Timid Twink Discovers a Deviant way to Romance his Boyfriend

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Timid Twink Discovers a Deviant way to Romance his Boyfriend

Postby DigestingYouAlive » Sun Nov 13, 2022 1:26 pm

Accidental Alliteration!

Anyways, I'm looking forward to acting as a sweet, heart swindling, although dearly shy and super gay predator, who's sole purpose, at least in his mind, is to simply make people happy.
(The definition of 'happy' has quite a flexible boundary!)
I tend to create my characters on the spot, so we don't have to worry about any designing issues. Besides, it's fun to imagine what the lil' sucker, literally, looks like! No need for unwanted appearance.
As for your character, I'd definitely prefer that you use only text to describe them or make one up on the spot. I can be a little iffy and less enthusiastic than expected about images, so it makes it easier for me as well! In terms of personality and physical traits however, I've got a few preferences I'd like to be followed, if you could!
-Completely Male
-Completely Human
-Around 5'8-6'5 preferably
-Exact same age as the pred, so 18 to 25 depending on the scenario)
-At least somewhat muscular to any degree
-Overall kind, considerate personality
-Nothing too fancy in terms of background or what they do, just a regular guy will do

When it comes to my characters, here's what you can expect!
-Absolutely Male, Absolutely Gay
-Either human, or some sort of demi human, such as having traits of a cat (Ears, tail, what not), bee (Maybe an abdomen, honey involved somehow), goat (Lil poofy tail and horns maybe), whatever makes him cute.
-Not very muscular, pretty weak actually
-Personality ranges from being timid, though being expressive and compassionate, to being a little over the edge femboyish.

Must Haves:
Male Bystander/Observer (Your character)
Male Prey (Unnamed prey characters)
Weight Gain
Understandable, clean, and exciting writing style
Physically smaller pred
Liquified, soupy post digestion

Cuddling, snuggling, hugs and all the lovey stuff
Temporary tummy fat post digestion
Belly Rubs
Willing to Unwilling mid way through vore process
Navel Fucking
Anal Vore
Clean, deep belches
Stomach Crushing (May allow some implied bone breaking)
Partial implied hard digestion
Face sitting
Soft ass fat
Digesting into cum via stomach
Large post digestion balls
Belch crushing: Forcing the pred to burp, so that their stomach compresses hard, crushing the prey

Non Human characters
Hard vore
Female characters
Ask me about unlisted things, and I'll say if they're good or not! Expect that most things that would be considered repulsive or unusual would be disliked by most people.

If you're interested, ask me in private messages about setting something up! Discord is a requirement, and I'm not too sure why you wouldn't have it, considering it's used by pretty much everyone now. Send me your tag so I know who you are, in the case of losing contact!

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