Roleplay pet peeves.

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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Rumor » Fri Sep 24, 2021 5:40 pm

Yeah, IMO, that sort of thing should really be against the rules. There's no way to be aware you're going to be re-directed off the profile when you click the profile and no way to stop it unless you've hovering over your browser's stop button or something, so there's little stopping someone from hopping the visitor to a malicious page a moment that then hops them elsewhere to look innocent. If it's not against the rules, then at least the site should do one of those "You're leaving Eka's portal" kind of pages other sites do.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Randomdude5 » Sun Mar 20, 2022 10:33 pm

I agree with Rumor. No one wants to get malware from clicking on a profile.

People who put up a LFRP, pred, prey, or open status, and then don't respond to messages. It should be basic politeness to respond even if it is a NTY. If I log on and see that I missed a message from anyone, I send them a PUB explaining things. Don't be the ASSHOLE who ignores someone's message to RP rather than saying "NTY" On the other hand, someone shouldn't get upset if they message someone who has the AFK status up and they don't get an answer.

Not taking "No" for an answer. If someone says "No I don't want to RP with you because X", then don't try to talk them out of it. On the other hand someone could say "I'm not in the mood for X today. Try again later." Then the person asking could ask again later in like a day or two.

A profile without sliders. Sliders tell the person reading the profile what the creator of the profile likes, and tells them to look somewhere else and not waste their time asking about a RP with someone who has incompatible preferences. No one wants to message someone asking to RP with them just for them to reply with "I HATE ORAL VORE! FUCK YOU FOR BRINGING IT UP!!!" When their profile didn't say what kind of vore they wanted. Now for another example. I read a profile that had a long rant about hating male characters, and how they didn't know why they had received requests to RP from male characters. That person's profile didn't have sliders saying what gender of RP character they liked.

Taking too long to reply. I know some people are slower typers than others. I am not a fast typer, but if it takes someone 15 minutes to reply to a yes or no question, and 20 minutes to write a single sentence when they messaged me asking to RP with me, then I feel like it will be a waste of my time. This doesn't matter if people are RPing thru PUB or something like that

Not really a pet peeve, but from looking at the sliders, and the LFRP statuses, and from asking other people, I get a feeling that there are a lot of people who are hesitant to approach others asking to RP, and would rather have others come to them. I'm not sure what to think of this.

Of course there is ghosting. Some people log out and never talk to their RP partner again. Some people have bad internet and explain things when they reconnect. Some people ask to pause the RP and never log in again. Other people ask to pause the RP, and when their RP partner sees them online again sometime later, they don't respond. If someone decides that they don't like the RP, they should tell their RP partner, and either change it to fix what they don't like or agree to stop the RP. Don't just "Ghost" the other person. Of course the other RPer needs to be able to let it go if the other person isn't having fun, because that is better than being ghosted.

I will probably edit this later to add in more things.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby blergle » Mon Mar 21, 2022 10:36 pm

I have weird RP pet peeves because I'm old and I learned to RP on AOL back in the medieval 1990s, and I really don't like things to be different from the way I got used to doing it. So wheeeee!!! Pretty much everything that's normal to other people nowadays is a pet peeve to me, which is why I don't RP here.

Some examples:

Lengthy post requirements--the type of RP where each participant types an entire paragraph or more, describing a series of actions their character takes, including some dialogue, and then some more actions. I don't know how to interact with that. It destroys the flow of interaction for me to have to look at something someone laid out and then respond to each thing as if it was a questionnaire, referring back to several things that may have happened at the same time as what my character is doing. Either that, or their series of actions precludes any sort of spontaneous and quick reaction from my character. If we were role-playing via email or on a forum board, that I could understand, but chatroom RP, for me, is realtime and if I'm having an actual conversation IC, it needs to flow like a conversation. This is indeed going to include very short posts sometimes because the answer to a question is sometimes just "yes" or "no" or "just sugar, thanks" or "Why?" Including actions lengthens a post, but how much action needs to be included in a conversation where two people are asking each other questions while they stand somewhere? They don't have to change expression, scratch their nose or fidget with their feet in every single solitary post. I'm really just fine with a mixture of long descriptive posts where needed to describe things, and one-liners for dialogue. If someone insists that there be no one-liners, I can't imagine a realistic conversation with them so I just won't try.

Purple prose: This was something we used to giggle at back in the day. We would discuss whether someone literally had a thesaurus open while they played, or why they might have such a deep revulsion for using the word "eyes" or whatever very mundane thing they felt the need to express in fourteen words where one would suffice. And then there were the purple clichés, like "creamy thigh" or "volumptuous (not voluptuous, it always had the M in it) heaving globes". Tendrils for hair, digits for fingers, it was like a jargon of sorts. I am sure the intent was to try not to sound repetitive, but because someone popular had done it, it spread like wildfire and we had dozens of inarticulate poets vomiting word salad all over the chatrooms. It didn't look smart or creative, it looked daft.

Inappropriate use of present conditional tense: This became prevalent in the late 90s, and I still see it now and again today in published RP logs. It drove me up the wall then and it still does. I have no idea whatsoever why this even started, even less why it persisted, but it's an instant Nope for me. Used to be especially prevalent with purple prosers. 'She would walk to the door and lightly trace lacquered keratins oer cherry grain, and would whisper, "I cannot expunge the retrospection of his verdant azures scrutinizing my roseate tiers. The inference stimulates a writhing inhalation to propel my dewy globes in opposition to the textile component of my ventral garment." She would then loose a titter and twirl hazelnut tendrils betwixt wispy digits, and would exhale a melancholy dirge of languishing respiration.' :roll:

Blending: People who stay IC to talk to the other player OOC, or are never OOC, or who can't tell the difference between IC and OOC, or who confuse IC and OOC, etc. There used to be a lot of creepers who wanted to try to start up an online sexual relationship with someone via RP...the player, I mean, not have characters involved...and it was so very disturbing when someone took a character's attention as real life attention, or thought that a character tolerating certain treatment meant the player was making some sort or promise, and such. There were also a lot of people who expected a player to be like their character, and that's just a monstrous nono for someone like me who has hundreds of characters of all imaginable shapes, sizes and personalities and does NOT play self-inserts, ever. I never cared what gender, ethnicity, color, religion, adult age, profession or anything legal someone was, so long as they were not a minor and wanted to role-play for fun and not some weird projection of their own personal feelings onto a stranger. It freaks me right out if someone mixes that stuff up with a fictional story they claimed to want to create with me, and I used to run super fast from those types.

I'm sure if I tried playing with strangers again I would find a lot more, but I think what I've listed so far preclude that ever happening since my preferences are the opposite of almost everyone else's. Thankfully, I have old friends who are also dinosaurs that I RP with, and sometimes they'll even toss in a vore scene just because they know I like it. :D
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby rugli » Sun May 01, 2022 3:02 pm

HappyCore wrote:
people who stop the rp when it's getting to good parts or people who straight up just vanish! it's okay when they have real reasons as to why they cant rp. Breaks are fine with me, but dang when they stop at a good part it's the worst for me. : (

I feel always bed when I have to stop RP, when its getting to the good parts, when I need to go to bed or go out. I always let peoples know if I have to stop, I don't stright up wanish.
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Re: Roleplay pet peeves.

Postby Filan » Fri Jul 07, 2023 11:29 pm

while not technically chat and more the forums I will say its disappointing that everybody seems to demand discord now over PMs. I kinda like the separation that PMs gave me.
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