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Underage (Fictional character) forum requires group membership

Postby Eka » Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:03 am

To access the Underage (Fictional character) forum, you will now require usergroup membership. Keep in mind, No photograph are allowed. Drawing and fantasy character only. All uploaded files must comply with United States law.

To obtains membership, follow these steps:

1) Go to your User Control Panel (UCP).

2) Click on usergroups tab.

3) Select the "Underage (Fictional character) access" group.

4) Pick "Join selected" at the bottom right and click submit.

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Re: Underage (Fictional character) forum requires group membership

Postby pudgepire » Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:59 pm

The big thing I think you're missing here is that fantasy is very separate from reality for most mentally-sound individuals. Yes, bad things happen. There are people that try to enact vore in real life. But that is not anything that this website condones. Cannibalism exists, does that mean that we should stop using this website all together because there are people that actually and legitimately EAT HUMANS ALIVE? No. You're still here with your kinks and fetishes living it up and enjoying vore.

So before you go to kinkshame somebody else, I think you should just accept that people like things that you don't like and move on because as many gripes as you feel you have about UA FANTASY characters being involved in FANTASY that may or may not be sexual for any given individual, these same arguments can be turned back to you for having the general fantasy to begin with.

I'm not saying you need to like it, or that anybody else has to like it. But calling other people paedophiles or likening them to sexual predators/child molesters because they like to see specific characters involved in vorish scenarios is kinkshaming.

I am perfectly fine with people not wanting to involve UA characters in vore scenarios, however it is a FANTASY. And, in case you didn't know, looking at DRAWINGS of under-aged characters being eaten/eating others is definitely nowhere in comparison to actually going out and harming children, just the same as looking at drawings of people being eaten isn't the same as going out and eating somebody, or looking at drawings of nonconsensual sex is not the same as raping somebody, or just the same as looking at drawings of people getting tortured/murdered is not the same thing as torturing/murdering people.

People like you always say stuff like "oh there are people that actually experience _____!!!" But it's so very different. I am not a paedophile. I have no actual interest in children. That being said, I have a number of characters under the "legal age of consent" (which varies in many places; a lot of countries don't even have one) that I like to see in vorish situations. I'm not going to go out and try to eat an actual child, and I abhor the actual sexualisation of children and it's extremely insensitive and rude of you to assume and try to convince others that I am one way because of a particular aspect of my kinks.

Ideas and drawings aren't bad. Kinkshaming people and making them feel horrible for what they like when you, yourself, are into some pretty sketchy shit (yeah. Vore is actually disgusting as fuck if you think about it. Something something "let he who is without weird fucking kinks cast the first stone").

I would also like to point out that fetishes aren't always inherently sexual. I know a LOT of people on this website that really like vore and it isn't a sexual thing for them.

Long story short? So long as nobody is ACTUALLY being harmed, let people like what they fucking like and move on with your life.
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