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PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2022 11:32 pm
by DegenerateDigestor
Hey everyone, I’m a switch who usually plays female/futa/bustyboy characters.

I’ve been dying to play as a tall, thick, pregnant human pred. I’d prefer a modern setting for this one; Perhaps we’re on a blind date, or I’m your manager at work, or maybe your professor. Scenario ideas are welcome.

I ideally want to include lactation and multiple prey too. I want a prey who’ll suckle my breasts, worship my curves, and make me feel good. Make no mistake though, one way or another you WILL be consume, you WILL be churned up, and you WILL be added to my luscious curves.

If you’re interested so far, below is a list my likes, dislikes, etc. All except my hard no’s are optional/up for discussion.

Vore likes:
Spoiler: show
-Soft Oral, Anal, Unbirth, and Breast
-Slow, Fatal digestion/absorption
-Weight gain/chubby preds
-Bone disposal
-Full tour (for oral/anal)
-Multiple prey
-Size difference (8 - 12 feet tall pred/prey)
-Forcefeeding/uncomfortably full
-Casual vore
-Object vore/swallowing

General likes:
Spoiler: show
-Anal play (massive toys, plugs, beads, speculums)
-Long tongues/licking
-Messy/food-filled bellies
-Nipple play/insertion/breast pumps
-Pubic/armpit/body hair

Dislikes/Hard Noes:
Spoiler: show
-Hard vore/gore
-Cock vore
-Digesting sympathetic prey (endo’s okay though)
-Digesting pregnant prey (endo’s okay)
-Immobilisation/fat blobs (I like weight gain but not that much, I’m sorry)

If you’re interested, please PM me and we can organise something :gulp: