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Torture "digestion" (prey or pred)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2022 11:50 am
by Teimporta
Hello, I am looking for long term partners (prey or pred) for a special type of digestion focused on the suffering of the prey with the acids and it will last for a long time (weeks):

Slow torture, where the prey suffers from the acids , those acids do not melt her body they only torture her by boiling her alive, killing her with pain after weeks of suffering (in that point her body can be melted), imagine the prey wishing to die at some point, but not being able to because they must continue to suffer while struggling to get free...

Prey: Female characters from videogames or animes (References)
Pred: Snakes, lamias, latex, slimes and plants.
Likes: Long digestion, squeezing, acid play, soul torture, cruelty of all kinds, multi prey and Large breast/Ass characters.
NO: OC, IRL References, Futa/man/femboy pred, Anthro pred (only lamias), not painfull, willing prey and hard vore.
Plot: Varies according to the characters

Discord: Teimporta#5736