Trying to contribute. Does this count? ???/F/M

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Trying to contribute. Does this count? ???/F/M

Postby MDCappy » Sat Mar 24, 2018 8:08 am

Who am I? What am I?
Just a person.
Just a fool.
Long have I stalked.
Long have I read.
Long have I listened.
So many provide.
So many cared.
So many create.
So many needs.
So let speak of a story.
Maybe my own?
Not with how this ends.

Unknown eating Female/Male.
C1:An Arrow to the Knee Would Have Been Kinder

Many an hour has passed since that day when spring last longest for the year. I remember that day. For some reason the smell of honey drift on the air and the flowers blooming from the once frigid ground to tell the world that soon the sun would come again. It was out in the park that I had wandered and heard the girl scream. So let me tell you my point of view.

It was late in the night when the chill in the air bit at my arms, the flowers had given up for hope of the sun's ray returning but there was that smell of honey that spoke of something out of the unnatural. Perhaps if there were tea served by the picnic tables yet as I cast my eyes across I could only find that it was a truth. I was alone. The moon was but a sliver and the light in the park only just illuminated the ground. Barely a cloud in the sky other then the single one that crossed the moon itself.

Nature was an interesting thing wasn't it? From that single cloud a darkness was cast thick enough to blind no matter how hard I stared into the shadow. In that moment I heard a sound. A scream of a woman as if stabbed in the heart and left to make the final blood curdling screech to the high heavens in claim for mercy. I was a young man, barely along in my years but still enough to be considered well into the age of an adult. It was in those days I also felt that I was a man. Nothing could keep me down and there was always a test to prove my mettle!

In that darkness I sprint and for a moment I could tell where I was going. First past the park benches from which many elders would feed the birds that lived in the nearby trees. Just up this hill, five steps forward, little turn to the left and along a path that felt like stone. This path cut all the way through the park and made a good jog easy, the tender usually making sure each stone was well set. Another scream told me to come off of the road halfway there however and of course being the strong man I was I answered with a mighty leap and continued sprint after I had landed.

It was beyond the next line of trees that she had screamed out! I knew this in my heart and I felt every one of my mental cues to signal the fact that I was going to help her! Did she get stuck in a tree? Was there some pervert trying to take advantage of her? Whatever wall of thorns was there tore at my skin as I continued to run as something else in my mind telling me a simple fact...

This wasn't right.

There were no thorns in the park.

Where was this?

It could be ignored! "I'm Coming! Hang On!" So the signal was called. I was coming! I was going to help this woman and she'd be thankful for my help after her distress! Perhaps a father that would yield to giving a reward for their daughter's safety? It was icing on the cake but it would have to be frosted later! For now he still had to bake those actions and prepare it to serve.

A third screech cried out! Did some bastard leave a beartrap out again to try and hurt the neighborhood kids? Did this woman get caught? Finally making it out into a clearing the park it- it did not look like the park that I knew... It was as if I was in the middle of a thick forest with the moon shining around the cloud overhead and in this clearing stood my own quarry! But what was I seeing?

It looked like a feathery trash bag with an opening of a giant beak from which the girl was partially poured out. One hand outstretched towards what would be her savior, a single eye missing as if it had been torn from it's socket and blood pouring both over her face and that single arm. What was this that I saw? Did somebody ruin this girl's body and leave her as trash in this thing? She had to be weak as she sank in, her head vanishing...

Rewards and riches? A woman's life? My own? There were so many things that were on the table that I felt the need to flip it and turn life on it's head! Murderers still in the park? I ignored it as I ran forward to her! A feathery bag of bodies? It did not matter as I placed my foot against it, reaching in and grabbing the arm to stop her from sinking! This giant beak that remained open... Fleshy?...

The smell of death came up, rancid from this feathery bag as I tried to pull the girl up! Gnarly and sickened as it twist my stomach, my other hand pushing at a patch of feather to help hurry this process up before I lose my breath and gag on these wretched fumes! What was it that I saw when I looked down, this strange fleshy tube and the girl's face staring up at me with hope! She had screamed but she did not speak, everything to be said found in her eyes and in the motion of her arm as she tried to pull herself up! As well as my arm back in...

The beat of the heart would not of been a long enough tracker of time to tell how quickly everything came to an end! That beak had closed with a viciousness not unlike the beartrap that I did dread from before! My manliness was suddenly brought into question as I too screamed, yelling out in pain as I felt something cut through the flesh and down to the bone! I had never felt any such agony and adrenaline was pumping through my body as I as well dyed of my own skin the crimson of my blood. This machine? No.

With the beak closed I could see it, the eyes of the beast that showed it's hunger and it's fury from this new treat that tried to take it's first! Grinding and crushing the bone snapping and a hoarse cry as the arm was sent down with the woman! Everything in what remained was on fire as I fell back and lay before this monsterous abomination! Too dark to see but bright enough to know a simple truth! This was a nightmare incarnate. One that stepped forth with now shown claws with the feet of a bird to stare down at it's newest meal.

I was not a man. Not enough to stand before something like this and think to live to tell the tale. Not after how easily and quickly for the matter that it had torn through the bone of my arm! Needless to say that lately I find what I had gone through rather... Humerous! Even with only half of my right one left. Blood running with pain suddenly seeping into my body. The cloud of the sky moved out of the way of the moon and it's light shined bright enough to illuminate the world around me!

Not a thing was to be found. The bird like creature, the woman, and the rest of my right arm all vanished. My left now moved to the pockets, fumbling with a phone. Why did I not call the cops before? I was stupid enough to charge in that day and by the time I was able to dial 911 I had passed out from blood loss. I walked into the park that day a man.

I left on a gurney while they rushed me to the hospital.

Awakening and telling myself that it was a dream.

Just so I don't have to think about what she went through...
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Re: Trying to contribute. Does this count? ???/F/M

Postby MDCappy » Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:08 am

What's this?
How strange.
I seem to have fallen asleep.
Where was I?
Let me recount my steps.
Was it before the fairies?
Indeed it was.
Was it after the meeting?
Yes! Yes!
It had to be for certain!
So let this one try again.

Warning: Scary spiders? I guess.
C1.5:I Have a Question.

It had been a long time since that day. My first awakening was it's own sense of hell. The cracks in my bone had not healed and every single open nerve was raw to the very thread of existence! That day I screamed once more, a nurse putting me to sleep through one of those things. They call a Drip? IV Drip? I never was a man of medicine.

Weeks passed before I could be released. They explained why I lost a little feeling in my left arm as well, already a problem considering I was right handed. Rehabilitation was key and even now I couldn't open that lock. To write, to draw, even to pick up a fork or spoon and the very thought of needing to cut something was nothing short of intimidating! I had come to think of myself, for myself, and when I left that hospital I went to live by myself.

It was all a dream. A terrible nightmare formed by a disillusioned mind after a man had taken a terrible vice and torn my arm off. A forgery of reality so that I could cope with the truth by living in the lie. There was no bird like monster, a thing created for I must have always deep down feared crows! There was no little girl, the idea of symbolism being swallowed whole by this nightmare ordeal! There was no strange forest in the middle of the park, of course a thought produced of my mind after the terrible shock and feeling of disarray! LOST! Lost in my own mind after the attack!

It made sense! it was the only thing I could believe when I left the hospital, questioned again and again even while under duress from the stress of physical tests and recovery after this terrible mess! I needed order. I needed peace. I needed home. I returned alright, somebody already learning that I had left my home for the hospital with my windows broken in. The police already were around, caught those thieves while I was in the hospital. The windows were still broken but my belongings remained.

The top floor overlooking one house and then the park at which I suffered from my encounter. The first floor being my primary living space. The basement suddenly started to sound nice though. Surrounded by earthy depths and away from everything after the ordeal. The day I returned home I made the basement into my bedroom for several days before I was willing to see the light again. The food in the fridge had finally entirely spoiled. I couldn't hide forever.

The basement was such a comfort. The first floor a foundation to what would become my sanity. I left the house for the first time after many days, windows replaced by them using professional labor and of all things I thought about wanting! It was a computer. Something to help me pass the time. I had always been an outdoors type. Now I wanted seclusion.

I had begun buying more canned foods. Things practically soaked in preservatives and capable of lasting until the next thousand lives came to pass. Dried oats, dried fruit, dried vegetables, vitamin supplements, canned beans, canned meats, canned fruits, canned vegetables, dried milk, dried flour! Wait. Flour was already meant to be dry. Even shopping I started making sense of the world again.

It was my first time too really exploring the electronics section. Pad products, tablet things, gamer consoles, videos from aisle to aisle, televisions larger then my body and printers over phones over radios! I enjoy the radio but that was not what I was here for. I had found the laptops and desktops. Which one should I choose? Which one was better for me? The workers were useless! Clueless about the very electronics they sold!

Infuriating and baffling! The idea but then it was up to me. Laptops could probably travel. Was I going to travel again? Was I ever going to leave the house after this? I gave up on the idea but at the same time they looked a lot simpler. The typing board, screen, and box were all in one package where the desktops were...



Maybe cheaper was for the best. Funds might get tight soon. A basic desktop set would be enough to get him started. Screen, keyboard, mouse, and the box thingy. I wasn't a techy either! I took a computer class once but the only thing they taught us there was how to power it on, log into the set accounts, and use a single typing program over and over again! That was my experience.

By the time I returned home I had come to grasp what kind of trouble I was getting into by doing this. The computer box was so large and just with my one hand and decent arm. I could barely feel the cardboard let alone hold the damned thing! Even so I got through it. Didn't have one of those dollies? I think that's how they were called. Had to slide it halfway there and then roll the box. Not a pretty sight but the packaging in the box held the system firm and safe.

This wasn't going to be brought down stairs easily without help. Or upstairs for that matter... The upstairs however did not feel like a good idea. The idea of being in a high enough level to watch that park seemed like a terrible way to bring about bad fortune. So the groceries would be brought in, the box for the computer would be open, and a way to set it up would be another issue. No computer desk.

The box thing I'd set up on my coffee table. Got the screen up there too and figured out how everything kind of just looked like they went together. This plugged into that, that plugged into this, these colors matched these ones, and boy was I surprised when it also came with speakers! Plug it in! Boot it on! And finally it was time to join the online world from the safety of the house! Or at least that was my hope.

Turns out I had to set it up first.

Name. PC Name. Company? I wasn't employed! Retired and with a great check for that matter. I shouldn't have a care in the world! Or at least I shouldn't have to have one. How much longer was this setup? What was an automatic update? Why was the computer resetting so much!? Sitting there for what felt like hours I'd finally get on for the first time within the minutes of setting it up! Yes! YES! Now to finally get some answers!

Like what was the disk burner? DVD? This thing could copy DVD's then? Remarkable! That was the thought as I test each and every single icon of the preloaded software! Trial period. Please pay. Keycode required. Another trial. Over and over again I'd find out something else out.

Preloaded computers were god awful from the stores...

But the internet! The internet was a whole new thing and another question to be answered! But what one? Why did I even want this computer other then to answer the question that could not be asked of people personally... It was all a dream. Here on this first floor I was safe, sound, secure, and able to ask my question... So look it up? That's what I decided to do. Giant Bird Eating.

Oh Sweet Merry Christs No!

SPIDERS! Spiders everywhere on the screen with many larger then the palm of a man's hand! Delete! DELETE! DELETE! Oh how I pressed that key as hard as I could as the cheap keyboard crunched. Right! The x! Click the x! There were some things that weren't right to bring up before a man's eyes and a countless display of spiders was one of them! Especially whatever a Goliath Birdeater was!


Another day.

For now a nap.

Then tomorrow I'll try again.
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Re: Trying to contribute. Does this count? ???/F/M

Postby Speedyblupi » Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:01 pm

This is some of the best creative writing I've ever seen. You've got some really interesting descriptions, and your use of sentence structure is great too.

There are a few grammar errors (mostly where you've used "it's" instead of "its"), but not many. Good job.
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