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Hungry girl looking for pred partners/feeders/prey

PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 4:56 am
by ad5570
Hello...… I've just started making new rp partners here and I'd thought I would make my own post((or try to). My OC is a very hungry woman that is always looking for new people to feed her, and yet she is one of the kindest souls in the universe. She loves to eat and will eat big amounts to satisfy her stomach's endless hunger. So with that, I'm looking new rp partners that don't mind feeding her or preds that would eat with her ((Sorry I cant play prey I don't have the mindset for it)) That said here are my kinks and loves:
Big bellies
Oral Vore
Same size/Mass vore
Gas((burps or farts don't matter)

Can work with

No way
Being Prey
Graphic digestion
Non humans
Hard vore
If you made it this far, thank for reading my little list and if you think we have similar interests, feel free to pm me here. My main spot for rp is Discord since I can access it with ease and im on it every hour. At the moment, im looking for a female feeder that is active for long term feeding and a possible long term romance ^o^
Thank you for reading my post I hope to hear from you soon mayhaps ^-^