Mokii's weird corner (Implied HV and such)

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Mokii's weird corner (Implied HV and such)

Postby Mokii » Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:30 am

Hey guys! I love comments on my art and its hard to find a place to share stuff like this, so I figured I'd give one of these threads a shot.

Just to preface me posting anything; I know my niche fetishes are kinda strange, even within the vore community. I'm a fan of "hard vore", though most of my art involves more "implied" stuff where the picture is right before any biting starts, or with the munching being done in a way that the you can't really see the damage yet. I enjoy leaving things up to the imagination in a way where you can fill in some of the details in way that "you" would enjoy. Once in a great while I'll draw an aftermath picture, but I'm woefully behind on doing that compared to doing "right before" pictures :P.

Either way, I have a particular fondness of spiders. Sometimes I treat them as if they are the kind to inject their victim with a digestive compound and then "drink" them away, leaving nothing but an empty husk of bone and skin, but other times I sort use these mutated versions of spiders that eat more like a praying mantis. I love mixing venom into the equation and often feature predators that use some sort of venom to incapacitate that victim and even force them to feel "pleasure" instead of pain. Often pain and pleasure at the same time. Like I said, my likes are real niche. I tend to use insect like predators going for the soft and tasty bits of prey first.

As for the are, I guess I'll start off with one of my few "finished" pieces involving the various niche kinks I mentioned above. A random wolfgirl that has been caught by a very hungry spider.

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Re: Mokii's weird corner (Implied HV and such)

Postby SamWamm » Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:57 pm

this is what I imagine when girls ask to be eaten by me.

I obviously have the sense to know the difference though.
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