Man-Eater Femboy Desperate To Churn Up Strong Guys Like You!

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Man-Eater Femboy Desperate To Churn Up Strong Guys Like You!

Postby DigestingYouAlive » Mon Sep 26, 2022 7:10 pm

For anyone interested in a human/furry relationship, too bad!
However, if you don't apply to that first sentence, I hope I can accommodate you as well as possible!

Explained in the title, I'm looking to play as a rather frisky femboy predator, who's got a strange kick for churning guys up alive. While I don't have a set character, I do have quite a few scenarios that would make our future voracious relationship very interesting!

As for your character, scenarios may alter what I'm looking for. As a whole however, I'm looking for a guy who's a top, obviously, and fully prey/observer, no switches allowed around here! Major height differences are always welcomed, so usually a difference of at least half a foot or more will certainly be nice! Personality wise, it's always important in a proper vore relationship, for both sides to be treated nicely! This means that although the little twink you're taking care of is vulnerable, it doesn't mean you have the right to harm the lil' guy. Try to be careful and considerate! While he's small and frail, it sure is easy for him to start to crush, grind, churn and broil up a taller masculine guy in a matter of minutes, given the right compassion!

Now, for yourself, like, irl you, I'm only accepting guys below 25, absolutely no higher, I'm not looking for a creep show here. If you're looking to roleplay, that usually means you're literate in English of course, plus detailed as much as I am, and write as much as I do! If we're looking to be equals (debatably ) in a relationship, it's important that we both work well together! One last thing, if you're already in a relationship with someone irl, I wont be accepting. It's basically cheating when you've already got your own pred, and I don't want to promote that!

Some scenarios I'd like to try out. Reminder that my characters can be ages 17-25, along with your own.:

A childhood friend in highschool, who's usually a quiet, lonely nerdy type of kid, ends up turning into a pure femboy over the summer break, acting weirdly flirty and weak around you, only to break down when admitting about his struggles with a new fetish of his, desperately needing someone to keep his stomach comfortable.

An online service trains, dresses up and delivers small, skittish catboy predators, made to act as submissive partners and companions to only the most fitting male owners. Your voracious little rascal arrives at your college dorm, waiting in a box. Following you everywhere, he rather obnoxiously waves and tries to meet with other people, but theres no way you could get mad at him!

Your boyfriend tends to be clingy and emotionally weak at times, leading to some deep isolation issues. Rushing home after a long day, not wanting to make him feel bad again, you find him cuddled in bed, whispering to himself about you. Holding a bodypillow you bought him, he shuffles in bed, making little peeps of discomfort as a large, fat tummy crushes his squirming prey.

In a Medieval era city state, you, the lonely Prince of a small royal family hear of a voracious human, cast out from your family's territory for his tendency to devour the occasional commoner, but also for his rather frisky, deviant emotions. You choose to go find the boy, realizing that this fearful mythic creature is just a small, frail boy, fragile and way more eager to be friends with a fit and proper man like you, rather than devouring you alive.

Must Haves:
Male Pred
Male Bystander/Observer (Your character)
Male Prey (Unnamed prey characters)
Weight Gain
The ability to use grammar and act like a normal person
Physically, Substantially smaller pred
Liquified prey post digestion

Pet Play
Cuddling, snuggling, the works
Temporary tummy fat post digestion
Playful/Punishment spanking
Belly Rubs
Willing to Unwilling mid way through vore process
Navel Fucking
Anal Vore
Clean gutteral belches
Clothing trophy collecting
Stomach Crushing
Partial implied hard digestion
Face sitting
Soft ass fat
Digesting prey in stomach into cum
Fattening balls
Stomach crushing in general
- Minor hard digestion
(Somewhat new thing I thought of) Belch crushing : Forcing the pred to burp, so that their stomach compresses hard, crushing the prey

Non Human characters
Female characters
Hard vore
Ask me about unlisted things, and I'll say if they're good or not! Expect that most things that would be considered repulsive or unusual would be disliked by most people.

If you're interested, ask me in private messages about setting something up! Discord is a requirement, and I'm not too sure why you wouldn't have it, considering it's used by pretty much everyone now. Send me your tag so I know who you are, in the case of losing contact!

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