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Postby TyrannicWyvern » Tue Aug 09, 2022 5:27 pm

Editing this to factor in recent changes. I would really like to find a Futa/Femboy partner pred/switch/prey for either mutual predation upon either single or many preys (Even each other) or to dominate and devour them. I'm looking to get real filthy, playing with scat, watersports and gases that result from the predation.

Scenarios where both players go after prey (Or each other), deeply enjoy and even revel in their consumption of others and themselves and their filth and especially if it leads to a relationship or romance based on this predation would be perfect but not required.

Another ideal kind of scenario would be one where as a Futa/Femboy I play a pred that utterly dominates a prey both physically and sexually before devouring and disposing of them.

I prefer roleplaying on Discord, I have little to no experience roleplaying on forums. I am also in the EST time zone.

Anyways, my kinks. I will give a small explanation for those I consider important to explain.

Spoiler: show
-Scat (I would like to get filthy in RPs, so anything from eating it, taking a bath in it, covering each other, etc.)
-Bone play (Meaning doing stuff with the remnants of preys, either making objects with them or just pleasuring themselves)
-Gas (Burps and farts)
-Sexual content (sex and stuff basically)
-Pretty much any type of vore (cock, oral, anal, breast, even the more exotic and rare ones like hair and others)
-Absorption (Using any part of the body, or even the entire body)
-Digestion of both fatal and nonfatal nature (When I say nonfatal I mean the prey becomes part of the body of the pred, whether or not they can reform is discussed below)
-Growth (whether a result of magic or just growing from consuming)
-OC play (Playing with OCs, be they made on the spot for a specific scenario or multiple)
-Human pred/prey
-Monster girl/boy pred/prey
-Same size
-Superiority (Specisim and stuff)
-Godly beings
-Mass vore (From just devouring massive numbers of prey to straight up cosmic-scale consumption)
-Digestion (Melty or graphic, kind of depends on the mood of the scene or even just me)
-Reformation (Only if the ones being reformed are players/important characters to the scenario)
-hard vore
-Disposal (cum, milk, etc. scat discussed above)
-Watersports (on eachother, drinking, etc.)
-Impregnation and progeny (Would probably require a long scenario but I really love the idea of predators having progeny and teaching them the ways)

Spoiler: show
-Hyper cock (if futa)
-Weight gain (In a noticeable but not excessive way, I am uncomfortable with hyper fat and stuff)

Spoiler: show
-Underage characters (Only in the case of the above mentioned progeny scenario)
-Canon worlds and characters (little to no experience with this. Playing a character OOC or having to do research to play them right is a mood killer for me but I don't necessarily say straight up no to the idea)
-Endo (I would prefer it to just be temporary however)

Spoiler: show
-Hyper or excessive fat
-IRL people/celebrities
-Feral preds
-Single body part expansion (I'd much rather the proportions stay consistent if there is any expansion at all. Exception is hyper cocks above)

I think that is most of it. Feel free to ask questions about anything you don't see because I might simply not have thought about it while writing all this. Looking forward to hearing about you!

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