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Anticipation (F/m, F/f, insertion, oral vore) COMPLETE

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2022 2:06 pm
by jetblack_21
Hey all,

Long time lurker, first time(ish) poster.

After many, many years of consuming vore artwork and literature, and even longer dabbling in a little writing here or there, I decided to take a stab at writing not only my first vore story, but my first erotic work period. It kind of grew in the telling (8500 words or so) so I'm going to be splittong it up into multiple parts here and posting over the next few days.

Content-wise, I don't want to give to much away beyond what the tags say. It's pretty heavily influenced by the likes of Xiao-Renzhe, Zombie Slave, Isra-of-the-Valley, and iliketoread, so if those authors scratch your itch, I hope you'll find something to enjoy here. And alternatively, if you like what I'm putting down, go check out those guys too. They're pretty choice.

Anyway, let me know what you like, what you hate, and everything in between.

-- Jet

Anticipation Part 1

The first thing that Michael saw once the blindfold was removed set his heart thudding in his chest.

“Holy fucking shit…” he breathed, his voice barely a whisper.

The woman looming above him grinned at his response, a low husky chuckle rolling somewhere deep in her throat. Her hair was midnight black, and fell in thick luscious curls around her face and shoulders. Her eyes were a unique blend of jade and amber and shone with an almost mischievous glee. She had a prominent, aquiline nose, which accentuated, rather than detracted from her otherworldly beauty.

Of course, the fact that her head was about twice the size of Michael’s entire body probably added to the overall effect and intimidation factor.

“Well… hello there, gorgeous.” Her voice came out in a playful purr, and as close as she was, Michael could pick up the faintest trace of mint on her breath. “What might your name be?”

“M-Michael,” he responded, trying his best to keep his voice steady… and failing miserably. He began to make out more of his surroundings as the disorientation wore off. He kept his eyes on the giantess, but felt soft, quilted fabric underneath his bare arms, legs, and bottom. The bed, he thought. I’m on the bed.

Her features lit up again, amused. Michael couldn’t help but glance down at her lush, cupid’s bow lips and perfect, brilliantly white teeth as she spoke. “Michael? Well… it’s a pleasure to meet you, Michael. My name is Annie.” Her eyes darted briefly to the side as she asked, “Who’s your friend?”

His mouth dry, he glanced over in the direction the giantess indicated. He felt his cheeks warm as he spotted the woman a few feet off beside him. Like him, she was stripped naked with ankles and wrists tied together by thin, white, waxy bindings, though she was still blindfolded. She had a lithe and athletic build, with petite breasts and particularly muscular thighs and buttocks. Her hair was straight and honey-wheat in color, coming down to about her mid-back. Michael knew who she was, a friend of his wife’s from work.

Swallowing past the lump in his throat, he replied, “Cassie. Her name is Cassie.”

Annie stared at Cassie with unabashed interest. “She’s… quite the specimen, isn’t she?”

Michael’s cheeks positively burned now as his eyes unconsciously flitted once again over his fellow captive. Cassie squirmed against her bindings, and Michael tried futilely to ignore some confusing feelings roiling up in his chest as he watched the musculature of her core, arms, and legs roll under her skin as she struggled. Michael tried to answer Annie’s question, but the response only came out as a wordless murmur of agreement.

“Aw… don’t be nervous. Here… is this better?” said Annie. Michael had to fight back the urge to flinch as Annie reached out toward him, finely manicured nails slicing neatly through the rope around his ankles and wrists. “We won’t be needing these anymore, will we?” said the giantess with another throaty chuckle.

Instinctually, Michael rubbed at his wrists. Though the bindings hadn’t been particularly tight, it was no small amount of comfort to be free of them. Michael glanced over at Cassie, then back at Annie meaningfully.

Annie picked up on Michael’s meaning and nodded enthusiastically. “Oh yes, please.”

Michael immediately went to work undoing Cassie’s bonds. It was easy enough, even more so once he released her hands. Last to come off was the blindfold, and Cassie’s crystal blue eyes locked briefly with Michael’s before they flitted downward over his naked form. There was a sharp intake of breath before she pulled her eyes back up to his with an apologetic look, a tinge of color to her cheeks. Michael put on his best comforting expression before he turned his attention back to the giantess. Cassie’s eyes followed, and she couldn’t quite choke back the gasp when she laid eyes on Annie. She instinctually clung to Michael and positioned herself slightly behind him, trying to hide some of her figure from the giantess's prying eyes. Michael tried his best to steady his breathing as he felt the warmth of Cassie’s skin press against his own.

Rather than be offended, Cassie’s behavior seemed to delight Annie. “Hi, Cassie. It’s nice to meet you.”

Michael felt Cassie shudder against him. “H-Hello, Annie.”

Annie’s eyes flitted to Michael’s. “Oh my god, she’s shy. That’s too adorable.”

Michael responded, “I mean… it’s hard not to be um…” He wanted to say “intimidated,” but reconsidered. “Overwhelmed… in your presence, Annie.”

The giantess tilted her head. “Oh… is this your first time meeting one of the big folk?”

Cassie nodded her head but said nothing. Michael licked his lips. “Not for me, no, but… well, this is a little bit different.”

“Oh? How so?” Annie asked inquisitively.

Michael exchanged a look with Cassie, and after a moment’s hesitation, Annie provided the words that he couldn’t find.

“You mean… because you’re being sacrificed.”

Michael tasted iron on the back of his tongue as adrenaline surged through his veins..

“Y-yeah,” he reluctantly agreed.

Annie gave a big sigh, once again washing the little folk over with the subtle scent of cool mint.
“You don’t have to be nervous, you know,” Annie said, her voice plantitive. “I… try to make the experience as enjoyable for all parties as I can.”

“The experience of eating us alive, you mean?”

Annie’s eyes flicked over Michael’s shoulder, and Michael could almost feel a shift in air pressure as the giantess’s gaze slipped over to Cassie. The miniature woman held eye contact for an impressive moment or two, until Annie ran her tongue over her upper lip and let out an almost subsonic moan that Micahel felt more than heard.

“Yes,” Annie responded simply.

Michael felt another shudder run through Cassie as she shrunk further behind him.

“I think I have something that can help though,” Annie added. Suddenly, the ground underneath Michael and Cassie gave way, dropping the little folk’s stomach somewhere down to their knees. Annie had apparently been kneeling or squatting to greet them at eye level and now, she was pressing her hands into the pliant ground Michael and Cassie were resting on to lift herself up to her full, impressive height. Michael felt a wave of hormones hit his bloodstream, flooding his awareness with a not unpleasant fuzziness as he laid eyes on the full splendor of the giantess’s body.

For some reason, Michael had expected her to be nude, but instead, she appeared to be wearing some sort of corset. It was a black, lacy affair that complimented her pale skin exquisitely and accentuated the curves of her hips and breast that biology could simply not ignore. Michael could just barely make out the hem of her knee-high stockings, attached to the corset by a series of suspenders, pulled taught against her ample thighs. Annie turned to walk away, and Michael’s eyes couldn’t help but be pulled to the giantess’s ass, clad only in a black thong that left both large pale cheeks fully exposed.

Michael felt warmth on the back of his neck as yet another shiver ran through Cassie.

“Holy shit, that’s so fucking hot,” she breathed in Michael’s ear.

He pressed her ribcage gently against her ribs and gave her an admonishing look.

Cassie gave him a somewhat bashful, sidelong look. “Sorry, it’s just… damn. You’re a lucky man, Michael.”

Michael gave Cassie a flat look for another instant or two before he broke too, tiling his head and nodding in an expression of mock begrudging agreement.

Presently, the giantess turned to face them once again, and both Cassie’s and Michael’s eyes snapped back up to Annie’s, their demeanor immediately switching back to that of timid prey. Annie held a pair of thimbles, one in each hand and knelt back down at the edge of the bed, once again at eye level. She offered the thimbles to them, pinching them carefully between her thumb and forefinger.

“A little something for the nerves.”

Michael and Cassie took the thimbles, almost instinctively. It was filled with a dark red fluid, wine most likely, based on the fruity, heady bouquet. Michael went to drink but stopped himself when he felt Cassie’s hand on his arm.

“How do we know you didn’t lace these with something?” she asked.

Annie let out an amused little giggle. “Oh… who said I didn’t?” She reached behind herself, towards an end table on the edge of the bed and grabbed a large green bottle. Michael couldn’t make out the label but it might have been written in French. Annie wrapped her lips around the top of the bottle and tilted it up. Her throat bobbed once, twice, thrice as she took a long, prolonged pull. She sighed as she pulled the bottle away, a rivulet of dark red wine trailing from the corner of her mouth. She looked down at her captives with half-lidded eyes, then licked the wine away with exaggerated, sensual deliberateness. “You’re not the only one who needs something for her nerves, darling.”

Cassie’s face twisted into a skeptical expression. “What do you have to be nervous about?”

Annie grinned languidly. “Have you two looked in a mirror lately? I haven’t had sacrifices as beautiful as you in a long… long time.”

Michael felt the point of Cassie’s breasts stiffen against his back, and felt his own body react in similar fashion. He thought he may have seen Cassie’s eyes flick down between his legs, but it may have just been his imagination.

Annie, in contrast, made no attempt to hide where her gaze was drawn.

Michael tore his gaze away from the giantess to offer Cassie a comforting look. He mouthed a single word to her silently.

“Red card?”

Cassie looked at him with an uncertain expression. Annie seemed to pick up on the hesitance and her brow furrowed in concern.

“Cassie, you don’t-” Annie started, but she cut herself off as the miniature woman suddenly through the thimble back, draining it in a single pull.

After she finished, Cassie coughed into her hand, her eyes watering at the corner. She offered the others a timid smile. “Shit… that’s good.”

Annie grinned ear-to-ear and looked expectantly toward Michael, who briefly raised his thimble to her before draining it in one go as well. This elicited another giggle from the giantess, who wiggled excitedly in place.

The effect was almost immediate. The wine was strong, and whatever Annie had put in it seemed only to accelerate things, as Michael felt a familiar, tingling warmth spread out from his core, to his arms, his legs, all the way to his fingertips and toes, and finally to his scalp, adding a pleasant fuzz to his perception. He suddenly became very aware of the feeling of Cassie’s body pressed against his, the warmth of her breath in his ear, the way her hands now seemed to wander over his chest idly. He glanced over at her again and saw that her pupils were dilated. She gave him a half-lidded gaze, almost a twin of that to Annie’s.

Annie’s eyes flitted from Michael to Cassie, her voice coming out in barely a whisper. “Michael… do you think Cassie is pretty?”

Michael felt his cheeks flush, and he wasn’t sure if it was the spiked wine, his hormones, or some combination of the two.


“Do you think she’s… attractive?” Annie pressed.

Michael hesitated. “... Yes.”

Annie’s voice dropped to a sultry purr. “Do you want to fuck her?”

A shuddering gasp escaped through Cassie's parted lips, and Michael could swear he could feel her heart pounding against his back. He waited a moment or two, sorting through his muddled thoughts.

“I… think I’d rather watch you fuck her.”

This time, it was Annie's turn to shiver. “Deal.”

Re: Anticipation (Macro/micro, F/m, F/f, insertion, oral vor

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by jetblack_21
Anticipation Part 2

Annie stood again, and this time, she made a show of it. Her hands glid seductively down over her breasts, fingertips brushing up against the twin points of her nipples visibly pressing against the lace cups of her corset. They trailed further down, across her abdomen before slipping between her legs. She rolled her hips sensually, grinding herself against her hands through the fabric of her thong as she closed her eyes and through her head back, letting out a low growl of need.

“Fuck, you two have me all worked up.”

She returned her attention to her little captives and placed her hands on the mattress. She climbed up onto the bed slowly and deliberately and crawled towards Cassie and Michael on her hands and knees. The little folk, as terrified as they were, were frozen in place, utterly captivated by the alluring display descending upon them. Her hips rocked back and forth rhythmically and her heavy breasts hung and swayed as she advanced, with all of the predatory grace of a lioness or a panther. Her approach was hypnotic and even more intoxicating than the spiked wine she had given them.

Neither one of them had a hope of reacting in time when Annie reached out and casually snatched Cassie up off the bed. The miniature woman cried out in surprise as her and Michael’s desperate embrace was broken effortlessly, a shocking and visceral illustration of the little folks’ relative scale to the giantess. Michael tried to rise to his feet, but the uneven ground he stood on combined with the cocktail of chemicals and hormones flooding his brain made balance impossible. He almost immediately fell onto his back and could only weakly mumble a protest as Annie continued across the bed, carrying Cassie out of sight. When the giantess stopped, Annie’s knees were on either side of Michael, and he found himself staring up, up, up past her milky pale thighs up to the thin triangle of black fabric of the thong between her legs. Even from this distance, he could make out the outline of her labia, as the now soaking wet fabric clung to her nether regions.

The other side of the bed may as well have been the other side of the world. Annie dropped Cassie down in front of her, from just enough height to bounce her harmlessly once against the mattress, spilling her helplessly onto her ass. Annie leaned forward, keeping her rear tantalizingly up in the air for her other captive, but rested her chest on the ground between the little folk, effectively cutting them off from each other.

Cassie propped herself up on her elbows and backpedaled a span or two away from the giantess’s face. Ultimately futile, she realized, but the act helped her compose herself and ease the panic welling up in her chest.

Annie watched the whole maneuver with the same, sultry smile, her hazel eyes shining with mischief… or something darker.

“Hello, Cassie,” the giantess breathed. Her words slurred ever so slightly, and now Cassie could pick up the smell of alcohol wafting over her. It seems the drugged wine was affecting more than just the tinies.

“H-Hello, Annie,” Cassie responded awkwardly.

A pregnant silence hung in the air as Annie’s eyes drank in every minute detail of the little woman’s figure. In a lot of ways, Cassie was Annie’s antithesis. Cassie was short, even by little folk standards, and had a pugnacious little nose that gave her face an overall cutesy sort of look. Both women were thick of leg and ass, but while Annie was soft and buxom, Cassie was all hard muscle with breasts that, while small, fit her petite frame perfectly, and only helped further to accentuate the athletic build of her body.

As Annie studied her, Cassie tried hard to maintain eye contact, but found her gaze wandering despite herself. Her eyes lingered especially on the full, lush, wine-darkened lips and down to where her breasts were pressed up enticingly against the mattress.

Just as the silence became unbearable, Annie finally spoke in a low whisper. “You know… I’ve been watching you for quite some time.”

Cassie’s mouth went dry. “Wh-what?” she sputtered, off-guard.

Annie nodded in response. “Mm-hmm… I’ve always found your type… attractive.” She paused, and for the briefest of moments a flicker of… something passed through her expression. Vulnerability? Self-doubt? “I suppose… well, I’m a little jealous.”

A short, barking laugh escaped Cassie before she could cover her mouth and stifle it. The giantess gave her a hurt look, and to the little woman’s surprise, she thought it might be genuine.

“What’s so funny?”

It took a second for Cassie to find her voice again. “S-Sorry, I just… what do I have that you could possibly be jealous of?”

The giantess’s eyes flicked away, and to Cassie’s surprise, she immediately found herself missing having the intensity of Annie’s gaze on her.

“Just… look at yourself. Gods, do you really not know how hot you are?”

Cassie could scarcely believe her ears. “And… you’re jealous? Of that? You?”

The giantess shrugged slightly and kept avoiding Cassie’s eyes.

The words left Cassie’s lips before she could stop herself. “You’re a goddamn pin-up model, Annie! Like, a full-on sexpot. Lips, tits, and ass for days. A literal, fucking goddess.”

Annie’s eyes snapped back to Cassie at that, and the little woman felt another shudder run through her. This time, though, rather than try and suppress it, she embraced the electric thrill that arced through her core and limbs. She even found herself spreading her legs, exposing her vulva to the hungry eyes of the giantess.

Color rushed to Annie’s cheeks, and Cassie could have sworn she could feel the heat of her blush as giantess’s face approached with agonizing deliberateness. It took every ounce of Cassie’s willpower to not recoil backwards from Annie as her lips parted, and her dark, thick tongue snaked out. Cassie watched transfixed as the slick appendage met her toes and dragged up her legs, leaving them coated in warm, sticky saliva. The little folk arched her hips up, almost unconsciously as the tongue rubbed against her exposed nethers, eliciting a long, drawn out cry of pleasure. Maddingly, Annie didn’t linger, continuing up Cassie’s flat stomach and across her breasts, the bumpy surface of Annie’s tastebuds practically setting Cassie’s nipples aflame. The miniature woman got a quick glimpse of the giantess’s cavernous maw and the dark archway of her throat before she was forced to close her eyes and hold her breath as Annie’s tongue ran over her face. Once the pressure had passed, Cassie opened her eyes and released her held breath. She arched her head backwards, panting unabashedly as she watched Annie curl her tongue back into her mouth before the jaws closed. A low moan reverberated somewhere deep in Annie’s chest and the giantess’s body shook with a tremor of barely restrained bliss.

“Gods above…” Annie purred. “You taste even better than I imagined.”

Cassie’s heartbeat thudded in her ears. The warmth permeating her body was an almost unbearable ecstasy. She was on fire, and she needed release.

“Goddess… please…” she pleaded.

Annie snapped back to her senses and looked back down over Cassie. The corner of her mouth curled into a wicked little smile as she watched the little woman writhing below her. Her hands were exploring her body, one playing with the thick layer of saliva coating her breasts while pressed firmly between her legs as she wriggled against it.

Cassie’s crystal blue eyes burned. “Please… more…”

Annie chuckled amusingly to herself as she made a show of licking both her bottom and top lips. And then, she descended on Cassie with reckless abandon.

Michael wasn’t sure how long he laid between the giantess’s legs, his head swimming. He thought he could hear Annie talking, but the meaning of her words wasn’t able to penetrate the haze that permeated his senses. There were other sounds too, squeaks, purrs, and moans, but they faded into the background. They were little more than ambient sounds, detached from any real significance, playing only to set the mood, to enhance the pleasant buzz thrumming about in his head. Instead, he just continued to stare upwards. Annie’s pose exaggerated the ample curves of her buttocks and the way her hips seemed to sway back and forth of their own accord was exceptionally enticing. Michael’s erection was throbbing now, and he wasn’t able to keep himself from running his fingers over the length of his cock, giving it the shaft an occasional stroke or two or rubbing the palm of his hand over the throbbing head. A few times he came precariously close to the edge, but he managed to muster up enough willpower to keep himself from climaxing prematurely.

So when Annie’s legs began parting on either side of him, as the giantess began to lower her hips down towards him, he barely noticed. Or rather, he noticed, but in his current mental state, he wasn’t sure if it was actually happening, or if he was half-delirious and his head was only providing him with a vivid picture of what he wanted to happen. His fugue state was exacerbated when Annie reached down to pull the thong aside, revealing her soaked pussy and bathing him in the warmth of her arousal. He found himself reaching up toward her, willing himself closer but unable to find the strength to stand. So when Annie scooped him up in the palm of her hand and pressed him tightly against the wet slit, his face pressed up against a clit the size of his head, it felt like an extension of his own will, not the desires of the giant woman holding him.

Pinned under Annie’s tongue, Cassie screamed out again as every nerve ending in her body fired one after another after another. She had lost track of how many orgasms the giantess had given her, after the second or third, they had all started to blend together into barely perceptable peaks and valleys. She ached as the giantess continued her carnal assault, but she didn’t want it to stop, to ever stop.

But then it did. Suddenly the warmth of the goddess’s breath was gone, and the relatively cool air of the room set her nerves atingle as the saliva began to evaporate off her skin. She looked up at Annie, plaintively, pleadingly, but the giantess was no longer paying her much mind. She had sat up, arching her back to thrust her chest out, head rolled back to let the thick ringlets of her midnight black hair fall loosely down around her back. Her chest heaved with heavy pants, and each exhalation was punctuated with a feral moan.

Cassie’s eyes trailed down the giantess’s corset, down between her legs and she let out something between a gasp and a groan. Michael was in Annie’s hands, limbs splayed on either side as she ground him against her sex.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” Cassie could hear Annie seeth through gritted teeth. She felt the intensity of her goddess’s gaze on her, and she looked up to see those hazel eyes on her again.

Through panting breaths, Annie instructed, “Don’t look at me, my pet. Watch him.”

Cassie did so, and she watched as the giantess used her middle and ring fingers to deftly slip Michael’s legs into her vagina, up to his knees. He went in without resistance, either willing or too far gone in his current state to put up much of a fight. Annie’s gaze on her was like a physical pressure, wholly like yet unlike the pressure of her tongue, but Cassie refused to look up. She kept her gaze transfixed as Annie pushed Michael further and further in. Soon, her entrance expanded, stretched noticeably to take in Michael’s chest and shoulders, and Annie cried out again in bliss.

Surprising herself, Cassie felt a pang of jealousy stab through her chest. She found herself wondering what it would feel like to have Michael filling her up completely like that. Annie’s tongue had been a bliss, but Cassie felt herself longing to have something firm and warm inside her. She made brief eye contact with Michael, and she wondered how much of her thoughts he was guessing as he gave her a dreamy smile. Then Annie placed a finger on his head and pushed him all the way inside of her, the folds of her labia sealing Michael off from the outside world.

Annie let out a throaty purr as she slipped the thong back over her pussy. She leaned backwards, resting on her heels as she spread her knees out wide in front of Cassie. She gave her nethers a soft, almost affectionate pat, and something about her body language and her expression harkened to someone patting their stomach after a full meal. It set Cassie on edge, and she could feel some of the intoxicating effects of the evening beginning to crumble and being replaced with the thready sensation of adrenaline in her veins.

“Oh… he feels so good in there,” Annie cooed as she began to unfasten the buttons of her corset. “I wish you could know what it feels like. To have someone completely within you, squirming and struggling. Like a vibrator, but indescribably better.” The last of her buttons undone, Annie opened the corset, her full breasts spilling out, now fully exposed. Cassie couldn’t help but stare. Somehow, their reveal lived up to anything the little woman could have hoped for.

“There’s only one way I know of to make it feel even better.”

Fear thrummed through Cassie’s limbs.

“And that’s… having a full belly too.”

Re: Anticipation (F/m, F/f, insertion, oral vore) Part 3

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by jetblack_21
Anticipation Part 3

Cassie’s heart felt like it was going a mile a minute. She tried to pedal backwards but found her progress slowed by shaky and unsteady limbs. Wave after wave of orgasm had taken their toll, it seemed. “W-wait…” she whispered.

Annie leaned forward again and swallowed hard, her mouth already watering at the prospect of having the little woman within.

“You’ll fit so nicely in there, Cassie.”

“N-No, I don’t-”

Annie’s arms slipped wide around Cassie, cutting off any chance of escape.

“Shhh… it’s okay, my pet. It’ll feel good, I promise.”

Cassie froze as she backed up into Annie’s arms, eyes wide enough to see the sclera.

“I’ll play with you in my mouth for a little bit…” Annie’s tongue slipped out of her lips again, lapping at Cassie repeatedly, eliciting a whimper from the little woman. “I’ll suck on you like a lollipop or a piece of hard candy. I’ll make sure you cum one last time. And then…” Annie retracted her tongue and tilted her head back to expose the front of her neck. She gave a few hard, exaggerated swallows while tracing a fingertip down her throat. “I’ll swallow you down, and you’ll sliiiiide…” Her finger slid down between her cleavage before coming to a rest just below her left breast. “Right into here.”

Cassie could feel herself begin to hyperventalate.

“Gods, you’ll fill me up so well. It’ll be nice and snug for you there. And warm. Oh, and it’ll churn all around you, it’ll be like a hot tub and a full body massage all in one.” Annie giggled to herself and bit her lower lip as she gave her hips a little wiggle, no doubt reveling in the feeling of Michael inside her. “Does that sound so bad?”

Cassie felt tears well up in her eyes. “Please… no…”

Annie frowned. “Please, Cassie. We’ve had such a great time tonight, I don’t want to end it on a sad note…”

Something in Cassie suddenly clicked. An idea? No, nothing as well-formed as an idea. Nothing more than a fool’s hope, a last-ditch ploy. She hoped Annie would play along.

“I-I know. You’re right. I just… Today has been great so far.” Cassie looked up sheepishly at Annie. “It’s just… I just met the most beautiful woman in the world, and I don’t want to say goodbye to her just yet.”

A sly smile spread across Annie’s lips, and Cassie briefly feared she had overplayed her hand, but the giantess merely said, “Oh?”

Emboldened, Cassie nodded enthusiastically, rising unsteadily to her feet, “Yes! Oh, goddess, yes. Please, just give me at least one more night with you. Let me worship your body like you deserved to be worshiped.” Cassie laid a hand on Annie’s gargantuan cheek and stared deeply into her eyes. “I know I can make it an unforgettable experience for us both.”

Annie’s eyes twinkled as she pursed her lips and gave Cassie a kiss that engulfed her entire torso. “And then after?”

Cassie let out a shuddering breath. “After… if you so desire…” Cassie trailed off, but Annie kept looking at her intently. “... You can eat me.”

Annie trembled and moaned. “Okay, my pet. You get a temporary reprieve from being my meal.”

Cassie felt a surge of triumph.

“One one condition,” the giantess continued.

The little woman gulped. “W-what?”

“You fuck Michael before I eat him.”

Cassie felt her eyes go wide again as she blushed from head to toe. “Wh-what?!”

Annie let out a low, sensual chuckle as she squeezed her kegels together, eyes rolling briefly toward the back of her head in pleasure.. “You didn’t think I was going to go to bed on an empty stomach, did you?”

Cassie stammered. She had been so concerned with side-stepping her own fate she had more or less forgotten about the man currently tucked within the giantess’s nethers.

“And I saw how… intently you were watching when I slipped him inside. You want someone inside you too, don’t you? You need it after tonight. So… have him. And when you’re through with him, I’ll gulp him down and have you aaaaall to myself.”

Cassie still couldn’t find words. This wasn’t how she was expecting things to go.

At the small woman’s continued silence, Annie eventually shrugged. “Well, if you’re not interested.” And she promptly opened her mouth wide, descending upon Cassie in the blink of an eye.

Before Annie’s lips closed around her, though, Cassie shrieked, “I’ll do it!”

Annie hung there for a beat or two more, her open mouth hovering around Cassie’s hips. Then she slowly drew back. Without a word, but still watching her little lover intently, she returned to her sitting position and peeled back the fabric of her thong one more time. She reached into the folds of her labia and, with a shuddering moan, pulled out a sopping wet Michael. She brought him up to her eye level.

“Hello, again, Michael.”

Michael grinned back at her in bliss. “Hello, Annie.”

“Did you have fun in there?”

He nodded languidly. “D’you?”

Annie giggled. “I… enjoyed you very much, yes.” The giantess cleared her throat. “It seems that little Cassie had a special request for tonight. And I think you can help her with that.”

Michael’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Oh… of course, what can I d-”

Annie promptly popped the upper half of Michael’s body into her mouth. A shocked cry down between her legs drew the giantess’s attention.

Cassie looked up at her in horror. “Wait, you said I could-!”

Annie, with Michael’s legs still failing uselessly outside her mouth, cut her off by holding up a single finger. Then she used that finger to press against Michael’s bottom and push him the rest of the way between her lips. Relative to her mouth, Michael’s frame was pretty large, but the giantess seemed well-practiced in handling such a large meal. After just a moment or two of working her jaws back and forth, she was able to fully fit the small man within, sealing her lips shut behind him.

Cassie watched in lurid fascination as Annie rolled Michael around in her mouth, moaning in satisfaction and exquisite delight. She couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt at the man’s predicament. She didn’t really feel bad that she had more or less consigned Michael to his fate as food for the giantess. She had fully believed that Annie had intended to eat them both eventually anyway, and there was not much Cassie could do to prevent that.

She did feel bad that the spectacle was turning her on immensely.

Annie shivered as she swallowed some of the saliva build up in her mouth. Gods, he tasted so good. She briefly considered swallowing him down then and there. Okay… maybe not too briefly. Her stomach was so empty, so ready to accept the diminutive form of one or both of the sacrifices given to her. But Annie had long ago learned that the anticipation was half the fun. She knew that eventually things must reach their conclusion, but when she opened her eyes to see Cassie’s hand rubbing furiously at her pussy, she knew it wasn’t time quite yet for the game to end.

Cassie jumped a little as Annie suddenly lowered her head down near her and opened her mouth, spilling Michael down beside her in a jumble of saliva-soaked limbs. He was panting heavily and looked up at Annie with longing as she pulled away, wiping away a trail of saliva from the corner of her mouth.

“Sorry about that, Michael. Just… needed to clean you up a bit.”

Michael swallowed hard. “Y-yeah… s-sure, no problem.” He could not stop trembling, and it had nothing to do with the temperature of the room. His erection was damn near painful now, and the sexual frustration had set his teeth chattering. If he didn’t get release soon, he was.. he was… well, he wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but he was going to have to do something.

HIs heart skipped a beat as Cassie wordlessly straddled his lap, the heat of her sex palpable against his member. He looked at her questioningly as she brought a hand up to his cheek. “C… Cassie?”

She smiled in response. “It’s okay.” And then she kissed him.

Every muscle in Michael’s body tensed up simultaneously, and he spared a glance up at the giantess towering over them. The look on her face was one of abject approval. She bit down on her bottom lip and gave him an encouraging nod. Michael blinked back in surprise but soon melted into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Cassie tightly.

Cassie luxurated in the kiss, in the feel of Michael’s strong arms completely enveloping her until she had to pull up for air. Her eyes trailed up above her as she felt the ground under them shift. Annie was repositioning herself, her head now directly above the tiny couple, hair and breasts hanging suspended above them. She supported herself with one arm, but her free hand was already between her legs, stroking at her wet slit. She was done teasing herself, it seemed, and she wanted to climax while watching Cassie and Michael. Steeling herself with a deep sigh, she gently guided Michael onto his back and slid her hips up his body. His penis, still slick with the giantess’s saliva, slid between the lips of Cassie’s vulva, eliciting shivering gasps from them both.

A wicked thought crossed Cassie’s mind and she looked back up at Annie as she glided back and forth across Michael’s lap, grinding herself against him without actually letting him penetrate.

Annie picked up on what Cassie was doing and let out a frustrated little growl. Her voice came out gravelly, almost feral. “No more teasing, gods, just fuck him already. Please.”

Satisfied with her little act of defiance, Cassie complied, reaching down to slip Michael’s member inside her.

She almost came then and there. After all the teasing, all the domination, Cassie finally had something inside her other than her own fingers, and it was almost too much to bear. She knew she was already testing Annie’s patience, but Cassie had to take a moment just to sit stock still on Michael’s cock to give her time to compose herself. She then began rocking back and forth slowly and rhythmically.

Michael was grateful for Cassie’s conservative approach. He had nearly exploded on entry and needed a breath or two himself before they started in earnest. He felt his hips gyrate against hers, almost moving of their own accord. His eyes trailed up from the woman riding his cock, up to the giantess looming over them and watching. He felt an electric thrill surge up his spine as he locked eyes briefly with her. He could tell from the intensity of her gaze, the tension in her body, that they were nearing the end of the game. He knew that when Cassie and he finished, they were going to be consumed. He was going to be shoved back into that warm, hot mouth, pushed past those luscious dark lips, lashed at mercilessly by the wet, agile tongue and then…

Michael quickly diverted his attention back down to Cassie, as he felt that train of thought bring him to the edge. Of course, diverting his attention to the fit, athletic brunette grinding against cock did little to distract him. Her abdominal muscles clenched and unclenched hypnotically as she rode him and an alluring blush tinged her chest and cheeks. Her head lolled almost drunkenly to the side, her eyes closed in bliss. Michael found the sight of her like this almost poetic but tore his gaze away, squeezing his eyes shut so he could last just a few seconds longer.

And so he never saw Annie coming.

Re: Anticipation (F/m, F/f, insertion, oral vore) Finale

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by jetblack_21
Anticipation Part 4 (Finale)

The giantess opened her mouth wide and rushed down toward the couple, descending upon them like a force of nature. Cassie barely had time to process the change in air pressure, the sudden warmth around her when the thick, plump lips closed around her midriff with uncanny timing, pulling her off of Michael’s cock just as they were about to climax together. She screamed in surprise as she was lifted up into the air kicking her legs futility outside of the giantess’s mouth. Michael’s eyes shot open, and he grabbed lamely at Cassie’s leg, but she slipped right through his saliva-soaked grip.

“A-Annie, w-wait!” he gasped.

Annie shook her head as she sat up fully. She spoke thickly, working her lips clumsily around Cassie’s waist. “No, no more waiting! I need her.”

Inside Annie’s mouth, Cassie thrashed about with all of her strength. “No, no! You said you wouldn’t! Stop!” She tried desperately to push herself backwards back towards the giantess’s lips but couldn’t find purchase anywhere in the slippery confines of her maw. She felt her whole body vibrate as Annie giggled and moaned to herself. She felt Annie’s lips close down firmly around her ass, and Cassie groaned as a sudden wash of saliva surged past her and down the gaping archway of the throat in front of her. She gasped for air once the flood had passed and renewed her struggles to free herself.

Outside, Annie was in bliss. Cassie’s flavor was indescribable, and the knowledge that the little woman would finally be in her belly was nearly orgasmic in and of itself. She slipped her tongue out of her mouth, curling the tip up and over Cassie’s ass as she pulled her deeper toward her throat. Annie’s hands were still working feverishly at her pussy. She had to time this just right, reach her climax just as Cassie settled into her stomach.

Michael laid back and watched as far above him, past the mountainous breasts of the giantess, more and more of Annie’s legs disappeared between her lips. His strength was all but spent, and even if he had any left, what could have done?

Besides… it was hot as hell.

Cassie groaned as she felt Annie’s tongue curl around her. More than once in her struggles, she caught herself grinding up against the bumpy surface of the tongue. The sensation had an insidious way of subverting her survival instincts… it just felt so damn good. The orgasm overtook her just as she felt her head begin to slope downward toward the entrance to Annie’s throat, the pressure of the giantess’s lips somewhere around midcalf. Annie seemed content to hold Cassie there while she bucked and spasmed through her last climax, but once she finished, Cassie felt the touch of the giantess’s fingertips against the soles of her feet, pushing her fully within the maw and starting her descent down Annie’s throat.

As Michael watched, Cassie’s feet fully disappeared with Annie’s lips, while at the same time, the top of the giantess’s throat distended slightly as she gulped Cassie down. This would be the difficult part, Michael knew. Though smaller than Michael, Cassie was still going to be a mouthful, a difficult swallow for Annie. But that was part of the fun, he supposed.

One of Annie’s hands went straight to her throat as she swallowed once, twice, thrice. She shuddered as she felt her throat bulge more and more, almost to its limit. Tears welled in her eyes, but the pain would be temporary, it always was. And once she passed through, the relief would make it all worthwhile. She guessed that she had gotten past Cassie’s shoulders, the first major test. Now it should be a simple matter of letting gravity do the job until she reached the hips. She tilted her head back and gave another big gulp.

Cassie cried out again as she felt her body straighten out and abruptly drop down Annie’s pharynx, jolting to a stop as her hips caught against the pulsating ridging at the back of the giantess’s mouth. All around her, she felt wave after wave of peristalsis, Annie’s esophagus trying to grab hold and guide her down to the stomach waiting below.

Annie did what she could to redirect some of the saliva build up in her mouth back toward her throat. She could still feel Cassie’s legs kicking against her tongue and pallet and, ironically, all it seemed to be accomplishing was working Cassie’s hips further and further into Annie’s throat. It wasn’t long before one last powerful gulp sent that last obstacle through, and Cassie’s legs slipped over the edge almost effortlessly. Annie drew herself up as high as she could on her knees, the fingers on one hand furiously pumping in and out of her vagina, while the fingers of her other hand rubbed her clit. She felt the heavy weight of Cassie descend slowly, inexorably down past her collarbone, behind her breasts, and finally settling into her stomach. She finally allowed herself to come then, and the orgasm was so intense that the next thing she knew she was on her back, panting heavily. She lay there, chest heaving, until she could get her breathing under control, then tilted her head to face the little man on the bed next to her with a languid smile.

“Michael… she tasted so good.”

Micheal allowed himself a lop-sided smirk. “I gathered.” His expression shifted to something a little more sympathetic. “That was really mean, Annie.”

Annie rested a hand on her belly, feeling the flutter of movement deep within. Her smile turned into something a little more wicked. “It’s so much better when they don’t see it coming. They kick and squirm so much harder.”

Michael gave her a dubious look.

Annie stretched and groaned satisfactorily. “Besides… she was into it. I could tell.”

Michael lifted a skeptical eyebrow. “You think so?”

Annie nodded confidently and turned up onto her side, using one hand to prop up her head while the fingertips of the other continues to idly caress the spot just below her left breast. “As soon as she called me her goddess, I knew she wanted to give herself to me. I just think she just enjoyed roleplaying the unwilling prey.”

“She was pretty damn convincing.”

The giantess purred. “I know. She was so good. She really knew how to rev my engine.” She sighed happily. “And now she’s all mine. Tucked away safe and sound in my tummy,” she murmured in a sing-song voice. “Where she belongs,” she added with a wicked smirk.

Michael shivered at that. “For now, anyway.”

Annie pouted a little, but nodded in agreement. “For now.” She unceremoniously plucked Michael up from his spot on their bed and turned over onto her back. She placed her tiny husband directly over her stomach, and for a second, Michael thought he felt movement underneath him. “Wouldn’t it be nice to keep her in there forever though? Just a pleasantly full belly and delightful little flutters all the time,” she said wistfully.

“You’d be horny all the damn time. You’d never get anything done.” Rising to his feet unsteadily, he began to climb the hill of Annie’s left breast.

Annie giggled at that. “True. But that’d work out pretty well for you, I think.” She winked.

“I dunno,” he said as he reached the summit. He took a seat and idly ran his hand around one of her rosy nipples. It stiffened almost immediately and Annie purred in approval. “Sounds like I’m the only one in this trio left unsatisfied,” he pouted in mock disappointment.

“Oh, poor baby. Are you all pent up? Whatever shall we do about that?” Annie teased.

Michael shrugged and found himself focusing on the task in front of him, averting his eyes from her. “Not sure. Maybe… you’ve got room for one more?”

Annie gasped and writhed underneath him. Whether that was from his attention on her nipple or his suggestion, though, Michael wasn’t sure. “Two tinies in my belly? At the same time? I don’t know anyone who’s been fantasizing about that since I brought Cassie home.”

Michael grinned. “So that’s a yes then?”

Annie squirmed some more in place and Michael could feel the skin underneath him warm noticeably. “I don’t know. I kind of like having her all to myself. What if I don’t want to share her?”

“You didn’t seem to have any issues sharing her with me before.”

Annie chewed on her lower lip again, and Michael felt a pang of need jolt through him. “Yeah… but I could watch then. Where’s the fun in sharing her now?”

Michael dropped his voice to a sultry whisper. “You mean, you’re not incredibly turned on by the thought of having two little folk fuck inside of you. Having a full, fluttery belly and imagining what’s going on inside while you drift off to sleep? Yeah, you’re right. That doesn’t sound like something you’d enjoy at all.”

By now, Annie was panting heavily. “Oh my gods, get your ass in there,” she said, opening her mouth wide and unfurling her tongue like a red carpet.

Inside Annie’s stomach, Cassie reclined in the folds of the stomach wall, basking in the afterglow of the night. Annie hadn’t been too far off. It was hot and humid inside of her, but something akin to a hot sauna. Between the steady heartbeat thudding somewhere above her and the undulating writhing of the stomach walls as it tried futility to digest her, it was… actually kind of relaxing in here.

At least, now that Annie had stopped moving around so much.

Cassie had thrashed well and good for as long as she could, but it was exhausting work on top of all the other physical effort the night had entailed, so for now, she was content to just lay back and relax. Maybe once she regained some of her stamina, she’d consider getting herself off again. She was sure Annie would enjoy waking up in the middle of the night to her moving around inside.

A steady squelching sound from somewhere above her suddenly caught her attention. She couldn’t see anything, but she backed away from where she thought the entryway of the stomach was just as she heard someone else coughing and gasping for air. It wasn’t long before Michael’s entire body had passed through and the tiny folk now found themselves pressed together in the tight confines of Annie’s stomach.

“H-Holy shit, Michael?”


“Um… hi.”


“What… are you doing in here?”

He laughed at that. “Um… Annie ate me.”

Deadpan, Cassie replied, “No kidding?”

“Scout’s honor,” he said playfully.

Shifting under his weight a little, Cassie tried to stretch out the walls a little to give them a little more breathing room. “Wonder why she would have done that?” she asked coyly.

Michael laughed nervously. He had talked a big game outside, but now that he was in his wife’s stomach with one of her work friends, he found himself a little uncertain. “Well, she was… well, we were hoping that maybe you’d want to…”

She cut him off with a kiss. “Oh thank the gods, do you have any idea how badly I need a cock in me right now?”


Annie licked her lips again, relishing the taste of her man that lingered there. She had felt Michael enter her stomach, and she felt almost drunk on the feeling of being filled to her limit. Her hands drifted down over her body, always circling back around to the slight distension of her stomach, just enjoying the tingling sensation that seemed to be permeating her body at the moment.

She felt a lurid grin spread across her lips as she felt her tummy start to flutter again.

“Oh, gods, what you two do to me…” she murmured to herself. Her hands glided over her breasts, teased her nipples briefly before sliding down lower and lower.

She wanted to keep them in there forever. Her little tummy pets. Her own little lovebirds, no one else’s. But it was just a silly little fantasy. In the morning, she’d have to let them out. Regurgitation was always such a messy affair. And then she’d have to return Cassie back to her original size. Maybe they’d all grab some brunch together, make googly eyes at each other while the afterglow of tonight still lingered.

Annie hoped that Cassie would want to do this again. Her mind was already racing with new possibilities. She had wanted Michael so badly, maybe Annie’d have to give him to her for a night.

Annie bucked as she slipped two fingers into herself. She blushed and sighed to herself. “Sorry, guys, hope I don’t jostle you too much.”

Annie lost track of the time, as she usually did, and she long ago stopped counting the orgasms. But when the fluttering in her belly stopped, she sighed and patted her belly in satisfaction. “Sleep well, you two. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Moving carefully to avoid squeezing her passengers uncomfortably, she leaned over to the nightstand and flicked the lamp off. And then, with a dreamy smile on her face, slipped off into a profoundly restful sleep.