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[I'll rp any character/gender] Prey looking for pred(M pref)

PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2022 12:47 pm
by aGuppy
Why hello there viewer, my name is Guppy. Well, not my real name of course, more of a nickname if anything. I'm not the fish, nor am I the cat. I'm but another human such as yourself, with an odd nickname I've had from a young age. I might be new here, but I'm most certainly not new to roleplaying or vore. But enough of that, let's get to the real content you are probably viewing my thread for.

Let's start with my likes/favourites first, since it's the usual order of things as it seems. I'm going to colour it green, since well. Green means go, right?

  • Soft vore.
  • OV.
  • Fatal via digestion.
  • Male preds.
  • Detailed posts.
  • Punctuation
  • Maw play. Whether it's just licking, or actual teasing with the entire mouth.
  • Belching/Burping.
  • Willing
  • Unwilling
  • Disposal. ((I'm 50/50 on it. The rp is wonderful with it, or without it.))
  • Furries.
  • Felines/Canines
  • Intensive vore teasing via the mouth.
  • Partners who'd like to be around for more than just one roleplay.
  • Humanoids. ((A bit picky on them.))
  • Really cute predators.
  • Humans ((If they are drawn in an "anime" style. Also really picky on humans))
  • Same size.
  • Micro/Macro.
  • 1/4 size difference.
  • 1/3 size difference.
  • Tail slurping!
  • Lots and LOTS of hugs! <3

This is going to be my Maybe section. It's going to be coloured blue, because why not.

  • CV.
  • Watersports.
  • Implied digestion. ((Usually stopping the rp before the actual digestion takes place.))
  • Female preds.

Red means stop, this is the things I don't enjoy at all. Please take heed of it, I ask you nicely.

  • Scat. ((Excluding disposal.))
  • Non-fatal vore.
  • Belly talking, once prey is inside.
  • Any form of Reformation.
  • Manipulating the roleplay with magic.
  • Any other type of vore, that I haven't listed.

I might have missed some on all of my lists. But for simplicity reasons. If it's not listed, assume it's a maybe and ask. Like the title suggest. I'm strictly prey, and I roleplay pretty much anything. Any gender, any species. Just name what type of partner you'd like. I consider myself somewhat literate, I often try and match my partner's posts. Please don't dm me to roleplay if you are illiterate. I don't do one liners at all. A few lines minimum. Though, I wouldn't mind being your friend.

Anyhoo, shoot me a dm if you are interested. Thanks for reading this far.

Update: I've been really into disposal lately.