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Dragons Delight

Postby StormChaser » Sat Dec 10, 2016 12:17 am

Greetings, so, I'm a longtime user of Aryion and Eka's portal but this is my first time posting anything, me and a friend have been roleplaying for a while and I decided to try my hand at adapting some of our roleplays, they're not the best but I think we have a certain creative chemistry together, I have their full knowledge and permission for this, though they wish to remain anonymous. If this is liked by enough people (say, more than two) I may look at working on more stuff and perhaps even applying for a gallery on here, I think that's how it works anyway, but without further ado, I give you Dragon's Delight. Please comment below with your thoughts. (Sorry if anyone already claimed that title, I can probably change it if anyone complains.)

This work contains Blood, Guro, Snuff/Death and Hard Vore consider yourself warned.

Dragons Delight: Chapter 1, A Cat's Tale

The black dragon Cyrus rose from his slumber, it was that time of the month again when the local town offered him a virgin sacrifice to sate his hunger and prevent him from terrorising their flocks and burning down their buildings. as he left the mouth of his cave lair high in the mountains he spotted what looked like this months dinner, wearing a long hooded cloak, she seemed different though, she didn't shiver in fear or cower like most did, nor did she appear restrained or chained to a nearby rock like most were.
The dragon moved out the cave and headed towards the women. His tail swaying side by side as his breathed a small amount of fire as he stared at her “This is new” his voice was very deep and grumble like an earthquake
She gasped a bit and stood up as he approached her, though she didn’t turn to run, as he stood before her she pulled back the hood, revealing a pair of wide green eyes and catlike ears on her head, her skin also seemed to be a somewhat different complexion than the local humans, she blushed slightly and bowed before him “greetings.”
“Are you the sacrifice?” his glowing eyes looking her up and down. Studying her as she stood there “This is new for them to out source to a different farm. You aren't like the humans there so why are you here?”
She blushed a bit more as he gazed down at her with glowing eyes “I am the sacrifice, I volunteered, I am Storm, a priestess from a country to the far east, and I came to find a dragon.”
“You volunteered?” he let out a loud laugh as he breathed fire over her head. None it touching her but she could feel the heat “No one does that. Why would you want to be sent to your death?”
She shivered a bit as she felt the jet of flame over her head and let out what sounded like a purr “As I said, I am a priestess, we do not believe that death is the end, in my country we believe that just as cattle was created by the gods to serve humans, humans and similar races were created to serve dragons, since is not a human as comparable to a dragon as a sheep is to a human”.
“I like the way you think Storm. More people should think like you. I wouldn't have to waste energy hunting then.” He sat down staring at the women still expecting her to run. Finding it hard to believe she really meant what she said.
She blushed slightly as she took a hesitant step a little closer “thank you sir, my country used to have many dragons, they protected my people from the wild monsters to the north and in return the dragon priestesses provided them with meat and pleasure, but all the dragons died out or disappeared long ago, and the temple sent priestesses like me to seek out dragons in foreign lands, and humbly request that you perhaps consider coming to my lands...” She blushed and trailed of a bit.
He tilted his head at what she was saying. And was curious to how they brought them pleasure, if it was by food “What would benefit me going to your land? Why leave here where they sacrifice many women for my meals?”
“My people mature roughly twice as fast as humans, which means more meat for you, additionally, these people serve you because they fear you, and one day they may send some cowardly knight to try and kill you, it is an annoyance if nothing else, and, if I may, I can show you how much more enjoyable willing sacrifices are...” She blushed slightly as she took a few steps closer to him and leaned forward, lightly kissing him on the end of his scaly snout.
“I will let you show me but if I don't like it you will be a quick snack and I will go to the town to find one extra as payment for the waste of time” He snarled at her showing his row of sharp large teeth, many women had died to those teeth.
She blushed slightly and nodded as she bowed before him “As you wish master, thank you for giving me this opportunity” She reached up and slipped off the robe to reveal she was naked underneath, her body was slender and curvy with a nice amount of meat on her breasts and rear.
“This is very new. All the previous ones I have to pick the clothes out of my teeth afterwards” he chuckled as he watched and inspected her “Nice amount of meat for a good meal too.”
She smiled a little and purred softly as she gazed up at him, her tail flicking lightly behind her “Thank you master, as for what I said earlier about pleasure, since female dragons are so rarely in heat, it was not uncommon for the male ones to take a dragon priestess and mate with her before having her as a meal.”
His eyes slightly widened at what she just said “well I am starting to really like how your people think. There are not many female dragons around this land and living so long does have draw backs when it comes to that.”
She smiled a little and purred more as she bowed again “Perhaps you would like a personal demonstration before your meal, master.”
“I think that would be a very good idea. I am not moving just from simple words” he let out a deep chuckle as he kept his eyes on her.
She smiled a little and purred softly as she glanced over at the cave entrance “perhaps you would like to go back inside for some privacy, master.”
“Well you walk in front. I still don't believe someone would be this willing. I have had many women now and none were happy or willing, all tried to run” he gestured for her to start moving towards it.
She smiled and purred a little as she trotted towards the cave entrance and then into it, her hips swaying from side to side as she walked “It is said that all those who offer them selves willingly to their dragon masters become the beloved pets of the dragon god himself in the afterlife, and reside in luxury greater than that of any mortal king.”
“Well our god powerful enough to give such desires. We live long enough and learn many things through out our time. Many of our oldest kind have grown more powerful but yet to be as powerful as our god”-he watched her trotting into his cave find this very hard to believe she actually going through with it.
The cave was large and spacious. There was a fire in the centre of it that burned eternally as it was driven by the soul of the dragon, Around the edges of the room were piles of bones. No whole skeletons as all were thrown together after he had digested the flesh of his prey. There was a large crater filled with tree leaves that had dried many year ago, making a soft bedding for him.
She smiled a little as she entered the large cavern, her tail twitching behind her “This reminds me of my time as an acolyte at the temple, one of our tasks to progress was to spend a night amongst the bones of a dragons former meals, it teaches humility, and an understanding of ones purpose and fate.”
“You are the first living soul to see the inside of this cave. All have either died outside or were in the process of being eaten when I entered in here” he looked around at his home “So it will take a lot for me to leave this place. You should know how stubborn dragons are at leaving place they see as home”
She smiled and bowed before him once again “I am honoured to have been allowed entrance here master, now, how may I pleasure and serve you?” She let out a soft purr as her tail flicked back and forth behind her.
“Well first I would like to know more about how you were trained into this. Did you have training in pleasure of a dragon?” he sat down on the dead leaves as he stared at her, his tail whipping around so it was blocking most the exit just in case she tried to run.
She nodded as she continued to purr softly, gazing at him “Yes master, as much as was possible without the loss of my virginity, I am very skilled with my tongue.” She smiled a little as her own tail flicked lightly behind her.
“So you keep your virginity for a dragon?” he tilted his head, his tail slowly swaying as he felt excitement building. A new experience though compared to his previous sacrifices as he looked at the naked women in his lair
She smiled and nodded, purring softly as she gazed up at him “of course master, while it is an honour to be eaten by a dragon, it is perhaps an even higher one to mate with one.”
“Then are you going to respect your god? Or are you going to try run and be just a small snack for me” He grinned showing the rows of sharp teeth again
She smiled back as he grinned at her and bowed once more “if my masters commands it I shall walk into your open mouth and lay down upon your tongue without hesitation.”
“Words mean nothing to me” he put his head down on the floor as he opened up his massive mouth. His long tongue there as she could look down the dark red mouth-
She simply smiled as she walked over to him, carefully stepping over the rows of jagged teeth and into his mouth, her feet were slightly uncertain, but that was more due to the slipperiness of his tongue and the pools of saliva around her ankles, she walked carefully deeper into his mouth before sitting and then laying down on his tongue on her back, completely inside his mouth, gazing up at the rows of sharp teeth like swords above her, her body felt juicy and tender against his large tongue “I would ask that I be allowed to show my other skills first master, but my fate is of course, entirely up to you.”
Very surprised at her actions, his tongue pushing up against her body as she laid there, he waited for a bit before talking. His voice louder and deeper for her as she heard it from his throat “Then show your other skills then as you have proven you are willing to be my food”
She smiled as she sat up and slowly climbed out of his mouth, wiping some of his saliva off her body, she then walked around him and down to his waist, letting her fingers trail lightly against the scales of his body “thank you, master.”
He moved his head to follow her movements as she trails her hand along him “Thank the dragon god to get the experience of this.”
As she moved down his body she came to his groin, dragons were similar to canines, having a sheath of sorts, though it was more recessed than with canines, they still had external testicles though, and she moved to lick and lap at his massive leathery balls with her warm tongue, rubbing and stroking his balls with her soft hands to arouse him
A shiver went down his body as she was the first sacrifice to touch him any where but his teeth. It felt so good and only took a few strokes before his cock head popped out. He let out small low growls of pleasure as she stroked.
She smiled and purred softly as she leaned down and lightly licked the tip of his huge, exposed cock with her warm tongue, it was similar to a canine penis but covered in nubs and ridges along the length, she reached down to stroke the shaft as she continued to lick the tip.
“You weren't kidding were you” he moved his head round to see her now licking the tip of his cock. Every second it grew bigger. More ridges showing as she stroked it.
She smiled and purred softly, flicking her tail as she opened her mouth wide, just managing to fit the tip inside her mouth as she licked and sucked on it, rubbing and stroking her large breasts against his huge draconic shaft as she pleasured him, as it swelled to its full size it was easily 20 inches in length and at its widest point as wide as her hips were at their narrowest
“You are the best sacrifice I have ever had” his scaly eye lids going over his eyes as the pleasure goes through out his system. It was a all new sensation and he wasn't going to let it go any time soon.
She continued to purr as she lapped and sucked at the tip of his huge ridged cock, rubbing her large, soft beasts up and down along his shaft as she pressed her silky skin up against it, rubbing her body and her pussy against his cock.
“Ahhh god I never felt this before” not knowing the feeling that was building. The feeling was his climax build ready to explode. What he hadn’t told he was he hadn't done it before either as there was no female dragons in this area
She purred as she wrapped almost her whole body around his shaft, jerking and rubbing up against it as she pleasured the tip with her tongue, her tail flicking and tickling his balls as her pussy pressed against his shaft.
“Ahhh!” letting out a roar as the first amount of cum shoots out of his cock. The cum was warmer than human cum as it shot out in thick clumps.
She purred and gulped down his hot, sticky seed as the first few spurts entered her mouth, gasping and panting as she pulled back, the rest of his thick draconic cum spurting over her face and breasts as she continued to rub against his cock.
“That felt so good” he let out small breaths of fire as he opened his eyes to look down at the women covered in his cum.
She smiled and purred softly, still panting a bit as she gazed back at him, his hot, thick seed coating her face and breasts, dripping down them slowly “Mmm, thank you master...”
“Thank you storm for the best experience I have had in a while” he gave a grin. The first grin he thought he ever gave as he enjoys looking at her being covered in cum. He liked her but also couldn’t wait to eat her.
She smiled and laughed a bit as she licked her lips, catching some of his cum with her tongue and purring softly “Mmm, that was just a warm up master.”
“Oh really?” that did surprise him as he tilted his head not knowing what to expect.
She smiled and purred as she sat up slowly and shifted a bit, moving her body along his shaft until her warm, wet slit rubbed lightly against the head of his huge cock.
His eyes widened “do you think that’s’ a good idea? You look a bit to small for it” extremely surprised that he was going to have his first and not by a dragoness.
She purred and moaned loudly as she sat up and let herself slowly slide down onto the tip of his cock, feeling just the head already stretching her pussy lips gaping wide around it, laughing a little “What if it is? I will soon be nothing more than a morsel between your teeth, what happens to me does not matter as long as I please my master.”
“You have an attitude I love” he chuckled “But first before I fuck you to death you must promise there are more like you in your land. If there isn't I will burn it to the ground and the dragon god will not be happy”
She smiled and purred softly as she sat atop the tip of his massive cock, nodding “I promise master, there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, and there is a map amongst my cloak and belongings to guide you there, since I will be unable to give directions personally.”
“Very considerate of you -he gives her a lick along her cheek- Then do what you came to do and pleasure your dragon master and afterwards I will enjoy eating you and all your other dragon priestesses.
She smiled and purred as he licked her cheek with his large tongue, mewing and moaning as she slowly slid down on his huge cock, feeling it stretching her pussy out more around his shaft as it penetrated steadily deeper inside of her, taking her virginity.
“You are making the god proud!” he lets out an animalistic moan as he feels her extremely tight opening over his large cock. It stretching her with every inch she took in.
She groaned as his thick draconic cock made her insides bulge visibly under her skin as it penetrated deeper inside of her, her pussy stretching around his huge member like a condom, making her shudder as the tip pushed past her cervix and into her womb, stretching it around his cock head.
He looks down to see her inside bulging against her stomach. It made him grin with pleasure as he reached a scaled claw around to her “do you need a hand?” he grinned more.
She smiled back at him and purred, panting and groaning a bit as her stretched pussy squeezed tight around his cock, she didn’t even have half of his shaft inside of her yet. “Ahh, yes please master.”
“Okay then” he wrapped his claws around her like he was going to stroke his own cock just with a condom on- If you don't survive this. Your pussy feels incredible and I will enjoy eating you
She moaned and purred as his clawed hand wrapped around her body, reaching all the way around her as she smiled up at him, gripping her firmly though not hard enough to injure her “and I will enjoy being your meal, master.”
He licked her cheek as he now pulled her body down onto his cock. His grip tight as he forces his cock deeper into her and not caring if it broke her, he just wanted to fuck her brains out-
She smiled and purred as he licked her cheek, yelping a bit and groaning as he pulled her down onto his cock, her womb stretched and deformed around his cock for a moment before the tissue split and tore, allowing the head of his cock to pierce it and slide up into her warm, squishy insides.
Feeling her womb break made him grin; now finding it easier to push into her insides, his cock pushing through the mass of her intestines and through her body steadily, the pointed head gradually forcing her non-vital organs to make room for his huge shaft, reshaping her body for its new and final role in life as a dragons cock sleeve.
She groaned and shivered a bit as his huge cock pierced deeper inside of her, pushing her organs out of the way as it penetrated further into the snug warmth of her body, it felt like he was taking her virginity all over again.
Blood poured out of her pussy and dribbled down his massive shaft before it dripped slowly down onto the cave floor as he pushed deeper. Now with all his cock inside her, he felt a pulsing sensation on the tip of his cock which he guessed was her heart touching the tip of his cock “You still alive there?”
She shuddered a bit as he slid his huge cock deeper into her body, her blood mingling with her pussy juices and helping to lubricate his progress as he impaled her on his shaft, he felt the faint fluttering tickle of her heart against the tip of his cock as she looked up a bit and nodded weakly, blood leaking from the corners of her lips as well “y-yes master...”
“Your heart feels good against my cock” he moved his head down and placed his scaly lips on her lips “I will remember you and this forever”
She blushed slightly as she kissed back weakly, her heart pulsing and fluttering irregularly against his huge shaft “No master... I am, nothing special...compared to the delights… in my homelands...you will… devour and forget me... like the peace of meat... I am...”
“As you wish” he slowly moved her up off his cock but only about a quarter of his cock before moving her back down. He then opened his mouth and moved so her head was between his teeth, his sharp fangs resting lightly against her neck, ready to snap it like a twig “Do you have any last words, meat?”
She shivered and panted as he pulled her back on his cock, feeling it slide back inside her torn insides as he closed his jaws slowly around her head “thank you... master... I hope I taste… good…”
“Delicious” His teeth feel like a serrated guillotine as he crunched down on her neck, piercing easily throw it, he could hear her neck snap between teeth as her head separate from her body.
Her body tensed and then went limp as his jaws crunched down on her neck, blood oozing from the stump of her neck as he separated her head from her body, feeling it roll over his tongue inside his mouth,
He crunched on her head, cracking her skull open like a nut as he tasted her warm, brains spill forth onto his tongue like meaty jelly as he started to pump her limp body on his cock, using it as one might use a discarded sock as he jerked off, her limp body bouncing up and down on his shaft, still warm around his thick cock as he used her corpse as a draconic cock sleeve.
Unable to hold his climax as he had not much experience, he shot his cum into the limp corpse. Feeling it shot into the insides of her body as he looks down at the headless corpse “Best sacrifice ever” After he had finished climax he pulled the cock sleeve of and tossed it into his mouth, slowly chewing it.
The headless corpse jerked and twitched a bit as he orgasmed inside of it, but it was just his cum pumping and filling the torn insides of it as it went limp again as soon as he had finished, a trickle of his draconic seed oozing from the neck stump. As he pulled out and began chewing on her body, he felt how tender and juicy her meat was in his mouth, almost feeling like it was melting over his tongue as he bit into her body, his seed providing a pleasant flavouring to the warm flesh.
After finishing off the rest of the lovely lady he got up, his cock retracting back into his body as he prowled out to where she had stripped, searching through the robe to finally find the map that she had said. It brought a grin to his face to know she wasn't lying, that there were more possibly like her. As he studied it his wings spread wide behind him as he prepared to fly. Once he had saved the map to memory he lifted off, flying out towards the new land of willing meat.
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Re: Dragons Delight

Postby DrachenFyr » Sun Dec 18, 2016 6:01 pm

I love dominant, sadistic dragons...thanks for sharing!
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Re: Dragons Delight

Postby Epicurus » Sat Aug 31, 2019 10:36 pm

I know I'm late to the party but that was delicious. Maybe you'll see this message.
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Re: Dragons Delight

Postby Speedyblupi » Sat Dec 21, 2019 4:39 pm

The story is good, but there's some weird phrasing, and a lot of spelling and grammar errors.
I'm confused about "as one might use a discarded sock" - is that a thing people do? To me it just sounds painful, why would anyone masturbate into a sock?
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