl look, but she was visually stunning.

Time spent in the sun had tanned her a bit. Christina took a moment to admire Julias lilac perfume before replying, " Thanks, I was just worried. He always keeps hitting on me even though I told him three times that I don't believe in sex before marriage."

"He's a total creep." Tessa said annoyed at the thought of seeing him too.

"Maybe I can offer a solution?!" Said a voice from the back of the church building.
The three friends heads swiveled at the sighf of a very stunning latina who wore a long flowery dress and who had silky smooth black hair.

."And you are?" Tessa asked raising an eye brow.

"I am Sarah, And If you two will follow me over to the gondola behind the church, ill tell you two my solution."

" We can handle it ourselves thanks" Christina said smiling.

Hold on Christina, let's hear her out" Tessa interjected,l.

Christina nodded and the three made their way over to the gondola and took seats opposite of Sarah.
Sarahs eyes scanned the area behind the three women before winking over at Liz, before the three could turn around and see who she was winking at, a brilliant white flash of light enveloped the trio and they found themselves suddenly staring up at thd gigantic grinning face of Sarah who towered over their now tiny forms.
Overhead a booming voice almost deafened them. "Told ya I'd snag us a quick lunch!"

"Yeah well New year's meals this fine looking are spectacularly rare. Liz added before picking up the screaming huddled form of Tessa.

Sarah smiled and picked up the other two snacks before quickly reaching up underneath her skirt and placing her toys next to her warm pussy, which was dripping wet as she anticipated the upcoming fun.

One hour later…

The jeep screeched to a halt in front of the house and both of the lovers raced each other to the front door. Ha! Beat you babe! Sarah yelled triumphant as she quickly turned the door lock. "Yeah well if I wasn't thinking about what we're about to do i'd have beaten you here."

Sarah stuck her tongue out in response and quickly made her way inside the air conditioned home.
Whew! Sarah exclaimed as she immediately reached up and started to remove her dress. Liz ran over to the houses surround sound system and hurridly turned it on, turning up the bass and amp as far as it could go.

Sarahs slick sweat covered body was a sight to see as her dress was thrown haphazardly across the room. Her sweat sticky black hair was tossed from side to side as she struggled with the bra clasp and similarly tossed it across the room.

Sarah then made her way over to a tall glass jar and fished the two captives from the front of her panties before dropping them into it. Liz reached behind her own and fished out the third from between her cheeks.
The beautiful summer day was about to get even better.

Sarah grabbed an electronic stephascope from the living room floor and asked, Help me with this baby"
Liz gleefully giggled and used surgical tape to attach the microphone to Sarahs stomach before linking it to the speakers Bluetooth connection.

Suddenly the entire house filled with the rumbling sounds of Sarahs stomach, loud enough to make the glass jar on the counter vibrate, it was so loud that sarah could barely hear Liz speak, not that liz was the one that they were eager to listen to.

By now both lovers were completely nude and about ready to have some of the best sex of their lives. Liz grabed her strapon from the sink where she had left it after washing it last night and sauntered back over to Sarah before wrapping her arms around her and giving her a passionate kiss, during which liz slowly slid her hands down to cup Sarahs ass, gripping and kneading the warm flesh with her fingers, before slapping Sarahs left cheek noisily.

Sarah giggled before grabbing a nearby bottle of pills and downing two, the sound of the pills reaching her stomach shook the front house windows. It took mere seconds for the pills to start working, And Sarahs stomach acid was temporarily enhanced to five times its normal potency.

"You sure it's safe?" Liz shouted over Sarah's stomach noise. "Yeah babe, it wont affect my stomach lining at all"Sarah shouted back.

Liz winked at Sarah and ran over to the jar, before picking up the nude form of Julia.
The Christian snack was about five inches tall and weeping uncontrollably. Liz licked her lips and pressed her thumb against julias c cup tits, pushing them back and fourth and feeling the little nub of a nipple scrape against her thumb. Liz then pinched the toys left tit between her thumb and index finger, before pulling. The cute plaything screamed at a high pitch, but to Lizs ears was about the sound of a mouse.

Liz then flipped the snack onto its stomach on the palm of her hand and ran her tongue roughly over its ass, contouring her tongue to the little dimpled cheeks. "Jesus help me!" Julia screamed in primal terror. Lizs pussy pulsed at the scream. Ohhh yeah" liz moaned, hoping that Julia would scream more.

The wet smacking sound as lizs tongue bathed Julia's virgin ass was getting Sarah horny too, who licked her lips and began to rub the outside of her own pussy.

Sarah then crept up to Liz and wrapped her mouth around Liz's right nipple, softly sucking it as it became rock hard. Liz moaned and increased her tempo, violently and rapidly running the tip of her tongue between Julias ass crack, Sarah reached around and smacked liz on the ass, Liz responded by slowly backing up julia towards her now wide open maw.

"No please, you cant, I don’t want to die please god nooo!" Julia began to shriek hysterically, pure panic setting in. Liz sucked in julias legs and torso up to her tits. Julias nicely tanned breasts swayed violently from side to side over Lizs lower lip as liz sucked on her like a popcicle.

Liz made a a kissy face at Sarah, who was looking up at liz while still sucking on Lizs tit. Sarah nodded and released the tit with a loud POP then rose up to meet her lover. Sarah opened her mouth wide and the terrified julia pissed in lizs mouth. Liz coughed and made a sour face before looking indigantly at Sarah who nodded then said in a whisper to Julia (though from julias perspective it was as loud as thunder) .

"Julia, hun... there is no Jesus, no afterlife... your just worthless... now die bitch." Sarah then closed her hot mouth around Lizs and the two began to french, sliding their tongues over and across their hapless prey, Sarah and Lizs nipples were rock hard. both lovers passionately rubbed their hands over the others backside, before Sarah sucked julia into her mouth, until only julias ass and legs were sticking out.

Liz laughed at the sight and quickly grabbed her phone snapping a close up photo of the ass, before recording a quick video of the ass sliding in and out of Sarahs full sexy lips.

Over the speakers, you could hear the faint sounds of julias screaming, but the best was yet to come. Sarah then pumped her own fingers in and out of herself as she began to swallow her lunch alive and whole. The legs, followed by fhe feet, slid into Sarahs maw. The terrified cunt tried to grab onto Sarahs uvula to stay inside, but her fingers slipped off and she screamed in terror as the esophogas opened and she was sucked inside.

Liz held her breath as she saw the outline of the lunches ass slide down Sarahs throat until it disappeared.
By now, julias screaming was as loud as the loudest rock concert over the speakers, and a deafening splash was heard once she fell inside of Sarahs stomach acid.

Immediately Liz dropped the her knees and began to suck on Sarahs clitoris, Sarah grabbed onto Lizs hair and started rutting herself against Lizs angelic face.

Julia was in a blind panic, the stupid bitch was just now beginning to grasp the reality of her situation, flashes of her life ran before her eyes, Julia began to pound on Sarahs stomach walls screaming loudly. "Let me out, oh god please let me out, pllllllleeeeeaaassseeee". The outside of sarahs stomach cutely showed little bumps with each punch.

Then, the acid finally began to turn the christian onto what she was intended to be. Food for a real woman, and a pile of shit snaking its way out of Sarahs ass.

"Help me help me help me help me help me" the lunch screamed.

Sarah almost cummed from the screaming and lizs tongue alone, but got a wicked idea and ground her pussy against lizs face in sync with every help me that julia screamed, which also caused Sarahs tits to smack against each other with each movement. Help me! *Grind* help me!* Rub* help me! *Grind* jesus help me! *Long hard press of her pussy against lizs face* *help me! *Grind* *somebody help me please!!* *Rotating her pussy* help! *Quick light grind* help me *rub* heelllp meeee! *Rapid grind which caused her tits to sway forward* Let me out!! *Burrrrp* help me *grind* help me *grind*

Sarah moaned loudly then said while biting her lower lip, "Ohhh yes, scream, scream for us bitch!"

Inside the Jar both of Julias friends were shaking in horror, their friends "pitiful" cries were terrifying them. Christina almost wished that Julias cries would stop, as she was powerless to save her best friend and cried out repeatedly for the two to stop, but was ignored. ((After all, why should they stop? :lol: Julias fate was perfect entertainment. :gulp: ))

Lizs own pussy throbbed with each scream but she was too busy pleasing her lover to focus on herself.
Julias hair began to fall off, And the burning sensation against her skin was starting to become unbearable.
Liz backed off for a second and yelled to Sarah, "think we should switch now?"

Sarah nodded and Liz quickly got up and put on her strap on before thrusting the tip into the air and yelling, "whooop whooop, lets fuck baby!"

Sarah bent over grasping the couch, which caused a tidalwave in her stomach and acid to splash in their toys eyes.

"Aaagguhh!" screamed their meal before it managed to surface from the stomach acid.
"Ok, time your thrusts! Sarah shouted to liz who laughed and nodded as she inserted the tip of the strapon into Sarahs pussy, it slid in easily due to Sarahs pussy literally gushing at how turned on she already was.

Liz waited for a second before she heard the magical cue, *help me!!* *Thrust* Sarah arched her back and Liz grabbed both of Sarahs buttocks, before the next scream. Sarah then began to pivot her buttocks for the length of the screams, using them to time her movements as well as changing directions with each new scream. Help me*thrust* help me! *Thrust* jesus! *clockwise thrust* *please don’t let me die, don’t let me die, god don’t let me die! *Liz spanked both of Sarahs ass cheeks each time the food screamed die. Helllp meee! *Thrust*

The rumbling and screaming coming over the speakers almost drowned out the wet smacking that liz's pussy made as it made contact against sarah's ass.

Inside the stomach, the acid was turning the once lovely ass, tit and pussy skin into nutrients for Sarah, as the first cracks formed and blood seeped into julias tomb, Sarahs stomach carried the virgins biomass into the lining of her own ass, breasts and pussy. Sarah's ass muscles began to grow micrometer by micrometer and her tits became even more toned.

Julia was being recycled.

Liz would have paid handsomely to see julias ass disolve infront of her own eyes, but had an idea about that for the other two still in the jar.

As the acid began to rip into her muscles, Julias tits began to dissolve, soon enough, a piece of tit containing the right nipple detached and floated into the uncaring sea. Julia by now was slowly going mad.

Her screams increased in pitch and intensity. "Hhhhhheeeeelllllllp meeeeeeee COUGH *heeeellllllllp* Liz used her hands to spread Sarah's ass cheeks* *helllp* thrust* and then julias clit dissolved!
"Whaaaahhhhhhhhh!!" *The scream shattered the house windows, and sent Sarah into a massive orgasm* what was julias personal hell was absolute heaven to both Liz and Sarah.

Lizs ears were still ringing but she turned Sarah around, removed the strap on and lowered her pussy onto Sarah's then began to scissor.

Timing their thrusts to Julias screams was becoming challenging as the screams began to turn into primordial gutteral howls, but they still kept up for ten minutes until Julia began to violently cough. Inside of Sarah's stomach, julias intestine had been exposed to the acid and began to separate from her body.

Julia let out one final primal yell. "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" during which Liz orgasmed and clawed in sexual desire at Sarahs ass.

BUUUUUUUUURRRRRPPPPPP. Sarah burped loudly and contently, causing Liz and her to laugh hysterically.
By now julia was coughing repeatedly, in a very inhuman sounding way, at the same time, her ovaries had begun to dissolve.

Realizing that Julias end was near, Liz lowered Sarah to the couch and parted Sarahs ass cheeks. Sarah laid flat on her stomach as Liz ran the tip of her tongue over Sarahs ass then began to lower the tip towards Sarah's anus. Sarah sighed contentedly at her lovers administrations...

To be continued!!
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Re: WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

Postby Greg4life » Thu Jan 02, 2020 3:45 am

Does anyone want to cowrite this or contribute ideas? If so pm me,. More chapters after spell checks will follow. :gulp:
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Re: WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

Postby Greg4life » Thu Apr 09, 2020 9:38 am

As Liz tounged Sarahs anus Sarah sighed contentedly. Life was great, there was something magical about putting virgins to their proper use that was fulfilling in a deep and satisfying almost spiritual way. Sarah shivered as the overhead fan cooled her skin and her lovers hot tongue massaged her anus.

Lizs face was flushed in horniness as she buried her face in the counties hottest Mexican ass, each virgin they ate seemingly increased the others attractiveness, and it was starting to become undenyable that there was something bigger going on.

Liz had viewed photos of both of them before and after they started recycling virgins and each month the raw sex appeal and beauty of the other increased as they aged… If they even aged.

Also, Sarah had cut her hand while chopping vegitables for a stew yesterday, and it had healed shockingly fast, to where the scar was almost gone.

Liz was too buried in ass to philosophize but it was something that she couldn't shake.

Julia let out a final loud groan then went silent, Sarahs anus clenched around Liz's tongue and her pussy wept more fluid as she orgasmed again, justice was served once more.

Now, only the boiling sound of Sarahs stomach and the stomach acid waves washing over a rapidly dissolving body were coming over the speakers. Sarahs lower intestine rumbled and she quickly pushed Liz away from her ass and ran towards her bathroom, letting out a loud fart as she ran.

In the center of the bathroom sat a crying skinny 12 year old teen bound and gagged with a ring gag that had a plug on the end, with a rosary around her neck. She was only there to serve one purpose.

Sarah whipped off the gag and tgrusr her anus as quickly as she could against the cute terrified face and began to shit a torrent of dihareea into her Christian toilet. Muffled yells were drowned out as the satisfying sounds of rapid swallowing filled the room. Sarah cooly masturbated as the toilets stomach expanded before her eyes.

Sarah did this three more times that evening before it was time for dinner.

The digested remains of a very cute black girl were now being recycled by the toilet below. Two massive farts later and Sarah finished. The toilet behind her gagged and choked on something, before vomiting it across the room.

Sarah slapped her toilet for it's carelessness and turned her head. In the corner among a pile of vomited shit, lay a tiny skull.
Sarahs mouth opened wide as she realized that it was Julias. Sarah picked it up using a pair of tweezers and then washed it in tbe sink, before making her toilet lick up the mess on the floor.

Sarah walked casually back into the living room, and then dropped the skull into the jar containing the other two snacks.

Christina gagged as the skull still reeked of shit, and wept loudly at her friends gruesome fate. Sarah giggled at the sight and looked over at Liz, who had just finished injesting five micro cameras in pills.

"Baby look at them, aren't they just delicious!" Sarah chuckled. Liz nodded and replied, "great touch wuth the skull there babe, but I need help getting these cameras Bluetoothed into the feed on the Panasonic." Sarah rolled her eyes and helped Liz get everything set up for Lizs turn, this time remiving the electronic stephascope from herself and instead placing it on Lizs stomach.

"Lets keep it high enough for her screams to be at a normal level, I don't want to replace any more windows. Liz said as she lifted up her foot and showed Sarah a cut from a glass shard.

Sarah nodded but noticed something odd, the cut had almost fully healed. "Baby you get superpowers or something from your snacks?" The cut is almost gone!"

Liz shrugged and said, "Sarah you heal fast too, I think your just a little high off of the fun we had for lunch. Magic and shit ain't real".

Sarah shrugged and said, "which one?" While pointing at the glass jar. Liz walked over to the jar while fingering herself and took a good long look before pointing at Christina. "She has the best ass. I want you to fuck me hard as I watch it digest."

Sarah put her hand in the jar to grab Christina, but was blocked by the other snack, who shielded her friend from Sarahs hand. Christina was huddled in a ball sobbing as her friend shouted up inaudible explictives up at Sarah. Sarah simply giggled and whistled twice.

Bounding around a corner fast enough to knock over a lamp, bounded in both Max and Beau, Their two Dobermans.

Here boys! Sarah said barely containing laughter as she grabbed the rebellious snack and held it high up in the air.

"Wooof!" Barked Beau impatiently. "Shhh you little rascal!" Sarah chided. Max simply wagged his tail and put his paws forward excitedly. The snack in sarahs hands violently tried to free itself, from both kicking and screaming to biting Sarah's hand.

This pissed off Max who bared his teeth at the bitch for hurting his master. Sarah simply shrugged off the pain (which was more like an insect bite) and tossed the snack high up in the air.

The snack screamed in terror as it fell and was snatched up into the waiting maw of Beau, who sunk its teeth into the sexy brown legs. Not to be outdone, max grabbed the snacks upper half, it's molars piercing the snacks tits, shredding them.

Beautiful screaming filled the air as both dogs pulled and shook the snack, putting alot of pressure on its midsection, and causing its blood covered ass to bounce rapidly back and fourth :P as the dogs struggled with their food. And then.. a loud crack filled the air and both dogs briefly chewed their half before swallowing.

"Good boys!" Sarah and Liz cheered in unison.

Christina was nearly catatonic in terror as Sarah picked her up and laid her nude form in her palm. Christina weeped uncontrollably as the sounds of Liz's stomach filled her ears over the speakers.

"Help me Jesus" Christina prayed. Sarah grinned and glanced at Liz, who smiled and approached, sexily swaying her body while running her hands up and down over herself, eager to eat dinner. :gulp:
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Re: WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

Postby Greg4life » Wed Apr 29, 2020 12:09 am

    Hidden extra depraved chapter uploaded to a rarely used section of this site... For those interested :) more will be coming to this section here in a few weeks.
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    Re: WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

    Postby Greg4life » Sat May 30, 2020 3:45 pm

    22 Year old Miranda Carson wasn't completly sure as to why she was out here doing this, on the one hand, being a cable tv sales woman was a decent paying job, assuming she got her accounts right, on the other hand, the opressive heat outside was nigh unbearable. She looked alot like Vanessa Hudgen, similar body similar style, though her nose was a bit smaller and her lips a bit fuller, they were almost identical. She had tried modeling when she was younger and had gotten a few hits as to how similar she looked, but decided against it as it ran against her catholic beliefs.

    She batted her head with a spare napkin in her purse to wipe away the beads of sweat. Behind her in tow, was her younger sister, 18 year old Jenny Caron who had insisted on tagging along with her sister as the whole idea of staying home doing nothing was less appealing than actually getting out of the house with her older sibling. She hated being so short though, at 4'7 she was essentially an oversized "dwarf" though without any of the distinguishing abnormal features. It also put her gaze right on her older sisters small yet rounded ass. She secretly envied her older sisters lower frame, though to make up for it she herself had an unusually large set of tits for her size, d cups.

    Her own ass sadly was almost non existant, and the tight sweatpants that she wore didn't actually make her lower form much more attractive either. She brushed her long black hair out from her right eye and said to her sister, " Just how many more homes do we have to check before we go home?"

    Miranda sighed in frustration and replied, "three, then we will get something icy to make up for this fucking heat." Jenny smiled in responce and simply replied, "yays!"

    Mirandas eyes began to sting again due to the heat and she angerly wiped away the annoying sweat before her eyes landed on a mailbox outside of a massive locked gate, that had a winding path leading deep into a wooded area, outside was a camera and a speakerphone. A very loud buzzing noise was permiating the background, but was explained by a large overhead sign stating, "Warning, Electric Fence, extremly high voltage"

    Jenny, without prompt or permission from her older sibling, waltzed over to the gates buzzer and said into the speaker, "Hey, you interested in joining Aus Cable, we got over 200 channels!"

    JENNY! Miranda yelled in an exasperated manner, how in the hell was she supposed to sell cable when her sister fucked up the delivery line? Miranda sighed annoyed, but was suprised by a curtious voice from the other end. "We already have Cmax TV but might want to switch, I'll buzz you in!"

    Miranda, while suprised that the client hadn't been driven off by her sister, smiled in relief and said, "thank you ma'am, I look forward to talking about this with you!"

    Soon enough, the loud buzzing stopped, and the gate swung open silently on its higes, opening up the densely forrested path leading up to the mansion. As they both entered, Miranda winced as she noticed a nearby sign that mentioned a one mile hike up to the mansion, but remembered that the more expensive clients paid alot of money for the cable she was offering, and would much more likely be able to net her a nice bonus if she upselled the more expensive features.

    The two began their trip up towards the mansion, with the birds chirping merrily, and the distant sound of barking filling the almost dead quiet forest. After they had walked about 20 meters into the forest, Jenny turned her head back to see the gates silently close behind her, followed by the buzzing sound returning, for some strange reason a chill ran up her spine, but she ignored it and followed her sister deeper into the winding path.

    Out of the corner of Jennys eyes, she spotted a moving shadow or two but dismissed it as her eyes playing tricks on her.

    About a half mile in, she spotted a cute golden retriever gnawing on a chunk of meat, the adorable dog looked up at her and barked playfully. "Aww isn't he cute Jenny?" Miranda said as she reached out and petted the dog. The dog barked again playfully and then stuck its nose deep into Mirandas dress, going for her crotch. Miranda jumped back in suprise and laughed. "Silly goofy dog!"

    Soon enough, a large towering but modern mansion filled their gaze, white with green accent trim, it gave off a rather odd scottish antibellum mix that kind of worked. Infront of the house, a cheery and beautiful looking blonde woman sat outside in short shorts flip flops and a tank top which bearly held back her breasts, typing away at her phone while taking a smoke.

    The woman glanced up at the approaching footsteps and smiled then sent off another quick text before placing it in her back pocket. Anyone looking at the woman from the rear as the saleswoman and her sister approached would have seen the message on the phone as it stuck out from her pocket that said, "Ok, I think we have dogfood covered for today, bring your vibe."

    Miranda smiled warmly at the woman and held out her hand. "Hello! It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs?" "Liz, just call me Liz!" the woman said in a very friendly tone. "I'm Miranda and this over here is Jenny, my sister." Jenny smiled and held out her own hand, the forest around the mansion might have been creepy, but this woman seemed nice enough to her.

    As the two began to converse with Liz about the benefits of Mirandas cable company, little did they know that their family were close friends with Liz and Mirandas employer, and had discreetly sent them here to be killed. Miranda had shamed her father and employer twice for stupid shit she had done growing up and at work, and Jenny had simply refused to move out of the house once she turned 18. Both were virgins and neither had any real friends.

    The moment that they had left, their parents had discreetly burned their belongings and erased their very existance from their lives. Back at home, Mirandas mom and dad poured wine and toasted to finally being rid of the embarassment to the family.

    During the long drawn out conversation that her sister was having with Liz, Jenny heard a jeep drive down towards the mansion, and out stepped a gorgeous looking latina woman, however Jenny was kinda disgusted with how little clothing the woman wore, wearing a tight fitting swimsuit bottom and an extremly form fitting sports bra that left little to the imagination. Jenny guessed that she had just returned from a sauna or something, but that didn't excuse her for dressing like a harlot!

    The woman had a little handbag that she stuffed something long and pink into and made her way over to a seperate path that led behind the mansion.

    Soon enough Miranda and Liz stopped discussing the particulars of the service, and Liz said, "I'm not sure as to where I want the connection to be in my home, as my current living room is under renovation, I might want to move the connection into the dining room for now, mind if I show you the room right quick?"

    Miranda nodded and motioned for Jenny to accompany her inside, Jenny nodded and her eyes opened wide as the front doors opened revealing a rather large and ornate three storied interior, complete with marbled floors, cherry oak stairs, gold framed balconies, and the pleasant smell of something roasting in the oven.

    It took a full minute for them to arrive to the dining room, which compared to the rest of the house, was rather smaller and more intimate, Miranda took a full minute to gaze at the stunning decor, before she and Jenny heard a locking sound behind them. Sure enough, the large iron door that had been the only entry into the room for them, had been bolted shut.

    Fear crept up in both of their hearts and Miranda shouted, "Mrs, we seem to have been accidentially locked in... Mrs Liz?

    Jenny wondered over towards the fireplace and noticed two oddly shaped things hidden under a plastic cover. Jenny then pulled the cover down and shireked in terror. Miranda looked over at what Jenny saw and immediatly her hand went to her mouth "Oh MY FUCKING GOD!" She shook from head to toe as both of them gazed upon two perfectly preserved and mounted female asses, hooked onto a display, both with dildos where the vagina and legs should have been.

    Jenny threw up then promptly fainted from her blood pressure going through the roof, as Miranda ran over to the door and pounded hard yelling, "LET US OUT YOU PSYCHO BITCH"

    Miranda got no responce. She grabbed her purse to dial 911, but when she flipped open the phone, a yellow gas seeped into the room from the fireplace, and she realized that somehow she had been locked out of her phone. A brief text filled the phone screen saying, "Nice Ass, hope you enjoy the music that we will be listening to as we feed you to those poor dogs you abandoned at the shelter to be put down after running them over and not telling anyone. Ill keep your femur as a dildo and bury whatever uneaten bones you have with your sister and the dogshit that you will become. R.I.S Rest in shit virgin dog-abusing bitch."

    Miranda dropped her phone to the ground in terror and raced over to her unconcious sister, to try her phone, when the gas started to fill her lungs. And "Love Rollercoaster" began to play over the dens speakers. Mirandas world began to spin around her and she just barely managed to grab Jennys phone. Somehow it hadn't been hacked and she felt a brief surge of hope as she tried to dial 911, though now she was vomiting violently and fighting sleep with every nerve in her body in agony.

    Soon enough the phone picked up and... played the same "Love Rollercoaster" song that was on the speakers around her, as Miranda passed out into unconciousness, she grasped for the hand of her sister, and squeezed it as a tear drained down her face....

    Upstairs, Sarah was busily undressing and Liz finished masturbating as she noticed that Miranda had finally passed out. "They're done, the gas will dissipate in about two minutes once the fans finish, and then we can strip them."

    "Nice Baby!" Sarah said enthusiastically as she removed her panties, causing her tits to bounce up and down, "Ill help you drag them to the backyard and set up the music, I can't wait for the show!"
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    Re: WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

    Postby Greg4life » Tue Jun 02, 2020 1:57 am

    Only a few minutes later the gauge read that the air inside was breathable, and Both Liz and Sarah made their way into the dining room where they found the dogfood fast asleep on the floor. Sarah loved the stripping process and got to work immediately. The first was Jenny, it wore a rather conservative blue dress that Sarah lifted up over its shoulders, revealing a rather bland looking white bra and oversized pair of panties.

    Sarah frowned when she saw how small Jennys ass was, but Liz put her hand on her shoulder and said, "Its' ok Sarah, it has big tits" "Yeah I know, its' just a bummer is all" Sarah said unceremoniously sliding down the panties. Liz grabbed the left butt cheek and squeezed "at least it's firm meat" Sarah nodded before ripping the meats bra off and turning it over to get a better look at the tits. "You're right, some good meat here" Sarah remarked as she poked the right nipple with her thumb.

    Liz nodded her affirmation and then started undressing Miranda. Miranda, while an overall fit bit of dogfood, had worn baggy Levis and a green polo shirt, the shirt was simple enough to remove, and revealed a red bra. "It knew how to dress better than its sister did" Liz remarked

    Sarah helped Liz turn the meat face down so that they had a good view of its ass, sure enough, after they both unbuttoned the pants and slid them down, they were greeted by a marvelously large ass hidden behind plain white panties.

    "Time for the main event" Sarah said as her heart skipped a beat or two, Sarah then slowly pulled down the panties and inhaled deeply as she revealed the virgins glorious twin buttocks, each ass cheek with enough meat to feed half of their pack. Sarah groaned in hunger and lust, but her only action was to shove her middle finger deep up its anus then play with the ass cheeks for a minute or two, occasionally leaning forward to lick them and give them a soft bite.

    Liz then stepped forward and grabbed Mirandas head, pinching the sleeping foods nose and positioning her pussy just right near its mouth, sure enough the unconscious meat opened its mouth, allowing her to take a nice relaxing piss. The meat unconsciously swallowed the entire contents of Liz's bladder, without missing a drop. As the beautiful sounds of piss streaming and mirandas throat swallowing filled the room, Sarahs pussy began to weep as she imagined the show that was going to occur in half an hour from now.

    Thirty minutes later.

    It was an absolutly beautiful, if muggy afternoon, with the sun reflecting off of the nearby swimming pool appearing almost magical. Sarah breathed deeply, the warm scent of the summer breeze gave her a sense of calm and excitement. Preperations for the afternoons event were almost done, and all in all, it was a great day to be an alive and fit latin woman! "Life is beautiful sometimes" Sarah remarked to Liz while staring off into the distance. "Yes it is baby, I hope you enjoy feeding the hounds as much as I will!"

    Sarah smiled and kissed her lover on the cheek before messing with Liz's soft hair, she absolutely adored this woman, and loved every moment that she spent with her. She then looked off to the side and saw that Miranda had begun to wake up. Sarah then took several tentative steps forward towards the hanging cage that held Miranda over a large and very hungry pack of dogs, each barking and growling at their food, held just out of reach. As Sarah walked over towards the cage, anyone watching would have been captivated by how beautiful Sarahs nude form was as it glided over the soft grass, the soft bouncing of her breasts in the summer sun, and the swaying of her ass , the dogs made room for their master, and Sarah petted the doberman on its head.

    "Let me out of here BITCH!" The soon to be dogshit yelled, spitting and cursing at the human woman. The dogshits sweat covered ass bounced each time it slammed its fits against its cage creating quite the show for Liz as she observed the goings on while she finished restraining the still unconscious Jenny facedown onto the conveyor belt.

    "Sorry, Dogshit doesn't get to decide its fate." To emphasize Sarahs point, the dogs around her began to bark viciously at their food, causing it to cower back briefly in fear. Before Dogshit regained its composure and yelled back, "Don't you dare fucking call me dogshit you heartless bitch, once my father finds out what has happened here, you will both wish you were both dead! I am a WOMAN my name is MIRANDA!" Dogshit yelled, inadvertently causing its tanned soft mouthwatering tits to bounce and clap together when it said, "woman".

    Sarah sighed and laughed, "Why in the fuck do I talk to food before its eaten Liz?" Sarah asked. Liz shook her head and replied, "Because playing with your food is fun baby."

    Sarah then left dogshit to hang above the hounds, as two or three more deep guttural barks from the doberman caused it to lose its nerve and shrink back in its cage. Sarah approached liz and then got with her inside of a makeshift cage that they had designed. Its purpose was to push the meat that was tied down onto a conveyor belt forward, but only when the user behind it (wearing a specialized pink vibrating doubledildo) thrust forward into its ass or pussy The meat would then slowly exit an opening in the cage, at just the right height to feed the dogs as each bit exited the cage.

    Sarah stepped into the cage with Liz and whistled to the dogs, who quickly left Dogshits cage alone and ran over to Jenny's cage. "We didn't give this one a name." Sarah realized. "Fuckmeat." Liz said as she grabbed the remote to the outdoor speakers before pinching fuckmeats clit until it woke up screaming in agony. Liz put the first half of the double-dildo into her pussy, and Sarah sat down behind her, masturbating and watching the display, where she had a good view of both Liz's ass and the dogs.

    (((In a fouthwall breaking moment, Liz looked out directly into the distance, right at the reader and said, "Put your hands on your pussy and hit play,this is for all of you, let's have fun together and enjoy lifes simple pleasures, focus on the bouncing asses,the rythmic music, the severed tits and the wonderful screams!")))Liz hit play, immediately Love Rollercoaster began to play outdoors, and Liz inserted the other tip of the dildo into fuckmeats virgin ass, causing it to scream out in pain. "STOP! MIRANDA HELP ME!" Dogshit heard its sisters pleas and yelled in horror as it realized what was going to happen to its sister. "LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE! PLEASE STOP! STOP NOW YOU FUCKS!"

    Liz moaned and thrust forward, causing the conveyor belt to move forward a half inch, Liz's tits to bounce forward and the dogs outside to get a tantalizing climpse of fuckmeats black hair.

    Liz began to time her thrusts to the music, thrusting in and out every three seconds, each time more and more of fuckmeat became visible to the hungry hounds. Soon enough Rex, a feisty retriever, jumped up and grabbed a mouthful of hair, causing fuckmeat to scream out loud in pain as the dog began to drag her forward quicker. Sarah for her part, was lost in a wonderful world of watching Liz's ass clench and bounce with each thrust, but soon got another treat as a dalmatian jumped up and bit fuckmeat on the nose, ripping it off. "AAGGGHHH HELP ME SISTER! PLEEEEASE HEEELPPP MEEE!" Fuckmeat screamed as the dogs began a feeding frenzy, Liz thrust forward two more times in rapid succession to give the dogs more to chew on, and was rewarded when one of the dobermans ripped off half of fuckmeats face with a loud tearing sound, before chewing the morsel and scarfing it down its throat. Liz thrust more until fuckmeats tits began to sway towards the opening, fuckmeat shook its head in horror as two of the dogs jumped up and each grabbed a tit. Fuckmeat lifted its head in a primordial beautiful scream that caused both Liz and Sarahs pussys to shudder in lust.

    WAAAHGGGGHGHHH HEEEELEEELLLPPPP MEEEEEEEEEE! Fuckmeat screamed as the dogs pulled as hard as they could on their food, canine mouths salivated at the delicious flavor as a mix of blood and milk seeped into their maws. Dogshit shrieked in panicked horror and yelled, "SISTER! NOOOO OH MY GOD NOOOOO! Fuckmeat wailed as the dogs struggled to rip the flesh from the stubborn meal, Liz saw their predicament and increased her thrusts accordingly, her own pussy feeling red hot as her nipples hardened while watching and listening to the sexy display.

    Sure enough, the doberman on the left managed to rip off the entire tit, causing it to fall to the ground with a wet "plop" where three different dogs each grabbed an end and pulled, stretching the tit to three times its origional size before it ripped apart in the center, with Rex getting the nipple. Fuckmeats flesh was then swallowed into the waiting canine stomachs. A little palmeranian gave a cute burp as it feasted on a smaller chunk that had fallen.

    Dogmeats sisters cries were pure and natural, of an animal being devoured , but Dogmeat couldn't bear to hear them. "PLEASE HAVE MERCY I BEG YOU STOOOOP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOPPPPPPP! LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE!" Sarah got up from behind Liz's ass and flipped off dogmeat, before turning around and shaking her ass towards dogmeats direction. Liz grinned and briefly swatted Sarah on the ass before increasing her thrusts into fuckmeats small tight ass.

    With another yank, two more dogs managed to rip off fuckmeats other tit, and ripped it in half. However, a smaller beagle named Jake grabbed the nipple and dropped it at Sarahs feet, barking pleasantly and wagging its tail. "Good boy Jake! Whos a good puppy!!!" Jake licked Sarahs face and melted Sarahs heart, the kindness of dogs cannot be understated if they are treated properly by their owners.

    Sarah gladly accepted the nipple, and then used it to finger her own pussy, thrusting the severed nipple in and out of her pussy as she watched the erotic display. By now the night air was filled with primordial howling coming from fuckmeat which drowned out the sobs of its sister and almost drowned out Love Rollercoaster, until it lowered and added a nice background ambiance to the music Dogshit, despite being overcome with grief reached out her hand towards fuckmeat. Fuckmeat attempted to do the same, but her arm was then snatched by two big rottwilers who summairly ripped it from its socket, and then dragged it over to the horrified dogshit, misunderstanding the gesture. Dogshit threw up onto the ground, and almost hit the dogs, who were angered by the projectile, the two dogs then sneered at dogshit and then began to chew and rip at the arm, soon a loud CRUNCH was heard as the dogs broke the primary bone and feasted on their lunch.

    By now fuckmeats stomach was in range of the dogs, and they wasted no time in ripping the soft belly open and feasting on the insides, a retriever and a doberman grabbed each of the large and small intestines, dragging them into the waiting pack, who tore them to shreds.

    Fuckmeat, realizing it was about to expire, moaned out through the yard, "Sister.... HelllpppCRUNCH meejelunchsaladbaseball Dogshit could only cry as it saw the reason for fuckmeats speech was that Rex had bitten through the skull and started eating the brain.

    Liz's entire fucktoy began to violently convulse, thrusting its hips back and fourth against the dildo and Liz's pussy, causing her to shriek out in pleasure the spasaming also caused the asscheeks to twitch, before the body went limp. Liz turned to Sarah and smiled before saying, "That was one hell of a good fuck"

    Sarah nodded and then said, "I'm horny as fuck, mind if I hump that ass for a second?" Liz nodded and withdrew the dildo from her own pussy, leaving a slick sticky trail of vaginal discharge that Sarah easily slid onto. Sarahs eyes closed in estacy as she began to thrust against the lifeless flesh, before she was surprised by Liz's lips nipping at her neck, and Liz's hands massaging her tits from behind her. Sarah kept her eyes closed and kept thrusting as Liz pinched her nipples and then nibbled at her ear before kissing down her spine then back up again.

    "Ohhhhh yesss baby... Mmmmmmm your making me soo fucking hot...." Sarah breathed huskily as Liz wrapped her arms infront of Sarah and began to toy with Sarahs clit as Sarah thrust into what remained of fuckmeat until her moment of estacy was broken when...

    "YOU TWO DESERVE TO DIE YOU SICK BITCHES!" came the loud and rude comment from dogshit, interrupting their beautiful moment together. Sarah opened her eyes angerly and looked back at her lover, Liz smiled and nodded.

    It was time for the main event.

    Hey DOGSHIT!" Liz yelled back, "Hows the cage treating ya?" Dogshit froze when it remembered what had happened to its sister and then shrank back in primal fear.

    Eat her! Sarah yelled to the dogs, who ran back towards Dogshits cage, Liz threw a nearby switch and the bottom of Dogshits cage fell open, causing Dogshit to fall through, face down and ass up. Dogshit looked up in horror to see a pack of thirty dogs running towards her jaws open wide.

    Liz drew close to Sarahs ear as Dogshit turned to run away, exposing its glorious ass for both of them to see, "See that hot bouncing ass... Liz whispered huskily as she ran her hands down Sarahs torso towards her pussy " "Yeah Sarah replied, " "That ass is going to become shit...." Sarah moaned as Liz thrust her fingers into Sarah and got Sarah off as they watched the show together.

    This time around they were guaranteed to get the best views, Liz had five drones flying around her backyard that activated when she threw the switch, they were programmed to get the best views. Right now as Dogshit ran in terror for cover, a drone flew not far behind, zooming in on dogshits bouncing ass as it rippled with each stride of its legs, while another drone up ahead zoomed in on Dogshits reddened tear streaked face as it ran in terror, catching its sexy horror and screams with HD audio.

    Dogshit sauntered through the expansive yard trying to find some exit, some tree that was climable, but only encountered obsticle after obsticle. It never knew how little its life mattered, or how the only thing important about it was how much its ass and tits bounced, but Liz and Sarah knew, dogshit existed for pure sexual entertainment. Sarah grunted as Liz increased her tempo on Sarahs pussy, Sarah watched a large television monitor set up in the yard that showed the feed from the drones, and a couple of head mounted gopros on the dogs.

    Dogshit cursed as it ran into a tree-branch and kept on running forward, before its foot got twisted on a branch. Dogshit fell and shrieked in sheer terror, before trying to get back up. The closest drone zoomed in on its ass as it made its way back up onto its feet and tried to run again, fortunately, a nearby doberman saw its opportunity and pounced, not on the ass, or the leg, but sank its jaws firmly on dogshits pussy from underneath. Dogshit yelled in agony as the dog sank its teeth deep into the flesh, before a german sheppard wearing a gopro caught up and then sank its jaws into the right ass cheekcausing the other cheek to give a loud slapping noise as the dog tried to rip off a large bite. "Faster BABY!" Sarah moaned as she watched the gopro. Liz got on her knees and began to lap at Sarahs pussy from behind her, Sarah moaned and rubbed her ass in Liz's face as she watched the doberman finally manage to rip out a chunk of dogshits pussy, including the clit and left flap. AAAAAAAGGGGHGGH HEEEELPPPP GODDD HEEEEEEELLLLLLLPO Aaaaaaagggggh" The erotic agonized screams filled the air and the drone zoomed in on the screaming face, catching the perfect audio for the moment.

    "Help me" Liz mocked in a sweet tone as she paused from licking Sarahs pussy, Sarah felt another shudder through her pussy as Liz continued to mock their entertainment between licks. "Oh god help me please" Liz mocked again, nearly sending Sarah into an orgasm. As Sarah watched the footage, she began to cheer, "DIE... Oh FUCKING DIEEE! EAT THAT ASS, OH YES EAT HER PUSSY... OH MAKE HER SCREAM!" Liz increased how quickly her tongue passed Sarahs clit each time Sarah mocked dogshit. One of the dogs managed to rip out Dogshits ovaries, causing Sarah to orgasm, but Sarah wasn't done yet.

    "HEEEEEELLLLPPP MEEEE!" Dogshit screamed as another dog dug its teeth into her left ass cheek, both dogs fighting over her ass caused dogshits ass to bounce back and fourth as the dogs fought over it.

    Dogshits tits were bouncing erratically in response to the feasting, dogshit was then thrown three feet into the air by the attacking dogs who finally dragged it off of its feet and tossed it like a toy in the air. Sarah moaned as she watched one of the gopro dogs rip off a chunk of dogshits ass and begin to chew it. dogshit was finally living up to its proper name. "OH FUCK YES BABY, there eating it, Sarahs eyes turned to to the monitor showing dogshits tits, and saw a doberman approach them. Liz knew what was coming and prepared her hand to slap Sarahs ass with each chant, "EAT IT! (Slap) OH FUCK YES EAT IT! (Slap) EAT HER (Slap) EAT HER (Slap) EAT HER! (Slap)

    Liz realized what was missing and briefly removing her face from Sarahs pussy and ass, activated the audio coming from the gopro closest to dogmeat and piped it through the backyard speakers. Sarahs pussy gushed into Liz's mouth as soon as they heard the dogfoods screams coming through the speakers. A dog eached up and savagly bit off dogmeats left nipple, during which Liz removed her mouth from drinking Sarahs orgasm and mocked again, "Help me"

    Sarah couldn't imagine a better heaven on earth, she and Liz were listening to the most primal noises in nature, and loving every second of it.

    Sarahs hot ass ground into Lizs face as she watched dogmeats swaying tits get ripped from its body. A doberman ripped off the right tit and chewed it right over dogshits screaming face, before accidentally dropping some into dogshits screaming mouth, which during its agony it accidentally swallowed.

    Dogshits asscheeks were half devoured, the flesh now digesting in ten different dog stomachs, but the show wasn't over yet. Rex walked over to where Jack had torn out dogmeats left eyeball, and then without warning, began to hump the eye socket, the agony it caused dogshit is indescribable, but it was nothing compared to when Rex ejaculated inside of dogshits eye socket.

    The rib-cage of dogshit was ripped apart, with two dalmatians fighting over two ribs, and Jack going for the lungs. Soon Dogshit stopped screaming,and like its sister, began to convulse. The one remaining tit bounced back and fourth for a minute as the body spasmed, before Rex ripped it from the torso.

    Sarah moaned then looked forward, and realized that while Liz had drank most of her juices, some of it had fallen onto the now cold ass of fuckmeat, a fitting end to their wonderful evening. She pivoted her hips and began to grind against the asscheek as Liz grabbed the dildo and inserted one end into herself, and the other into Sarah's pussy..

    To be continued!!.
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    Re: WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

    Postby Greg4life » Sat Jul 18, 2020 12:32 pm

    Parallel Story, Lauras Epic life is posted in the special section of the literature forum, note that Sarahs epic life will continue to be mostly updated here but with chapters containing more contrivertial content uploaded to the other section of the site.
    Thanks to our readers for making us feel welcome and for the feedback on the stories! Your suggestions, comments and edits have made Sarahs Epic Life into the epic that it is, and so far the story is only 1/20th the length of the finished work. Most of what is uploaded here are the sex scenes, we are rewriting the overall plot and extra scenes in the background, which we hope to upload as a complete work in a decade.

    Look forward to more chapters soon!
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    Re: WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

    Postby Greg4life » Thu Aug 27, 2020 10:56 pm

    Note from my coauthor Sarah, one of the authors of this work as we finalize the next chapter,

    There is a hidden reason for the stories existence. To let out humanities inner demons, wither its an arousal over horror or just evil, if you get through the story feeling bad in the end but manage to satisfy some darker urge so you can go on and be a good person towards real people, you are the target audience, because you are human and still have a concience. The demon in people will bring them back to read and enjoy more, hopefully leaving that side of themselves here so that they can be better people in the real world.

    All living things need an outlet, this is for the darkest ones so that as a society we can be there for others, and leave the implications of exestential horrors of dark pleasure and lack of empathy here. This story is what all of us hope isn't a justifiable situation that there is some universal truth that this is wrong and not simply another way of life. To deal with trauma some events are turn ons, wither that makes you evil or good is if you keep wanting to help people in real life, and focus your hatred and personal horror of a universes apathy here vs if you cannot emphasuze with the stories victims after orgasm. A part of us wants to not, this story exists to feed and placate that part, and addresses the scaudenfraude that most people repress then snap without ever realizing that they have.

    Look at how successful the saw series is to see how humanity really is at its core. Capable of unimaginable beauty and horror two extremes that can coexist in almost every human being but rarely fully explored at its darkest.

    For those of us who are tormented by the question, what if there was no actual wrong in the universe and what it would mean and how do we deal with that potential horror, wither through masturbation or avoidance, thanks for reading, and expect more chapters soon, there is a need for more exploration of what if....evil was good and vs versa.

    Just remember, humanity as a whole is capable of great evil, but also great good. Keep the evil here, and live your real lives spreading the good.

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    Re: WIP Story:Sarahs Epic Life (NC FF/F,Gynophagia/Scat/SW)

    Postby Greg4life » Thu Nov 12, 2020 6:48 pm

    Love, Hunger... Sarah had experianced it all, but by now, age was creeping up on her. At 25, she was beginning to worry that one day Liz might not find her attractive anymore, though Liz assured her that would never be the case.

    Infact, over the years the two women seemly only got hotter and hotter, their breasts more firm, their asses more shapely, Liz had a running theory that their unique "diet" was not only increasing their sex appeal, but also giving them regenerative... abilities?

    During a dark time in her relationship with Liz, long before they found out just how far sex could go, Sarah had cut herself just to feel something. Those days were long gone, as she felt more alive than ever before, but Sarah couldn't help but realize with a mixture of wonder and mild horror that all of those cuts had long dissapeared from her body. Cuts healing over time wasn't uncommon, but healing so completly as to completely dissapear?

    That was something else entirely.

    Sarah and Liz had one doctor, Isabella Stewart, who they went to, and while Isabella was a very open and understanding person, they understandably kept their diet and sex life private from her, but both women wished that they could confide in their doctor as to the source of their incredible health and fitness.

    The universe was cruel, the women's asses and stomachs were crueler still, but in a twist of irony, they realized that what they were doing was actually a net benefit for the universe. For not only did they two women begin to unaturally heal, but luck was frequently on their side, things always seemed to go right, Liz won the lottery two years ago and that had set them up big for retirement, Sarah was getting lots of money from her online cooking instruction class that she was teaching, and there was a sense of extreme peace and tranquility in their relationship.

    In addition to reducing the overall overpopulation of the planet, it seemed that every screaming teenager that they shoved up their colons and used as a double ended dildo when they fucked deserved their fate. The human body was designed for sex, denying sex for chasity went against the natural order of the universe, and there was no music more beautiful to either of them than the agonized screams of religious teenagers.

    Sarah was currently studying a running theory she had on why she was regenerating, by playing a recording of her snacks digesting alive and their cries to a dead plant that she had on the wall. Sure enough, to her and Liz's shocked faces, the plant began to regenerate after only a week. While it still looked sickly, the leaves miraciously began to unshrivel and the color began to slowly return to the vines.

    In a couple of weeks, Sarahs 18 year old niece was going to be visiting, and they had some work to do to help "clean up the house" in order to make sure that her niece didn't expose their private lives to the world. Their refridgerator was filled with severed tits, asses, rib cages and barbecued legs, the meat would need to be chopped up in order to no longer look human, same for the severed stuffed asses on display in the living room, also the only classic toilet in the house would need to be reactivated. It still wasn't connected to actual plumbing, Sarah would need to get a teenager to sit underneath the toilet uneen buried under the tiles, with the pipe leading to its mouth, but that would be an easy fix, a church down the road was opening soon womed at hip teenagers, and since they learned about it, both womens mouths were watering.

    Sarah then went to grab a knife from the counter and found that it was stuck, causing her to frown before Sarah yanked hard, but that had an unfortunate side effect of causing the entire knife holder to fall forward, sending one of the knives hurtiling downward until it went right through her foot. FUCK!" Sarah shouted in pain. But when she did so, something happened that stunned her.

    When she shouted, every glass pane in the house vibrated. "Great, a fucking earthquake is all that I need" Sarah said as she yanked the knife from her foot. Sarah then rushed to get to the bathroom, before realizing that she no longer felt pain. Sarah counted her blessing as she ran cold water over her foot in the bathtub, only to find out that her foot had completly healed.

    "No fucking way... Oh my... HOLY SHIT!" Sarahs expression went from shock to utter amazement. "Holy fuck!" she shouted again in amazement. Sarah literally jumped up and down in glee, causing her tits to bounce and sway before she stopped and looked down at her urinal strapped against the wall.

    It was some blonde teen she had captured from the nearby church one evening, cute face but lacking on the assets department. The teenagers eyes were tear stricken but it couldn't reply as its tongue had been fed to the dogs last week. The toilets eues opened in terror as Sarah squatted over it and aimed her urthera at her toilet, causing it to sexily wimper in fear as she began to piss in its mouth. As sarah got turned on from looking into its terrified eyes she realized something that she had suspected for a long time. "I'm fucking IMMORTAL!" The terrified toilet didn't believe its owner but that didn't matter, it served its purpose.

    Sarah grabbed its bible from the nearby counter and wiped her pussy clean from front to back with it, before she turned around and prsented her anus to the toilet. The toilet let out a gagged plea for mercy and shook its head back and fourth violently. Sarahs sexy ass cheeks just slowly lowered their way down onto its face, before Sarah farted loudly down the toilets throat.

    Sarah then began to masturbate with the toilets bible as she ran it up and down her crotch. "ooohhh yesss." Sarah moaned as she felt movement in her body as her shit sped towards the waiting toilet. As Sarahs anus began to open, Sarah exclaimed, "I'm a FUCKING GODESS! EAT MY SHIT YOU WORTHLESS B-(Sarahs ass Farted before depositing the first load of crap)ITCH!

    At that moment, a light shone down from the sky through the window and illuminated Sarahs face, she looked angellic. A sudden feeling of tranquility fileld Sarah as the toilet beneath her began to swallow. "GULP" Sarah quickened her masturbation with the bible as she sent a huge log of shit from her ass into the mouth below. Unknown to Sarah, her face actually began to SHINE, illuminating the bathroom interior. Sarahs ass also began to slightly change shape as Sarah slowly changed from human woman to immortal goddess.

    Sarahs ass grew wider and sexier, Sarahs tits also subtily grew bigger but firmer at the same time. "Phwfffffftt!-Gulp-Gulp" "OH FUCK YEAH!" Sarah exclaimed as a sudden orgasm overwhelmed her, causing her juices to squirt out and coat the religious text that she was proving her superiority over. The toilet below her began to heave and gag as the amount of shit it was eating increased, but Sarah paid the worthless toilet no mind.

    However, unknown to Sarah, her anus began to expand, and slowly enveloped the terrified toilets head, the toilet began to violently punch its fists against the cheeks of Sarahs ass, but to no avail. Sarah then looked underneath her and realized what was happening, and said, "Oh my god... Holy shit that feels AMAZING!"

    The toilet, still swallowing load after load of Sarahs Shit, was sucked up Sarahs ass head first, at full size. Sarahs ass cheeks wiggled and heaved as the toilet was now sucked in far enough that its tits dissapeared. "I wish I hadn't cut out your tongue, I want to hear you scream!" Sarah said dejectedly. Then as if an answer to her prayer, Sarahs mouth dropped open as she heard the toilet scream, "HELP ME JESUS!" from deep inside of her butt.

    "OH FUCK YES!" Sarah exclaimed as she made another wish, "SCREAM IN AGONY!" As if on que, every nerve ending in the toilet felt like it was on fire, and loud muffled shrieks of pain and torment echoed in the room, as Sarahs face shone brighter and the toilet was sucked in, by now the toilets ass cheeks were being swallowed by Sarahs, two little bumps along side two much bigger ones. And then, almost as soon as it began, it was over, the toilets legs dissapeared inside of Sarahs ass, and Sarahs ass returned to its sexier but much more normal sized shape.

    Sarah could hear the snapping of bone and cartelidge as her prey was digested alive/ Sarah began to wipe her ass with the preys bible as the prey shrieked, "JESUS HELP ME!" Causing Sarah to orgasm. "I AM YOUR GODDESS BITCH, EAT SHIT AND DIE!" An erotic scream of utter terror echoed from inside of Sarahs throat, as the Godess' stomach acid began to furiously digest its food.

    Sarah then threw the bible in the trash and began to masturbate with her back against the wall as she reveled in the terrified screams echoing from her insides. By now it was of a soul wailing, condemed to a hell it very much deserved. It gave one more massive wail of agony, causing Sarah to drop to her knees as she was hit by multiple orgasms. The screaming faded, but Sarahs eyes began to give a soft glow as Sarah stood up and straightened her hair in the mirror.

    Things would never be the same, but then again, things were only getting better and better from here on out. Sarah then belched loudly. " Thats what you get for being a worthless virgin bitch." Sarah said as she grinned In responce to her words, Sarahs ass began to sexify even more as the virgin toilet was turned into muscle and sex appeal.

    To be continued!
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