Super Smash Bros RP - All genders welcome!

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Super Smash Bros RP - All genders welcome!

Postby SecretLadybug » Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:25 pm

Hey guys!
This post is something for a particular itch that I’ve wanted to do for quite a while - so if you could indulge me on this, that’d be great!
So what I’m doing today is looking for an rp partner willing to do a fetish rp for Super Smash Bros! One thing to note, I’m bi irl so genders don’t really faze me so go crazy! F/m, M/f, M/m and F/f are all welcome! (Though you’d get my attention a lot faster with a male pred, tho that’s not needed for a good rp! :) )

Fetishes - some of these only apply to gts, but most can be done with both same size or gts!
Boxer/briefs or panty entrapment
Vore (will only do vore if we can do scat disposal)
Olfactophilia (sweat/body musk - getting shoved in sweaty boobs or underwear)
Farting (personal favourite) and MAYBE burping depending on context
Toiletplay (scat/watersports - I get that not many people like this tho so definitely not compulsory)
Foot worship (bonus points for sweaty feet!)
Depending on scenario, different spells being used on tiny like mind control or transforming them into underwear or something like that.
Of course rps are a two way street so if you have any suggestions IN ADDITION to the ones listed, then I’d be happy to hear them!

Ok characters next up! Here are my pred choices! Stars are indicated by how much interest I’d have in doing them from the ‘willing to do it’ category to ‘yes, freaking please!’ If it’s a one or two star pred and the scenario doesn’t sound interesting, I might just say no, be warned.

Male preds
Link (regular link only) **
Marth ***
Chrom **
Roy ***** (will love you if we do this) (If it’s not clear - human Roy, not koopaling ;) )
Ike ****
Pit and Dark Pit ***
Robin **
Little Mac **
Wii Fit *
Shulk *

Female preds
Peach ***
Daisy **
Zelda ****
Lucina *
ZS Samus ****
Rosalina **
Palutena ***
Wii Fit *
Corrin (f) ***
Robin (f) *

I’m a lot more flexible on prey, with only a few things I’d say no to. Tell me your ideas on prey if you’re interested!

Now if this seems to be your type of RP, please please send me a dm with ACTUAL DETAIL. This means your ideal pred, prey and a rough outline of what scenario this would be - I cannot stress this enough!
If it seems interesting, I WILL ask you for a discord - if you don’t have one, then unfortunately we won’t be able to rp as I rp exclusively on discord now because dm based rps are slow and just not fun.

Anyway, if you got here - thanks for reading! I hope that this looks like a fun rp to do! If you’re interested just send me what you want along with relevant details (characters, fetishes, etc) and we’ll go from there! Hope to see you soon!
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