Surprisingly Voluptuous Preteen Pred meets Horny Jock

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Surprisingly Voluptuous Preteen Pred meets Horny Jock

Postby DigestingYouAlive » Mon Sep 26, 2022 7:10 pm

You heard that right! I'm looking to play as a preteen pred, (ages 5-9) with you as a shamefully horny jock meal for the little sweetie. (17-25)
My limits in terms of her age are loose, but in vore terms, I'm quite restricted. Feel free to chat about what you are and aren't into first, I don't mind! And if you've got any questions about the whole loli aged girl with a phat ass, kneaded down by a fully grown teenager, ask away!

Anyways, most of the information about the rp can be discussed later on, but as of now, I'll make some scenario ideas!

- Prey meets an adorable, rather endowed girl that moved in next door, and decides to volunteer as a "babysitter".

- Pred follows a high school prey home, who invites her into his car and helps in digesting a meal, or perhaps becoming it.

- Pred big brother finds out his little sister makes videos about her digesting guys on youtube, and finds out she's churning one away when he walks into her room to ask.

- A princess of a royal family meets the prince of a neighboring kingdom, showing off her peoples loyalty by digesting one alive.

- A lifeguard meets a young girl hiding a fat churning stomach underwater, and brings her into the sauna, locks the door, and throttles her currently expanding thighs.

- Prey working at a concession stand in a fair finds a little girl behind the stand with someone digesting alive inside, and needs to keep himself from busting while she hides underneath the counter.

If you've got any ideas, do tell me!

Must Haves:
Female Pred
Male Bystander/Observer (Your character)
Male Prey (Unnamed prey characters)
Weight Gain
The ability to use grammar and act like a normal person
Physically, Substantially smaller pred
Liquified prey post digestion
Pred Age between 5 and 9
Prey Age between 17 and 25

Cuddling, snuggling, the works
Temporary tummy fat post digestion
Belly Rubs
Willing to Unwilling mid way through vore process
Navel Fucking
Anal Vore
Clean gutteral belches
Stomach Crushing
Partial implied hard digestion
Face sitting
Soft ass fat
- Minor hard digestion
(Somewhat new thing I thought of)
Belch crushing : Forcing the pred to burp, so that their stomach compresses hard, crushing the prey

Non Human characters
Hard vore
Ask me about unlisted things, and I'll say if they're good or not! Expect that most things that would be considered repulsive or unusual would be disliked by most people.

If you're interested, ask me in private messages about setting something up! Discord is a requirement, and I'm not too sure why you wouldn't have it, considering it's used by pretty much everyone now. Send me your tag so I know who you are, in the case of losing contact!

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