Cocky F Prey spy looking to be demeaned and defeated

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Cocky F Prey spy looking to be demeaned and defeated

Postby AgentY » Tue Sep 20, 2022 5:15 pm

You know those Resident Evil death compilations? Ada Wong getting vored by grey goo and hands? Gamma Hunters and Yawn? MGS Ryona compilations? I was hoping we could make our own, starring possibly the most unfortunate agent to ever be conceptualised.

I'm as masochistic as they come. Painful digestion. Agonising endo. Crushingly tight stomachs that bruise the skin. Heat like I'm being cooked alive. I love being crushed, broken, bitten, beaten, clawed, coiled and choked horribly. I adore being raped, enslaved, imprisoned, bound, transformed, eaten, permanently bound/encased... Destruction, losing, being dominated. That's my thing. In particular I love being afraid.

I also adore being demeaned. Degraded. Humiliated. I utterly adore unlikely preds. The sort that are a complete embarassment to have ever lost to. Like Agent Y being eaten by a wild horse while sneaking around a hot zone. Some stupid animal that just happened to be grazing by where she's chosen to go prone. Maybe caught and unbirthed by a rival spy far smaller and less experienced than her. An Umbrella-y agent in a militarized schoolgirl uniform. Perhaps Agent Y will be coiled up and swallowed whole by a snake-like bioweapon? I love all these things.

If you're at all interested in roleplay, shoot me a message here. I'll provide my discord contact. I'll also post some varied example scenarios below so the nuances in my taste come across more naturally. For visual reference, Agent Y is usually a cute, cool redhead with a sleek form fitting stealth suit. She's tweakable if we want to change setting and story though.


Smaller Pred/Larger Prey, Naga Pred, Human Prey

Agent Y is short on change. It was only a few months ago that the leading bioweapon distributor, Parasol, admitted that maybe these things just aren't very practical. Her line of work now increasingly niche, Y's fallen on hard times. She's roomates with a strange naga. One far smaller and weaker than her, yet with a very... Concerning look in her eye when she looks up at Y. It's not unlike the look zombies have given her before taking a bite.

Well, one day a bet is suggested. The naga admits, she does want to try and get Y down. It's nothing personal, just instinct! It's not anybody's fault Y looks delicious. Initially the agent is disgusted, offended even. Though she realises that the smaller thing probably can't get past her hips. She accepts the bet, on the terms that should the naga be unable to manage, that's the last time she's ever allowed to mention it or try.

The ingestion process is long. Unknowingly, Y's words might have given the stakes and encouragement to make the naga accomplish something that would be impossible without so much heart. Y begins grossed out, a bit uncomfortable, a bit unnerved. Yet she's confident the smaller naga won't make it to her thighs. As it becomes increasingly apparent her thighs, and the rest of her, are about to become a skintight bulge on this girl's tail, we see a slow but steady faltering of Y's nerves.

Gentle claims the naga has proved herself. Hollow congratulations. Requests to be let out so she can properly praise her. Remarks of disgust and pain. That the inside of her friend is as vile as it is inhospitable. Complains about her breath. Pleading. Desperate pleading. Struggling. Muffled requests for help. Grunting, gasping and whimpering. The chronology of sounds Y made were certainly provocative. Especially when paired with steady gulps and tummy rumbles.

The naga didn't think she could get her down either, but listening to her friend's begging sink deeper into her stomach? Ooh~ Oh this all felt SO right.

She belches, Y's panties falling from her mouth and splattering on the skintight bulge of her ass in the far smaller woman's tail. Gurgling, squirming and pleading all filled the air with sound that felt so pleasant on such a natural, instinctual level to the fresh pred. She huffed deeply, venting breath and spittle so hot it steamed. Boy, Y must be having a wild time in there. The naga lay back, drew her tail close, sighed happily and hugged it. She'd enjoy playing with Y's shape.

It was just as delicious as it looked.


Pony Pred/Human Prey, AV, Exhibitionism

Agent Y is transported to Equestria. This is baffling and infuriating. She has a nuclear weapon to steal. She doesn't have time to listen to these colourful cartoon characters talk about heart, friendship and whatever other things these franchiseable mascots are want to do. She is rude and disinterested with those she encounters, effectively demanding they use their magic to take her home.

Well, one of them takes great issue with this. This pony doesn't appreciate such impolite disregard of love and kindness, and frankly finds such talk offensive enough to warrant a particularly long lesson. The mare uses her magic to apprehend the spy and slip their feet into her asshole. A looooooong, torturous and taunt heavy insertion ensues. In time, all that remains of the agent is a head indignantly hanging from a mare's asshole, and the crass and exploitative bulge of her now naked body in fetal curl. The pony's tail looms over the spy's agonised expression and ruined hair, brushing the sweat and tears from it with it's gentle sways.

Like this, the mare rather proudly struts about town. She's very proud of what she's done with this love and friendship hating troublemaker, and the surprisingly exhibitionistic tendencies of the outside world enthusiastically reaffirm this pride. All manner of teasing of the agent ensues, and when it's not teasing it's outright disregard. As if she's just an object.

Perhaps in time, a sort of ultimate punishment will be considered. For both the townsfolk and mare to refuse to acknowledge the spy as a person at all. To treat her simply as a toy, an object, an asshole slut hanging from the mares behind that has been dealt with. Permanently. To teach her, either by instruction or by openly disregarding her, to be nothing but that object. Until she ceases to struggle, or attempt to choke out a plea at all.

But, that's for later. Right now, the heat is making Y sweat, and the asshole clamps against her neck like a tight collar. It's hard to breathe, and it's terrifying to think she could be choked if the mare so much as clenched. As for what's happening to her body in there right now? Well, there's not quite words for the scale of violation she's feeling. Though, perhaps if we work together we could find them?

Unfortunately, the depths of humiliation felt by finding her new home in a cartoon mare, paraded around so condescendingly, utterly and irreversibly objectified... Well, that's best left undescribed.


2B beats Y up, fucks Y and eats Y.

That's it.

Really. That's the whole idea.


Here's some bonus tiny ideas.

Prey is asked by a friend to help with their art project for class. Is extremely reluctant but ultimately trusts pred. Prey kneels down naked in a provocative pose while prey slowly paints over them in clay or concrete. A heat lamp is applied soon after, setting the coating and encasing prey completely in a skintight statue. Her teacher is so impressed by the lifelike nature of the statue that prey is put on permanent display in the class, where students often grope and ogle openly.

Pred sometimes taunts prey for being so trusting. All she had to do was budge before it all set and the concrete would crack, but there's no escaping now. Nobody even knows she's in there. They just think she's like any other statue in this display. Maybe, after a few years, prey and pred will come to think that way too.


Prey works at bar, pred is jacked furry futa. Unprompted the futa bends prey over the table, fucks her hard and then anal vores her. That was the business manager and she'd heard prey was slacking off, so the futa figured she'd put prey to work someplace where slacking off wasn't an option...


Prey is guilted into being unbirthed by close friend who wants to know what having a kid feels like. Is inserted by a doctor in a hospital, hates it in there but is never let out. Pred lives happy life bragging about child and asking people to feel bulge.


Prey is webbed up by spiders and kept as a breeding implement.


Prey is fed to the family dog as she's forgotten to buy it more food.


But, what happens from here? Those scenarios ended without mention of digestion! Well-

Digestion is an obvious answer. I utterly adore it. ESPECIALLY slow and painful types. Casual, demeaning, cruel and psychological. The moment where a Prey finally submits to fate, for whatever reason- That's something I truly savour.


The nonlethal route is something I'm INCREDIBLY fond of. Perhaps these preds are more like prisons. Once ingested, their prey is bathed in all manner of horrible things that simultaneously digest and heal the prey in perpetuity. Perhaps the pred might exist as a data collecting exercise, allowing their creators to monitor potential medicine and weapon developments at the same time. Maybe Agent Y just unknowingly made herself a subject. There's plenty of excuses for the fantasy that still have pleasantly serrated teeth.

Generally, I tend to apply nightmare logic. Maybe everyone's surprised the dog school teacher is still digesting, still struggling in that especially disobedient canine student of her's years later. No doubt she's horrified that the same wounds that come from digestion heal back up, allowing her to be some dumb mutt's food forever, even as he so casually rests on her straining bulge and belches crassly. "Show her who's boss, pal." Teases the smirking owner, patting the dog's head as he wanders by.

Despite all this, the fact remains that she's dog food, and everyone else likes her more this way. So she'd better brace herself for the next few years, and the next, and the next...

I just so completely adore horrible, torturous endo. The domination never stops. The humiliation never ends. The cap on dehumanisation has been completely lifted. I love it. Worse than death endo might be my biggest kink of all. Its my very, very, very favourite ending for a prey.

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