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Switch looking for sergal prey or a femboy human pred.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2022 8:35 am
by NumiTheAvali
I'll spare you the formalities and cut to the chase, it simply makes me go crazy to see sergals, usually seen as top of the food chain preds, knocked down a few dozen notches and get reduced to nothing more than playthings for something that's normally either under their paws, or a part of their diet. I am 100% willing to be pred or prey as long as it involves sergals getting slurped up by a femboy. Other prey species can be negotiated, and I'm also fine with human females (especially futa), but femboy/twink humans and sergals are strongly preferred. Willing or unwilling prey is 100% up to you.

I would say my writing skills are about average to above average and I try to match my partners in reply length the best I can. I have plenty of ideas for settings and scenarios, and absolutely love to hear new ones from others. Any length RP is perfectly valid, but I prefer to go from start to finish in one sitting to keep from losing interest.

- Oral vore. (Positively needs.)
- Multiple prey and mass vore.
- Large size differences. (Between 5x to 100x larger pred.)
- Cruelty, degradation, humiliation, etc.
- Preds having a difficult time swallowing things.
- Full, somewhat bulging bellies.
- Burps/belches.
- Skin tight latex.
- Slow digestion. (Preferably graphic, but not needed.)
- Mild hyper. (Another must have. 12in to 24in range.)
- Condoms.

- Foot play and crush.
- Maw play and uvulas.
- Worship and god complexes.
- Describing specific numbers. (Such as, "Sergals eaten: 64,905".)
- Hammerspace stomachs.
- The pred clenching their gut and crushing it's contents.
- Inhumanly fast digestion.
- Destruction/rampage.
- Livestreams.
- Monologuing.
- Object vore. (Cars and busses, for instance.)
- Clothes entrapment.
- Unaware

Okay under certain circumstances:
- Half size. (Works better with a hammerspace gut.)
- IRL context RPs. (Like if RL you were to find a tiny.)
- Profile play.

Can do, but doesn't do much for me:
- Hard vore.
- Musk/dirt.

No, thanks:
- Most any alt vore.
- Same size.
- Nano micros/giga macros.

Hard pass:
- Bathroom fetishes such as scat and watersports
- Underage and "jailbait" characters.

I'm most active on Discord, but can also do Telegram and even Steam if preferred.