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Switch Looking To RP With Marty From Madagascar

PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2022 10:31 pm
by AbleHunting
oh hey look it's this guy again, maybe i won't erase the contents of this post this time around

Hello! I don't expect anyone to recognise me, but if you've tried to roleplay on DeviantArt in the past, you might be familiar with me from there, and otherwise I'm also registered on FurAffinity under the incredibly uninspired, throwaway username of passtime1. I've been roleplaying about vore for a good two years now, but nonetheless, it only takes so long before it becomes a struggle to find ideal partners for it, and what better place to look than the primary hub for vorarephiles on the internet?

This used to be a much broader advertisement pertaining to my preferences, before I decided to alter it to something more specific; however, the aforementioned interests are still relevant, so let me take the time to describe them: I have a fascination with feral (non-anthro) animal characters that are capable of assuming human postures and expressions even if their physiology would realistically deem it impossible. For the most part, this primarily extends to quadrupeds, such as wolves, deer, lions, horses, etc, standing and walking on their hind legs and gesturing with their forelimbs, but some other species are applicable so long as they're not inherently sapient. This is particularly true for animals with hooves; the less it makes sense for them to do so, the better. I just think there's a certain charm to an animal that would normally be just a wild beast casually acting like a human. Portraying a character like this isn't mandatory, but expect that roleplays with me will at least have me playing one.

Marty from the Madagascar franchise is a pretty easily identifiable reference for the traits I'm describing, as he's capable of walking on all fours and bipedal while still maintaining his regular physiology. I admittedly have somewhat of a crush on him, and I'm always enthusiastic to see more vore content involving him, as both predator or prey! I've edited this previously to see if anyone would be interested in doing anything with him, but have usually regretted it before getting any solid responses, so my activity might be sporadic.

Please note that this doesn't have to be restricted to Marty specifically; I like a few other Madagascar characters as well, so they can be included too! Just as long as Marty is involved. However, I should probably mention that I'm not terribly of Gloria due to how the fetish community tends to objectify her, and I'd prefer if she didn't become the main focus, assuming she's there at all.

I tend to prefer safe vore/endosoma and avoid fatal stuff, but here is a broad list of my preferences:

Spoiler: show

Oral Vore
Safe Vore
Same Size
Herbivore preds
Carnivore preds
Bellyplay (mostly with a full stomach)
Stomach Bulges
Stomach Gurgles
Defined bulges (mood dependant)
Belches (not excessively)
Some canonical characters
Platonic relationships
Playful teasing
Affectionate snuggles
If unwilling, gradually starting to enjoy the circumstances
Pred teasing the prey as food

Spoiler: show

Human/anthro prey
Anthro preds (rarely)
Permanent vore
Tail vore (depends if the species naturally has a tail maw, otherwise it's a dislike)
Predators initially intending to cause harm

Spoiler: show

Most alternative vore types including, but not limited to:

Anal Vore
Cock Vore
Nasal Vore
Breast Vore
Hard Vore
Full tour
Soul Vore
... and some others I'm likely not remembering

Human Preds
Weight Gain
Sentient Fat
Crotch bellies
Belches (excessively)
Female objectification
Underage characters
Overly sadistic/cruel predators
Overly obese characters
Overly gross internal descriptions
Rump Sitting

When roleplaying with me, please keep in mind and be respectful of the fact that I'm on the asexual spectrum, and I'm generally repulsed by sex and most things traditionally considered NSFW, which has the potential to put a significant dampener on my mood. I have no gender preference, but also dislike obvious sexualisation/gender fixation.

Message length: Long. When RPing over Discord with people I'm not familiar with, I try my level best to adhere to the Discord message limit (about 2000 characters, or two large paragraphs composed of around 6 lines), but that said, I have difficulty keeping my responses succinct and often overshoot my imposed limit. Proper grammar and spelling is also important when roleplaying with me.

A list of some species/subjects I'm fond of:
Spoiler: show

Big cats
Digimon (conditional)

If you need ideas on what to RP about, don't hesitate to check out my prompts on DeviantArt!

If interested, PM me or contact me at my Discord (you'll need to friend me first to prevent spam):