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Looking for a Female Pred and Shota rp

PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2022 10:24 am
by EternalFire99
Like the post says I'm hoping to do an RP where I play as a shota (a young boy for those unaware of the term) and whoever is interested plays as a female pred. I'm fine with either the shota being prey or an observer/feeder. The RP doesn't even have to include vore if that's how you're feeling. I'd rather not have the main characters die.

Right here is an F-list so I don't have to create a huge list of things I like and things I don't like, if you have a question about anything feel free to ask.

I'm fine doing either original content or a series.
Original Story Ideass

A large Goth or Tomboy (or both) who has an adorable younger brother.

A human boy whose babysitter is a bbw Anthro.

A fat spoiled princess who cares primarily for her little brother

A tiny boy who lives inside a woman whose insides are somewhat house-like

A tiny healer whose party is made up of beautiful women.

Series I would enjoy roleplaying.

Fire Emblem
Most Nintendo Properties
Kingdom Hearts
Persona 5 (Futaba as prey is also acceptable for this)

If you are interested in a series that isn't on the list or want to do a crossover you can ask.

For contacting me just pm so we can exchange discord information.