Fem Switch LF Friendly Competition (Closed)

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Fem Switch LF Friendly Competition (Closed)

Postby DegenerateDigestor » Sat Sep 24, 2022 7:03 pm

Hey everyone, I’m a switch who usually plays female/futa/bustyboy characters.

Lately I’ve been wanting to have a little friendly competition with a prey or another switch. Basically it’d be a normal game or competition (eating contest, race, weight lifting, card game, anything). If you win, you can do as you please with me, but if I win I’ll eat you.

If you’re interested so far, below is a list my likes, dislikes, etc. All except my hard no’s are optional/up for discussion.

Vore likes:
Spoiler: show
-Soft Oral, Anal, Unbirth, and Breast
-Slow, Fatal digestion/absorption
-Weight gain/chubby preds
-Bone disposal
-Full tour (for oral/anal)
-Multiple prey
-Size difference (8 - 12 feet tall pred/prey)
-Forcefeeding/uncomfortably full
-Casual vore
-Object vore/swallowing

General likes:
Spoiler: show
-Anal play (massive toys, plugs, beads, speculums)
-Long tongues/licking
-Messy/food-filled bellies
-Nipple play/insertion/breast pumps
-Pubic/armpit/body hair

Spoiler: show
I might do hard vore if the prey is a slime/jelly/made of food like icecream; I don’t like gore but I’m okay with a slime

Dislikes/Hard Noes:
Spoiler: show
-Hard vore/gore
-Cock vore
-Digesting sympathetic prey (endo’s okay though)
-Digesting pregnant prey (endo’s okay)

Character info:
Spoiler: show
I don’t have set characters, but I usually play as somewhat chubby humans, demis (I love lamias, slimes, and lactating holstaurs), anthros and dragons

If you’re interested, please PM me and we can organise something :gulp:

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