MPrey looking for a Naga to wrap me up and squeeze me tight.

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MPrey looking for a Naga to wrap me up and squeeze me tight.

Postby Saltheili » Wed Nov 30, 2022 11:25 am

Heya! Looking for anyone willing to play a huge, chunky Naga, be it male or female. My favorite kind of snakes are Green Anacondas, so bonus points if you have/make a Naga based on one! Looking for a focus on coiling, constriction, hypnosis, and vore!

My OCs are:
A male Lizard bounty hunter named Gherinn.
A female Avian bounty hunter named Ria.
And a male Moth scientist named Bohemian.

Stuff i'm really not interested in.
Basically any kind of vore besides Oral or Absorption
Watersports, Scat, anything like that.
Non-furry characters

Feel free to discuss possible ideas for the RP, and what you'd like to see in it if I didn't mention it. I'm online on Discord most all of the time. I probably won't respond to DMs on here, at least not right away, since i'm way more used to Discord. So just hit me up on there. My tag is Salt#2126

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