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Female Prey looking for a Male Pred

PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2022 3:28 pm
by EndoVfan
It was long due for a refresh, so here I am, once again with a new iteration of a post on this forum!

I'm looking for any Male Preds that are open to playing far more than just human Preds. My current two biggest cravings, are playing as Samus from Metroid, becomimg a meal for the many vast number of alien creatures/characters she normally would otherwise easily dispatch! The other scenario, is being a captured adventurer that finds herself being cooked, (or swallowed whole by those larger mythological beasts of fiction!)

My kinks are quite vast, so instead, assume I'm a blank check in regard to interests, while keeping in mind my few dislikes: Cum Disposal/digestion, (CV is fine, but being broken down during it just grosses me out!), Hard Vore: The one exception is after being fully cooked or roasted! General Blood/Gore, Transformation/playing non-human characters (I prefer to be myself or certain other exceptions!) No irl picture requests, I'm married, so no exceptions! (Look-alike refs can be provided on request though!) And finally, the more bizarre non vore-related kinks, if you have any you want to discuss with me, just ask prior!

If you're interested in giving me a try, you can add me directly here: Aayla#4829