Various Wonderings About My Fellow Hardvorians

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Re: Various Wonderings About My Fellow Hardvorians

Postby AlienMutantReptilian » Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:46 am

I am Pred M/F

but I also like F/F, F/M and F/Animal

always preds and preys of the same size

I always imagine, the predator taking the victim with both hands and chewing her whole, or sometimes eating piece by piece starting with the face, no blood
lick the victim to feel their taste, with clothing or bare depending on the situation, the victim being kneaded and crushed when chewed,
the victim shaking legs, screaming , shaking the victim side to side like a t-rex

in my case it is a sexual fantasy imagine all this, but in the situation or story, the predator can eat the prey for various reasons, why he is hungry, why he found the victim tasty, as punishment

in the case of f / f, the girl can eat another girl because she was hungry, for be more beautiful, envy, or as I like to think, that some women are predators and others are their prey

In the case of F / M, I do not imagine myself as a victim of the woman, but another sucker, she can eat the man, why she is hungry, seduce him to later eat, several women eating a man and making in pieces, why were very hungry, why men are their food, out of sheer sadism, or an uncontrollable desire to eat a man

and when the woman eat some food (a woman, a man or animal) she feels a female pleasure, as if she were eating chocolate or something aphrodisiac for her and that gives her pleasure

a woman can eat an animal too, a dog, a cat, a mouse, a bird, chew them whole and lick the fingers
what's cute for other people, it's food for this girl

I think my fantasy fits in hard vore, although there is no blood, but the predator sees the victim as food and not as something sexual
there is chewing and dismemberment of the victim, and of course the victim dies

but sometimes I imagine that the victim reappears in some way, depending on who the victim is, a famous girl I like a lot for example
but the victim can be a woman any of my day to day, or TV, that does not represent anything to me, but that I find beautiful and delicious,
or it can be a woman I hate, in this case I imagine something very violent

the female predator that will eat your female prey, also can be any woman of my day by day, or tv, usually somebody that i like , a famous girl of movies, a female singer that i like, and she eat any woman or a woman that i don't like

or there are other situations, like two women fighting it is natural that I imagine one eating the other, usually the highest eats the lowest, or the ugly eats the most beautiful, or the fat eats the lean, or simply when i see a tall woman near a small woman is natural to imagine the tall eating the small

a female boss eating your subordinate as punishment

and i like women eating objects any things that she think is tasty
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Re: Various Wonderings About My Fellow Hardvorians

Postby JuicyPeach » Tue Dec 25, 2018 11:14 pm

I like hardvore better than soft vore, but i'm ok with either one of them- for me i think it depends on what kind of pred gets me.. like if its a lion/tiger/wolf, then it should be "hard" vore.. if its a plant or snake, then it would be soft, if it was a cannibal, then i'd be stuffed & roasted... so whatever is most realistic is what it should be :)

I dont like too much gore, but i'm ok with some blood/gorey stuff, but not too much... like im fine with getting neck chomped for example, or getting my head chopped/bitten off, but i dont like tons of details with guts or anything like that.. i'm fine with whatever gore is needed to make it kind of realistic, but i dont like too much of it.. and im a total wuss about pain too, so i definitely like to be totally dead before any painful/messy stuff happens!

For me, soft vore is all about getting swallowed whole, even if im killed first... hard vore is anything with biting/chewing- at least thats how i think of it. Hard vore doesnt have to be gory though, there could be chewing scenes without gore- like if i was just all meat, without guts/blood being described too much :)

I LOVE sexual content being part of it... I love for my predator to be both hungry AND horny and to use me to fill both of those needs, the idea of the pred playing with his food (me) is amazingly exciting to me... especially if it happens after im dead and limp and can't do anything to resist :P

And I am a very very unwilling prey... but i'm not the smartest thing on 2 legs either so i'm probably pretty easy to catch/trick :gulp:
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Re: Various Wonderings About My Fellow Hardvorians

Postby ABlackStallion » Sun Nov 10, 2019 8:39 am

This is a really interesting thread.

In vore, has to be hard and realistic for me. The gorier, the better. In terms of sexuality, having my genitals torn apart and eaten is intensely sexual. Actual sex acts are a bit meh...

I'm prey (obviously). What is different about me is that I don't like killing or being killed to become a meal. I love my species and fursona far too much for that. But if I have died naturally after a long, happy life, well why shouldn't some predator have fun tearing my viscera out and feed themselves on it?

This can work as RP despite initial appearances. Yes, I'm dead, but I describe in detail how my body (and parts thereof) react to being torn apart. My best rps have resulted in me being taken down to the bones, so must be good...
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