Hungry girl looking for pred partners/feeders

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Hungry girl looking for pred partners/feeders

Postby ad5570 » Fri Dec 08, 2023 3:54 pm

Hulo im a literate to semi rper thats loves bellies, gas and story with a more lean towards duo preds than being the solo pred (its taken its toll on me). I love worldbuilding, long story arcs and more emphaize on kinks than sex since i see the best part about vore is the act of swallowing and having that big belly of meat :3. Atm i have two main characters: A bottomless human female thats always looking for more meals and a partner to share a meal with or a titan lamia that is a work in progress, but she is somewhat fleshed out and i enjoy making her tail bulge and meeting other lamias. Im looking specifically for more pred partners and some feeders as i dont really like to rp with prey anymore(too many soured experience plus most put all the pressure on me to be the creative one). I also have been craving to rp with some canon characters that ill give out in pms :).. hope this base ad can grab your attention and thank you for reading it. Also PLEASE come READY TO RP or rp within a few days im sick and tired of setting up great rps only for people to ghost or be unresponsive

This is a small list of my likes and dislikes but its just rough and off the top of my head:
Big bellies
Oral Vore
Same size/Mass vore
Gas((burps or farts don't matter)

Can work with
Certain Canon Females

No way
Male preds
Being Prey
Graphic digestion
Non humans((furries, nekos etc)
Hard vore
1st person POV

Edit: Also found a new mood for Kitsunes. Inqury with a pm :)

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