Male pred looking for Homestuck RP!

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Male pred looking for Homestuck RP!

Postby Voracious Cutie » Sun Jun 19, 2022 5:57 am

Are you a fan of the web comic Homestuck? Do you like male preds? Does the thought of Vriska becoming 8 logs tickle your fancy? Well if you are read on ahead!

So to put it simply, I'd love to RP one of the Homestuck boys chowing down on other members of the cast! I'd be open to playing Dave, Dirk, Jake, Karkat, and especially a more twinkish version of John! I heavily lean willing prey here, and I'd be open to eating most characters from the comic! I'm especially looking for longer term roleplay, but shorter term snacks would be more than amazing! Do hit me up, as I have plenty of ideas... but do note disposal is 100% a requirement.

I am heavily literate and usually available to RP!

If you are interested please shoot me a message on Discord at Voracious Cutiepie#9191

As for a proper kinks list!
Oral Vore
Anal Vore
Soul Vore
Very light weight gain
Femboy and Male Preds
All types of Prey
Skinny body types
All types of prey-willingness
Graphic and Gooey digestion

Disposal Eating

I hope to see you! This AD never expires!

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