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Switch Looking for Switch/Pred/Prey

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2022 1:51 am
by bigpregbelly
Back after a few week hiatus :)

Hey, new member here keen on some RPs! I'll keep my interests short and snappy so we can (hopefully) get into an RP! I prefer using Discord for discussion and RP, send me a PM for my username.

I'm a switch, probably slightly prefer prey but happy with pred as well! I know this might not necessarily be everyones thing, but I really really really love playing as preggo characters, both as pred and prey. I pretty much only like playing as one, but in a few exceptions I can pass on it (i.e if I play a non-preggo pred eating preggo prey, some others). I can play F, M or Trans and like pregnancy on all three, especially on Transgender characters, it really speaks to me for some reason!

In terms of vore, I only like same size, fatal, with oral being my favourite but also liking cock and sometimes unbirth/navel. Digestion is a must for me, and disposal is wanted but not a must. As pred, I only enjoy humanoid on humanoid (humans, fantasy races, anthros etc) but as prey I like humanoid and feral preds. I love using IRL pics as refs for my characters, so if thats something that appeals to you let me know.

Can't think of anything else really, ask away if anything here doesn't answer your question!