Pre-vore Story

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Pre-vore Story

Postby NamelessLurker » Sat Sep 21, 2019 4:29 pm

Hi all!

I finally decided to type out one of the ideas haunting my head, and it turned out longer than I hoped but I'm satisfied with the result.
Now I'm not sure where to put it but this looks like the right place. Please don't hit me if I'm wrong :)

This pre-vore story is mostly dialog and focusses on the circumstances leading up to the vore scenario.
I'm not describing the action itself in detail.
Contains implied digestion/scat
Dragon pred, willing prey

Spoiler: show
Suicide by dragon

I was done with my life. I didn't care about anything in this world anymore, I just wanted it to end.
Why? I don't want to talk about that. It doesn't really matter. There was only one decision left to make:
How am I going to go?
Actually, this was a very easy question, for I've always known how I wanted my life to end eventually.
I certainly did not want get burried, or burned to ashes, much less scraped off the pavement next to a skyscraper.
No, this body should not go to waste. I'd rather give it to someone, or something, that had a better use for it than I did now. Donating my organs probably would have been the most noble way, but it didn't feel right to me. That's so ... incomplete. Besides, I haven't been living a healthy life and wasn't in the best shape anyway. Well, that's just excuses, I know. The truth was, I had something different in my mind.
I wanted to feed an animal. If necessary, I'd sneak into a local zoo at night, hide in an enclosure and wait. As scary as the thought was, it did have an appeal. Maybe I could even look for a python large enough to swallow me whole. That would have been good enough for me, if I hadn't heard the stories...

Stories of an actual dragon, somewhere out in the nowhere, 'offering' to eat people who would visit him voluntarily.
Of course I'd never taken that seriously, and even if there was a hungry beast out there, there was no way it was meant literally. If anything it was a warning for careless people, like saying 'if you go there alone, you're practically asking to die'. Yet, wasn't that exactly my goal? I still didn't think much of the story. Probably someone had seen a particularly large crocodile or something and the rest was well-aged rumor. There was nothing for me to lose, though. And the alleged location of this so-called dragon was suspiciously specific.
So I made up my mind. There actually was one more thing I intened to do before the end. I couldn't just die not knowing if there was some truth to that stories. And my new life goal was set: Suicide by dragon!

I couldn't believe my eyes. There it was, in the middle of a grove, right next to the steep mountain face. A huge, wooden sign boasting "THE ONE AND ONLY JOURNEY OUT OF THIS WORLD - TICKETS HERE!".
That was a surprisingly short search. This had to be it. Well, either that, or someone had thought it would be funny to make this sign and fool naive people. But I didn't have time to think about that, as I heard some noises from within the seemingly massive wall. Only now did I realize the opening, from which a massive, scaled head emerged.
"Greetings, traveller. Can I help you?"

That deep, rumblig voice... The dragon was speaking to me!
I was at a loss of words, which was no surprise for the behemoth. He seemed to be used to that reaction, as he resumed the conversation while slowly walking out of his cave.
"You're not from around here, are you? I'm sorry if I scared you, but I thought you could use some help finding your destination."
"Actually, I think I just found it", I announced, nodding at the sign.
The expression on his face changed, yet I couldn't read a specific emotion out of it.
"Oh, you're here for this ... 'special' trip?"
He paused.
"Just to make sure, you do know what this business is about, right?"
"Of course. I may not be the brightest bulb, but that one isn't a mystery at all. I'm aware that this ticket will be one-way."
"I see. And you are absolutely certain that this is what you want? That this is the best way to deal with whatever kind of situation you are in?"
I didn't know what was going on, but it felt like the conversation was drifting into a direction I certainly didn't like. So I replied with a slightly annoyed "Yes", mentally preparing myself for what would come next.
"I understand. And I respect your decision, so don't worry", he said, as if he knew what I was thinking. "Unless you need someone to talk to, in which case you should worry. We're not offering any kind of emotional support or therapy, and I certainly don't want to hear depressing stories about how life is terrible and so on. There's no need to make this harder than it is."
"That's fine. Seems like we agree on that point, I was worried there for a second."
"Yes, most customers feel that way, which is pretty much the only positive trend.
Speaking of which, I haven't welcomed you as a customer yet. I apologize.
Please, follow me inside so we can discuss the details of your requests."

With that, he turned around and squeezed his massive form back through the hole he just came out from. That tight passage didn't seem very comfortable, but that wasn't my business.
I followed suit and soon found myself in a reasonably big cave. There was not much to see that you wouldn't expect in any natural cave, except the small brick wall the homeowner had already gotten behind.
It seemed to serve as some kind of counter. Was this supposed to be a reception area? I hadn't thought that he would take this 'business' part so literally.
When he noticed that I was done looking around, he adressed me again.
"Well, welcome to our humble store. I would ask you how we can help you, but you already told me why you are here. So..."
"Sorry, but I gotta ask. You keep saying 'we'? Is there someone else ... working here?", I interrupted him.
He blinked at me, then caught on to my question.
"Oh, no, it's just me - at least today. I didn't start this all on my own, there was someone who help me set up shop and taking care of legal issues and stuff, but that's all a long time ago.
So, how do we proceed now? Have you already checked our price list?"

He pointed to a board on top of the counter, which I hadn't previously noticed.
"Umm, no", I exclaimed and started to read.
"Well, 'price list' is an exaggeration. We only offer this one service. It's just for formalities, really."
The board listed two prices.

'Trip to the other side
(all inclusive): 500♠
The perfectionist
Bonus round: + 500♠
All prices are per person.
Service includes full processing,
optional accommodations
and free choices for
means of travel.'

Well, that sure was euphemistic to the point of being cryptic. I assumed that 'optional accomodations' would be some sort of resting place for whatever physical remains would be left after 'full processing'.
I wouldn't be needing that, that's for sure. But what about...
"Bonus round", I read aloud, confused.
"Oh, never mind that."
"But why is it on the list if you don't even want to explain it?"
A heavy sigh followed.
"Fine, you are right. It's just that some customers really wanted ... how did they put it? To be purged from this planet? Something like that I guess.
Anyway, the point is that some body parts, mostly bones, are not easily digested. Usually the remains still contain at least the skull and maybe some other features that would allow one to recognise what or who it used to be.
These Special customers were not happy with that and demanded a more thorough solution. That means I would break the skull and everything into smaller, digestable fragments and, well, you get the picture.
I don't know why anyone would want that, but if they're willing to pay extra for that we won't deny the request."
"Okay... not interested. But the standard price is already listed at 500♠, is that right?"
"Yes, that is no mistake. 500♠ is the standard price", he responded, waiting for the one question he has probably heard many times before.
"But why is it ... so expensive?"
"Let me guess. What you actually wanted to ask is why you have to pay money in the first place?"

He wasn't wrong. I had expected him to consider me a free snack and leave it at that.
"Maybe? I mean, you won't have to do much, right? As I see it, all you have to do is eat, which you would have to do anyway.
Or don't you usually eat meat? Do you think I'll taste awful? What am I missing?"

My 'travel agent' grinned sheepishly and scribbled something behind the counter while listening to my questions. Clearly he had heard it all before, and it looked like he kept track of which ones were the most common.
"Yes, there are a few things to unpack, and I certainly don't fault you for thinking that way.
Firts off, of course it is true that there is no physical labour involved. But you know that's not the only reason for a service to be highly paid.
Some tasks can be done with little effort, but require a lot of knowledge, training or particular skills.
And then there are jobs that require neither to a great extent, yet most people wouldn't want to do them for various reasons. Like, say, prostitution.
Of course, what we're talking about isn't like prostitution at all, but I see it in the same category. And technically you could even say that I'm selling my body in a way."

He chuckled at that last comment.

"Okay, sure, but how is this a job that you need a lot of financial convincing for?"
"That's pretty simple when you think about it. It isn't about the feeding part, I'll also have to kill.
The flavor isn't an issue, and of course I go hunting for food when I need to. But trust me, ending a life in cold blood is a whole different story. Even if you ask for it yourself."

"Wow. I didn't think that would be such an issue for you. No offense, but I pictured you as a seasoned predator who doesn't even feel that way."
"Yes, of course you would. Remember how I said earlier that not wanting to talk about your life was the one common thing that I was thankful for? Here come the other ideas most customers share.
I get it. From your perspective I'm practically just a guillotine. You come to me, I end your suffering, and that's it. End of story.
But I am no inanimate object. I am well aware of what's happening, what I'm doing. And I get to live with that.
Also, yes, I am experienced. I've done it before. It won't be like a first time. But it never gets normal, either. And I'll never be able to completely turn off these feelings, the doubts if a therapy could have saved a few souls."

His voice remained calm during that outbreak, but now he had to take a deep breath.
"Sorry for ranting. It's not your fault, I'm just tired of hearing the same things over and over."
"No, I'm sorry", I responded, feeling called out.
"You are right. I haven't thought of you like that. But if you really don't want this, why do you do it for money?"
"It's not like that. As I just said, I've done it before, and I learnt how to deal with it. I just wanted to say that it's not something you simply shrug off and forget about.
And I'm not doing this for the money. I feel like I have to. There aren't many who can offer what I do, at least I don't know anyone."
"That may be true, but that doesn't mean you must do it, does it? If noone else will do it, that's not your fault.
And it wouldn't be a tragedy either. It would be a pity, sure, but it isn't really a necessary deed that someone has to devote their life for."

"Isn't something that's not necessary often the most valuable? I think this earth would be a sad place if we only ever did what must be done and not care about making something beautiful or giving it meaning.
Maybe it's ironic to talk like that about what we have in mind. But you are here. You didn't just buy a rope or overdose on sleeping pills.
You came to me asking to be consumed instead, so I guess it has to mean something to you."

"Of course it does."
"See? That's why my friend and I went through with this crazy idea, and why I made my promise.
If it means so much to you that you would pay 500♠, I will do you this last favor."
"About that... I don't have that money", I admitted, feeling awkward for wasting so much time before saying that.

The dragon however didn't seem angry, or even just annoyed. Instead, he just asked me how much I did have, which ammounted to a little over 76♠ in cash.
"That was to be expected. People who consider themself worthless and their life over don't tend to also have a fortune left to spend.
Then so be it. 76♠ for one ride down my neck. Have you already decided how you want this to happen?"

"No, actually. I thought you would just do it your way."
"Come on, we already established that 'my way' would be not at all. This is your thing, you tell me what you want. I couln't give you any suggestions because it is beyond me how anyone would even want to die like that.
But as it turns out, some do. So go ahead, what do you want exactly?"

"Okay, then...", wondering if I was supposed to instruct a predator how to get a piece of meat in his belly.
"I guess, first open your mouth wide?"

The mouth did not open except to talk some more.
"Sorry, that's not gonna work. I can't talk to you about the next step while you're crawling in my mouth. Let's just talk this through now. Do you want me to chew you up? This would be about as pleasant as it sounds, but still the most comfortable way. If you'd rather be swallowed whole, I should be able to do that. But this would be considerably less favorable for everyone involved. Or, if you really want to be punished, I could roast you first. But I'm sure you don't want that."
"Well, you sure know how to advertise your service", I remarked sarcastically.
"I'm not advertising. As you know, I don't want this business to go well. The fewer customers I get the better.
And I'm not saying this to talk you out of it, I just want you to know what you're getting into."
"Well yes, sure. But for someone who doesn't care about advertising and just wants to be real, you're using pretty flowery words on your descriptions."
"Oh, that? This wasn't originally my idea. All that organizing stuff never was my job, and I didn't come up with these.
Yet I decided to keep them like that. You can file that as gallows humor."
"Fair enough. But what was that about swallowing me whole? Why would that be worse for you? Are you afraid I could kick you in the stomach or something? I'm not that strong, I doubt you'd even feel a thing."
"Oh, my", he shook his head.
"You're underestimating the force of a death spasm. A dying body jerking can be surprisingly fierce compared to any voluntary muscle movement when they're alive. But that isn't the point, my belly can handle that.
The thing is, it would be a much slower death, making it harder for you, and during that extended time I would feel terrible if I didn't warn you.
Plus, it is considerably harder not to think about what's happening while I feel something moving in there. But again, this isn't about me, so don't worry about that."

I had asked out of curiosity, but my decision had already been made. I didn't care wether or not I would regret this in a few minutes.
I wanted this too badly, and I could finally get it.
"Okay, I've made up my mind. Could you swallow me whole, please?"
And this time, the mouth did open wide.
So here I am, reliving the events from earlier today. Maybe I will remember this story in the next life, if there is such a thing, so I can tell it to someone else than myself?
Does it even matter? I think not. But I'm about to find out where this dark fleshy waterslide leads.
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