Totally Original RP Ad (Flexible Switch) (New Gender Pairs!)

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Totally Original RP Ad (Flexible Switch) (New Gender Pairs!)

Postby ThatOneGuy75 » Wed Nov 23, 2022 9:37 pm

(God, this is long overdue...)

I've read through many an RP ad before on this site...messaged a bunch of people of people, tried out some things with them...I dunno how much new attention this will draw in, if any, but it's worth a try.

Hello to all on Eka's Portal! Whatever time of day it is for you right now, I hope you're having a good one, because if you can tolerate this ad, a new RP relationship just might be born.

I'd like to start off by saying my only real requirements:

1: Description. I understand that people have off days when it comes to description. I do too. But, for the majority of the time/unless the scene doesn't necessarily call for it, I honestly highly prefer slow, descriptive responses over fast, short responses. My absolute minimum that I'd prefer is 2+ Discord PC lines, which is equivalent to 8+ Discord Mobile lines*. (The latter isn't as bad as it sounds, believe me. That starter text box is so small on Mobile Discord.) Speaking of Discord...

*An exception can be made in the starter of the RP itself. If you're not the best at starters, as I'm not the best at starters on some days too, then don't worry about the description. So long as the replies meet the aforementioned required minimum, then we should be fine in that aspect ^~^

2: Discord or Google Hangouts. Either site is fine for me when it comes to RPing (although I prefer Discord), but I don't RP here on Eka's or on any other site. If you'd like to chat/clarify things on here in PMs prior to going to either of the aforementioned sites, that's perfectly fine, but I'm not going to RP on this site. I've tried it before, but it just didn't come to any sort of fruition. (Watches 50% of potential RP partners leave. Well fricc.)

3: Openmindedness. If an OC or a random face claim that you wanna use doesn't appeal to me, please be understanding about it. If it's a dealbreaker, that's perfectly fine with me, but don't get all pissy just because your 500 year old Anthro Fox god with a 10 foot macro penis wasn't to my liking. (Yes, this was a real thing that I encountered.) Same thing when it comes to kinks/fetishes, of course. Additionally, I heavily prefer reference pictures for a character over descriptions for a character. My brain's just...quite horrendous at picturing descriptions of characters, unfortunately.

4: Please be open to switching. Hence the title of this ad, I'm seeking out people who are willing to play as a pred and prey. We've all got our mood swings for whatever we wanna play as at the time, which is totally fine, but please be reasonable. (As much as I prefer playing as a prey, even I need a break from it sometimes.)

I'll leave my respective usernames at the end of this ad ^^' For now though, allow me to answer some questions of yours; get ready for a long read, but I hope it'll be worth it for any/all potential RP partners in the end...

What roles/genders do you prefer to play as?

Although I'm a male IRL, I can also play as females and Futanaris too. Just to reiterate, I can switch, hence the title of this ad, although as I said before, I typically prefer to play as a prey. (Big surprise, I know, but your gasp of shock is not in vain, as I'm still open to pred, by all means.)

What are your preferred gender pairings?

When I play as a prey: F/M, Futa/M, F/Futa, Futa/F, F/F, M/M, Femboy/M, Futa/Futa, and M/Futa.

When I play as a pred: F/Futa, Futa/F, F/F, and Futa/Futa.

What I'm currently willing to experiment with: M/F with me as the female prey, M/Femboy with me as the Femboy prey, and Futa/Femboy with me as the Futa pred.

I apologize to those who might've been looking to play as a male prey with me, but alas, it's not for me right now. But I'll be sure to let it be known if that changes at all.

What kinds of vore are you into and not into?

As of now, I'm into any/all kinds of vore except for hard vore, soul vore, ear vore, bladder vore, and nasal vore. Everything else, for the time being, is game.


Nods and places hand on your shoulder. Sex.

(But really, a big yes to sex in these RP's. Doesn't have to be immediate, but please do involve it at any point in time, be it pre-vore, during the vore, and/or post-vore!)

What kinks/fetishes are you into and not into?

Ah, yes, the kinks/fetishes. The primary bit of people's ads that others look at to see what one is/isn't into and to determine whether or not they might be suitable for potential RP's...

...There's way too many that exist for me to realistically list everything, let's be fair. However, I'll list some stuff in each category (note that they can apply to me as a prey and a pred), although keep in mind that every kink/fetish of mine that I list here isn't required (and I can elaborate on anything as needed/requested, but I'm still gonna elaborate on some stuff regardless):

Sexual Kinks/Fetishes: Feet/Footwear, Ageplay, Facesitting, Body Worship, Cock Warming, Hotdogging, Degradation/Humiliation, Musk, Sweat, Pantyjobs, Grinding, Incest (be it blood related or not), Fearplay, Powerplay, Clothed Sex, Onomatopoeias, and Noncon/Dubcon.

Sexual Limits*: Scatplay/Watersports/Toiletplay, Farting, Knifeplay, Sadomasochism (which involves stuff like, from what I know, straight up beating someone up), Gore, Snuff (that isn't a result of digestion/cumgestion or what have you), Bloodplay, Smegma, Vomit, and CBT.

*Nonsexually speaking, I might be willing to involve some of this stuff if we use them in terms of story/buildup, but not as kinks/fetishes.

Vore Kinks/Fetishes: Teasing Of Fate (Physically, Audibly, Verbally, and/or Visually (pre-ingestion, during the ingestion, and/or post-ingestion)), Digestion (situationally permanent or with reformation), Moderately Detailed/Dragged Out Ingestion/Swallowing/Digestion Scenes, Foodplay, Burping (pre-ingestion and/or post-ingestion), Same Sized, Size Differences, Micro/Macro, Onomatopoeias (2: Electric Boogaloo (Chases off the other 50% WAIT NO PLEASE)), Naturally Carnivorous/Herbivorous/Omnivorous Predators (for example, respectively, Lamias, Centaurs, and Humans), and Bad Endings.

Vore Limits: Detailed Disposal (I'm fine with it being somewhat described, but, preferably, please try to make it quick if you want to involve it at all), All Of The Aforementioned Vore Types Listed Underneath Question #3, Fast/Immediately Ingestion/Swallowing/Digestion Scenes (the predator tasting the prey's face in one comment and then the prey suddenly being in the predator's stomach in the very next comment, for example), Dirty Anal Vore (musk and smell is fine, but please don't let scat get in the way to the belly), Human/Demi Male Predators (there can be exceptions to this, but for the most part, it's not for me), Playing As Multiple Preys At The Same Time, and Fatal Cooking.

(That took longer than I thought, honestly; next question though!)

What's your opinion on Fandomplay?

So long as we both like/know the Fandom (be it a videogame, movie, comic, TV show...etc.) well enough, I'm more than fine with Fandomplay. I'm unfortunately limited on the Fandom characters that I can play as (same for when it comes to FandomXOC with me as the former), but I'm more than happy to RP with Fandom characters* as a male, female, or Futanari! Feel free to list any/all Fandoms that you might be fine with RPing as characters from! (Just the general Fandoms, not any specific characters yet.) Of course, Fandomplay is totally optional to involve in the first place.

*With certain female Fandom characters, I'd also be more than open to playing with, potentially even as, Futanari versions of them.

Are you only looking to RP?

Although I'm primarily looking to RP, I'm more than happy to game with anyone that wants to. The main games that I play are Smash Ultimate, Minecraft (Bedrock Edition), Among Us, and Valorant. I'd prefer to Voice Chat to avoid spamming our chat with GGs and to lessen the odds of dying to a Creeper and such, but it's totally understandable if you'd rather not Voice Chat right away or at all.

Does IRL gender matter to you?

Hell no! I don't care what you are or identify as IRL nor will I judge you for it. So long as the aforementioned gender pairings are something you're fine with doing, it's all good.

Do you have any ideas in mind?

I have some ideas in mind, but it honestly depends on your preferences/limits too. Especially your limits, as I'd rather lessen the odds of making you uncomfortable unintentionally. (For that reason, I won't list any of my ideas on here until I hear out any/all of your limits once contact has been made; best to not drive off any potential partners immediately, in my opinion.)

If you've made it this far, I thank you for taking the time to read through my ad and for taking me into consideration as an RP partner.

Below this line, I'll leave my Discord username and my RP Gmail account for Google Hangouts. If you send me an invite on Google Hangouts, send me a message on here after you do so letting me know that you sent it. Or, if preferred, you can message me on here giving me your RP Gmail account and I'll send the invite. To reiterate, I'm also fine with chatting on here and clarifying things here in PMs prior to going to either site, but I'm not going to RP on here.

Discord Username: LukaFateburn#0507

RP Gmail account for Google Hangouts: [email protected]

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