Vore island (pred or prey)

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Vore island (pred or prey)

Postby Robot23 » Tue Sep 20, 2022 6:55 pm

Hello Friends
I have an idea about a vore island, a place where many women will be taken by magic to a big island, where they are at the mercy of many predators that will seek to devour them, they will have their abilities nullified (magic, ki, chakra, etc), additionally they can form groups to survive and even establish settlements, but they can also be devoured by accident or be hunted even in intimate moments such as sex, in the end all women will end up being digested in a painful way~.
I'm looking for long term people not someone who will ghost/block me as soon as we get everything ready.

Required: Female prey, Pain, semi literary to literary, unwilling prey and Fatal.

Likes: Multi-Prey, Soft vore, Reffs (for preys and preds), SEX, long digestion/ultra fast digestion, cruelty (I LOVE IT), Big breasts and big butts.

HATE/NO: Male, Futa, Femboy, willing prey, NON-FATAL, NOT PAINFUL, anal vore, unbirth, cock vore, so much blood, bones, muscles, feet, piss and shit.

Characters: Anime or video game girl (just the reference, you can interpret them as you want).

Preds: Snakes, Frogs, Plants, worms, Slimes (love), Latex (love), lamias and vore quicksands.
Humans preds: Only women with large breasts for breast vore or absorption (painful).

Thanks for reading.
My discord is open: Sentry#6958

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