Non-sentient Monster/Feral - seeking pred or split roles

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Non-sentient Monster/Feral - seeking pred or split roles

Postby VornAgain » Tue May 24, 2022 7:01 pm

What I'm looking for is rather narrow, so I'll just drop the filtering bullet points first:

-I play female human prey, single or multiple. I'm also willing to split roles.
-I tend to favor long response RP
-Usually, I prefer to RP on Discord. I like to pass reference pics, and illustrations for involved RPs.

-My Kinks:
Unwilling/noncon, Non-sentient Monster Preds, Gynophilia, Horror Buildup, Cruelty/Abuse, Graphic Digestion, Family/Friend/Public Reactions, Multiple-Preds/Multiple-Prey, Hot Busty Prey w/ Backstory, Stalking/Kidnapping

-Things I'm also cool with:
Belching, Regurgitation/Vomit, Heavy Lewdness, Disposal (bones/clothes/etc.)

-My Limits:
Willing Prey, Scat&Gas, CV, AV, BV, PV/UB, Sentient/Personified Preds, Nonfatal, Cooking, Hard Vore or Pre-vore Violence, Micro/Macro, More than three girls in the same pred

If you'd like to a read through my latest SciFi Horror campaign intro, that can be found on my DA here: ... -916974963

If you're into all of this, then come say hey!

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