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Teiren's Writing

Postby teiren » Wed May 20, 2020 8:53 pm

I had the urge to write some vore separate from the RP I usually do so I hope you guys enjoy and or tell me what to change up for my next go around.
Kenneth Hasherby flipped through the mail as he brought it into the house. Grumbling a bit to himself until he saw a rather strange envelope flipping it around he saw it, the mark he was waiting for, The Agency for Population Control. He ran into the house, tossed the rest of the mail onto the table and ran back into his room, closing the door behind him and locking it before rushing over and opening up the envelope. It contained a strange card with a QR code, a letter and a circular packet.

Dear Mr. Hasherby,

We are writing to you today to inform you that you have been approved to acquire a probationary license as a Population Control Agent, your physical exam as well as your mental aptitude tests were reviewed and showed you have great potential to excel.

As such we have sent you your digital license as well as your final test. When you scan the QR code into your phone a timer will begin, you have proven the mental requirements and the capability to do so within a controlled environment but you must now show your ability within the real world.

Find 3 low priority targets and report them in, once accepted churn them up and scan the barcode that will only show within a fully cum-filled condom. Should you complete this task within a week of the initial scanning your licence will be upgraded to a full Agent and you will begin to receive your quotas.

As per the sign-on bonus the following individuals are now considered Locked from other agents

Amanda Hasherby (Mother)
Susan Hasherby (Sister)
Lillian Hasherby (Sister)

Upon your graduation, to agent, another condom will be sent to collect their remains as well. Good luck Mr. Hasherby we have great hopes for you here in the Agency.

Senor Agent Ward.

His hands were shaking, this was it, this is what he was waiting his whole life for. Why he turned down all those schools. He knew his destiny was to be an agent ever since he saw one claim his teacher all those years ago. He did not hesitate his phone moved in a flash over the code and scanned it in. There was a bit of a wait as the app loaded but finally a string of text appeared again making sure he was ready to take this step there was no going back, and trying to leave the agency after scanning the code would make him a priority target to be removed by any means.

He accepted.
Later that day, he waited, he knew his sister was going to throw a sleepover that night, all of her high school friends would be over and scanning and claiming those three would be the perfect. His cock was rock hard just waiting for it, he listened for the door to open, there was some chatter in the living room as the guests finally began to arrive. He remained in his room for now waiting until they all retreaded to Lily's room.

He stared at his screen looking at his license still in awe he could now go up to people and just stuff them down his cock legally. Finally checking the clock again he stood up and made his way over to the door as he crept his way over to her bedroom on the other side of the house. He could hear giggling on the other side of the door. He slowly opened it to catch the four in their pajamas chatting. Raising up his phone he switched it to scan mode a small beep as it caught their faces. A bit of info about each of them appearing. He didn't really care what it read out to him; they were nothing but condom filler to him now. Selecting all but his sister he sent them up to get processed and approved.

While he waited there was an alarm from three phones he peeked in and watched them go pale, he checked his own phone

(Targets Approved and informed proceed to collect and dispose)

“What the hell?
“No way”

He watched his sister lean over to see what was going on and gasp. She let out a shriek that her friends were all chosen to be disposed of.

“What when did you guys get picked who, you drove here with your parents so there couldn't have been an agent that saw all of you.”

With that Kenneth opened the door making sure his badge was showing.

“That’s cause the agent is here in the house.”

“KEN! How could you?!” Lily tossed a pillow at him and he ducked out of the way.

“Lily, you know attacking an agent is grounds for instant disposal. Now sit back and let me do my work,” He pulled his pants down and off tossing them to the side as his cock that was already rock hard dripped with anticipation. He placed his phone with it recording as proof of the work done. A message that continued to play filled the room.

“This is an official population culling, refusal to comply will mean your family will not be compensated for your disposal. I repeat….”
With everything in place there was nothing the girls could do other than wait as he got closer to them they already looked defeated, he smirked and picked up the one he thought was the cutest he wanted to see her face slip into that cock the most. Pressing her against his cockslit it began to stretch and mold around her face pulling her in pajamas and all with a great force he let out a gasp from the pleasure of his cock snapping around her neck only for it to stretch out again to claim her shoulders he had to lean back against the door frame to keep standing as her arms and then hips vanished into his rod and then finally began to stretch out his balls more and more of her form was taken in until she was nothing but a curled up ball in his sack.

“Fuck…. Ok, you two who is next?”

A wicked grin on his face as he was not done, he was just getting hungry he moved over and sat on the floor his cock twitching and throbbing ushering them in closer. The second girl stood and finally made her way over.

“Good girl, you know volunteering your self means your family gets more,” He teased her knowing her fate now was to just be a filled condom and a check for her family. She said nothing as she dipped a toe into his cock head and began to stretch out the head to fit her other foot in. As she was ensnared she began to sink lower and lower into that shaft she just looked back at the remaining girl and Lily. She must have mouthed something because they reacted but Kenneth didnt care she was an addition to his load nothing more. Through it seemed the final girl did because she rushed across the room to grab hold of her in a hug. If she thought she could pull her out she was gravely mistaken as he was the top of the test when it came to retention.

As the second girl’s upper body sunk in so did the final girl’s, the two stretching out his cock wildly as they went down together he almost let out a scream of pleasure but caught himself refusing to let himself get too excited and let his prey loose.

Within moments both were gone nothing but lumps in his balls gently squirming as they tried to get comfortable.

“There we go… Lily come here and help them melt, and I know you are watching there Mom and Susy, we weren't exactly quiet come help Lily.”

He glanced at the doorway and saw his mother and little sister wide-eyed but they nodded and moved to join Lily kneeling in front of him as they massaged and kissed his massive churning balls the gurgling and sloshing within with the occasional moan and groan told the fate of the three girls. After what seemed like an hour his balls had completely smoothed out and he was ready.

Humming to himself he took the condom from his pant pocket on the other side of the room and opened it casually rolling it over his cock as he ordered his family to kiss and stroke him off to pour out the girls. They obeyed not knowing what else to do or why they wanted to help so badly. The three sets of lips and hands made quick work of that rising pressure as rope after rope of thick potent cum shot into the condom swelling it out more and more as it filled. A dangerous creaking sound filled the room as it sounded like the rubber was reaching its limits. But it held out until the end, his balls empty and three sets of pajamas now idly floating in a massive pool of cum.

He tied off the condom and moved to grab his phone. He scanned the barcode that was only visible due to all the cum and a green checkmark appeared on his phone.

“Good Job Agent Hasherby your graduation package will arrive in the mail in the meantime please enjoy free reign of your prizes.”

He looked up at his family, they panted and looked back at him almost misty-eyed these last few weeks were going to be fun...
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